Halo Infinite Is Underwhelming & Disappointing... (Part 1/2)

The Act Man
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Halo Infinite has officially launched but even though it has been 6 years since the release of Halo 5: Guardians, Infinite is STILL making the same mistakes. It is mind-boggling how I even have to talk about and discuss this stuff.

I saw a post on reddit that did a great job of explaining why there aren’t more modes in Halo Infinite and why you can’t choose what modes you play. If you have an Oddball challenge, then you have to queue and wait until you get an Oddball match to try and complete. It could be argued that the lack of modes/playlists is by design to FURTHER lengthen the time it takes to complete challenges.

Halo 5 launched with so little content because (in my opinion) it encouraged people to play Warzone, the game mode designed around loot boxes and overpowered weapons.

So again, the fucking monetization is responsible for yet ANOTHER Halo games abysmal variety of content at release

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Introduction - 0:00
Disappointing News - 4:03
Lack of Content - 7:23
Game Modes & Playlists - 11:08
Custom Games are Broken - 20:05
Final Thoughts - 28:33

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24 лис 2021





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The Act Man
The Act Man Місяць тому
Go to buyraycon.com/actman for 30% off your order! Brought to you by Raycon. This is part 1 of 2 videos on Halo Infinite's multiplayer and I had to make one on everything that's NOT in Halo Infinite before I could make a video on it's awesome gameplay and mechanics. I saw a post on reddit that did a great job of explaining why there aren’t more modes in Halo Infinite and why you can’t choose what modes you play. If you have an Oddball challenge, then you have to queue and wait until you get an Oddball match to try and complete. It could be argued that the lack of modes/playlists is by design to FURTHER lengthen the time it takes to complete challenges. Halo 5 launched with so little content because (in my opinion) it encouraged people to play Warzone, the game mode designed around loot boxes and overpowered weapons. So again, the fucking monetization is responsible for yet ANOTHER Halo games abysmal variety of content at release Reddit Post: www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/r11nk7/not_being_able_to_choose_a_game_mode_is/
IkreazzZ_official 10 днів тому
i hope you read my message
IkreazzZ_official 10 днів тому
So many bugs, glitches and weird stuff people cant understand why this is even called by a halo title so let me be clear: this game is a mess (!) compared to any other halo game since CE it didnt show anything out of the soundtracks that felt so *impressing* like any other halo did to me. thats by far is the worst matchmaking system in history and it seems theyre unable to fix it. and as you already said, if i pay money for something = its supposed to work and they cant all it still a beta even after release, but it is still a beta and thats exatly how it still felles like. they called it halo infinite so i bought the campaign which was a big mistake becasue i played it through in 10 hours on legendary and then everything in zeta halo felt like they just did copy past to complete the open-world, but its just boring and im upset they brought out so many good trailers without having complied to it like the different map sections like the sand are or the underwater area like they've shown to us in their cat fishing trailers. Im onyx 1700 and im sick of this game already. the matchmaking in halo 5 was so good compared to it that i cant even compare these two halo types and (frustrating overrated game) the desyncs plus the highpings plus the wallbangs or fps drops people experience is just awful (me included ofc!) please show more of the negative stuff so a lot people know whats really going on and 343 is forced to change things asap. GREAT VIDEO BROSKI THUMBS UP!
9-Volt 27 днів тому
@BoomSlayer nah halo 4 is the only normal working game on the mcc and aim assist is cracked on halo 4 and reach is better than halo infinite but I'm going to admit the reach was good because it's fun on 360 but trash on mcc
Toxicequinox474 28 днів тому
You can do customs on console pretty easily
abc abc
abc abc Місяць тому
Carefully, The Act Man. You posted some rare FatKid gameplay footage. 3woke3industries won't appreciate that!
Critical Nobody
Critical Nobody Місяць тому
So many people are excusing the current progression and battle pass because 343 will “fix it later after hearing feedback”. They had an entire franchise to look back on. They know what good progression looks like. They chose to make it this way to incentivize spending. You don’t “accidentally” make your game a soul sucking grind. It was obviously planned ahead of time so later updates would look better by comparison.
Frivia 6 днів тому
@ginorvdw well its january and its still missing MOST content that other Halo’s have….stop riding 343s D
Night Driver
Night Driver Місяць тому
@Melted Plasma I think Carbon was way better than Heat TBH. But Heat was probably the best of all of last decade's games. BTW we're seeing the same happen with Forza Horizon, it's just that they were much more able to cater to the casual market, so a lot of people still enjoy it, but FH5 is currently more broken than Halo Infinite with so many bugs that limit replay factor, and people are starting to realize it. What did Playground do? Publish a post stating they were aware of the bugs just before releasing a patch that broke even more things! Another thing is how Microsoft nuked FM7's release with their anti-consumer practices, and were gonna feature MTX in the game but removed them on the last minute.
LXB Місяць тому
@AngelBeatz92 The game is far from smooth, and since this is the full multi-player launch, this is the most bare bone Halo release we've ever received with 20+ years of Halo. We won't have swat for the next 3 months? Forge for up to 9 months? Yet they still expect us to pay $60 for a campaign with a stripped multi-player experience. They are blatantly disrespecting their customer and fan base with this dude. It wasn't that long ago when we paid $60 for a game we got a great campaign and a multi-player full of content
LXB Місяць тому
@ginorvdw It is most definitely not an amazing experience. It's got the skin of the old halo games but it most definitely does not play like them. You gotta stay objective. It's a fun game, but it IS NOT the old halo games by a long shot
Methos Місяць тому
Shit like battle passes never make a game feel fun to play. Putting a store on top of that just makes it even worse.
Stumblin Skipper
Stumblin Skipper Місяць тому
"You were supposed to destroy the sith not join them..." This is what exactly ran through my mind when I saw Infinite's store, ridiculous prices, and available Spartan customizations.
Joey 4 дні тому
Halo credits 🤮🤮
General Cap
General Cap Місяць тому
You know what I really hate? The last kind of good halo game I know of that ever released was Halo 4 on xbox 360. Infinite has some promising aspects but it feels like Halo had since then sold part of it's soul to live and get where it is now. These days it feels like everything is trying to replicate Fortnite's success, and by success I mean sales and storefront appearance.
Number Місяць тому
Remember when 5$ for blue was crazy How times have changed
RAID Primus
RAID Primus Місяць тому
It's literally a fucking Fortnite store
Blitzkrieg Bear
Blitzkrieg Bear Місяць тому
The Stockholm syndrome of people justifying this freemium skin system. We are pretty much getting less content when you factor in the $60 for the campaign and the amount of money they stand to make from the micro transactions. Ask yourself this, if the multiplayer was included with the $60 campaign, but still had the paywall for the skins it has, would that change your opinion?
Sub 4 sub
Sub 4 sub День тому
@Richard Hobbs cuz they’ll keep releasing better looks and in a year the best look now will look bummy. Before you know it you’ll happily end up spending more money justifying it every step of the way.
Richard Hobbs
Richard Hobbs День тому
@pepe silvia oh get fucked, that disappeared long ago, even in Reach it wasn't "look at all this customisation I have, I am so skilled"
Richard Hobbs
Richard Hobbs День тому
lets be real here, you spend say £70 on a new game now, it comes with a fuck ton of customisation, how much are you gonna actually use? 2? 3 outfits? It's free to play and thats probably better for your wallet, why spend £70 when all the customisation is gonna go to waste once you pick out your favourite look
Banned Politics
Banned Politics 22 дні тому
This whole game is Stockholm syndrome. Not to mention the horrible campaign
Sub 4 sub
Sub 4 sub Місяць тому
Yeah the second I find out a game is Freemium I lose all interest cuz usually freemium games never really change as much as you’d like them too, even with updates. It just feels like create a problem, sell a solution.
sam seetin
sam seetin Місяць тому
“If I can pay you money, then it’s not a beta” Someone needs to talk to the guys at star citizen. That shits been, and going to be in alpha for the foreseeable future…
Ash Law
Ash Law Місяць тому
@Jacob Opitz I did 70$ and got it refunded 7 months later lol
compmanio36 Місяць тому
@Jacob Opitz Don't feel bad. I got a buddy who dumped 5 grand into it. He tried to get me onboard the scam too and while it looks cool, it's not cool enough to dump cash into.
// Місяць тому
@Jacob Opitz how did you believe that? It was so obvious
Jacob Opitz
Jacob Opitz Місяць тому
Cant believe i donated 150$ to that game. I got fucking jibbed.
quizr Місяць тому
I used to think Star Citizen would just be a scam, but its at the point where they dont even need to exit scam now. Its basically free revenue.
SilentSnek Місяць тому
Just more proof these "live service games" are unfinished piles or crap.. miss the good old days where you go to the store, buy the whole finshed game, and even purchase dlc which is COMPLETE..
fnaf world
fnaf world Місяць тому
Spider man 2018
Brendan1021 05
Brendan1021 05 Місяць тому
To answer randomsilly’s question, has nothing to do with age, it’s cause most games now are underwhelming and bad.
Sub 4 sub
Sub 4 sub Місяць тому
Yeah fr god of war dropped with basically all the content except new game plus, and it’s some of the most fun I’ve had I’m modern gaming.
RandomSilly Місяць тому
Same... Sometimes I wonder if I'm bored of games because I'm getting older, or because games now are so underwhelming and bad. Can't remember the last time I've seen a fully finished game (this also includes single player). Greed is literally the downfall of humanity. Games, TV shows, movies are getting words by the year.
iSpiteful Місяць тому
Thank you for bringing attention to these issues Act Man, especially while progression & customisation have been the big topics of discussion right now. It's incredibly disappointing to see so many features outside of the online matchmaking and academy broken or simply lacking in content. I am glad Forge isn't out yet because it would of been a trainwreck in the games current state. I hope somebody at 343 sees this because it is a great video.
quizr Місяць тому
@Flare The gameplay is fucking amazing dude, its the systems that suck ass. Which CAN be fixed. If people were shilling for the monetisation THEN ide agree with you.
Flare Місяць тому
@gonewthworld You don't even know how to reply to a UKvid comment. Why should I read words from a peasant like you? Get on my level. I won this comments section.
gonewthworld Місяць тому
@FLARE you clearly have nothin going on in your life if you keep coming back to any the same shit. Also you won the comments cause "everyone" liked yours.... 28 ppl is not everyone. Someone failed basic math
Flare Місяць тому
@FRESCOGAMING Halo Wars 2 was garbage. The lore was basically shoved down fanboy's throats like you and you took it like a champ. Simp harder for 343i. Maybe they'll release another $20 skin in Infinite and nerf the exp gain to 25 per match LOL!
@Flare insecure kid, crymore
Eddie Місяць тому
I think the lack of playlist options is all tied to the battle pass. They are purposely slowing down player progression. Some of the challenges to level up can easily be accomplished with the right game mode. 343 nipped it in the butt before it became a possibility.
MOAR 20 днів тому
@PixelGamer49 yep! They did.
PixelGamer49 20 днів тому
@MOAR they did? Then I'm coming back to halo infinite
PixelGamer49 20 днів тому
@brandon everyone knows that
brandon 20 днів тому
Then there battle pass is flawed
MOAR Місяць тому
@PixelGamer49 also they added playlists and I’m assuming will continue to release more/change them up.
S B Місяць тому
I would love to see a breakdown of what the MP team have been doing the last 6 years. I cant figure it out, I'd be embarrassed to be part of this development team honestly, imagine being given thst much time and money and the best you can do isn't even a quarter of the content Halo 3 and Reach had. Hell, Halo 4 and Halo 5 were better at this stage.
S B Місяць тому
@Wheeleel I agree I love the gameplay, probably the best Halo has ever been. I'm more pissed about goimg through through Halo 5 launch cycle again thats all.
Wheeleel Місяць тому
This game is very solid, the gameplay is amazing the only complaints people has is the progression which they have legitimately made multiple fixes on. And the lack of maps does suck but they’re definitely adding more
gonewthworld Місяць тому
Halo 4 and 5 were barely even halo games. I'd rather have a solid game and get more content later on compared to half ass baked gameplay with more content
Capello Zapellini
Capello Zapellini Місяць тому
This video perfectly says what needs to be said, so many aspects are underwhelming, but the gameplay feels SO good, I really hope these issues get ironed out but In saying that it goes to show the real issue
Jolinki 20 днів тому
@Lentrell West I don't get that feeling from infinite. Polish is the last thing this game has.
Lentrell West
Lentrell West 20 днів тому
@Jolinki They game play is just like the old halo games but more polished how is it underwhelming. Where you expecting it to be battlefield or COD levels of gun play?
Jolinki 22 дні тому
Halo infinite's gameplay isn't "SO good" it's honestly below average. It feels so plastic and unsatisfactory. The sound of of a Spartan dying sounds like someone just ripped my spine out through my ears. They dropped the ball so hard. I have no empathy for this cold corporation trying to sell me fucking fortnite skins. Snake oil salesmanship at its finest. Way to kill all anticipation I've had for halo infinite before I'm in a fucking match.
C Місяць тому
@Ayoob w well beta is technically over now
Ayoob w
Ayoob w Місяць тому
@Capello Zapellini I see 🤔
Hip hop Herbytown
Hip hop Herbytown Місяць тому
Imagine if they didn’t delay the game.
♠️ LORD BELMOD ♠️ 21 день тому
Then xbots fans will crying more and more..🤣🤣 this halo suxk idk why they the xbots fans vote this shitty game
bobthemuffin Місяць тому
@Ricardo Tolbert oh yeah there's a lot wrong tbh. Shits a mess can't even get myself to boot the shit up smh
Ricardo Tolbert
Ricardo Tolbert Місяць тому
@bobthemuffin thank you somebody gets this but I agree with this video there’s more wrong here.
Neil Dees
Neil Dees Місяць тому
They were going to release concept art last year lol.
bobthemuffin Місяць тому
@Hip hop Herbytown they should never have even released this garbage or Halo 5 they should have got the story straight a long time ago and quit dicking around
weasel batches
weasel batches Місяць тому
I don’t mind paying for the battle pass when the game is free but I hate that 343 is allowing players to purchase their armor. While Halo 4’s multiplayer wasn’t enjoyable it at least had a sense of accomplishment when players earned their armor like Venator. Keep the gameplay and include Reach’s progression system and Infinite would be perfect. Hopefully 343 sees the backlash and changes the leveling up system because the fact that someone in dead last gets the same +50xp as someone in first is hilarious.
Joh Crei
Joh Crei 17 днів тому
My boy
Isaaru Narom
Isaaru Narom 20 днів тому
@Alexander Schmall halo doesn't have a progression system it has a cosmetic system. Progression system implies you get stronger
Alexander Schmall
Alexander Schmall 20 днів тому
I could careless for a pointless progression system, it only incentives mindless grinding. I prefer Halo 2's ranking system and how Halo 3's armors were given out through achievements.
: Chef :
: Chef : Місяць тому
@Isaaru Narom I don't think anyone else agrees with that. Otherwise, there's no incentive to play multiplayer. Campaign unlocks are cool but I don't think there's ever been a halo game where the only way to unlock stuff was through the campaign.
Isaaru Narom
Isaaru Narom Місяць тому
@: Chef : this one atleast last like 6 months doesn't it? Also, the mark v is the only armor anyone needs. If we want more armor we should unlock it in campaign not mulitiplayer. Armor should be a way to show off that you beat the game on laso and stuff like that
MR. ICE Місяць тому
I fucking love the way Act Man talks. He says what we’re all thinking but can say it in a way that is intelligent and easy to understand.
Colby Kinggard
Colby Kinggard Місяць тому
I’m gonna go ahead and say Act Man probably didn’t get advance access to the campaign from 343 because of his honest takes like this. I’m sure the last thing they want right before launch is a content creator doing anything but worshiping their product
AlaskanYeti907 Місяць тому
Welcome to the state of modern gaming
Lord Gaben
Lord Gaben Місяць тому
*Modern Gaming* at its finest 👌🏿
Eric Delvin
Eric Delvin Місяць тому
Honestly, the customization is where I shake my head. I loved Reach's customization and I was happy to see it back in MCC. It's just overall really well done. The Armor Cores idea isn't a terrible one. It can work in games where you have multiple characters/classes to play around with, where you want each one to feel unique. I feel more like I have to wear separate suits even if I don't like the look. Not to mention the fact that armor pieces are locked to specific armors is kinda disappointing. Like damn, that Buckler would look nice on the base Armor Core they gave me. But nah. Can't wear it. Not compatible. I'm not even gonna mention the Armor Coatings. They're terrible and made with scummy money grabbing intentions. I mean, was it really not doable to just have one Spartan wearing one set of armor that I could customize fully? Was that really too much. Or should I mention the inflexible armor kits? That's just foul. What do you MEAN I can't make a Jun/Jorge/Carter Hybrid Frankenstein of armor? PLEASE!!
1337GameDev Місяць тому
9:05 - The reason why they focus on player retention... is to have as many "attention events" as possible. Instead of "one big launch" and then just smaller updates, they want to have a "huge event" for each "piece" they can launch as this causes people to re-get back into a game versus losing focus. It's 100% intentional to keep people talking/thinking about it, instead of "well, players don't like so much content." They KNOW players do, and want to merely maximize the number of "new content" events for a game to get more eyes on it more often.... Which fucking pisses me off. I wanted halo 3 level of quality, content, and then have 60% available at launch to choose, and then the rest as unlocks and then have them release NEW stuff that hasnt been in halo / in past games, and then improve on the foundation. They apparently don't give a shit about halo being the face of xbox / microsoft gaming, and want to instead focus on max profits at the expense of game quality / player satisfaction. They can't even beat a 2007 game... fucking sad.
Midnight Місяць тому
The Duality of Halo Infinite man... This game, at its core, is awesome. There's no doubt about it. It's gameplay loop is just so spot on. 343 took Halo's OG gameplay designed and modernized it perfectly. The game is just so fun to play, yet, the progression, and LACK OF MAPS, MODES AND WEAPONS (did 343 completely forget about Halo 5), makes this launch very underwhelming. But well, if the core gameplay is 10/10, lack of content can just be fixed with future updates, right?
Tink 21 день тому
IRememberJeep 23 дні тому
@Midnight, I agree with you completely. The lack of coop, and MP game modes like firefight for example is seriously disappointing. I was also hoping they would take another crack at Spartan Ops in terms of an MP coop episodic story where you complete objectives and not just shoot waves of enemy or PvP. I know many didn’t like it but I thought the idea was great, it just lacked on execution. The gameplay is there, the customization is very nice if not sparse but that is clearly being added to. Let’s hope they sort their crap out and add a lot more to this potentially epic game soon because it could be epic. Campaign DLC included, the base is there for it.
ruffgook Місяць тому
Nah. Vehicles are crap, Ally AI is bs, some special effects are way too loud, the signature halo gun is a joke, many guns lack punch, special abilities definitely lack etc.
Sub-Zero Місяць тому
@ZER0 Yea infinite sucks. I like reach, ce, 3, 2, and 5.
Mathias Gustafson
Mathias Gustafson Місяць тому
@Empire of Italy (Psst I'm From Another Timeline) no the fuck it is not. Betas do not come out with fully working stores and micro transactions. Betas are called betas. 343 said it themselves that the current multiplayer has everything that’s coming in day one. Get the fuck out of here with your “ItS jUsT a BeTa”
Chicken Mother
Chicken Mother Місяць тому
Your videos are always so funny, keep it up bro! I feel like armor customization is totally pointless now with Infinite’s micro transactions. It seems like everything is locked behind pay walls. But at least the gameplay is fun.
Robert Acierno
Robert Acierno Місяць тому
You’re so Fucking right. I literally haven’t played in over a week, and I think the game plays well. But these glaring problems are too detrimental for me to continue with it. Fix it now, 343.
Mario Luigi
Mario Luigi Місяць тому
Please keep going in on the micro-transactions and abysmal lack of content now the game has fully launched, act man. You’re able to articulate what myself and I’m sure what everyone else, is thinking. Your criticism is appreciated.
King Kurnel Ibn-Dragon
King Kurnel Ibn-Dragon Місяць тому
Yes, Bungie's Halo: Reach is the gold standard for Halo multiplayer. When I bought Reach on Steam for the Master Chief Collection, I was sorely disappointed with the lack of content that was standard when Bungie was running the show... and don't even get me started on the horrific sound system. I promptly uninstalled it shortly after and haven't gone back. For me, Halo ended with Bungie's version of Reach. Everything after is a pale imitation of its former self.
marbled Місяць тому
Uhhh okay? You want a medal?
Spabsa Місяць тому
@gonewthworldBungies Halo. Not Bungies Destiny
gonewthworld Місяць тому
Bungie is trash now. Destiny 2 is the biggest scam out there and pvp is worst than the first destiny
Late Night Gaming
Late Night Gaming Місяць тому
What’s bizarre is that the art team heard our feedback from H5… and acted on it… so did the music, gameplay and sandbox team… So why wasn’t our feedback about H5’s lack of content listened to?
Łowca KureF
Łowca KureF Місяць тому
I guess someone in suit had something to do with that.
Sp4wnK3lla Місяць тому
It was listened to and then ignored for monetization.
PatrickFtw Місяць тому
@HueTube so are people that go on UKvid to watch a 30 minute video about a video game and make comments.. then proceed to act like he's not being just as nerdy as the rest of them lol. That's some weird logic. Halo's obviously a huge franchise with a ton of hype, when they have 6 years to make a game, and when the staples of the series have a fuck ton of content... of course people want some content lol
Based Sneedclave
Based Sneedclave Місяць тому
@Qrzq 343 Have Literally Said What We Have Now Is The Day One Launch Content
Qrzq Місяць тому
@Based Sneedclave lmao the game hasnt even launched
Carl Murphy
Carl Murphy 11 днів тому
I've been out of gaming for at least 7 years, nothing has changed it's getting worse. Why people clamour to get a game on day 1 I'll never know, it's guaranteed to be unfinished. For any new game you're excited about, you should probably add at least 1 year on to the release date in your own mind since that is when all the features and bugs will be sorted out. If everyone did this instead of wanting early access to beta test games for companies, the developers would sort themselves out.
Keith G
Keith G Місяць тому
Yes. Thank you for covering the stats. I think it is incredibly underrated and a very important part of any system that is expected to have any longevity. People need stats and leaderboards with a lot of filters. People will quickly feel like its ground hog day if they cant track meaningful progress or changes. Sometimes people want to be #1 on the leaderboard for kills with the gun everyone hates.
Pseudonymous Місяць тому
Honestly one of my biggest issues is just that the UI is so cluttered and confusing. Why is it so hard to just put things out where it's easy to find them instead of nesting them in a 3-4 menus? The lack of lobbies is also a big question mark. To me, it seems like a lot of the decision making that went into the design of Halo Infinite was corrupted by the sheer volume of single match battle royale games, so questions of lobbies and game modes just completely smoothed over because no one thought to add them due to their absence literally everywhere else for the last decade basically.
Hey Arnie Gaming
Hey Arnie Gaming Місяць тому
The reason why modern gaming is the way it is and companies do what they do is because it actually works for them. They make their money and people still purchase and play their games. It won’t change, it will only get worse. Hype sells more than anything else.
Infinity Hand
Infinity Hand Місяць тому
The core gameplay and mechanics are utterly amazing. They nailed the hard part, but they're utterly flopping with such simple concepts like progression and customization
Dave Blaster
Dave Blaster День тому
This is well said I couldn’t agree more
derpnerpwerp День тому
Fuck progession and customization.. I dont care if I can make my spartan pink.. they need to fix the netcode. I don't understand people's priorities
Extraordinarily Basic
Extraordinarily Basic 9 днів тому
Lol long thread but you’re wrong. If the core gameplay was good, it would still have a bunch of players.
jairdabrini 10 днів тому
Big Team Battle matchmaking is broken, it's like 1 game loads per 20 tries. Progression is capped and after getting to the end of the battle pass (lvl 100) there's not much reason to play (besides events & 4 fun). The same weekly challenges that can be done in 1-2 days time easily. I got to the end of current seasons battle pass on the 14th december - so every xp I get since then does nothing. They should fix this or be legally forced to pay back all the credits I've (or you) bought. 343 are real piss-ants imho & it seems they don't want you to play their game all the time, just 2 days per week 🤣
rock on
rock on 14 днів тому
They didn't nail shit... That was nailed 20 years ago. They fucked us all
john dough
john dough Місяць тому
The game itself is really fun, but the #1 thing me and my friend were excited for was team doubles. We've literally playing team doubles together since we were 8 now we're 22
Esmeraldajis 2001
Esmeraldajis 2001 15 днів тому
I like how throughout the entire video you can tell that Act Man really loves the Halo Series. I haven’t played much of Hale Infinite. Finished the campaign, and I don’t plan on going to multiplayer until I start seeing people say it’s good.
Jacob Manley
Jacob Manley Місяць тому
Getting our voices heard! PLEASE READ: First step. Makes poles for your subscribers to vote on. In terms of issues. Second step. Elaborate the data with a video. We need to be organized. Tell your other UKvid partners to do the same. Your basically giving 343 the hard data they need to fight. Couple of good poles: Who likes the progression? Who thinks the store is overpriced? Who has purchased things at the store? Whos willing to boycott the game? Who IS boycotting the game? These are golden nuggets man. Tell all your UKvid partners to do this and with enough data we'll see if we can scare those stupid executives. Good luck spartan! OG Post: robert morales
Shaun Powers
Shaun Powers Місяць тому
Release part 2 please, I’m excited to see what you think, but this video is perfect and draws attention to issues that are overlooked by the halo community
Dark Місяць тому
I really like Infinite’s gameplay first time we’ve had a more classic feeling Halo in years. The monetisation and progression are just awful though. When I heard the multiplayer was free to play I had a feeling Microsoft were going to milk the playerbase.
Scubasausage Місяць тому
@sam Brooks Agreed, thats 100% what I felt, was like the Halo DLC for COD or something.
sam Brooks
sam Brooks Місяць тому
Classic feeling Halo - Halo infinite.. Choose one. Cos this feels nothing like classic halo. Feels like a generic FPS with a halo skin.
Scubasausage Місяць тому
It doesnt feel like Halo to me. Feels like COD with a skin on it. But then again I havent played Halo since Halo 3. But I did play a lot! I was playing online with Halo 2 the day the service started.
WonderMePartyStrip Місяць тому
"we’ve had a more classic feeling Halo in years" It's more like Halo 5, but butchered.
Johnnyrayh 58
Johnnyrayh 58 Місяць тому
I’m the type of guy who wouldn’t even bother changing my skin after I earned shit on other titles, but I don’t think what these guys are asking for is that bizarre. When people have to earn shit by playing, or completing challenges it’s not only more rewarding for the player earning it, but also more respected by fellow players.
Cross Місяць тому
everything he says is the truth. reach really is the gold standard in terms of content. hell halo 5 had great gameplay, but the lack of content and their stupid progression system sucked ass.
Ish ha'elohim
Ish ha'elohim Місяць тому
I think it's hilarious that 343 constantly capitalizes on Reach nostalgia but never attempt to match Reach on any level. We're now being sold Reach armor, in fact we're being sold pretty much all customization. Without battle passes, what you can customize is basically a visor, one chest piece, and a helmet? It's hilarious that they think they'll maintain a population if they lock the fun things like customization behind paywalls and not providing basic game modes. They said there'd be no fomo type things, and yet with the fractures event, fiesta goes away as well, sooooo, modern day gaming indeed. I know I'll be playing the campaign for a while, but the lack of customization, game modes, ability to choose game modes, bad progression system still. I honestly doubt I'll play this game as long as I did the other Halo games. Maybe I'll keep playing MCC...which is a sad statement when a new Halo game is out
poo poo
poo poo Місяць тому
Please keep playing MCC, it’s not a sad statement! The longevity of older games will show people value the quality and replay value in games 10-20 years older than it! Furthermore, it’ll keep long time players like me who are pissed at infinite happy!
Tylenial Місяць тому
The battle pass and progression really turned me off to the direction Halo's multiplayer is headed and I can't shake this feeling that the story is going to be lackluster. I hope it isn't, but these past few years of games haven't given me much confidence.
Degenerate Supreme
Degenerate Supreme Місяць тому
@Spabsa I don't remember anybody getting early access to 4 or 5s campaign
Spabsa Місяць тому
@Degenerate Supreme that’s what they said about 4 and 5 till we actually played it
Degenerate Supreme
Degenerate Supreme Місяць тому
Alot of youtubers who got early access to the campaign have said its great
Colton Greenwood
Colton Greenwood Місяць тому
18:56 to 19:03 is always my arguement. Bungie set the standard many years ago adding items to the game for the community to grow and it all released day one. 343 devs hav better and faster technology today, and plenty of game options to add, yet they choose not to....
SkyTech RTS
SkyTech RTS Місяць тому
"Modern Gaming... kind of fucking sucks" Understatement of the millennium, right there.
Turd Rocket
Turd Rocket Місяць тому
@Matthew Kalasky2 If you are a multiplayer gamer, you might as well forget his advice. Playing a multiplayer game and expecting it to have deep gameplay and dynamic content is like drinking salt water and hoping it'll quench your thirst. There are so many genres of games other than multiplayer shooters and "sidescrollers".
Frencho9 Місяць тому
Stop buying modern games. Then publishers will take notice!
Kantanen Akseli
Kantanen Akseli Місяць тому
@Matthew Kalasky2 No? There's literally hundreds of different genres
Matthew Kalasky2
Matthew Kalasky2 Місяць тому
@Kantanen Akseli Aren't those mostly just old-school-style sidescrollers, though?
Pepsiman Pepsiman
Pepsiman Pepsiman Місяць тому
@Kantanen Akseli exactly, been playing the hell out of Deep Rock Galactic
Cream The Everything Fixer
Cream The Everything Fixer Місяць тому
Remember that this game was meant to come out LAST YEAR, if people didnt call out the problems there would have been a big chance this game would dead by this time and proclaimed to be another huge 343 blunder
Vienta Yuno
Vienta Yuno Місяць тому
Duuude, I forgot all about that
Esteban Kiyotaka
Esteban Kiyotaka Місяць тому
Bruh literally everything is so accurate, hopefully 343 reaches out to you like other creators man, you give so much helpful info that could help them make the game a complete master peace, you also should’ve been considered as one of the candidates for playing the campaign early and give feedback, like you argued, and I believe they would benefit massively from your feedback and videos
emm jay
emm jay Місяць тому
This game is amazing. I actually feel like master chief while playing it. The sound the open world honestly EVERYTHING. Some of your points are bang on tho , your vids are awesome aswell keep it up bruh
Suspend Wish when
Suspend Wish when Місяць тому
I agree with all of this, I just come from the 2nd generation of games that were made to be great from 2001-2011, and I’m so fatigued from trying to stop the change of the gaming industry from the past decade. I know this sounds so depressing but honestly, we have been trying to stop this overall modern gaming change since the end of the 360 generation and it hasn’t really budged. I have kind of accepted that this corporatization of games and less focus on the artistic perfection has to run its course before another renaissance of gaming comes in. Hardcore fans like us can scream as much as we want, they know we will always come back. It’s the casuals that need to stop dropping their money on everything so people in the industry will see the money stop and try to make something new again. Until then, less focus on fleshed out games and more focus on paid cosmetics will be the norm.
theDiReW0lf Місяць тому
Yeah it gets tiring. Plus there’s a whole generation now who were brought up on this shit and think it’s fine.
fake todd howard
fake todd howard Місяць тому
Actman in stream : holy shit this is amazing Actman in youtube : it's bad
Marked Ashamed
Marked Ashamed Місяць тому
This is his critique, Next video is his Review
Greg Dennert
Greg Dennert Місяць тому
@Exo Imo all battle Royale games are trash and yeah they're boring
Exo Місяць тому
@Adurna 35 couldn't be me
Exo Місяць тому
@Greg Dennert I mean they're not trash, but just sooooo painfully boring...
Exo Місяць тому
@Thomas Elizalde lmao good one
Matthew&nature257 Stevenson
Matthew&nature257 Stevenson 14 днів тому
hey man, I absolutely have to comment here. thank you for your video. somebody had to say it and you said it literally perfectly. when it launched the multiplayer options were so psychotically limited, it was odd and scary that 343 spent 6 years on a game that had that limited mulitplayer options, free or not doesnt matter. i would rather pay for a proper halo game then get a free half assed game. your perspective on this and halo 4 was amazing and made my own opinions feel validated because i completely agree with you on all the gameplay limitations. thank you act man for keeping it real and actually making sense. your opinions are really good and you should work for the halo company in my opinion
Jonathan Pacheco
Jonathan Pacheco Місяць тому
What i really appreciate is just how much actman cares.
bubbaries Місяць тому
Love your commentary on the competitive matchmaking options in Reach being the gold standard, but I think what made that game the gold standard was the cooperative matchmaking playlist. I fucking loved playing Grifball (even if it completely fucked my k/d ratio), and action sack was one of my all time favorite modes. Like, I remember coming home from a shitty day at work one time, firing up action sack, and the game was a forge-created version of skeeball, with golf balls the size of your character, and the weapon was golf clubs (same size and abilities as the grav hammer). Objective was to hit the ball up in the cups, and team with most points wins. That shit was soooo goofy and fun that I was laughing my ass off and completely forgot about how shit my day had been. And honestly I feel like sometimes the developers forget that sometimes I just want to blow off some steam after work. Anyways thanks for the great vid!
Daniel Madden
Daniel Madden Місяць тому
I get called a BOOMER for saying the same things about modern gaming. I used to work selling games back when paid DLC had started to makes its way into gaming and it always annoyed me. I wished that when you bought a game it was playable on release with no need for further purchases to make a ‘full game’ or even a playable game.
Jacob Lazz
Jacob Lazz Місяць тому
I love how despite all of the major flaws in this game, its the most fun I’ve had playing a shooter since probably Battlefield 1
the darkriddler
the darkriddler Місяць тому
@Hellish the hell rellish probably from like 7 years ago... hilarious ? homie.... was that your attempt to ridicule hahahaha
Hellish the hell rellish
Hellish the hell rellish Місяць тому
@the darkriddler homie's subbed to a channel for easy Bloodborne kills lmao
its chewsday
its chewsday Місяць тому
I have fun in this game. I’m just waiting until December 8 to hop onto the campaign and see if 343 will actually fix the main problems with multiplayer. I don’t expect everything to be completely perfect with the multiplayer. But at least I hope the progression will be better
Jacob Adkins
Jacob Adkins Місяць тому
@the darkriddler There is absolutely nothing wrong with adults watching cartoons.
the darkriddler
the darkriddler Місяць тому
@The_Rogue_Fox go back too your cartoons mate, the grown ups are here that can actually type a sentence... what insult mate you called me a muppet first when realistically you're an adult watching children's cartoons ? Are you alright lad haha ? Where was my insult, I repeated what you said too me and you're saying I'm using playground insults ? What...
Ilya Seletsky
Ilya Seletsky Місяць тому
I was having fun with halo infinite too, and was actually thinking of it more as a beta and didn't realize this is technically the "Day 1" release. You know, when you look down at your legs, you still see the friggin missing half of your upper body that you're not supposed to see in first person view. Also I'd love the MCC style, hold aim/toggle behavior. I've gotten used to needing both. For some reason, the PC verison of infinite only supports toggle or hold to aim.
lolf4c3m4n Місяць тому
After I finally get a chance to play this game. I lost interest with it after a few matches. I started with Halo 3 back in 2009, and I got to say I'm for what wasn't broken or a problem with the game. I feel like with infinite they tried to push too much again for the multiplayer. Each game 343 made just doesn't sit right with me or can really make me feel like my 12 year old self. The microtransaction on armor customization really is the definition of modern games being terrible. I know the whole team color thing was taken out, but I don't have the options to pimp out my spartan with it. I'm going to say this which will lead to a lot of disagreement but 343 just can't replicate what Bungie did back at that time. Wether it's because of the new gaming era where Halo can't work in this environment, or creative direction.
Noble Vagabond
Noble Vagabond Місяць тому
Halo 3 and Reach were the absolute pinnacle of first person shooter multiplayer. Nothing will ever top that era in gaming
Wallace J. Mongers
Wallace J. Mongers Місяць тому
Battlefield 3
Charles Q. Banks
Charles Q. Banks Місяць тому
What I learned from this video: #1 Modern gaming F-ing SUCKS. #2 Going Outside SUCKS. I laughed so hard. Such good editing, such good points, such good timing and comedy. This is the best video you've made in a long time, Act Man, keep it up my good gentleman, keep it up. Bravo.
Airsoft Alfonse
Airsoft Alfonse Місяць тому
Imagine not having a team doubles playlist 😵
Ben The Biscuit
Ben The Biscuit Місяць тому
@AnomalyXD then why tf do they call it a beta all the time?
war noodles
war noodles Місяць тому
@AnomalyXD it is a beta the full game comes out on December 8 and that will bring the campaign and a lot more modes for multiplayer
J3WfroN1NjA21 Місяць тому
I'm just here still wanting invasion back..
Oscar Dolloway
Oscar Dolloway Місяць тому
@Jacob Adkins depends what you're asking for, if its a certain playlist then yeah I can see them adding some fan favourites as time goes on
Sir Trash
Sir Trash Місяць тому
Don't like it don't play it. Me personally this is the best halo
Christopher Debenham
Christopher Debenham Місяць тому
Man I love how Act Man has constructive criticism, and it's casually hilarious at the same time xd
Paul Tussac
Paul Tussac Місяць тому
I’ve enjoyed it so far, there’s some bugs and issues like lack of content and maps but that will all be fixed pretty fast. Map making in forge and additional modes and maps that will added through updates. The main issue I have had is the leveling system. It’s so god awful. You do great, get the most points and kills in something like odd ball.....50xp you already played 6 games so you won’t get your 150 or 100 just 50. For being the best in the team or lobby and or winning or losing without any additional exp just sucks
PrettyTony Місяць тому
What I hate about modern gaming is now when you see a game is coming out, instead of excitement, it’s more like “well…we’ll see.”
TKBauer523 Місяць тому
Only game Im excited for is Elden Ring atm. And this year I was really supprised by Valheim, other than that tho…… Yeah.. we’ll see xD
Geremy Місяць тому
Hey Act Man, we’re going to need another update on this with the recent community manager posts about cheating in game, playlist issues, etc. It’s not looking good for Halo at the moment unfortunately.
BfargTheSquat Місяць тому
Literally never get tired of listening to someone talk about Halo with the same level of passion that I and my friends have.
The Act Man
The Act Man Місяць тому
I plan to stick around a while 😉
King Doge
King Doge Місяць тому
I hope we get an Invasion mode eventually, with your pick of either elites or brutes when you are on the banished team
Apickle Місяць тому
I don't think halo infinite is lacking content because it's a trend among games in recent years. But it's because the multiplayer is free, when I heard the multiplayer was going to be free, I thought "oh, that's really cool" but now I'm thinking that it really downgraded the game as a whole. Imagine what weapons and vehicles would have returned to play around with in the campaign, the game modes and forge features. But to assure the longevity of the game, I'm guessing much of the content seen in past halo games was reserved for later.
Jacob Cheeseman
Jacob Cheeseman Місяць тому
I see what you mean by variety act man, My biggest issue is that they held back on releasing the campaign until a wednesday. Along with letting all these outlets get hands on with the campaign tempting us with all these spoilers.
cbunny20 Місяць тому
I love halo I been playing halo since I was 7, during that time I always had that dumb look on my face when playing halo and I always enjoyed it. This halo seems different it released with very little content and I agree with you on that but to me that was enough, we got the game early and I couldn’t be happier, yes there were some issues like leveling and TTK but to me it was a halo experience that I been missing. Halo 5 didn’t feel like halo and I got the deluxe edition with the “cool” exclusive you get, but I wasn’t halo to me. This halo feels like it the gun play is different from every game that released during this time just like halo CE did back then. It would have been nice to have more content but we need to enjoy and be happy with what we have, for heaven sake we got the game to release early when was the last time that happen. And yea there is some issues when that happens but that’s the price to pay when you get early release, But at the end of the day this is my opinion and you have your own opinion and I will always respect yours and every one else opinion cause at the end of the day halo will be a game that’s sticks out with the rest and not blend in like a needle in a hay stack. Halo will be different and I will always like it that way and other people might like that too
Vintage Gaming
Vintage Gaming Місяць тому
The fact that there isn’t a progression system separate from the battle pass is a big problem
samgee500 Місяць тому
@Sum M. I've played Halo 3, 4, and Reach but never owned a Halo game myself. Infinite is my first, and I like it more than even Halo 3. It hurts a little to even say that, but it's true.
samgee500 Місяць тому
@Fort_ Oink A hellreigel is something you can actually use in-game in BF1. Not a fair comparison. That said, I do not want unlockable weapons in Halo. If anything, I would rather all guns be unlocked for everyone in Battlefield. I know what you're getting at though. I just don't think it's necessary. Grinding is not fun. Short-term satisfaction is more than enough for me. That's why I still play games like Team Fortress Classic. I don't get long-term satisfaction the way you do, because I don't play multiplayer games long enough for there to be a need for that. I'll play maybe one or two matches a day, if I even play at all, and then go do something else. The only long-term satisfaction I receive is in the progression of my own skill level.
RIZICKS Місяць тому
Imagine playing halo lool
Sone Місяць тому
​@Dennis Bradstreet "How do you not see that as a problem?" ... *How dense are you?* First off, before I focus on your _strawman._ You realise you're piss ass arguments have gone from _"Streamers are a good example of why its a big problem"_ Which you did not even bother to counter any of my points on beyond "it was just an example" to _"YOUR DEFENDING 343!"_ which you have not bother to prove despite me prompting you to. And you're now on _"You don't see it as a problem"_ Lets be clear since you don't want to bother reading over what I've said before making your point. I started off by saying that it didn't strike me as a huge priority. Then when prompted I made it clear there is other stuff that were actual big problems, at least in comparison. Everyone having the same shit in a month or so isn't anywhere near as bad as shit that is *actually* effecting the frigging game's quality, ya know, the lack of game modes, the lack of choice in game modes, the absolutely fucked microtransactions and lets not forget about Coop and Forge being delayed. Which will hurt far more then lacking a system that calls you a "SUPER GUARDIAN ELITE COMMANDER" after however much play. _So lets be absolutely clear._ *At no point did I say it wasn't a problem*, I have in fact called it a problem several times now in this comment chain, I have even fucking agreed with someone that it should be super quick to fix. Please put in the effort to pay attention to what I've said instead of strawmaning me.
Dennis Bradstreet
Dennis Bradstreet Місяць тому
@Sone When I mentioned that about streamers, it was an example. Outside of the Battle pass, the game doesn't have anything dude. That's what I'm getting at. By the end of the season, we'll all have the same shit. If you take any other game with a Battle pass, and get rid of said Battle pass, there would still be a progression system. How do you not see that as a problem?
Justin L
Justin L Місяць тому
Oh yeah, I agree. This is one of those Act Man videos where I'm 99% behind it. 343, you are making a VERY GOOD GAME. This is not Guardians anymore, why do you keep repeating the same mistakes from that piece of dogshit & spoil your hard work? Look, I understand delays but there is NO EXCUSE for the current progression, fucked up custom games & nickel-diming customization. Just fix it all when you are back from holiday, OK? Then you will earn our trust & money again.
Korean Cowboy42
Korean Cowboy42 Місяць тому
These kinds of reactions are what I enjoy. We always could use people like you @The Act Man We care about the game. We see every little details and issues from pros and cons. I'm a gamer who spends so many hours playing video games 24/7 when I was 15 to now I'm 20. I know there's way too many issues with games nowadays that I have to faceplate and say good bye to new games and I don't care about new games. Modern gaming does suck. Especially when you look at CoD Then at halo then at other games and have a thought "Why the hell do they even think it's a good idea!?!?!?!" CoD vanguard for example. Is just modern warfare graphics and system in the fucking ww2 CoD! The campaign isn't bad but my freaking gods -_- it's ass at rhe same time. Then battlefield! Just why!?!?! Modern gaming devs are just idiots. Whatever their planning will just make the game be forgotten. I swear 8 spent about so many hours playing Halo Reach and kicked ass. Modern warfare 2 and 3 I kicked ass. Black ops 1, 2 I kicked ass. Battlefield 1, 3, 4 I played and had moments of fun. Each game has their own flaws and moments but when releasing games and showing beta you better prepare for the long term when the game is released which is "more content on release" Edit: modern gaming is same shit of the repeats. Which is another reason why I even play specific games than other games.
Ettiq 28 днів тому
I miss the days when you unlocked armor through achievements, rank progression, and saving your credits like in Reach.
Vrux Місяць тому
Great video Act Man. Also what Halo soundtracks did you use for this video I forgot the names of them. But you do make great points about this game. I feel like maybe Halos MP should've been delayed a bit longer due to it missing modes, and such.
Woolie Місяць тому
well-said. modern game releases are a joke compared to only 4-5 years ago
Titanfall Teachings
Titanfall Teachings Місяць тому
Hi woolie : )
XenoRaijin Twitch
XenoRaijin Twitch Місяць тому
Remember halo 5 came out 6 years ago, you might need to rewind the comparison a lil farther lmfao
Doug D
Doug D Місяць тому
@Microtonal Milio How is that controversial? Only problem I have with what you said is that you implied "cool" people are on Reddit. XD
Microtonal Milio
Microtonal Milio Місяць тому
You all know you are (UKvid removes “hurtful” comments) softened babies, that will play whatever your friends or cool Reddit friends play. Can’t wait for the “bros” that reply to me. Yeah you heard me. You play whatever your small circle of friends plays. So if this game sucks by all accounts, you will continue to play it because your friends know friends that know friends that know friends who know of an Xbox classic ad that was said to be cool and that you should just take their word for it because of high budget visual effects in their promos. I know your heart rate is spiking now. Come on big boy, give me your worst.
Doug D
Doug D Місяць тому
I miss the old days, only 12 years ago our biggest concern was an online pass activation but the game was mostly complete. Or 16 years ago where horse armour was outrageous.
C H A F F . G
C H A F F . G Місяць тому
100% they're going to use the content people want as bait / lure for micro transactions at some point. This is not an accident. They didn't "forget" to put in these game modes and features.
Wyllowisp Місяць тому
Yeah, I don't see how people could doubt that 343 splitting the content doesn't include taking away features that should have been there day 1 just to use as bait for content releases and that they could put back in what everyone wants with the push of a button but intentionally lie under the pretense that “it's not ready yet”. If the backlash is too big, they”ll sprinkle a little of what people want to garner sympathy and say “see! We're listening!” when they could have done it day 1.
MetalHead4ever Місяць тому
Porter2455 Місяць тому
Is very clear why they didn’t give us lots of options for multiplayer. They made certain challenges incredibly grindy in order to encourage buying challenge skips. A lot of those challenges are centered around getting kills with difficult to get weapons. If they added modes where you start with snipers, grav hammers, etc. They wouldn’t be able to sell challenges skips as easily. I’m guessing Fiesta served as a analysis on how much more casual modes would affect the challenge progression rate. Tying progression into challenges and essentially challenges only was purposeful and insidious. It actively limits their ability to give us the content we want.
Adam Місяць тому
There's no excuse for releasing games in an incomplete form. Again, games are pretty much the only product that you're allowed to release A. Broken and/or B. Missing key features, and it's just accepted as standard now. It's never acceptable, games should be released complete and in working condition or not released. This is why I hardly ever buy new games any more.
Slayin Nerds
Slayin Nerds Місяць тому
The 'Party Up' feature from halo 3 is the reason why I have as many online friends as I do. It was cool playing consecutive games with a random group because you could build chemistry or rivalries with those people and explore more of the game in different ways. It's sad to see that it hasn't really been implemented since. After playing the game, I feel as though the package has arrived but I'm still waiting for what I ordered.
Sirosa Gaming
Sirosa Gaming Місяць тому
I think the best way to explain this game's current status is that it's better than Battlefield 2042 and COD Vanguard, but setting the bar that low doesn't do it any favors.
Kostas Spirou
Kostas Spirou Місяць тому
@ARCTIC_GAMING- I mean, I'm a PlayStation fan and I can play Infinite from my PC, no need to sell my console.
Billy Badass
Billy Badass Місяць тому
halo infinite is only in the beta and it’s better than vanguard. Halo will let you choose your game mode upon full release, they just want to gather data across every game mode, not just the favorites
Billy Badass
Billy Badass Місяць тому
vanguard is better then this CRAP... u ppl just need to deal with that......
Creative Corner
Creative Corner Місяць тому
Who is gonna be the 666th like
Stacking Benjies
Stacking Benjies Місяць тому
@Mal SOtrill You gotta stop smoking whatever it is you're smoking. Halo is back on top. You just gotta deal with it, sorry but not sorry.
BlackExon 19 днів тому
Personally, I found the online to be so underwelming. This game feels old. Somehow, the gameplay feel less developed than combat evolved. It's slow, clunky, and almost feels like a cheap spinoff. It's sad that the best gamers can hope for these days is a remaster of an old classic. I miss buying a game for $60 dollars and having a complete game. It's so irritating to be spoon fed content that use to just be part of the game. Kinda a let down for those who have played halo for year's; as many of use have.
Smotheryaxe1414 Місяць тому
Theres a huge glaring problem with the customization because they said it would be free battle pass and they said they were "player first" it's very disappointing bc most of the customization is practically locked behind a paywall. I wish the customization was atleast like MCC
Fid Місяць тому
Good video man geez I’m glad I’m not the odd one out feeling all these things about this game I got to level three on the battle pass and was already burnt out there was nothing for the game to offer me. almost feel like them releasing it early was a bad idea. Also nobody hates reach I’m sure some people do but fuck those people but theres probably not that many reach was the pinnacle of gaming
Toastedtruth Місяць тому
Honestly, I agree. For some reason every time I throw a nade It does zero damage, but when the enemy throws their grenade, it insta kills me no matter if my shields where full or even at 75 is percent. It’s just weird
Frivia 6 днів тому
bro this is sooo tru
Matt 5G
Matt 5G Місяць тому
I just can’t believe we went away from pre game lobbies and game modes that were just honestly FUN. I really miss playing juggernaut, infection and action sack in reach. That game really had the community build their multiplayer up.
Matt 5G
Matt 5G Місяць тому
@Beaverish Buck Teeth bro There’s more to games than just sweating for a season at a time. BR is fun, but halo is different. It’s one of the few games that multiplayer is fun and isn’t a complete grind. That’s why game modes like infection, juggernaut and shotty snipers are so important to halo. It’s part of what separates it from call of duty and battlefield.
Garrett Tekampe
Garrett Tekampe Місяць тому
@Croakinc36 headhunter was one of my all time favorite when it came out
GTAVictor9128 Місяць тому
Pre-game lobbies were such an integral part of the charm of Halo 3 and Reach. I'll never forget how in one Halo 3 lobby I was in, someone tried sounding tough and intimidating so that people wouldn't veto the map. Then, as soon as the veto round started, literally everyone vetoed that map so hard. Reverse psychology at its finest.
Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte Місяць тому
It's just getting started calm down bro
Croakinc36 Місяць тому
Headhunter was a beautiful flash in the pan…
Rodrigo Garduño
Rodrigo Garduño Місяць тому
I think my problem is not exactly the (fairly expensive) cosmetics; I actually said: well, at least, the gameplay is fun... But the BIG problem I have with Halo Infinite multiplayer is the very limited variety of game modes, several and frustrating bugs from being unable to play with my friend to the program crashing and closing midgame, menus and options that are too painful to navigate through... Oh but they are more than ready to take your money; that part of this so-called "Beta" is working perfectly, along with the 60$ campaign that will not give you any extras for multiplayer if you buy it (as far as I know). You can clearly see where 343's focus is on.
Zak Walker
Zak Walker Місяць тому
It's actually the best game I've played in a long while, just needs better progression and more content
Xiro Chamber
Xiro Chamber 20 днів тому
I had low expectations for the game when it came out, and after looking over everything I still feel disappointed. I just don’t think halo is for me anymore.
Todd Stevens
Todd Stevens Місяць тому
The Act Man, you are a genius, this video covers it all almost and I almost completely agree with you
Noah Dunning
Noah Dunning Місяць тому
I can't believe that this game was supposed to come out a year ago. Just imagine how little content there would be then.
themasterofstealthcj Місяць тому
@Abdullah Ahmad Developing a new engine *is* part of the game development.
Abdullah Ahmad
Abdullah Ahmad Місяць тому
@themasterofstealthcj They didn't spend 6 years on it your brainlet. No studio starts on the next project immediately. And we already have confirmation that they Also spent a couple of years on the new engine. This games development took max 3 years
LUCAS BLZ Місяць тому
@OneJediBoi nope just not factual You're assuming that I haven't played the game and I'm just riding a train well no I'm not I'm trying to tell you that the game is a bad game and that's just a fact, halo lacks proper progression (current state) , cod lacks polish (it's just buggy the funs there but bugs are also there) Battlefield lacks well battlefield (look just play any old game or even portal) The game is in an identity crisis, its boring, buggy, soulless and barely even functions And that's just from me playing it on a ps4 waiting on a ps5 and there too the game has major issues Just accept that if you do play it you'll know why I'm so adamant on saying it is bad You can have fun with anything if you can put up with garbage
OneJediBoi Місяць тому
@LUCAS BLZ BF2042 isnt bad, it's plagued with bad problems, like act man said for cold war, the bugs ruin the game which they have fixed some of, but judging from what people have said on UKvid and other platforms and my own experience it's fun to play. Just looks like you're having other people make your opinion for you
NOT a lizard.
NOT a lizard. Місяць тому
It would've been just as bad.
Studio Місяць тому
I have to argue that shields are too powerful. Just uninstalled it after loving it for days because there's not enough information about how much health enemies have. It seems like they have 1 hit left but have like 500 hp still, and even thought I wreck shop and hit them 900 times, they just keep walking. And all weapons do like the EXACT same damage besides the spanker, hammer and sword. It's like just use the battle rifle. And playing with a keyboard and mouse? Give up. Everyone with a controller will beat you because it just locks on and not a SINGLE bullet is wasted. Not to mention, TONS of my kills don't get counted. And sometimes I'll get kill marks for things I didn't even do. Like a kill on an enemy with a battle rifle when I was reloading and my teammate actually got him.
oxysz Місяць тому
If they add a halo 3 or reach like Xp system , and more playlists I think it’s amazing. The competitive play is great . Feels good and old school like halo 3. No bs really , well balanced .
Brutal Chaos
Brutal Chaos Місяць тому
great video hopefully they fix a lot of these issues sooner than later honestly.
Łowca KureF
Łowca KureF Місяць тому
In spite of all those cons, it's the best multiplayer in recent years, I really hope that they will do some changes and won't F this up
MEGAMike0110 Місяць тому
I hope we also get a fire fight mode. Was fun fighting waves of covenant(it would be banished now) with my friends.
Slender Man 186
Slender Man 186 Місяць тому
@Coyote Recon also, a development team 5 times the size of Bungie’s when they made Reach, and 5 times the budget too.
Victor Bridges
Victor Bridges Місяць тому
Just not Halo 5 firefight.
Patrick Smith
Patrick Smith Місяць тому
They wouldn’t release firefight before campaign launched and people had time to finish it so it seems normal that it would release a couple months after the campaign dropped.
BABA KAZI Місяць тому
Lol your comment is legit copy paste by someone else
BABA KAZI Місяць тому
Lol right....
Delaboyo Magazine
Delaboyo Magazine Місяць тому
Apart from the microtransactions the gameplay is pretty smooth and fun to play
Mozerellacheese Місяць тому
I personally love the multiplayer but the lack of maps is noticable to me and I would like to pick the mode i play, otherwise great fun
T Brown
T Brown Місяць тому
The map design and gun play are all 10/10, everything else blows
Soniphex Місяць тому
The campaign underwhelms me, and I feel like it's because it's open world, it makes it repetitive. It's not bad but it's not really super fun either. It's ok, but it does not compare with 2, 3, and 4 which actually induce at least a little bit of emotion. It's just fun enough I guess. There is 0 emotional connection with the characters unlike in the previous halos. Like I don't even really care if they die other than it causing the mission to fail Also the new AI smiles WAY to much, she's kinda funny sometimes so I'll let it pass.
YahQub Okorley
YahQub Okorley Місяць тому
I’m with act man, I want to know why games can’t be finished when released. And when did gaming companies start this trend of not finishing games
Tom Mot
Tom Mot Місяць тому
@Jacob Adkins Bethesda Elder Scrolls guy. He pretty much made the first purchasable DLC for Oblivion
Jacob Adkins
Jacob Adkins Місяць тому
@Tom Mot Todd Howard?
jignjorf Місяць тому
Literally the only way to stop this trend is to speak with your wallet, if they're making money hand over fist with each new game despite clearly broken/incomplete launches why would they ever change?
Gamer Singer
Gamer Singer Місяць тому
@Tom Mot I was referring to additional items and tools in games. Obviously those can be helpful but only the original pay toll is all you need to play any single game until you are out of lives or just lose the only one.
Tom Mot
Tom Mot Місяць тому
@Gamer Singer arcade games are different. Of course youd pay for that
Sonny Crockett
Sonny Crockett Місяць тому
I'm in Tank Training but I was waiting for this game to come out and I guess it's good to wait awhile. Atleast I'll be home for the holidays to see the campaign.
YouTube Account
YouTube Account Місяць тому
My two biggest issues is the aiming is atrocious. No setting seems to make the aim feel good which is so weird because the MCC and Halo 5 have great gunplay. And two is armor abilities make the gameplay so much better especially the grappling hook and thruster and the fact you can’t spawn in with a certain one is such a missed opportunity. In addition the movement feels so clunky. Strafing is unbelievable fast but other than that you feel so much more limited compared to past Halos.
Game Lover
Game Lover Місяць тому
The Act Man is one of the best UKvid channels of all time. Especially for gamers
Up To Speed On Jaguar
Up To Speed On Jaguar Місяць тому
Honestly, I managed to grind 30 or so levels of the BP before i realized I didn't have the time I did as a kid. I'm a whole adult now that works nearly 50 hours a week, and it already infuriates me I'm too grown up to even have time to get the weekly stuff. I don't have too much of a problem buying the rest of a battle pass I know I just won't have the time to grind out. As long as the stuff I get is worth my money. So far, getting a bunch of the Reach gear was great.
Sirk The God
Sirk The God Місяць тому
For me personally, the only issues I’ve having with the beta is the progression and Battlepass, other than that, I’ve been having a lot of fun with this game
pepe silvia
pepe silvia Місяць тому
​@Darnell Hill Well that solves it then. Some people on reddit find it fun enough so no need to fix anything.
Jacob Adkins
Jacob Adkins Місяць тому
@southva03 _No shit._ They knew he would nitpick every little detail he thought was bad about Infinite, just like he’s doing in this video.
Exo Місяць тому
@Mank same
BrODST Місяць тому
@Flatheads Rebuked the lack of customization and being able to choose the game mode is disappointing, but the core gameplay is the best in the series.
Pajamas Місяць тому
@Flatheads Rebuked The actual customization is great, it's just the progression to earn those items that needs a boost. The gameplay itself is basically fuckin perfect, best Halo combat and sandbox I've played since Reach
こ_Re: Місяць тому
I'm on my hands and knees, praying that someone, anyone from 343 watches this
jamesthewild Місяць тому
I was heavily disapointed by the lack of service record stats, hopefully they are tracked in the background so it still comes
Spiral Unity
Spiral Unity Місяць тому
literally the first custom game I wanted to make was impossible, and all I wanted was infinite equipment. I miss halo 3 release vibes 😞
I recommend: Halo Infinite (Campaign Review)
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