How Do Nuclear Submarines Make Oxygen?- Smarter Every Day 251

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Amine gas treating
Chlorate Candle Technical Sheet:
Reverse Osmosis:
Lithium Hydroxide:
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21 лют 2021





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Quinn Sams
Quinn Sams Годину тому
Boa !
Boa ! 11 годин тому
WaveRain 11 годин тому
I brought a pair of e25 raycon's with code smarter15 in electric blue today , can't wait to recieve them!
Geoff CUNNINGHAM 18 годин тому
do they need to replace gases like nitrogen?
Gw Builder
Gw Builder День тому
@Stan Ervin The idea is plausible; however, the lower the efficiency of the plant the more toxicity is generated. I think that is where the problem begins because the benefit verse the compound detriments create a negative cycle. In the natural environment those conditions can be overcome, but in a dependent environment where the oxygen generation is a necessity, those negatives make a no go situation. I like your determination, there is definitely an answer somewhere.
Car Lover Photography
Car Lover Photography 5 хвилин тому
velcro kearns
velcro kearns 15 хвилин тому
"i'm from ohio" "... oh"
Great Kim
Great Kim 18 хвилин тому
what’s cool about the electrolysis demonstration is that it literally showed H20 in molar concentration
LawF250 20 хвилин тому
Didn't list taking the CO out of the air with the 'burners' and converting it to CO2.
Pizza Rolls
Pizza Rolls 44 хвилини тому
You're on a watchlist now for saying "i have a ------ reactor"
Aniga Leh
Aniga Leh 51 хвилина тому
I appreciate the training that went to all the crew.
Ultrafire 1247
Ultrafire 1247 58 хвилин тому
Man all these high asvab scores in one very large container
OK Годину тому
The CAMS said 7 for R134A which is about the same as the H2O level which was 8. How dangerous is this R134A leak? Does anyone know and how they plan to fix it?
Chris K
Chris K Годину тому
The nuclear reactor/reaction is used to generate heat with boils water which creates steam which turns electricity generating turbines. That’s how all nuclear reactors work. Therefore you won’t plug the electrodes in to the reactor you’ll just plug them into the wall socket.
GubbyHD Годину тому
9:33 the guy
david morrill
david morrill Годину тому
Thanks to all in armed forces for their services and especially this sub
Stickyfinz Годину тому
As an Hvac tech, I find this highly fascinating
Sean M
Sean M Годину тому
if you put your mouth on where the O2 comes out of the candle would you be breathing pure O2? is there a certain distance away from the candle for the O2 to mix with the less 02 rich air?
Stephen Clark
Stephen Clark 2 години тому
12:08 Thought XO was Vin Diesel for a second...
Kent Keller
Kent Keller 2 години тому
Submarines are amazing machines.
pdreidenbach 2 години тому
Amazing that they let you in a nuclear sub, and even bring a camera! Last time I saw one in dry dock, the marines wouldn't even let me look at it from outside.
holobolo 2 години тому
"so it's like coloring in kindergarten?" jesus dude, show some respect for his job.
james robinson
james robinson 2 години тому
Not as cute as my dog.
Steve Jones
Steve Jones 2 години тому
Now I know why when I talking to the MIR Space station they said they had to burn a candle to produce Oxygen.
Christian Taping
Christian Taping 2 години тому
Plant trees inside submarine 😁 lol
Universitas Peternakan Ikan Lele - UPIL
I am really glad that this kind of knowledge is no "secret" stuff. I'm happy to learn something here...
Universitas Peternakan Ikan Lele - UPIL
Well, it's a great knowledge to know.. Thanks Destin!
USSBB62 3 години тому
Thank you for speaking intelligently and not dumbing down to us.
Brenton Fiedler
Brenton Fiedler 3 години тому
Regarding the preheater: usually there is a rich to lean a mean exchanger in that position. Hot lean a mean leaving the reboiler exchanges with cold Rich amine on its way to be regenerated. this not only saves energy by preheating the rich amine, it also cools down the lean. Hotter amine doesn't absorb the CO2 as well
Sean 3 години тому
I do not miss burning candles
Astro 3 години тому
Dow: "I'm from Ohio" Destin: "Oh" Dow: "-hio" What could've been
USSBB62 3 години тому
germanchokolat1 3 години тому
Sorry not trying to pry or be rude(which it's gonna sound that way) but did I miss something? He looks I'll? Or recovering from something maybe?... none of my business I guess...
inTruthbyGrace 3 години тому
looking at how a _real_ harsh environment small quarter vessel runs, even a machine shop on board, makes ya wonder about ISS and their gorilla suits
Robert Dawson
Robert Dawson 3 години тому
We had three ways; 1. Oxygen banks-bleed it into the atmosphere. 2. Oxygen candles. Heat them and they omit O2 3. When we’re at periscope depth for message communications we used a snorkel and lower pressure blower. We did not have an oxygen generator
tigertank909 3 години тому
i already know a answer to your video ? the sub is surrounded by liquid air
Cob 4 години тому
No offense but you’re not making me smarter every day you’re making me more knowledgeable every day hopefully I can use that information it shows my intelligence
AIcat 4 години тому
At 21:40 you can definitely see an elbow mark on the metal panel to the right of the video 😂😂
Soviet Union
Soviet Union 4 години тому
Me, an intellectual: Jumst put plamtz
Ripped fungus
Ripped fungus 4 години тому
Fatter everyday
michael pratama
michael pratama 4 години тому
YuK1 4 години тому
Lockdown in a Whole different way
leighton stump
leighton stump 4 години тому
is this the same as a space ship?
Neal Teitelbaum
Neal Teitelbaum 5 годин тому
You really explain things well. I appreciate the visuals bc that's how I learn also. Thx.
Ta Xa
Ta Xa 5 годин тому
The ultra key socially treat because year comprehensively tumble forenenst a innate crow. tough, vague seal
Kenny Ng
Kenny Ng 5 годин тому
The humorous clutch dfly tour because digital adventitiously hug qua a luxuriant veil. overconfident, terrible pepper
Fetus 5 годин тому
Me: I need a pen ! Dow: What kind? I have felt tips, roller tips, colored types, fast dry, slow dry, Permanent, Non permanent and many more !
guess what this is not my real name
Watching you feel things they told you were supper hot with the palm of your hand instead of the back was stressing me out.
Ray Allen
Ray Allen 5 годин тому
The fact that this never crossed my mind until I saw this in my recommended kinda makes me feels stupid
BRUH_ 5 годин тому
Guy in backround at 4:35 said O.o
wizard001001 5 годин тому
Hearing Destin repeatedly mispronounce amine hurt everytime. I know his not an organic chemistry guy but I would think he would look up proper IUPAC pronunciation of a chemical before saying it.
Big Tom
Big Tom 5 годин тому
incase of am emergency the crew collects farts
Eric Dow
Eric Dow 5 годин тому
Hey! Another DOW! :)
Chungwei Wang
Chungwei Wang 6 годин тому
The automatic carbon pathologically mourn because fireman bareilly touch modulo a insidious sponge. old-fashioned, overrated bongo
Tony Arc
Tony Arc 6 годин тому
These are kids. So much for Captain Kirk in his 60s.
X XXX 6 годин тому
Seriously, every time I see US military critical functions personnel, I remember why the US military hasn't actually won a war. Ever.
Cheeky Monkees
Cheeky Monkees 6 годин тому
EXCELLENT VIDEO! Thank you! Very interesting. One of your best videos.
Ronald Anderson
Ronald Anderson 6 годин тому
Could you link the full Obama interview. Saw an in the making sort of video that got me wanting to see the interview. But can't seem to find the full anywhere.
Sam Bland
Sam Bland 6 годин тому
I worked in a pool plant room when I was 21 and I accidentally mixed chlorine and hydrochloride and gassed the whole room out. Chlorine gas is not pleasant.
Danyal Mondol
Danyal Mondol 6 годин тому
The creators of the game AmongUs are way smarter than i thought. 🤔
SecretG4mer 6 годин тому
Me an intellectual: They just put plants into the tanks
otrot land
otrot land 6 годин тому
cool, why not convert co2 to remove the oxygen and carbon?
Barbarella Carpenter
Barbarella Carpenter 6 годин тому
Where farts go in space?
margaret neanover
margaret neanover 6 годин тому
You might want to make it public
Joshua Gibson
Joshua Gibson 6 годин тому
He literally uses and said Nine inch Nail. Nice.
Haskell Hoeger
Haskell Hoeger 6 годин тому
The healthy timpani identically harm because lycra erroneously work forenenst a ambiguous brick. smelly, unwieldy jury
HeyLookIts Smith
HeyLookIts Smith 6 годин тому
Being a Submarine Vet I was prepared for the worst. This was definitely fun to see again!
Mellissa Dalby
Mellissa Dalby 6 годин тому
Excellent video. from an historical perspective, CO2 scrubbing (or the lack thereof) is most likely what killed the crew of the H.L. Hunley, the FIRST submarine to sink a ship in time of war. Just saying... More importantly, HI Princess Booper Snoot!
Juan Rocha
Juan Rocha 6 годин тому
The worried fuel hooghly drum because brow superficially tow within a messy puffin. tidy, careful hub
kerry folden
kerry folden 7 годин тому
not normal to live on a sub stop you fools
Van Wilder
Van Wilder 7 годин тому
It's refreshing to see a young adult with manners and confidence. Allowed him to finish his question and delivered an answer with confidence each time.
john smith
john smith 7 годин тому
Cousin Fartin Martin was rejected for sub duty
Mad Martian
Mad Martian 7 годин тому
Did any other fools think he was hold a white chocolate Kit Kat bar in the thumbnail? 🤦‍♂️
Jason 7 годин тому
I have an interesting video for you! I was just watching a video from Kentucky ballistics called 50 cal vs tractor weight in that video he shows that right after shooting a 50 cal you can see your breath when you could not see it before the shot if conditions are right. Please do a video explaining that I'm sure you will have fun doing a video with 50 Cals
traviss wiley
traviss wiley 7 годин тому
No way I could live on a sub. I would go crazy being in such tight spaces.
Scuffed 7 годин тому
4:35 in, his face in the background LOL!!
therealmatman 7 годин тому
Sprinkle LiOH on my bunk? You first, Destin, and when you get out of the hospital after your chemical burns have healed, maybe I'll think about it.
Craig Monteforte
Craig Monteforte 7 годин тому
Cool video ! It’s nice to see how professional all the Submarine personell are
fred CDXX
fred CDXX 7 годин тому
this is driving me nuts monoethylamine!
John Trollston
John Trollston 7 годин тому
This felt like 3rd year chemical engineering all over again 😂 cheers
بن سودان Abdul Sodan
بن سودان Abdul Sodan 8 годин тому
Did you see the people in the submarine... they're looking to Destin like they don't see much people because of their tours... Thanks Destin we learned something
West Senkovec
West Senkovec 8 годин тому
My uncle drive one of those submarines and he said they can hold their breath.
Tranxikoritian 8 годин тому
idk why but I like the sounds from that animation xD 24:20
nabiddy badiddy
nabiddy badiddy 8 годин тому
Dustin: "This ia a lunar lander" Me: "What...for ants?!"
Chris Gonzalez
Chris Gonzalez 8 годин тому
The sore nickel puzzlingly join because diaphragm encouragingly copy onto a spiritual cartoon. melted, violent silica
Ulujmf 8 годин тому
He should make a video about what kind of education those guys got
Red Revolver
Red Revolver 8 годин тому
I’m an electrician and I would love to build a sub after looking at this.
Kelly Jackson
Kelly Jackson 9 годин тому
crews mess Methane/Sulphur 99% sumbudy light a candle
Court Ben
Court Ben 9 годин тому
I didn't know I needed to know this, I am glad I clicked on the link.
Henry T
Henry T 9 годин тому
I thought they would use liquid oxygen but it seems too dangerous to have a big drum of liquid oxygen the sub lol.
Simon Wang
Simon Wang 9 годин тому
The enthusiastic risk quantitatively add because quiver empirically poke along a careful decade. smooth, same brandy
Bill D.
Bill D. 9 годин тому
Comforting to know our boat was not the only one to have problems with "the bomb". Our boat would burn candles all the time, especially before field day.
Suki Mu
Suki Mu 9 годин тому
Russia: take notes comrade, free capitalist upgrades...
Terd Ferguson
Terd Ferguson 9 годин тому
Why doesn’t earth run out of air?
George Garcia
George Garcia 9 годин тому
wow! this was awesome, thank you for the visuals really informative, easy to digest, and entertaining. keep the lessons coming
Darius Tanz
Darius Tanz 9 годин тому
Those people most be important to the government, aren’t they?
One piece is good change my mind :
They use Nokia’s to give them unlimited air
Savanah Bustle
Savanah Bustle 9 годин тому
Why isn’t technology like this being used in Countries with the poorest air quality? Is that even possible?
jonathan morand
jonathan morand 9 годин тому
instead of releasing it into the atmosphere, Those guys should store the hydrogen into tanks at the very least. it's useful, and they've got to create tons of it if they make so much oxygen via electrolysis. have it done, I'm sure hydrogen could be useful for the army loll.
OrBiTaL18 9 годин тому
what about nitrogen content in the air almost 78% .. ?
the_lane_26 _
the_lane_26 _ 10 годин тому
Jerry Zakariasen
Jerry Zakariasen 10 годин тому
Great video! Can you explain how the oxygen concentrators used in hospitals and long term care homes work??
J R 10 годин тому
So I could turn a bath tub upside down create an air pocket and take 2 handheld passive systems with me and I could survive for a few hours?Cool.
holiday2010 10 годин тому
Way to not follow the MRC and wear proper ppe
The US Military is EVERYWHERE
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