He threw this into the stratosphere 😱|

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5 жов 2021





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زينب الشميري
زينب الشميري 4 години тому
الله يرحمهم ماتو.
Leo Willding
Leo Willding 4 години тому
Did you hit a house 😨😨😨
Merlin Lautner
Merlin Lautner 4 години тому
Which distance did he throw ?
Shemaél 4 години тому
Obviously it curved and fell, the cloudy sky just covers it cleanly as it fell out of sight but I saw it halfway down, but still a very powerful throw indeed
dahun kk
dahun kk 5 годин тому
It landed on my feet mc 😭
Bear Naked Arms
Bear Naked Arms 5 годин тому
Anyone know how far it landed?
Tonya Spivey
Tonya Spivey 5 годин тому
I wouldn't want to be the recipient of that thunder when it landed. I know somebody mad 😡😡😡😡
FutHead Underdog
FutHead Underdog 5 годин тому
So this is how my car was hit in the parking lot ..
hunter 5 годин тому
Get like 50 of him and you got a strong pirate ship or a good defence for a Fort
AllMyLoveAlways 2HIM
AllMyLoveAlways 2HIM 5 годин тому
He is a danger to his community....where did it land?
Bona Hot Wheels
Bona Hot Wheels 5 годин тому
Now I know from where came this ball that hit my house here in Brazil.
Tamim khan
Tamim khan 5 годин тому
Not how I expected
Suchita Soobrah
Suchita Soobrah 5 годин тому
Where is it going to land? On whom?
bruh 6 годин тому
Meanwhile some random family watching their house get smashed by this ball: "dam gud throw"
Coco 6 годин тому
Rare representation of bobby shmurda's hat trajectory
Amit dey
Amit dey 6 годин тому
To infinity
HG Striker
HG Striker 6 годин тому
The ball hit me on my head. 😂
Benjaminplays36 6 годин тому
Why did i want to see someone get bonked by the ball he swung to the galaxy
Mady Ooz
Mady Ooz 6 годин тому
Did it land on someone's car??
Eddie Shields
Eddie Shields 7 годин тому
The hulk
Kim Gossling
Kim Gossling 7 годин тому
He's still trying to locate the hammer! (that's what that's called).
Cute Corgi
Cute Corgi 7 годин тому
Why slow mo
Skyler Lindeen
Skyler Lindeen 7 годин тому
Why does the song “ Take Me To The Moon “ Frank Senatra come to mind 🤔
star accounting
star accounting 7 годин тому
Gaya mangal grah pe
Khalid 33
Khalid 33 7 годин тому
Now I got who destroyed my roof last week.
J. Rocky
J. Rocky 7 годин тому
How many kilos was it and how far did it reach?
Marissa Wilson
Marissa Wilson 7 годин тому
Col wanna chill
👉Ånish👈 7 годин тому
Who else expected a jump scare of the ball hitting camera(your face?) Lol
A Himachali boy
A Himachali boy 7 годин тому
Gendamaal me tumhe chunta hu
J G 7 годин тому
Shanuri aponsu
Shanuri aponsu 8 годин тому
jaque jaquejouqua
jaque jaquejouqua 8 годин тому
dEAdLy tRact
dEAdLy tRact 8 годин тому
I thought this was gonna be a jumpscare lol
Arpita Rathod
Arpita Rathod 9 годин тому
Agar e kisi ko lag gai to ...sidha aasman ki sair karayega 😂
nimajneb 9 годин тому
So this is what landed on that woman’s pillow the other day. Not a meteor as the news would have us believe…
عطر الورد
عطر الورد 9 годин тому
اشكد قديمه هاي الصوره
Bo Shipley
Bo Shipley 9 годин тому
Team rocket were blasting off again
Reinaldo Rey
Reinaldo Rey 10 годин тому
This iron ball must be flying around yet 😂. It will become a comet 😊
el seal
el seal 10 годин тому
imagine if it landed on someone
Tonuzzo Nicklefritz
Tonuzzo Nicklefritz 10 годин тому
Next time slow it down a bit more. Then you can charge people to watch a feature length film.
Jyotsna Das
Jyotsna Das 10 годин тому
wake up Michael Johnson
wake up Michael Johnson 11 годин тому
And going an going and Going..!¡¡!
Bradley Haines
Bradley Haines 11 годин тому
Holy cow that was incredible
Nicole Lindsey
Nicole Lindsey 11 годин тому
Good God that man is fine
Lt.Dal94 TexasCommand
Lt.Dal94 TexasCommand 11 годин тому
🪐 🥏 🛰 🌍
no name
no name 11 годин тому
I hope whoever dies from that ball gets his revenge when he becomes a ghost
Dale Jackson
Dale Jackson 11 годин тому
Bullshit he didn't throw that fuckin thing even close to that far I'm calling bullshit your phony bro
Nortereño Tamao
Nortereño Tamao 12 годин тому
This is the guy tech companies hire to put their satellites in orbit
coach frankie
coach frankie 12 годин тому
NO 12 годин тому
NO 12 годин тому
NO 12 годин тому
Lyn Baker
Lyn Baker 12 годин тому
It’s pronounce atmosphere
Caldwel Publications
Caldwel Publications 12 годин тому
Awesome...Young people focused on positive goals and exercising their God given ability... Awesome!
ismeralda langga
ismeralda langga 12 годин тому
🤔omg.. So bad who will take the ball.. Ouch!! Who throw a ball here.. 🤕
Vitamin Protein
Vitamin Protein 13 годин тому
Legends say: it still keeps going up and up......
Alaro Mukhtar
Alaro Mukhtar 13 годин тому
Wait wtf 😳
Peggy Sue
Peggy Sue 13 годин тому
Dude has an awesome technique 7x
Peggy Sue
Peggy Sue 13 годин тому
Big boy! Like WTF it is still in the air 😀
journey rutuviraj
journey rutuviraj 13 годин тому
Wow that was epic I love it 😻😻😻
Noel Radhakrishnan
Noel Radhakrishnan 13 годин тому
Was anyone rotating him? I did. 😂
kartoffel stranger
kartoffel stranger 13 годин тому
ULA would be proud of that orbital insertion
Godlovesme❤💘 13 годин тому
Did anybody else thought the ball was going to come near the screen. That has happened to me a few times, I hate it. I kept my food far away from my face🤣🤣🤣🤣
nomadic Jaspal
nomadic Jaspal 14 годин тому
Politically Inept
Politically Inept 14 годин тому
I don’t think it’s supposed to go that far
Aurora prs
Aurora prs 14 годин тому
Stanford Ramirez
Stanford Ramirez 14 годин тому
I see some Olympic gold metals being won from this and here
Marvin Green
Marvin Green 14 годин тому
Marvin Green
Marvin Green 14 годин тому
David Smith
David Smith 15 годин тому
Why are so many people voicing safety concerns over what it will hit? It's a dedicated hammer throwing circle in a sports arena, it's going to land on the grass. I'm beginning to understand how easy it is to create mass hysteria.
BOB 15 годин тому
They only charged him with manslaughter..
Steph Suarez
Steph Suarez 15 годин тому
Dangerous to whoever it will fall or what property. Not good.
JmeaHD 15 годин тому
⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ FLASH/EPILEPSY WARNING!!!!! ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️
Batman Will
Batman Will 15 годин тому
Where's the big boom at the end
DEVIL 16 годин тому
One hit by this and I'll be above the stratosphere
Divanni Mendez
Divanni Mendez 16 годин тому
He finds out later it hit some1s car 🤭 or some1. Great throw👍
John Smith
John Smith 16 годин тому
These videos start the slow motion waaaaayyyy too early
Seçkin Uludağ
Seçkin Uludağ 16 годин тому
Atacaksan at a.q başım döndü
Beasley Beasley
Beasley Beasley 16 годин тому
Who the hell measures the distance for this shit? Must be a hard job
Spencer Kelly
Spencer Kelly 17 годин тому
I hope that hit my old boss... LoL 😂😂🤣
MW Ley
MW Ley 17 годин тому
OH. 😍
Thanzi Muvhali
Thanzi Muvhali 17 годин тому
El Cuh Isaac
El Cuh Isaac 17 годин тому
Geez i thought he was keep spinning forever
Iskandar Oleander
Iskandar Oleander 17 годин тому
So this is the owner of the ball that broke my breakfast table in my garden 😅
Maury 17 годин тому
This is impressive but I pray he didn’t kill nobody.
guy velasquez
guy velasquez 17 годин тому
Robert Lawson
Robert Lawson 17 годин тому
It's going going gone 😂
Любительская рыбалка , ХМАО, рыбалка в Сургуте
Через два дня упал в другом штате 😁👉
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 17 годин тому
It looks like it keeps going cuz you slowed it down! Nice throw but it not like it went 1000ft
Melissa Phillips
Melissa Phillips 18 годин тому
Have mercy. The good Lord made a devine son. Oh and that throw, Lawd.
Dontno Nowuno
Dontno Nowuno 18 годин тому
Finally a Marvel superhero that can take down Thanos
Eyepost 4U
Eyepost 4U 18 годин тому
This was what hit halyna hutchinson not alec baldwins shooter they just got confused
Leandro Rezende
Leandro Rezende 18 годин тому
It fell here in New York
Brendon D.
Brendon D. 18 годин тому
Patricia Brady
Patricia Brady 18 годин тому
What a well trained and fabulous athlete!
SYLAR117872 18 годин тому
Mans a beast
Zack Rudy
Zack Rudy 18 годин тому
Hercules AF!
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