How Things Were Named 2 - Merrell Twins

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Have you ever wondered how things are named? We show you how iconic names like Netflix, Hulu, Jasmine, Cinderella and Pocahontas came to be!
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Written by: David Alvarez & Pablo Hernandez
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21 тра 2019





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Aaleen Asif
Aaleen Asif 42 хвилини тому
“I can’t imagine not being able to leave my house” hahahaha... ha.. ha. *Oh*
ClassicSisters 8 годин тому
3ed part
Olive KK Roblox
Olive KK Roblox 20 годин тому
1.wakes up 2.looks out my window 3.sees veronica and vanessa 4.hugs them 5.cries Real order:2,3,4,1,5 :(
Zdenka Princess
Zdenka Princess День тому
Pls part 3 ilove you vids can o get ia shput out
salma sacid
salma sacid 2 дні тому
Love you guys and love your guys videos
Cyprizzleee_ _
Cyprizzleee_ _ 2 дні тому
Moana means ocean/sea in moari
Asmaul husna Twinkle
Asmaul husna Twinkle 3 дні тому
Love you guys and everyone stay safe
Vivien Nicholls
Vivien Nicholls 3 дні тому
When roni and nessa were picking a name for Cinderella they literally said her name while saying the phrase that makes her name. Ella
Vivien Nicholls
Vivien Nicholls 3 дні тому
Not gunna lie but Roni did a good impression of Ariel
Meadow’s Life
Meadow’s Life 3 дні тому
Girl that I don’t know the name : I can see colours of the wind Me remembering my K2 concert : * does dance * can you paint with all the colours of the winddddddddddddd
Pink Potato
Pink Potato 4 дні тому
I’ve always wanted a UKvid to like my comment
nomaccashaberfield 4 дні тому
I can’t imagine not being able to leave our house 2020: hellllllllllllllllllo with quarantine
A.J 5 днів тому
Part 3!
Maysa Mohamed
Maysa Mohamed 6 днів тому
I do!!!!!!!!!!
Sarah Plucinski
Sarah Plucinski 7 днів тому
I think we need a part three don’t you
LOVE SLIME 7 днів тому
I love merrell twins
Cameron_Playz 7 днів тому
cinderella was named bc she was always covered with cinder and her real name is ella:/
Cameron_Playz 8 днів тому
this is a lie
Camila Rodas
Camila Rodas 9 днів тому
Imrana Cheema
Imrana Cheema 10 днів тому
Ness a I can’t imagine nota being able to leave my house 1 year later corona
Imrana Cheema
Imrana Cheema 10 днів тому
I love these videos ❤️❤️
Deijahnas LIFE
Deijahnas LIFE 10 днів тому
David being the voice in the vid makes it even better
Easy Gaming
Easy Gaming 10 днів тому
Super cringe haha
Joelle Rylee Pillejera
Joelle Rylee Pillejera 10 днів тому
on 7:17 Veronica spitted on Nessa. hehehehe
Derek Ritchie
Derek Ritchie 11 днів тому
nice singing
maieim 11 днів тому
r u in 2020 please
Scarlett Hornsby
Scarlett Hornsby 12 днів тому
You should do this cardi b walks in and says hello can I buy your dog and you say sure what is your name and cardi b says barbeda and then say give us your money and then cardi b says I do not have money but I do have a credit card and then she takes out like one million credit cards and then y’all say wow you are really cardi then you yell cardi b
Char The Uni
Char The Uni 14 днів тому
"I could never imagine never leaving the house"...welp..I think u can now!
Eden Lily R
Eden Lily R 14 днів тому
I know this is in 2020, but I wanna know how Roni and Nessa were named
XxLeahMonkeyxX x
XxLeahMonkeyxX x 14 днів тому
Her dad was Poseidon not her grandpa
Alana Witten
Alana Witten 15 днів тому
Part 3
Alana Witten
Alana Witten 15 днів тому
Part 3
Alana Witten
Alana Witten 15 днів тому
Part 3
Kayla West
Kayla West 15 днів тому
How was bed named
(STUDENT)Keeley Carpenter
(STUDENT)Keeley Carpenter 16 днів тому
Y’all should do a part 3!!
Milly Farr
Milly Farr 16 днів тому
part 3!! love you guys! ur soo funny!
Little Princess
Little Princess 16 днів тому
Part three
ally de weirdo
ally de weirdo 16 днів тому
Hi I'm new sub
Sarah Vroman Beavins
Sarah Vroman Beavins 17 днів тому
who in 2020 like we are loked up now u can not just imagin it
DIY With Sherine
DIY With Sherine 17 днів тому
Hi Merrell Twins, I ❤️❤️❤️ ur channel, I have a UKvid channel, it’s called DIY With Sherine! Please check it out!🥺😁
Alekhya 17 днів тому
ANYONE ELSE NOTICE THAT DAVID SAID ALL THE NAMES After i post i realise they said his name at the end
Ejaz Wani Wani
Ejaz Wani Wani 17 днів тому
Jaimely Lubamba
Jaimely Lubamba 19 днів тому
Bae is a Danish word for poo
Josephine Grace
Josephine Grace 19 днів тому
Wait so your telling me that the voice isent your dad
Nina Faria
Nina Faria 19 днів тому
It's not your fault. She is in heaven. She is happy.
lady luck hq lover
lady luck hq lover 20 днів тому
Hi part 3 pls
Sahar Ali
Sahar Ali 21 день тому
Cat girl
Cat girl 21 день тому
3:30 yeah i cant imagine 😢😂
Almaha Badr
Almaha Badr 21 день тому
3:33 well jasmin has been quarantined like us her whole life
Breslyn Claire
Breslyn Claire 22 дні тому
Here in 2020, who else is here.
Iris ONG
Iris ONG 22 дні тому
I like the part when the thing said poke a handes and then it said oh pokahantes and the other wrong saying at the ending part lol 😂
Natalie Nguyen
Natalie Nguyen 22 дні тому
3:30 well u can now
Carlisle Parsons
Carlisle Parsons 23 дні тому
Who else thought of the song savage when she said “I’m not bougé like him I’m ratchet” lol
Emily Mitchell
Emily Mitchell 24 дні тому
"I can't imagine not leaving my house" well Your not imagining it now
Tap Me
Tap Me 24 дні тому
0:50 yes GIVE ME MORE
Adan Qadeer
Adan Qadeer 24 дні тому
I feel your pain jasmine i cant leave my house ethier Covid-19 has entered the chat
Royal Quinn
Royal Quinn 24 дні тому
3:32 2020: Hah.
Senada Sulejmani
Senada Sulejmani 25 днів тому
Whos watching this in 2020!
Anna Luky
Anna Luky 25 днів тому
I am a big fan !! :)
Busayo Odugbemi
Busayo Odugbemi 25 днів тому
Mountain Lava Lady Ha
Satyajit Bandyopadhyay
Satyajit Bandyopadhyay 26 днів тому
Part 3 please........
Phoebe Shalom
Phoebe Shalom 27 днів тому
How Pocahontas got named was my favourite one of all lol
Joy Zolayvar
Joy Zolayvar 27 днів тому
Ya you need a part 3
Nathan Deere
Nathan Deere 28 днів тому
"I have this thing called synesthesia, where I can see colors..." Um...pretty sure most people can see colors. :P
Ruby HQ
Ruby HQ 29 днів тому
3.32 " I can't imagine not being able to leave my house!"
Helen Whittingham
Helen Whittingham 27 днів тому
do u mean 3:32
Kool Kat
Kool Kat Місяць тому
My cousin has a dog called tiger Lilly lol
Sarah Ismail
Sarah Ismail Місяць тому
Twins: just mean Back person: jasmine Me: so your telling me that jasmine is just mean?!
Ginna Jaramillo
Ginna Jaramillo Місяць тому
When they said I can’t imagine can’t leave the house I was like 😂
Starbaby Місяць тому
We need The Trashy Life 2,3,4,5,6,7&8
Dernaya Abimuheal
Dernaya Abimuheal Місяць тому
XD Jeffery he always say "mA" so funny!!!🤣🤣🤣
Sumathy Prakasam
Sumathy Prakasam Місяць тому
We need you to do some challenges
Jennifer Faye
Jennifer Faye Місяць тому
Jeffrey is so cute
Hithu Nimma
Hithu Nimma Місяць тому
Them: I can't imagine being in a house for so long Corona: I will let u because I want everything to be bad in 2020
Grace Smith
Grace Smith Місяць тому
3:31 “wow i can’t imagine never leaving my house” COVID-19
Amy Boueri
Amy Boueri Місяць тому
I know how hair is named it is named like someone wanted cookies and said over hear and now we have hair
Banana John's Games
Banana John's Games Місяць тому
I actually always thought how thing were named
JakiraCro11 Місяць тому
3:34 whos watching this in 2020
adinew adem
adinew adem Місяць тому
How things were named part 2 how things were named part 2
Calum Місяць тому
I can’t imagine not being able to leave your house Welcome to twenty twenty
Zwhpapag Місяць тому
Why is no one taking about David's hilarious voice over???😂😂
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