Harden can’t treat Westbrook like Chris Paul - Jalen Rose | Get Up

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Jalen Rose breaks down the ways James Harden and Russell Westbrook need to adjust their attitudes in order to have a successful partnership on the Houston Rockets. #GetUp
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15 лип 2019

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Weres Waldo 😭
skip jones
skip jones 5 днів тому
no chance zero defense zero chips u must defend!
Nostalgia King
Nostalgia King 7 днів тому
That was more than 2 words J lmao
Emiun ᛃᛟᚴᛖᛋ ᛟᚾ ᛈᛖᚱᛋᛖᚢᛋ
Rockets are my sleeper team to win this year, love this duo😤
justanother undergroundrapper
justanother undergroundrapper 12 днів тому
This duo probably has the closest relationship than any other duo in the NBA, call me crazy but the fact they've been friends since age 13 is a big deal lol
Jonathan Encarnacion
Jonathan Encarnacion 18 днів тому
They’ve known each other since they were 10 they good
nyghtryder 3
nyghtryder 3 23 дні тому
Imagine if they didnt sign cp3 that fat ass contract kd harden westbrook this time rockets???
Kudakwashe Muparadzi
Kudakwashe Muparadzi 26 днів тому
I was born in 1973 was unnecessary thrown in there for no reason by Jalen 🙆🏿‍♂️
Calvin Rivera
Calvin Rivera 27 днів тому
ESPN slipped molly in their drinks.
Lesane Crooks
Lesane Crooks 27 днів тому
"Two words greeny, respect for one another"...Boy if you don't get yo dumbass outta here LOL
Cert Nimt
Cert Nimt 28 днів тому
Westbrook will become chris Paul with the bad contract at 34
Cert Nimt
Cert Nimt 17 днів тому
Cory Simmons I’m a thunder fan and personally I love him but he will get old with a big contract at 34
Cert Nimt
Cert Nimt 17 днів тому
Cory Simmons how sway
Cory Simmons
Cory Simmons 24 дні тому
totally not true
Cityoftrees1911 28 днів тому
It's not going to work you cant fake the funk with Russ he sucks without the rock.
RobotNinja 29 днів тому
You're right, they played with Kevin Durant, one of the best shooters in the league, and Westbrook was still shooting more than Durant, and sometimes shooting a lot more than Durant. If he wouldn't even concede to Durant do you really think Westbrook is going to concede at any point to Harden? Once Westbrook realizes he can't just get fed triple doubles every game he's gonna want out.
vinyltapelover 29 днів тому
I'm not that up to speed on NBA players, organizations, coaches and salaries. I watch some players and games, here and there as they might interest me. From what I have observed of Westbrook and Hardin, individually,, and coming together now this is my suggestion. Lock them in a room, with the coach, run continuous film of say, Curry and Klay,, who seem to be reasonable current examples of how to play off the ball. Then, continuous film of, say, Bird and Magic(alphabetical order, lol). If after all he film watching, they don't get the idea of how of how can continue to be Type A, but to check their egos, and put everything in the context of how to win as a Team, I'm thinking they'll be good into the playoffs but no championship ring.
Whyinem 29 днів тому
Can't wait to see how it works out between them two
Jay Lew
Jay Lew 29 днів тому
Jalen just reminded me he popped out of his mother in 73, was instantly given a notepad, pen, and cigar and he was already one of the lead basketball beat reporters
greg b
greg b Місяць тому
Harden and Russ have never deferred to a teammate since they’ve both become superstars. Walt Frazier was a natural point guard who was always pass first. Yeah he needed the ball but not like Harden, Russ, and even Earl Monroe. It’ll start off fine just like Harden and Dwight and CP3: but the test will come in the playoffs when Russ will need to take a back seat.
Anthony Rivera
Anthony Rivera Місяць тому
Harden got robbed for MVP for the second time
pandamonium entertainment
pandamonium entertainment Місяць тому
off the rebound......give it westbrook or if westbrook get the reboundlet him push it...if a team score... let harden bring it up.....and harden takes the last shot
ΑΛέξανδρος Τουλιόπουλος
Lets hope that Harden will stop acting like a brat and start playing with other childen
Grinder !!
Grinder !! Місяць тому
Guarantee there’s gonna be drama and problems when harden ball hogs and Westbrook gives him that death stare 🤧
RIFICA777 Місяць тому
This video is better quality than the other one
MegaMikebizzle Місяць тому
If they are not standing around and watching they'll be alright cut and come off screens
asterisk911 Місяць тому
1:21 "This is about 2 words... and I'm not going to tell you what the 2 words are, at least not any time soon."
HoKang Yu
HoKang Yu Місяць тому
"respect for one another" is not two words.... @1:20
Trenton Taylor
Trenton Taylor Місяць тому
When buddy said harden should have won they cut off quick lmao
AGee O.
AGee O. Місяць тому
Cat & the Franchise
AGee O.
AGee O. Місяць тому
Gets u nothing!!!
MysteriousOklahoma Місяць тому
Westbrook feeding Capella is gonna be good.
Joaquin Villalovos
Joaquin Villalovos Місяць тому
Westbrook always needs the attention Harden gets attention
Dannny Місяць тому
1:42 anyone else hear the alarm go off in the background ??
Duane Clarke
Duane Clarke Місяць тому
They go way back since. Before college. They know each other like the back of each other's hand
mcafee 4life
mcafee 4life Місяць тому
Westbrook never been surrounded by shooters...... they gone kill Gs
dwayne carter
dwayne carter Місяць тому
Harden taking the last shot....BUT Westbrook is going to create it.
grandtrunk708 Місяць тому
I think if Russ attacks the basket, it will open things up for Harden even more.
Brendan Kurylo
Brendan Kurylo Місяць тому
he can't, because when Westbrook gets emotional or pissed off, you feel him and you see that he cares and he's a competitor. You respect it...Chris Paul is just a little whiny bitch with weird intensions
BenniekdaReal Місяць тому
I’m a Lakers fan people and I’m telling y’all this will be the best team bar injury going into the postseason. Why? If D’Antoni unchains Westbrook and unleashes him like he did Harden. Pay attention and help them figure out the little big tweeks. Man this shit could be unprecedented. The best backcourt Ever. Ever. Can you imagine Westbrook pushing the ball like Nash every chance they get? And the delayed break with all those 3 point shooters? Or Capella or Westbrook with the highlight finish? Besides those they will have plenty other options to score maaaaaannnn it’s gonna be bananas 🍌!!! I’m jelly man. Real talk. Houston gone be a force bruh y’all trippin. Frfr.
Big B
Big B Місяць тому
Dantoni is the only problem with russ and harden.. hes not a real coach with a system and doesn't believe in defense.. harden and russ know what ppl are saying and if you don't think that pisses russ off you must be living in a cave with no wifi internet and electricity. Dantoni is a clown and it took harden and steve nash to make him actually look like he has a clue.. he'll be fired after this year because even though I see these 2 playing well I still see better constructed rosters that will stop them next season from winning a ship.
Savage Opress
Savage Opress Місяць тому
Even more importantly Westbrook can't treat Harden like the players he's played with before.
Xman Місяць тому
Jalen doesn't make a convincing argument. We have yet to see any evidence that either of these two guys is willing to sacrifice for the team's sake.
C Will
C Will Місяць тому
I am sorry I love these players but this won’t work
Goat Reacts
Goat Reacts Місяць тому
So harden should have the ball every possession every game? He needs no team? Lol knock it off. Hes better than cp3, it's an upgrade. Who cares if harden is a bit better than russ at the moment. Doesn't matter, these guys know how to play. Period
Just stagger their minutes so that they can both play their style while one is on the floor and other is on the bench and in the final 6 minutes when they're both on the floor just simply go with the hot hand. PROBLEM SOLVED.
john naiman
john naiman Місяць тому
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide Місяць тому
Dude, they've played together before
Dead Pool
Dead Pool Місяць тому
Why would i EVER download the ESPN app? To hear more about Lebron and the Lakers? Id rather poke my eyes with a cigarette
crystal jo
crystal jo Місяць тому
“2 words, respect for one another”- Jalen Rose Who alarm went off when Jalen was talking
Dillzzy Місяць тому
Dillzzy 24 дні тому
Charming nowhere to hide I’m on about 81 points dropped on him by Kobe you fucking idiot
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide Місяць тому
As long as Westbrook aint worried about his stats, they'll win 60+ games again.
Jeremiah Місяць тому
1:43 thought my alarm went off
MK VT Місяць тому
Jalen Rose... one of the only analysts that knows wtf he’s talking about
A O Місяць тому
Russ gotta play at 2. The beard really been showing the league he’s different. And I ain’t about to watch Russ’s why not face ass score 40 off 40 shots at the 1 whilst down by 35
Sean Aulten
Sean Aulten Місяць тому
I'm so happy for the Rockets
k temperance
k temperance Місяць тому
I can not wait to watch a rockets game
Ivory Towers
Ivory Towers Місяць тому
1st quarter ,Harden 15pts Westbrook 6 asst. 6 pts 2 pts ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,(APOLOGIZE TO LAVAR BALL);,,, jr 2nd quarter, Harden 9pt more , westbrook 5 more asst. 8 more pts. 4 rbs 3rd quarter Westbrook 10 pts 4 asst Harden 8 pts 6 asst. rest 4th qter Harden start's Westbrook rest Come's back in to close games together with Gordon 6 man of the year.
Jajon Johnson
Jajon Johnson Місяць тому
It's a struggle for me to take Jalen Rose serious now. And don't think I haven't tried.
viciousjerm Місяць тому
All I got to say you already know mr triple double itching for those 10-10-30s or the quadruple doubles 🤣
Finnosis Місяць тому
jalen may be a robot but he’s such a good analyst
Steven Lengenfelder
Steven Lengenfelder Місяць тому
Cp3 is cancer to a team. His ego and selfishness and reluctance to admit fault leads me to believe he's a narcissistic douchebag. Ask his former team mates. Glad that psycho will never win a ring.
lil richy
lil richy Місяць тому
Russ was triple gaurded in okc cuz he had noone till pg13. Bow he has an outside shooter in harden and the rest of those boys??? I'm excited
Dino Money
Dino Money Місяць тому
It's a good move tbh cuz now James really has help😒😪
TheVisigoth Місяць тому
Why doesn't anybody point out you can just use BOTH of them at the 1. A constant rotation of total offense with both of them staying incredibly fresh and making the opposing defense constantly adapt.
Ismael Lopez
Ismael Lopez Місяць тому
I like these two guys I’m talking about greeny and rose
Nick Chritopher
Nick Chritopher Місяць тому
It will not work to hogs in one pin and one ball not enough Corn to Eat .....But i get it Houston ticket sales
shockednote Місяць тому
As long as Westbrook aint worried about his stats, they'll win 60+ games again.
Keith S.
Keith S. Місяць тому
Dude, they've played together before
CoWizzle Місяць тому
I woulda got rid of Harden. Now, you go get another ball hog. Now what will Houston do for a PG? Stupid move Houston
Terence Tay
Terence Tay Місяць тому
Just imagine how scary they could be if they just play 2 quarters each. Without each other, they can still get their own shots. Capella is the key to this Big 3 in Houston.
I Graham
I Graham Місяць тому
Zack Lowe doesn't know shit 🤦🏿‍♀️
Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson Місяць тому
just ban Russell from shooting three's in fourth they will be ok
Cesar Salazar
Cesar Salazar Місяць тому
That greeney guy sucks on this new show. He belongs on mike and mike. I don’t like him on this new show.
Jovon Williams
Jovon Williams Місяць тому
Russ just need to learn timing. He has everything yiu want but the IQ. If he can just learn when to kick to the corner when to pull up when to dribble drive and finish he just has a sloppy game. He can be one of the best ever if somebody fix his game. Same for harden. He can get to the rim so easy. Even without the travel step back he is so amazing with the ball. Its like in the playoffs their IQ goes from superstar to rookies who just wanna look good! The two most talented but confusing players ever on the same team smh
chillstep4life Місяць тому
Harden Westbrook wont work. Both need the ball in their hands to be successful. Westbrook has taken a step back in his shooting game and has been shooting below 30% from beyond the arc the last 2 seasons. So even if Westbrook wanted to play off ball he aint gonna be efficient enough to catch and shoot. If the Rockets couldn't make it work with Harden and CP3, throwing Westbrook into the mix won't move the needle. In fact the Rockets have just taken a step back. Rockets will more than likely finish in 7th or 8th seed for 2020 season.
Cory Simmons
Cory Simmons 25 днів тому
TOTALLY not true
Marco Saenz
Marco Saenz Місяць тому
Can’t wait for this season to start and don’t care what anyone says it’ll be an exciting season for us rockets fans
berserker96 Місяць тому
Russell isn't #1 or 2 ball dominant... I see him pass it alot. I think this is going to work very well for the Rockets. People are sleeping on this "Westbrook is a ballhog" narrative and no, he's not. Harden certainly is. Westbrook is going to take so much pressure off him. I see this working well for HOU provided they get their big man situation in order.
Xavier Hawkins
Xavier Hawkins Місяць тому
Leonard Joseph
Leonard Joseph Місяць тому
Just want everybody to remember the same things were said about CP3 and Harden before they led the Rockets to the highest win totals in team history. Also Paul George has his best (MVP contending) season with Russ last year because Russ deferred. Now he’ll be with Harden. However you feel about Harden’s game he is a better player than George period.
jéanpaul Місяць тому
I'm The Best
I'm The Best Місяць тому
I'm not interested in national geographic, thanks anyway
SuperJohn12354 Місяць тому
The western conference will be a war, there are 9 teams and 8 spots having a guy like Westbrook that brings it every game will at the very least get the, a decent position
Nick Ibanez-Martinez
Nick Ibanez-Martinez Місяць тому
Like if rockets fan
SuperJohn12354 Місяць тому
Westbrook has to be the primary ball handler, by doing that you free up harden, if they double harden then that leaves a shooter free, it can def work, Russ just has to play the way he did with PG at the start of the year before PG got hurt an his OKC shooters couldn’t shoot, with Russ as the primary ball handler that leaves harden with a 1 on 1 , if they double harden then that leaves a shooter free, if they create a wall then Westbrook can just go straight threw if , or cut it and make an easy shot for James.
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