Hunger Games Death Order

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Watch the 74th Hunger Games on who killed who with what
Death order:
District 8 male
District 10 female
District 3 female
District 6 female
District 9 male
District 7 male
District 9 female
District 5 male
District 7 female
Jason District 6
District 4 male
District 4 female
District 8 female
Glimmer District 1
District 10 male
District 3 male
Marvel District 1
Rue District 11
Clove District 2
Foxface District 5
Thresh District 11
Cato District 2
Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark District 12- Winners





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Grace Fu
Grace Fu 7 годин тому
And the District 4 girl was killed by the tracker jackers like Glimmer
Rony 2 години тому
@Grace Fu That's alright ☺️ Btw, nice profile pic 🙂 Clove was my favourite career
Grace Fu
Grace Fu 2 години тому
@Rony Oh okay
Rony 2 години тому
In the book, this video is based on the movie
Grace Fu
Grace Fu 7 годин тому
Thresh was killed by Cato
BubblelicousBling День тому
If i was in the Hunger Games my weapon would definitely be my mum's chancla because I know the tribute would beg for mercy
Eleanor Orangebard
Eleanor Orangebard 2 дні тому
Thresh killed Clove by denting her scull..
XXXKahkoneEetu XXX
XXXKahkoneEetu XXX 2 дні тому
Cato had most kills
nekospoke 2 дні тому
1:13 Cato is the legitimate grim reaper
Rony 2 дні тому
ExT_T0adZ 4 дні тому
I am your 400th sub btw
Dylan Mcdowell
Dylan Mcdowell 4 дні тому
7:02 Actually Mutts, Peeta and Katniss killed Cato Katniss shot him in the hand and the head (to stop Cato Suffering) also Peeta pushed him off the Cornucopia then the mutts ate him
Dylan Mcdowell
Dylan Mcdowell 4 дні тому
Like this for Rue #RueAppretiationClub #RAC
D.O SPORTS 5 днів тому
If this was real life Thresh or Cato would have won
Moonlight babe
Moonlight babe 6 днів тому
I feel like fox face knew those were poison and just wanted to commit suicide because she knew she couldn't win, anyone else with me?
Pastelito Chan
Pastelito Chan 7 днів тому
But Cato kill Thresh
Mystical Falls
Mystical Falls 9 днів тому
Who were your fav characters? I liked Clove, Foxface, Rue, Thresh and Katniss.
Rony 2 години тому
Mine were: Katniss Clove Foxface Rue Cato Thresh Marvel And when I don't count the tributes, I loved also Gale and Prim. ☺️
Matthew LaRusso
Matthew LaRusso 10 днів тому
Nine year olds be like:HeY tHeY cOpIeD mInCrFt!
luz adriana luna arango
luz adriana luna arango 13 днів тому
In the book Cato killed Thresh, Katniss cried and all, Thresh was the best
Turi 13 днів тому
Thresh is a beast
Daniel Young
Daniel Young 13 днів тому
Nice vid but you forgot the gamemakers death at the end of the movie.
TheGrandRevo 14 днів тому
0:24 that tribute girl looks like a man in pig tails
King Collins
King Collins 16 днів тому
Damn,Cato was on a kill streak.
hijessie 16 днів тому
I thought Thresh was killed Cato .-.
flores scribbles
flores scribbles 16 днів тому
drew300 17 днів тому
Damn I forgot how lit this shit was
Not_LilaDahCookie Tô
Not_LilaDahCookie Tô 18 днів тому
One second, Cato killed the district 4 male. But aren’t they supposed to be allies? And isn’t the district 4 male supposed to be in the careers with Cato too? Why would Cato kill him?
ᗪ乇山 20 днів тому
I really did think Clove really deserved what she got
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 21 день тому
Basically Katniss killed all of Cato and his friends
Grayson Rushton
Grayson Rushton 21 день тому
How do we know the boy from district 6's name?
duganleescott 1
duganleescott 1 23 дні тому
If dead meat was here he would give golden chainsaw to glimmer and dull machete to foxface by eating nightlock berries
Deviant 23 дні тому
Okay so I know how to fight and defend myself, I am proficient with archery, I know how to use staff, sword, knife, multiple hand guns and rifles, I’m very skilled in hand to hand combat and have made my way to black belt... but I would die super fast in these games. I’d be able to handle self defense, but that’s it.. I could never bring myself to kill someone else without it being the last choice
38 baby Key
38 baby Key 25 днів тому
Why rue outta all people 💔
VG Leon
VG Leon 25 днів тому
I want tresh to win
Zenxymes 25 днів тому
They're all victims.
Mr.M1Garand 25
Mr.M1Garand 25 25 днів тому
How many were sad when Thresh died?
Bobo Animations
Bobo Animations 27 днів тому
Ngl I’d rather get shot in the chest with an arrow that gat ripped to shreds by wired giant dog things
April Sandoval
April Sandoval 27 днів тому
Anybody else feel bad for Peeta because he put all that time and effort into trying to collect berries only to come to find out that they were poisonous not to mention his bad leg
Hedvig Sandström
Hedvig Sandström Місяць тому
That’s not how Thresh died...
Person Місяць тому
Out of all the main girls clove was my favorite Idk why when I first watched this movie I hoped she would’ve won
Gavin Lybert
Gavin Lybert Місяць тому
Dude I highly suggest background music
Beto Magana
Beto Magana Місяць тому
I came here to see Rue death man in the book was sad as well
Seneca Crane killed by President Snow with Berries
DAS CIAN Місяць тому
Cato was the strongest one.
James Lyman
James Lyman Місяць тому
Snow: A little hope is effective. A lot is dangerous. So contain it. Two people win. Snow: No! No! Too much hope! Too much hope!
James Lyman
James Lyman Місяць тому
Every death in this movie is deeply disturbing. Except maybe Marvel's...
Rony 2 дні тому
I found his dead also very disturbing. But maybe it's because I like him... Even though he's not my most favorite character there
Flugzeug TV
Flugzeug TV Місяць тому
My favorite characters: 1. Katniss (12) 2.Peeta (12) 3. Rue (11) 4. Thresh (11)
Justin Kim
Justin Kim Місяць тому
OscAR ThE gROucH
OscAR ThE gROucH Місяць тому
I feel like cato likes killing little kids
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Місяць тому
Cato got 5 kills
woodsheepinc The Second
woodsheepinc The Second Місяць тому
This is nowhere near order
Khalis Ali
Khalis Ali Місяць тому
So sad that they kill people
Khalis Ali
Khalis Ali Місяць тому
Is it real
Isabella Alejandrez
Isabella Alejandrez Місяць тому
Thresh was killed by Cato because the muttation came after thresh died and in the other movies katness said Cato killed thresh
Snow Griffin
Snow Griffin Місяць тому
2:05 hey guys! here to kill me?
Lianzhi Huang
Lianzhi Huang Місяць тому
Peeta didn’t kill Foxface,she committed suicide
Delta dreemurr
Delta dreemurr Місяць тому
The thumbnail said different
Lennie AKA WeirdRacin
Lennie AKA WeirdRacin Місяць тому
Should have had Seneca Crane death, killed by President Snow, since he locked him up with only poison berries to eat!
Strictly Kaja
Strictly Kaja Місяць тому
Is this the movie version because in the book Thresh is killied by Cato
A m j e l
A m j e l Місяць тому
I hate the fact that they all got killed in a horrible way, very brutal, its really sad
Toby Brandon
Toby Brandon Місяць тому
Thresh is just sick but clove is just sad she died by a bad headache
Ella Alder
Ella Alder Місяць тому
Hey mommy guess what my role is for the Hunger Games is. Ooh I don’t know what is it. I get killed by poisonous berries.
Indrakumar V
Indrakumar V Місяць тому
5:28 most satisfying moment of the movie,she thought she was tough but that dude totally trashed her
Polo Polo XYZ 10
Polo Polo XYZ 10 Місяць тому
0:17 tribute girl be lookin like Billy elish
Saxy Legend
Saxy Legend Місяць тому
Peeta looks like Logan Paul.
Knifes Місяць тому
The end of this movie has me feeling like I thought I qued into a solos game but it was actually duos
roses Місяць тому
idk but I always pictured tresh as like a tall, quiet bald white guy.
Ben Brady
Ben Brady Місяць тому
District one kinda be poppin off tho
x_Party_Poison_x Місяць тому
Clove was waaaaay to young in the movies
x_Party_Poison_x Місяць тому
Technically in the books Cato is killed by the mutts.
Toad The break van
Toad The break van Місяць тому
Glimmer: kills a lot of people in the bloodbath Bees: Ya like jazz?
Tardar Sauce
Tardar Sauce Місяць тому
Battle Royale, before it was cool
Fre Sha Va Cado
Fre Sha Va Cado Місяць тому
Who else loves Clove so much?
Rony Місяць тому
Me! She's the best career ☺️
ashley wang
ashley wang Місяць тому
Thresh was killed by Cato after Cato found out that Tresh had killed Clove. Tresh didn’t die to the monsters. Also, Katniss shot Cato’s hand so that he let go of Peeta. Peeta then punched him, causing Cato to fall off the Cornucopia and into the pack of monsters, which then killed him.
iamNerø Mayben
iamNerø Mayben Місяць тому
Ok so foxface the Smart girl was 5 Wihout kill anybody? Damn i really want her to win this
Behind The Scenes
Behind The Scenes Місяць тому
rues death killed me
karm2exist 2 місяці тому
Man i feel bad about them but i kinda say to myself man i need to see some real violence because i don't see their deaths is more like nah i wanna see their deaths like properly
Kourtney Kardasim
Kourtney Kardasim 2 місяці тому
rue should’ve won.
YOWIE WOWIE 2 місяці тому
If I’m in the hunger games I would fucking book it
Gregory Lu
Gregory Lu 2 місяці тому
thresh killed clove by Smashing her head open seems to be good technique.
Random Things
Random Things 2 місяці тому
Rue 😭
chuckymcfib 2 місяці тому
why do we know that the boy from district 6 is named jason?
Rony Місяць тому
Cato called him like that in the movie
Red On YT
Red On YT 2 місяці тому
Hey guys welcome to the top 10 reasons for why thresh shouldn’t have won Thanks for watching
Luke Sanders
Luke Sanders 2 місяці тому
I don’t know why but I love Cato and Clove so much
Rony Місяць тому
Me too! The best careers ☺️
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