Houston Rockets vs Toronto Raptors - Full Game Highlights | October 8, 2019 | 2019 NBA Preseason

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Houston Rockets vs Toronto Raptors - Full Game Highlights | October 8, 2019 | 2019 NBA Preseason
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8 жов 2019





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House of Highlights
House of Highlights 5 днів тому
Do you guys think Westbrook & Harden can win it all playing together? -GD
Lena Francis
Lena Francis День тому
@Dog World Online facts
RuSomeKindaIdiot 2 дні тому
Jumpin Geezus
Jumpin Geezus 2 дні тому
jay_615 Akeem the dream!
XXIbossI5XX 3 дні тому
Wonton Potatoroll
Wonton Potatoroll 4 дні тому
@john smith You must be 12 years old. How much you wanna bet rockets go all the way this year?
First name Last name
First name Last name 36 хвилин тому
I told Westbrook to play with Harden - TK Kirkland
marryson123 4 години тому
The champ wins once again.
Aiden Arrata
Aiden Arrata 5 годин тому
@6:52 was that not a travel by harden.
RW Productions
RW Productions 6 годин тому
Russ hittin threes now
B P 7 годин тому
No one gonna talk about 7:37? Just gonna keep making terrible jokes about the crowd?
TheGuitarGamer33 7 годин тому
5:13 Harden used a move he learned from the professor in one of his YT videos
Amari James
Amari James 11 годин тому
This whole comment section is about the crowd "ooooooh"
LEFT THE LEFT 18 годин тому
Fuck the globalist NBA Lords.. I stand with the Freedom Fighters of Hong Kong ...fuck the NBA
Greggity День тому
Free Hong Kong
Bryan Barrera
Bryan Barrera День тому
That James Harden guy is nice
Real 4Ever
Real 4Ever День тому
houstons second strugglin
Kevin Koeppen
Kevin Koeppen День тому
Ryan Anderson is still on the Rockets? I thought he got traded
MrMarkmill День тому
the NBA game is just layups, dunks and threes now damn...i just knew i was missing something...lol..inside game..like kobe...duncan..geesh..wheres the real big men at?
Waui Boy Reyes
Waui Boy Reyes День тому
As long as they defeat the team of Durant, Lebrun, and Curry. I go for both of these teams.
Kelvin Sneed
Kelvin Sneed День тому
5:09 Commentator: Holy nut maker! Bruhh wtf 🤦🏾‍♂️😭
James Dawson
James Dawson 2 дні тому
Rockets won't pass Warriors this year
Alex Kourahanis
Alex Kourahanis 2 дні тому
@theprofessor You taught Harden well
Alex Kourahanis
Alex Kourahanis 2 дні тому
plantation free
plantation free 2 дні тому
I see Capella still going up like a btch.
unknown 2 дні тому
Thumbnail looked like 2k
Daniel Perez
Daniel Perez 2 дні тому
Everyone is legit on their phones before the tip off and then put their phones down after
Reggie McCoy
Reggie McCoy 2 дні тому
Ima Die Hard Laker Fan But I Love How James Harden Did That Sweet Cross Over Between Ol Boys Legs and Awesome Step Back. Much Love And Respect.
Nevin Sneed
Nevin Sneed 2 дні тому
Nevin Sneed
Nevin Sneed 2 дні тому
Yoo does anyone know the difference between tempo and pace?
They must of gotten Westbrook to increase their Tempo
Troy Reaves
Troy Reaves 2 дні тому
Two things from this games: 1: Clemons was a gem Houston found and if they decide to trade Eric Gordon during the season it won’t be a bad move going towards the post season to get a few extra pieces. 2: It’s VanFleet team now! I truly hope that Toronto trades Kyle Lowry! VanFleet is the PG that Toronto wanted in Lowry. Now that he’s paid his service, won a championship trade him Toronto immediately so you can add more young depth to work around VanFleet, Saikam and Ibaka
Troy Reaves
Troy Reaves 2 дні тому
This season I hope Toronto push for a trade involving Kyle Lowry. Decent and smart PG, but can’t really dominate like the other elite PG’s. VanFleet is showing that he’s coming into his own and can dominate the game especially in late game situations, something Kyle couldn’t do.
Christopher Deanes
Christopher Deanes 2 дні тому
Did Harden gain weight?
Darren Guthrie
Darren Guthrie 2 дні тому
Hardens a savage with them step backs
Rashaad Horne
Rashaad Horne 2 дні тому
Man I can't tell the difference btw Sefolosha nd McClemore 🤦🏾‍♂️ the same hair, similar #, nd left arm sleeve
snake eyes slayer
snake eyes slayer 3 дні тому
Did they play 2 times?
Janice Tyrell
Janice Tyrell 3 дні тому
Where's CP3 AT?
Jamal Griff
Jamal Griff 3 дні тому
That travel at 6:53 though...
AllWell91 3 дні тому
Nice game youngins!
AllWell91 3 дні тому
That last injury did slow westbrook down a step
I watch ebony porn
I watch ebony porn 3 дні тому
Lucky Luchiano
Lucky Luchiano 3 дні тому
Stay in China
JIM glandon
JIM glandon 3 дні тому
Harden is a sell out piece of crap. He claims to be about free speech until it interferes with the nba making money! I'm sick of the nba virtue signaling to Americans (trump supporters) about how they should behave and then abandon Hong Kong to suck China's dick. #FREEHONGKONG
Robert Vinson
Robert Vinson 3 дні тому
Look all I am not sure why they let James Harden get away with traveling. Look at James Harden travel exactly 6 minute mark. That's a clear travel and the ref is right there and don't call it.
HammBone950 3 дні тому
Support Hong Kong
James Johnson
James Johnson 3 дні тому
Harden out here pulling out globetrotter moves and shit
V Zuccur
V Zuccur 3 дні тому
I know y’all seen the ISO on Siakam 👀😂
KingVic 2kGod
KingVic 2kGod 3 дні тому
The rockets are a top 3 team. Westbrook can drive, mid range and pass and play defense. Harden scores , free throws, drive, and can pass, but no defense. They got Gordon and Capella for assists. This team is deadlier than I thought🔥👌
King Kendrick
King Kendrick 3 дні тому
Joe Hollywood
Joe Hollywood 3 дні тому
Doesn't Harden play like a retired NBA player that needs to conserve energy? I'm not saying that's a bad thing but maybe he plans to never retire. LOL :)
Fuunzi 3 дні тому
Both these teams played great. Can't wait for the regular season.
Civilized Savage Gods
Civilized Savage Gods 3 дні тому
@csgmusicgroup... great music!
973 IndigoChildren
973 IndigoChildren 3 дні тому
He Will be Missed R.I.P # 7 😢 7:37
Chris William
Chris William 3 дні тому
I told y'all Elton John was against Christ Jesus Christ and what's my name Christopher
Rob Tranzen
Rob Tranzen 3 дні тому
Thought drakes was the announcer for a min lol😂
Anthony Huang
Anthony Huang 4 дні тому
how did the raptors win? Houston should of won
enjoynet 4 дні тому
the defense. Rockets give Raptors so many open 3.
Rico Laflare
Rico Laflare 4 дні тому
Who got cram-on @ 7:36 Announcer: ohhh 😲 🏀
Nathaniel Singleton
Nathaniel Singleton 4 дні тому
Harden nutmegged him prior to that. 😭😭😭
Team Captain
Team Captain 4 дні тому
No Kawhi, no problem. Give them some time to get accustomed to each & things will go smoother. I'll be representing. Win or lose...
Jorge Domer Chavez
Jorge Domer Chavez 4 дні тому
Lakers Life
Jorge Domer Chavez
Jorge Domer Chavez 4 дні тому
Looking goood
TheBroShow 4 дні тому
Russ with the small Afro!!!!
Umar Ahmad
Umar Ahmad 4 дні тому
Why the hell did the rockets sign Anderson again. This nigga was bricks in the playoffs
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