Gunna - WUNNA [Official Video]

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The official video for Gunna's "WUNNA" - Out Now!
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19 тра 2020





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Totaled Boat
Totaled Boat 3 години тому
This beat is something else
SK yg
SK yg 4 години тому
Awesome Banger
Erik Herrera
Erik Herrera 17 годин тому
High af, two 12’s in the back. “Pop it, I been sippin Akorn, rich nigga I’m A1, AP blacker than Akon “ 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Happy Success
Happy Success 20 годин тому
say hello to masons
Brian 69
Brian 69 21 годину тому
Ur music is ass
Panton Muenchen
Panton Muenchen День тому
Juan Alvarex
Juan Alvarex День тому
nanana totalmente ido
Jon Taylor
Jon Taylor День тому
He has the baddest bitches in his videos, I looked at Skybox!!!
Thugger NBA
Thugger NBA День тому
Pop a perc, pop a smurf and surf 🏄🏾‍♂️
Red Oak MillerTime
Red Oak MillerTime День тому
A good song to vibe too and really like how it's a different sound to usually getting played on majority stations or channels. Need some more fire from Gunna.
Surf 🌊 surf 🌊 surf 🌊 surf 🌊
•• 2 дні тому
can someone recommend some songs like this plzzzz
Weiser Halunke
Weiser Halunke 9 годин тому
Xheck out the whole wunna album its full of chill vibes
Antonio Garibaldi
Antonio Garibaldi 10 годин тому
•• WUNNA - Cooler Than my bitch :)
Terence Magadzire
Terence Magadzire 2 дні тому
its WUNNA time...NoCap
RamZey Mukubesa
RamZey Mukubesa 2 дні тому
Heyyy!! 🎶🎵🎼🎼🎼
Yung Blazer
Yung Blazer 2 дні тому
This one's hard my favorite summer song I was born in the summer stunna wunna comma
steve mramba
steve mramba 2 дні тому
such a chill song
Rodney Harrison
Rodney Harrison 2 дні тому
Otay Big Gunna Gunna he back fuk what these niggas gotta say 1000000 milly
Ken Schäfer
Ken Schäfer 2 дні тому
Next autotune gangster that ain’t rap that’s talking bullshit and he be fucking up the beat he can’t even build lines or bars or phrases just words after words with no flow everybody could do that 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Nicolás Bilhan
Nicolás Bilhan 3 дні тому
lil sky
lil sky 3 дні тому
My fav song ever❤
Marlvin Elliot
Marlvin Elliot 3 дні тому
,and the beat is so calm 🔥🔥when you get high and listen to this its a hit...
Ryder Blankenship
Ryder Blankenship 3 дні тому
My man was reading off the spelling bee words list
anderosiuy iosder
anderosiuy iosder 3 дні тому
Hella bulk deals available for carts/bud/shrooms/puff Snapchat @carmelbanks2019
Goodman Ndebele
Goodman Ndebele 3 дні тому
feeling paid YE//
Yesenia Torres
Yesenia Torres 3 дні тому
As soon as this album plays i begin to float in the air 🎶🧚🏼🧚🏼‍♀️👩🏼‍🚀
ali mariaka
ali mariaka 3 дні тому
Austin Weeks
Austin Weeks 3 дні тому
this video is so well done
Andrey Lyalin
Andrey Lyalin 3 дні тому
Let's just admit it's a big step up for Gunna with style and visual aesthetics
Ismael Ulloa
Ismael Ulloa 3 дні тому
Johnny Silverhand
Johnny Silverhand 3 дні тому
Ah a classic
Harrison Pearce
Harrison Pearce 4 дні тому
nobody else could kill this beat like he did on god
Nwoye John ebube
Nwoye John ebube 4 дні тому
I can't stop vibing dis Wunna 💜
Zizzy Ree
Zizzy Ree 4 дні тому
yo bitch *o'na*
Lavabear120 4 дні тому
0:59 hobbit
PhatCowBeats 4 дні тому
Jasmine Litranío-Aldosviardi
It is so relatable that he's Gunna but WUNNA kill it
Demetrius Brenen
Demetrius Brenen 4 дні тому
1:00 I been sipping akorn🖕🏽🔥🔥
Daisy Hastings
Daisy Hastings 4 дні тому
Kahllyl Halulk
Kahllyl Halulk 4 дні тому
Como é que pode o cara lançar uma musica dessa? Muito boa
Max Bernet
Max Bernet 4 дні тому
ozr2222 5 днів тому
fantano brought me here
Zach Weaver
Zach Weaver 5 днів тому
Artist sucks...beat is fire
Deandre Smith
Deandre Smith 5 днів тому
This nigga a whole snitch
animation hub
animation hub 5 днів тому
You would swear he isn't even trying!
Classico 5 днів тому
reaction pods
reaction pods 5 днів тому
Shit trash the lyrics
Illuminati Confirmed
Illuminati Confirmed 5 днів тому
Gunna rapping in bullet points 😭 😂
Jorge Soto
Jorge Soto 5 днів тому
Man right in the feelings. This shit's deep...
Ryan Wafer Rejuvenated
Ryan Wafer Rejuvenated 5 днів тому
Between Gunna, Moneybag, and Durk the hottest niggas out! Oh can't forget King Von
YSD SILVEIRA 5 днів тому
gunna meu brother cola pro feat
Ebuka N
Ebuka N 5 днів тому
Why does UKvid keep deleting my comments
Ebuka N
Ebuka N 5 днів тому
Listen to my friends new music "PercoTheJet - SUICIDE" just search it❤️, thanks for the support
Ammiel Williams
Ammiel Williams 5 днів тому
Nuff love and respect to Gunna and the whole ATL posse.... Bless up
KpOnTheBeat 6 днів тому
Came a long way to tuff
J im
J im 6 днів тому
J im
J im 6 днів тому
Dr. Nikolas
Dr. Nikolas 6 днів тому
Women , heyyy 2:19
Zachary Payne
Zachary Payne 6 днів тому
I can't get over it gonna Mayne it's been a month now and still that damn wunna......still #1 on the playlist and still on repeat.......
Weiser Halunke
Weiser Halunke 7 днів тому
This gotta be the most relaxed rap song ever made.
Ryder 5 днів тому
No type most relaxed” best friend by young thug “
killcam expertTV
killcam expertTV 7 днів тому
Bad boy!!
Yasmine Cece
Yasmine Cece 7 днів тому
rauled kip
rauled kip 7 днів тому
Summer Wunna Gunna
180 Steps
180 Steps 7 днів тому
Cities nicest producer, new Gunna type beat on my page 🤟🏾
Zak ARYA 7 днів тому
this song helps with my breathing
JmansFragments 7 днів тому
looks like oh SWEET JAMAICA gunna really the GUY on this one
Kisekka Derrick
Kisekka Derrick 8 днів тому
Best song ever ...2020-2025👊👊
Gabriel Llerox
Gabriel Llerox 8 днів тому
This goes in that carti vibe, its all about the vibe the songs give u.
Brian Brian
Brian Brian 8 днів тому
Taking a pole in my hole
Kennedy Kinani
Kennedy Kinani 8 днів тому
Pls do the remix with thugger😭🙏
hayru kaia
hayru kaia 8 днів тому
gunde 3 kere gelip izliorm askimi lfdpdğdğfdğdğ
Obytwine 8 днів тому
tooooo dopeeeeeee
mrgaberama 9 днів тому
1st time hearin this: bruh this trash 2nd time: not too bad I guess 3rd time: ok it’s kinda growin on me 4th time: BENI...HANA...COOK UP... YEA!
Sasuke 9 днів тому
How did u find this to be trash
giannis_zgr 9 днів тому
Why is this song so underrated
Rfmf.f 5 днів тому
On god
LayLow30 Yo
LayLow30 Yo 9 днів тому
Turbos sample so fukin huge
Banksy 9 днів тому
I'm so glad they put subtitles on this video
Maverick Lit
Maverick Lit 9 днів тому
We gotta get a far,top floor and feigning music video
New Packz
New Packz 9 днів тому
Gunna did the adlibs first & said that's it drop it
Victor Garcia
Victor Garcia 9 днів тому
God damn he makes it look so simple but it’s so 🔥
Kristián Kuchárka
Kristián Kuchárka 9 днів тому
Čau Gunna , to máš milión odberateľov alebo miliardu? Dík za odpoveď vopred cakAm čau
Elijah peebles
Elijah peebles 10 днів тому
This beat goes hard
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