How anime Senseis teach ANYONE that isn’t the main character.

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Anime Senseis teaching anybody that doesn't have plot armor.
Melodic - King Kaiyo
19 - Oddwin




12 лип 2020





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Aprentice Masters
Aprentice Masters 4 хвилини тому
Be real tho in a lot of anime side characters train way harder then the MC
Count Anonymous
Count Anonymous 42 хвилини тому
I like to believe this dude has an identical twin to pull of stunts like pouring water on himself, throwing a chair at himself, etc.
Yaxnemo Glories
Yaxnemo Glories 49 хвилин тому
Flabby Salmon
Flabby Salmon 2 години тому
I was waiting for that dead student to pop up, attack him and say “you let your guard down”
Noha 8 годин тому
This how it happens 1. They somehow let you know they be teaching them something. 2. Skip to another topic and show them already pro pro in the background WHERE THEY BELONG. *Cries in second lead character*
JessWess 9 годин тому
His edits are so clean I forget he’s just one dude
Poysona 11 годин тому
0:18 YAAfm
alain thegenus
alain thegenus 11 годин тому
Lmao lol
Jack TheHacka
Jack TheHacka 12 годин тому
Nathaniel Reichert
Nathaniel Reichert 14 годин тому
the main character could have survived that haha XD
G-rao's Lava
G-rao's Lava 15 годин тому
Sensei be like: I thought he is the MC.
Darth K3viV
Darth K3viV 21 годину тому
Plot twist: the student strikes the sensei after the phone call and says " rule number 1 sensei...never let your guard down. Not even around allies....*evil laugh*....."
Aerochalklate 22 години тому
collab with lenarr and that other dude
S!NNER Bakk День тому
Dude just didn't have the plot armor.
Nellz O Nellz
Nellz O Nellz День тому
The Last Day Breathing In Eternal Snow
When you used the Pokenav in Pokemon Emerald, and Mr. Stone asked you to send a letter to his grandson Steven.
Anime Drip
Anime Drip День тому
He's not dead just getting an *emotional* flashback
Vince Pringle
Vince Pringle День тому
Lmbooooo I’m done bro. Student’s Grandpa: I wouldn’t want you to hospitalize him he he he Sensei: you can count on me , I’ll do it
Joni Qasimi
Joni Qasimi День тому
I would’ve thought the student suddenly attacked him and used rule one against him
UncagedCat 8 годин тому
Big brain 🧠
Lord Harry
Lord Harry День тому
*doesn’t wake up* “Yo u good?”
PersyNotes День тому
Master Avocado. xD
clarinet squidward
clarinet squidward День тому
The grandfather do that "hehe" laugh was the most accurate thing i ever heard.
Luckson Buleya
Luckson Buleya День тому
Demon Slayer zenitsu and the grandpa
ganimol День тому
Am I the only one who's watched a lot of anime but has no idea about something even close to this happening
Abalphas День тому
that's why teachers gonna look out for people who has bright freaking hairs and a ridiculous outfit
The 25th Jin Woo
The 25th Jin Woo День тому
Main Character in anime : 1. Allway's Badass 2. Lose like 3 or 5 Match in the anime 3. Allway's have a story Sad or Good 4. Allway's lvl up 5. Got defeated by a villain but train hard and defeat the villain (Im like Howwww howww you now the villain trained too Where is the LOGIC) 6. Allway's have the Best Girl's 7. Allway's have rage moment's 8. Allway's have the best Sensei 9. Defeat everyone OKAY... 10. Allway's chose the wrong Waifu lmao ( Am i the only one who never like's the Girl With who the mc end up I only liked like 3 or 4 Waifu that have end up with the mc lmao) 11. Allway's have the attention of everyone Even if his Weak A Normal Character in Anime or just a Friend of the Mc : Have none of those thing's LOGIC
TheFandrian День тому
People: why does senseis always have that one student who turned evil This video:
UncagedCat 8 годин тому
Whos Lord
Whos Lord День тому
Yo he murked this nigga 😭😭😭😭
Rodney Richburg
Rodney Richburg День тому
Just like ghost of Tsushima
Guido Mista
Guido Mista День тому
0:44 when I jokingly push my friend
Dekuianutshell День тому
He's just a boy!
Champion RD
Champion RD День тому
Christian Phased
Christian Phased День тому
The dude doesn’t have plot armor 😂 when ya forget your plot armor
VenusOPGaming День тому
Bruh, why didn’t you just throw an anvil on him to wake him up?
peachvitch День тому
sometimes i forget he is actually alone
peachvitch День тому
sometimes i forget he is actually alone
EVIE ILES 2 дні тому
hacinda hotel was mckay hall
fivestarrjosh 2 дні тому
I love Caleb he's so FUNNY
Alanson 2 дні тому
This took a surprisingly dark turn
Metal Sign
Metal Sign 2 дні тому
this is the anime sensei backstory for why he won't teach anyone until plot demands teaching the mc.
Avanti-Lee Sanders
Avanti-Lee Sanders 3 дні тому
Deadass came back to this video wondering how he managed to pour water on himself with no hands.
UncagedCat 7 годин тому
He pretty good actor
Truth_810 3 дні тому
That student just got narcolepsy that's all
Pxrple On Yt
Pxrple On Yt 3 дні тому
*Me when I get a paper cut*
Lady Nor
Lady Nor 3 дні тому
Plot twist: His name is Zenitsu.
SHODAN 3 дні тому
... ᵇʳᵒ
Rob White
Rob White 3 дні тому
This is the equivalent of hitting your younger sibling and tryna get them to not snitch lmfao
immoronic 3 дні тому
he didnt go invisible he just went to the 4th dimension yall learned this
Randomness 19
Randomness 19 4 дні тому
He goin to the gulag
delusional illusion
delusional illusion 4 дні тому
Unless its kenichi the mightiest disciple..the masters training him often kick his ass or help him get his ass kicked so he also learns the hard way. APACHAI!!!
Richie Rahmos Entertainment
Richie Rahmos Entertainment 4 дні тому
The laugh after he said don’t want you to hospitalize him 😭😭😭😭
Serious Shenanigans
Serious Shenanigans 4 дні тому
Totally though there was going to be a twist after the end credit where the student was faking and said the same line back to the Senseis after stabbing him.
St.69 FartStreet 420
St.69 FartStreet 420 4 дні тому
Plot twist:that guy is mad
Platinum Gamer
Platinum Gamer 4 дні тому
Why is this channel recommended to me just now
Ginova Vienne
Ginova Vienne 4 дні тому
Oh noooo. What have I done face.
Me 5 днів тому
Wonder which anime he'd watched
Mr Chill
Mr Chill 5 днів тому
Joseph Brown
Joseph Brown 5 днів тому
"Have a good day" got me weak bro 😂😂😂😂
Fat Bastard
Fat Bastard 5 днів тому
When you are level 50 and you go back to fight level 1 enemies
Mythic Axon
Mythic Axon 5 днів тому
When he said "BRUH" I lost it
Kayo Umiki
Kayo Umiki 5 днів тому
This is the same man who wield the sword and took it back in a clean condition
Honka- 5 днів тому
when he start calling his disciple “bro” lol
Eks_ Darknite
Eks_ Darknite 5 днів тому
Anime really do be this gay and dumb though
Umer Sial
Umer Sial 5 днів тому
1:07 bro...how did he make water fall on himself like that without his hands
Just some guy with a pokemon hat
Alternative title: if master roshi trained yamcha
Chris Polanco
Chris Polanco 5 днів тому
Sad music name? Anyone?
Mithu Kundu
Mithu Kundu 5 днів тому
You know there's a serious problem when the sensei calls u *bro*
Juaneatoes The gamer
Juaneatoes The gamer 5 днів тому
did anyone noticed the reference of master avocado from his old vid
Nathan Saumalu
Nathan Saumalu 5 днів тому
Actually watch demon slayer 😂
ObeseTurtle 6 днів тому
Vinicius Mudesto
Vinicius Mudesto 6 днів тому
That over dramatic kid you never want to play with
Mugenno Shindo
Mugenno Shindo 6 днів тому
The twist here ,that death was needed for another soul from the modern world to transmigrate into him and become the true main character.
Lookie Loo
Lookie Loo 6 днів тому
I keep down voting these videos and youtube still keeps recommending them... wtf?
Ratchet X
Ratchet X День тому
You have to be wacked in the head to actually dislike such masterpieces as Caleb's skits.
国歌 Kokka
国歌 Kokka 6 днів тому
plot twist the grandson actually hasnt arrived yet, dead dude just a random guy
lazykid0904 6 днів тому
When gramps called i lost it
Candy Coffee
Candy Coffee 7 днів тому
Wait so naruto ain’t the main character. 👁👄👁
Dark King
Dark King 7 днів тому
Have you ever watched Naruto part 1?
R4NDOM D2DES 7 днів тому
Bro 👀
DJG DylanKDM 7 днів тому
Kobeke5 7 днів тому
He did not have that plot armor to protect him
Rey horn
Rey horn 7 днів тому
Bruh I kinda wish he would’ve poured the water on his head at the end so he would’ve said HELLO rip vine lol
ZenXtraordinary 7 днів тому
Yamcha vs Nothing
Relaxing At Home
Relaxing At Home 7 днів тому
Sensei then disguised himself as the son, faked his death falling into a canyon then got the fuck outta town
acesauce83 Yusef
acesauce83 Yusef 7 днів тому
Next time go easy on him man.
itsjonnybtw 7 днів тому
Litarally kakashi sensei
SamDinamo85 7 днів тому
Im the only one who loves the Grandpa's laugh? XD
ImBryce 7 днів тому
All them sensei's be eating them good noodles
My Controller
My Controller 7 днів тому
He dun killed that boy with the grip
Family Toy Review
Family Toy Review 7 днів тому
JR The Hammer Problem
JR The Hammer Problem 8 днів тому
How japantale sans started.
Goated MJ
Goated MJ 8 днів тому
Plot armor
Tavor Jones
Tavor Jones 8 днів тому
Yo, he killed the shit out of that dude, accidentally on purpose 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆
youngsimba 8 днів тому
Where did he get the swords from i want one
Jupiter Yeets
Jupiter Yeets 8 днів тому
lol he didn't die!he just fell asleep because he was wearing a dark sweater and the blade was hot.
Avang9_RBLX 8 днів тому
Sokka Had An Sensei In Avatar The Last Airbender And He Wasn’t The Main Character
Cassius Saldana
Cassius Saldana 9 днів тому
Caleb actually dying His neighbors: *probably another one of his videos*
UncagedCat 8 годин тому
Casey Ashworth
Casey Ashworth 9 днів тому
Was fully expecting the student to jump up and whack the teacher. "never let your guard down"
cool man so great
cool man so great 9 днів тому
He didnt clutch the gulag 😔😞
Sudip Tsai
Sudip Tsai 10 днів тому
Haha after this The student is gonna be revived by the sensei and gonna be strong
Michael Robinson
Michael Robinson 10 днів тому
plot twist: the guy actually blocked the attack and knocked out the sensei and that's what the sensei is dreaming
TokyoSoulTrain 10 днів тому
Plot twist: It took him years to level up to use his weapon and punished Master Avacado's grandson for Master Avacado's unequiptable weapon at the weapon's shop
Nathan Lennox
Nathan Lennox 9 днів тому
Big brain reference
RPG Game Logic
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Basically ANY main character in a detective anime.
When the hero is just as smart as villain.
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Turning on someone elses shower.
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Things you want to do, but don't.
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What they SHOULD do in anime.
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Walking with people that got longer legs than you.
How fearless minions are in ANY video game.
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