How Fresh & I *WON* The Fortnite PRO AM! ($100k)

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Fresh and I won $100k for Charity in the 2020 AO Fortnite Summer Smash PRO AM Tournament.
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7 лют 2020





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Tor Bröjer_butcher
Tor Bröjer_butcher 2 години тому
I remember when he had about the same as you
Tor Bröjer_butcher
Tor Bröjer_butcher 2 години тому
I mean Lachy
Tor Bröjer_butcher
Tor Bröjer_butcher 2 години тому
Have you seen Lacey that lanan is at about 14.2million
SorTaBen 5 годин тому
The title should definitely be how fresh and “I” won the pro am he got carried
Evasive Ryzen
Evasive Ryzen 5 годин тому
The beginning and the music brought back Pokémon go vibes
gHost Burn
gHost Burn 7 годин тому
funny how he said only lachy and fresh won as the title but he just leaves enschway out
Hardie David
Hardie David 8 годин тому
did you really win though
ColdFIRE DW4 9 годин тому
1:38 fresh is sussssss
Ari Panagiotidis
Ari Panagiotidis 12 годин тому
Dane Schwind
Dane Schwind 13 годин тому
Christian Shahin
Christian Shahin 13 годин тому
1:20 , everyone screaming Lachy,Eliot screaming Muselk in the background
Quinten Mostek
Quinten Mostek 14 годин тому
8:03 Am I the only person who hears a kid scream, " What The F**K "
Christian Americano
Christian Americano 16 годин тому
Why did he get banned
LoGxng 19 годин тому
0:53 Lannan was trying to eat the tennis ball. lol
CaptainDonut 20 годин тому
Did i jus see Lannan try to eat his ball??!!?!?!
Rebecca Saxon
Rebecca Saxon 21 годину тому
Mr. Matt 99
Mr. Matt 99 21 годину тому
Ahhh Freshy boi
legacy_ closekoala
legacy_ closekoala День тому
Lazar died to storm lol
Weird Narwhals
Weird Narwhals День тому
Basically fresh is the carry
Daiva Giraityte-Jarmalaviciene
The title should be “ how Fresh won ProAm”
Stefan Janevski
Stefan Janevski День тому
Fresh is fat?
Izaak Avery
Izaak Avery День тому
Lachlan what it's called pro AM I thought it was called get carried
Izaak Avery
Izaak Avery День тому
Ali A Ninja 69 Is DADDY
Ali A Ninja 69 Is DADDY День тому
Anyone else see lannan eating the tennis ball 0:52
Cool Clipz
Cool Clipz День тому
7:09 Alex killed mully
KlNG_BOP День тому
7:07 Lannan died
Ben Ritchie
Ben Ritchie День тому
2 bazookas lol
Fortnite Tryhard YT
Fortnite Tryhard YT 2 дні тому
What about Lannan even tho your my fav youtuber
Kermit De frog
Kermit De frog 2 дні тому
Fresh:we love peepee Lachy:yes we do I’m just kidding
Valters Ozolins
Valters Ozolins 2 дні тому
0:51 Lannan ate the ball😂
Mr Ko
Mr Ko 2 дні тому
Nice mate
Tim Reiner
Tim Reiner 2 дні тому
“We Love fortnite” fresh
Quinn Rooke
Quinn Rooke 2 дні тому
why don't you guys play together anymore??
Aaron Curran
Aaron Curran 2 дні тому
Chase MobilezR/C
Chase MobilezR/C 2 дні тому
NYR4LIFE 30 2 дні тому
Wish I was that good :( I want to play with you so I get more wins pls
javier loh
javier loh 2 дні тому
they say George shields is dead but it's 1 shields
Ryan Chouinard
Ryan Chouinard 2 дні тому
That must have been really fun
Cooper Hibbard
Cooper Hibbard 2 дні тому
fresh was so awkward
Wilem Fritz Junior Brown
Wilem Fritz Junior Brown 3 дні тому
Hi lachy i love watching your vids and pro am vids. 👍🏻
Blair Babych
Blair Babych 3 дні тому
I laughed so hard when Lannan ate the tenis ball
Ebs2 Games
Ebs2 Games 3 дні тому
The answer:Fresh
Awesome Gaming
Awesome Gaming 3 дні тому
If you look at the top right lazerbeam dies to the storm. 7:08
Random Guy
Random Guy 3 дні тому
Anyone notice when Lannan was trying to eat a ball
NRG 3 дні тому
0:54 next to Lachlan you can tell that’s lannan because he’s eating the tennis ball
NoobEes 3 дні тому
Hey, I have got a question, is Lachy Australian??
Dylan L'Estrange
Dylan L'Estrange 3 дні тому
Nobody:the normal people who are just playing tennis at the start of the the video Lazerbeam eats the tennis ball in the picture
Cybernx Hundal
Cybernx Hundal 3 дні тому
Fresh and I plus eschway rip eschway but ye How fresh and I won Real title how fresh won with eschway and lachy on his back
Orion Dominguez
Orion Dominguez 3 дні тому
*3 months ago* “Laughs in quarantine”
Prince Edouard
Prince Edouard 3 дні тому
I threw the use code lachy board
Prince Edouard
Prince Edouard 3 дні тому
I was there
Jad Ayoub
Jad Ayoub 3 дні тому
Moldy Muffins
Moldy Muffins 3 дні тому
lol the kid with gucci wear
Josh Whittaker
Josh Whittaker 3 дні тому
Let's go fresh
swifty Swift
swifty Swift 3 дні тому
We love PP-Fresh
Damian Thorne
Damian Thorne 3 дні тому
I nearly dropped a 40 bomb I just needed 39 more kills
Hamad Hafeez
Hamad Hafeez 3 дні тому
If I was Jynx in Freshs back I would’ve just left
TS TheMagnet
TS TheMagnet 4 дні тому
I love how lachy was so happy when he got the trophy. It warmed my heart
Bob Bobf
Bob Bobf 4 дні тому
Lannan eatin the tennis ball
Ashton Findlater
Ashton Findlater 4 дні тому
why am i watching this when it is raining for them and for me right now
Jose Alvarado
Jose Alvarado 4 дні тому
16:54 who hired Eminem? 😂
dark_galaxy920 4 дні тому
Lannan is supporting my pickle friend even though he isn’t on his team
Megan Malvern
Megan Malvern 4 дні тому
Lachlan is a bot
dark_galaxy920 4 дні тому
Alternative Title: how fresh won the pro am
Nayana Joseph Gabrielpillai
Nayana Joseph Gabrielpillai 4 дні тому
1:23 is that ninja on the left
Greydon Willsie
Greydon Willsie 4 дні тому
1:16 the kid with the gucci shirt on the right.
Samantha Aia
Samantha Aia 4 дні тому
6:31 ! No it’s only one bandage bazooka cause a bandage bazooka takes 2 slots. Right?
Phoenix Foley
Phoenix Foley 4 дні тому
When u see rell is on 2 points and then dies in last game and then he dies 😂
Jacks _gaming
Jacks _gaming 4 дні тому
I’m mad because I was in the World Cup and they cancelled it so u should add me bpTHE_CARL02
Aviationist Gaming
Aviationist Gaming 4 дні тому
Fresh: " I ain't getting banned im a good boy"😁😂
Shanila Wahid
Shanila Wahid 4 дні тому
iKodaaz 4 дні тому
Imagine having the last name, power... sick.
Jonas Talseth
Jonas Talseth 4 дні тому
You can se Lannan eating the ball 0:53
VR Not Tom
VR Not Tom 4 дні тому
Sorry plasm better fresh get that outa here freshly boy best player in the world
soham bhatt
soham bhatt 4 дні тому
kaden_landon o
kaden_landon o 4 дні тому
Use code lachy
_TKZ_ FL4M3 5 днів тому
At 0:53 you can just see Lannan eat his tennis ball next to lachy
Craig Barnett
Craig Barnett 5 днів тому
Use code lachy
Toby Foxx Challoy
Toby Foxx Challoy 5 днів тому
Fresh is the bessst fortnite player
Jayden See
Jayden See 5 днів тому
Calvaducci12 OwO
Calvaducci12 OwO 5 днів тому
1:41 Fresh: we do love PP
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