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The trailer for Disney+’s all-new adventure comedy “Home Sweet Home Alone” is here! The reimagining of the beloved holiday film franchise will debut November 12, 2021 exclusively on Disney+.

“Home Sweet Home Alone” stars Ellie Kemper, Rob Delaney, Archie Yates, Aisling Bea, Kenan Thompson, Tim Simons, Pete Holmes, Devin Ratray, Ally Maki, and Chris Parnell. The film is directed by Dan Mazer from a screenplay by Mikey Day & Streeter Seidell, story by Mikey Day & Streeter Seidell and John Hughes based on a screenplay by John Hughes. Hutch Parker, p.g.a. and Dan Wilson, p.g.a. produce, with Jeremiah Samuels serving as executive producer.

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12 жов 2021





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Artieful 20 хвилин тому
Please tell me it's a joke
hey XxStorm-SlasherXx
hey XxStorm-SlasherXx Годину тому
YOU COULDVE GOT MACAULAY MACULKIN!! Hes the og and we need him🐐
MrsRubGrub Годину тому
No, just no
TheOutsider0099 Годину тому
Disney is cancer.
Mark Годину тому
No, just no.
vx 2 години тому
Spacepauls 2 години тому
Frank Woods
Frank Woods 2 години тому
That’s what happens when you order home alone on wish 🤢
TiMERZ 2 години тому
Congratulation U got a lot dislike
Șobolan de Cartier
Șobolan de Cartier 2 години тому
Ohoo Buzz
cams 3 години тому
Is he the same kid in jojo rabbit?
MikeyMotion Stories
MikeyMotion Stories 3 години тому
“You do realize that my ten. Year old son. Is at home. By himself.”
Heisenberg 3 години тому
What a joke!😂😂
Biggie Cleetus!
Biggie Cleetus! 3 години тому
What has happened with the movie industry. Why like this.
Izan Yzam
Izan Yzam 4 години тому
Hah take dat 20th century fox. good try
Jay 4 години тому
Whats the title of the background music??
Laura Elizabeth
Laura Elizabeth 4 години тому
The original will always be the best this looks terrible
k k
k k 4 години тому
No no no just no
Only Jahlase
Only Jahlase 5 годин тому
Truly disappointed
Arthurplayz 5 годин тому
Ryan 6 годин тому
A least we get the original buzz...that's something I guess.
WolfWood55 7 годин тому
"oooh that did not sound right" - very true statement from that kid actor about that whole trailer ahah
AJ Joshi
AJ Joshi 7 годин тому
They should have created a home alone 4, remaking the same script is pretty much pointless 🤦🏾
MrBfeboi 7 годин тому
WTF is this rubbish
Imran Khan
Imran Khan 7 годин тому
Plz don't dislike this Video, he is just a little kid I fell so sorry for him, if you don't like the movie just don't watch it but please give some support to this little kid
Tom Hicks
Tom Hicks 8 годин тому
A Home Alone movie in 2021 feels like giving a Vegan a 100% meaty bacon sarnie..... The utter disrespect 🤮
Duy Anh Huynh
Duy Anh Huynh 8 годин тому
where is kevin
Dirk Gently
Dirk Gently 8 годин тому
What's going on with Aisling's accent? It starts off Irish, but somehow the plane trip makes her English?
Faiz Najib
Faiz Najib 8 годин тому
StarJoker 8 годин тому
I'm not saying that this movie will be as good as the first two (it probably won't), but I am saying that everyone should wait for it to come out before they pile on it.
Nitzx _0
Nitzx _0 9 годин тому
This is just Home alone 1 just a little different bro you cant just make a new home alone movie when everyone of them are connected you just want money so your like people will watch this im gonna tell you this now this is terrible your ruining the home alone movies bc of this jeezz
Vlogswagon 9 годин тому
It’s legit just ctrl C ctrl P
E 9 годин тому
Reboot nobody asked for, won't be as good as original
VLKelzz 10 годин тому
So did everyone see buzz does that mean we will see Kevin or any of his other brothers or sisters???
logerone 11 годин тому
Remember the good ol' days of 2012 where everyone complained about how bad "Home Alone: The Holiday Heist" was? *i miss those days*
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 12 годин тому
The movie nobody wants. Looks like 90 minutes of PURE PAIN!
Alaz013 Music
Alaz013 Music 12 годин тому
i think that McCallisters are an American family. Why they are talking in British accent?
Ruslan Kurets
Ruslan Kurets 14 годин тому
Nobody will watch it!
Dope Hash
Dope Hash 15 годин тому
Puking and Unacceptable 🤮
WillOS 16 годин тому
this is beyond trash
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 12 годин тому
Harry Potter x Home Alone movie was never going to work Disney!!!
ReKaLion 17 годин тому
Cupu abis
Sherry Burgo
Sherry Burgo 17 годин тому
It's a movie for CHILDREN why are grown adults commenting being hateful? My 2 and 3yo children have never watched Home Alone 1 or 2 and when I play them those two and this one I'm sure they'll love all 3. This wasn't meant to be a contender at the Oscar's it was intended to be a direct-to-streaming low-budget remake for children. You guys are so cruel. Stop being so miserable. My kids will definitely be watching. You guys are far too critical.
Parodiespitchedup official
Parodiespitchedup official 16 годин тому
No offense this is terrible ill stick to 1 and 2 rest are terrible
J. R.
J. R. 17 годин тому
Copy - Paste [CTRL C - CTRL V] The new film magic trick...
Christine Avery
Christine Avery 17 годин тому
Oh my... what is up with ruining all the oldies. Please stop people. Make up new stuff.
I am St Thomas the apostle
I am St Thomas the apostle 18 годин тому
Another one jez
ItzQtv! Foreal
ItzQtv! Foreal 18 годин тому
If not remake why same antics
anjaha naufal m
anjaha naufal m 19 годин тому
Intinya cerita home alone sudah tidak relevan untuk masa kini. Kecuali kalau judulnya diganti country alone, yg dicuri bukan harta perorangan.
Cumsock Paul
Cumsock Paul 19 годин тому
They should have brought back Macaulay Culkin.
Karon Williams
Karon Williams 19 годин тому
A blessed day to you brothers and sisters. (We are all called to be family in Christ!🙂) Family, JESUS CHRIST THE LORD DIED FOR OUR SINS, HE WAS BURIED, AND HE ROSE AGAIN THE THIRD DAY!💯🔥🙂 Jesus (the SON OF GOD) LOVES US ALL!💯🙂 Peace and love to you all in the name of the Lord Jesus!🙂
Gregg Kelly
Gregg Kelly 19 годин тому
I’ll stick to 1-2 and fully ignore this trash. I wish they’d cancel this and cast it into the depths of hell, where it belongs.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 20 годин тому
I think the real shock is the fact Kevin is still a boy instead of a girl. You know Disney wanted to do it but thought better of it.
Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith 20 годин тому
"Must miss."
kangaroobot 20 годин тому
Man, that like dislike ratio is crazy 😂
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 20 годин тому
Harry Potter x Home Alone movie was never going to work Disney!!!
Sanatan Hindu
Sanatan Hindu 20 годин тому
Koi Sanatan par bhi aisi he movie banaaye Diwali par. Aur Diwali ko converts apne calenders mein holiday announce karein jaise Sanatan dete hain unke calender mein converts ke liye
Muhammad Fadhil
Muhammad Fadhil 20 годин тому
Its more like remake
Striljr 21 годину тому
The Google Commercial Parody looks better than this!
Grant 21 годину тому
Why is the kid obese? Are we normalizing obesity now?
Cumsock Paul
Cumsock Paul 19 годин тому
Bruv come on now. How is this normalizing obesity? Just an overweight kid actor. TF u on?
Shahaneh Limonadi
Shahaneh Limonadi 21 годину тому
I've been wanting a Home Alone reboot. It looks good enough. I know Disney+ originals are in 3D. So I'll wait til I can stream it in 3D.
david cranson
david cranson 21 годину тому
why is there black people in the family
lilahxoxo 17 годин тому
why not
Ping Pong
Ping Pong 18 годин тому
Lubi Blacksmith
Lubi Blacksmith 21 годину тому
GB_ 88
GB_ 88 21 годину тому
m8, this movie is gonna be forgotten within a month considering no way home coming out in December and everyone is gonna see that (including myself)
Koval Yurii
Koval Yurii 22 години тому
No God, no God, please no! No, no, nooooooo!!!
William Donovan
William Donovan 22 години тому
Ugh why do they always remake beloved classics I love the first 2 movies why can’t they just leave them alone!?
Brandon Kelly
Brandon Kelly 22 години тому
They even made it with British people. Yuck.
bobilly45 17 годин тому
How to piss off both Republicans and democrats with 1 movie trailer.... congrats Disney, you fail again
DARK_MATTER✧✧ 22 години тому
What an f'in disappointment
lilahxoxo 17 годин тому
thats exactly what yo momma said when she saw you
michael 22 години тому
Can you All Just Stop Already Because If You Don't Like the Film Then Just Click Off
daniel ace
daniel ace 23 години тому
at this point they're just ruining it
DARK_MATTER✧✧ 23 години тому
Is this a joke?
Mr. Burns
Mr. Burns 23 години тому
Dear lord What have we done to deserve this 😟
Aneeka Ahmad
Aneeka Ahmad День тому
What is Erin doing here? Shouldn’t she be at the reception
hellboy День тому
this is garbage
Klenah90 День тому
JUST NO!!!! 🤢
Requiem День тому
20th CS encroached on sacred
I Dont Care
I Dont Care День тому
Lina Sheahan
Lina Sheahan День тому
Uh. No. Home Alone 3 was bad enough. Stop remaking classics.
The Be Sharp
The Be Sharp День тому
The JayJay
The JayJay День тому
Next, The Parent Trap…
StaRemix Saad
StaRemix Saad День тому
Ceci Ng
Ceci Ng День тому
umm...no comment....lol...totally no comment...I'm speechless...
deepblu День тому
Looks awful but nice to see jojo rabbit’s friend found a good home after leaving the hitler youth
Aarron Blythin
Aarron Blythin День тому
Unfortunately, this kid is gonna get so Jake Lloyded
B M День тому
Marko Steković
Marko Steković День тому
It's absolut trash, none of Home alons movies aren't good as 1st and 2nd
snteyan День тому
what a cash grab…
bobilly45 17 годин тому
No one is going to actually pay to watch this
Joe Bob Tarheel
Joe Bob Tarheel День тому
As of Oct. 22nd, this trailer has 19% 👍s this and 81% 👎s! That should say something
Jonarez День тому
Jojooo !!!
Kyle Ruiz
Kyle Ruiz День тому
I know it will probably cause some confusion and disliking but wouldn’t reboots or at least some reboots of older movies make it better if they filmed them old fashioned with same cameras and everything? I feel like thats a big factor that would change the feeling of the movie
はじけよこーき День тому
saulisrztk День тому
Big shoes to fill.
Gregory Afton
Gregory Afton День тому
DISLIKE 70,000 = Trump
PoKoJoE День тому
let's trigger some activists and non common sense people... but this is a stupid retarded movie.
Origin Studio Films
Origin Studio Films День тому
Home Alone: Lost the plot
Geremia Battaglia
Geremia Battaglia День тому
The scriptwriters have no imagination anymore.... Cinema is dying... Make a reboot of everything is a shame.
Bagas Rianto
Bagas Rianto День тому
Sam KH
Sam KH День тому
No way lol I still prefer original Lost in New York my fave
noneyerbidness День тому
Awful casting and completely unnecessary reboot.
Chris Wyatt
Chris Wyatt День тому
Why would I watch this movie around Christmas when on the very same streaming platform I can watch the original?
F W День тому
Oh, boy...listen, Disney, just because you CAN, doesn't mean you SHOULD. We get that you're having money problems and are finding it difficult to come up with anything new, and then there's your misguided terror of the Woke Zombies, but still--don't mess with the classics!
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