I am proud of you!

Dad, how do I?
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The internet can't understand what you all just did!
Apparently it doesn't have an algorithm for kindness. :0)
I am proud of all of you!



21 тра 2020





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HeyYoBob 3 години тому
Please, upload on your own time there isn’t a rush have fun making these videos 👍
Jordyn Exley
Jordyn Exley 7 годин тому
Don’t even need these videos just subscribed Bc he’s suck an awesome guy
Sabrina Sahali
Sabrina Sahali 15 годин тому
I've been needing to hear those words all my life thank you so much I'll protect you at all cost dad
父Shapota父 18 годин тому
Hi step dad
Ricardo Manuel Arana
Ricardo Manuel Arana 19 годин тому
I’m starting to believe that the fact of growing up doesn’t mean you don’t need someone to look up to. For some reason, there’s me, a 23 years old, grieving (more than ever) the loss and absent of a father after 8 years now. I wasn’t close to him. He was diagnosed with strokes when I was 8, and by the time I was 13, he didn’t even speak. I don’t have brothers, no close uncles, or grandad, there’s some other cousin but I’m the actual black sheep. So yeah, I do feel weird for feeling like it’s always just me. All I have is mom and she’s already 65 years old. She’s visited quite often by her sisters and brothers, but that’s not a thing I‘ll ever experience myself. As soon as it’s possible, I’m starting a career in programming. Before considering quitting, I’ll do my best. I just hate feeling like it’s all just wrong in my life. It’s a Magic cube that I’m trying to solve. Oh, yeah, friends, I didn’t mention them. No, I don’t have them either... I’m dying to see how this movie ends. Can’t wait. ----------------- “Life is too short to grieve for what you wish you had. Yes. But the half-time can be an ever torturing bitch.” - Me.
beaner sol
beaner sol 21 годину тому
the tears that came from my eyes ohmyvod
Stephanie Lafferty
Stephanie Lafferty День тому
Every time you say “hey kids” I literally say hey adopted dad. You’re the best!!!!
Miranda Li
Miranda Li День тому
"I love you. I am proud of you. God bless you." Most beautiful words i've heard in 10 years. Thank you so much! If someone would say this to me occasionally, I would have courage to do everything!!!
Rex Senthil
Rex Senthil День тому
We are there for you.
alejo salguero
alejo salguero День тому
Soy de boca no se ingles :(
Lisa D
Lisa D День тому
I am an adult woman who just lost my dad a few months ago One of the last things he told me was that he was proud of me Since his death, I feel like a little girl again Heartbroken and sad, there are so many times I want to pick up the phone and ask, “Dad, how do I?” Your channel is a blessing to children of all ages I am comforted knowing there’s a dad out there with some answers ❤️
Twins challenges
Twins challenges День тому
I grew up with an abusive dad and I don’t see him anymore now so this made me cry 😭💔
Lorraine Raj
Lorraine Raj День тому
Thank you for doing this, God bless you 💜
Maria Mina
Maria Mina День тому
i love this, the last weeks I been struggling to get out of bed, I've been inside my house for almost four months and it's hard to do things when everything seems pointless. my point is this made me remember that I matter and people matter and there is meaning in things.
Nic Ole
Nic Ole День тому
Potato Playz
Potato Playz День тому
Don’t worry, you got 2.44 million kids to protect you. Also the thing is, I have a dad, but he can often be very distant, and has made a negative impact on me. You are really helping me out, even if it’s not the intended way. :)
God I love that man so much.❤️❤️❤️
Crystal Bubbles
Crystal Bubbles 2 дні тому
I cried just reading the title.
NoCopyrightBackgroundMusics 2 дні тому
How many dads you have? It’s complicated
Samora S.
Samora S. 2 дні тому
Man did i need to hear this today. Thank you pops. Really. Thank you. 😭
Hftt Ghjg
Hftt Ghjg 2 дні тому
At one point in my life, i needed a daddy (the most innocent form a little girl wants) but my father just wasn't there emotionally for me. He tries a little now but it's too late. I don't need his care, it just makes me so mad that I can't stand him. He'll never accept his shortcomings and I'll never forgive him. Anyway I'm super glad I found this channel and video. Thank you. ❤
_jeff _
_jeff _ 2 дні тому
And people say dads arent needed in society pshh
Emily Black
Emily Black 2 дні тому
the dad i've always wanted and never get
Julie Stewart
Julie Stewart 2 дні тому
You are the embodiment of the virtue of courage and love. You’ve been blessed and are a blessing to everyone who listens to your messages. You’ve helped us all! Thank you.
Nde 2 дні тому
My father never ever say the sentence in the title, no matter how much I've achieved, no matter how hard I've tried. All he sees from me is a failure. I told myself "I don't need a dad". But then I think I grew attached to you as my internet dad (?) and when I hear you say it, I can't help but shed a tear of joy :') thank you
Vicious Child Abuser
Vicious Child Abuser 3 дні тому
Bro I honestly am greatful for this channel bc my dad passed before I was born and I have no idea how to do stuff around the house so this helps
Stay in yo lane Boah
Stay in yo lane Boah 3 дні тому
I needed this so bad
Ss Gg
Ss Gg 3 дні тому
Can you make vidoes for girls who grew up without dads too? We would like a real role model and yes we will protect you at all costs
Bernardo Favio Olmost
Bernardo Favio Olmost 3 дні тому
Thanks for your videos
Lunar Foxx
Lunar Foxx 3 дні тому
I’m so glad you’re here on UKvid and doing this for all of us. Thank you so much for all of your help and lessons. We love you❤️
Nyasha Mukoho
Nyasha Mukoho 3 дні тому
i love this dad
JayCvb 3 дні тому
I’m not gonna lie I have a Dad, he hasn’t always been the best Dad but he’s alright but I’ll tell you one thing my Dad has never ever told me he’s proud of me... and holy shit I’m a grown ass man and I wish I could here that from my old man. Thanks for sayin it
T B 3 дні тому
Thanky you.... just thank you. My father has never said Im proud of you or good job son. I have only been criticised and this has made my day
Avakin caine
Avakin caine 4 дні тому
I jus wanna hug him
Rick Astley
Rick Astley 4 дні тому
absolute legend. lookin at your channel actually made me cry
Lena Petrova, CPA - Finance, Accounting & Tax Tips
I love your videos!! Please keep making them! You are an amazing person and Dad! ❤️❤️❤️
Sotheysaylooloo 4 дні тому
By Kids, is it OK if one of us is 40? Thank you for your videos
Dad, how do I?
Dad, how do I? 4 дні тому
You bet, I think one of my kids is 73. 😃
supernaturalhealth 4 дні тому
Thank you Dad, we all love you too! God Bless and Good Health Always!👍🙏👔😊👔💛
Nick Smith
Nick Smith 4 дні тому
Dad left when I was 3 and every time I saw him after that he was either drunk or high as hell. Thank you for this. I’ve always had this dream of helping kids with no father figures for years now. Because of you sir, I will make sure I achieve that dream.
Gabby Ramos
Gabby Ramos 5 днів тому
I thank you for these videos !
ooorrr r
ooorrr r 5 днів тому
Hey remember
Hey remember 5 днів тому
Don't know why I had tears, never listened to this word during my school days when I had low marks. I failed my diploma and I'm dead inside overthinking about it. *I'm proud of you* if anyone says to me I'm going to break down. Failing diploma made me to attempt suicide and it makes to do it again and again.
zeusthegamer 2536
zeusthegamer 2536 6 днів тому
This video just saved me from Depression that just happened because of my parents. Thank you
sauda 6 днів тому
the dad joke... top tier humor
Nirvana Coelho
Nirvana Coelho 7 днів тому
I love you, dad. I truly do.
My stummy hurt
My stummy hurt 7 днів тому
Imagine disliking 🤦🏽‍♂️
Catherine Carter
Catherine Carter 7 днів тому
I am so glad you have this channel and that I stumbled over it luckily! It feels nice having a Dad of sorts :)
Spüke Bjerg
Spüke Bjerg 7 днів тому
man i hope there's more people like you out there. It hit me so hard in a very strange but joyful way every video you upload. I lost my father 6 years ago, when i was 13 years old. He was my best friend. You remind me a lot to him. Keep doing this amazing videos, i enjoy them very much. I wish you the best of luck, thank you for everything
awesome sause
awesome sause 7 днів тому
This is more love in one 4 min video then my step dad has 10 years
Jason Mayd
Jason Mayd 7 днів тому
Ok not going lie my dad tells me all the time i am a failed because i work at walmart with 3 kids and a wife. even though i am doing the best i can... And for somereason hearing this man tell me he proud of me.. has me in tears. Thank you.
Ally 7 днів тому
I’m on tears🥺🥺🥺🥺
지뽀뽀짝 7 днів тому
Wow it is beautiful house♡
Frankie R.
Frankie R. 8 днів тому
Thanks dad
Rachel N
Rachel N 8 днів тому
My dad passed away when I was 4 years old. That was forty years ago this year. I have always wished for a dad. I think I found one.
B OO 8 днів тому
you've shown me the affectionate words in 3 minutes that I really needed to hear. Thank you.
Neemair 8 днів тому
Thank you sir :')
Alex V
Alex V 8 днів тому
Dad I never had, this man has stepped in and helped turn my life around as the father I never knew I needed. Thank you for being you!
Samriddhi Nepal
Samriddhi Nepal 8 днів тому
Why would anyone dislike this video? He is one of the most wholesome man on the internet. Keep up the good work, sir!
Memelicious 9 днів тому
It's gonna be alright, dad.
MoonlightHorseGotcha 9 днів тому
The fact the he has the audacity to adopt 2.41 million people is the most kind thing I’ve ever seen so he definitely deserves a break.
RAFA ELA 9 днів тому
I'm crying (:
MeeChee D
MeeChee D 9 днів тому
Thank you Sir
xXRiapantsXx 9 днів тому
No one hurt this man or i gonna through hands
Anastasia Blues
Anastasia Blues 10 днів тому
U r sooo thoughtful to make this channel well done 🥰
Casey Ryan
Casey Ryan 10 днів тому
Why am I crying though?! Lol
Superboy 607
Superboy 607 10 днів тому
Him : I’m proud of you. Me : start crying
debrah •
debrah • 11 днів тому
STOP this is a sign from GOD. Yes he is REAL and YES , HE LOVE YOU so much you can't even imagine even tho u have done bad things in the Past HE has FORGIVEN U PLEASE REPENT before its to LATE. 🙏🏾❤ GOD LOVE YOU
Carolin Müller
Carolin Müller 11 днів тому
who's crying right now? 😭....but in a good way
Michael Kofi Antepim
Michael Kofi Antepim 11 днів тому
May God bless you 🙏
Husna Maj
Husna Maj 11 днів тому
When can we meet you
Erinn Schulte
Erinn Schulte 12 днів тому
The I love you and I’m proud of you hit the hardest. Thank you, for everything ❤️
Anonymous Àñøńŷmöüß
Anonymous Àñøńŷmöüß 12 днів тому
Thanks dad
Roberto Rodrigues
Roberto Rodrigues 12 днів тому
Thank you dad
maiXo 12 днів тому
Hey dad
gesleen twal
gesleen twal 12 днів тому
Well I guess that I have an internet dad rn lol!!😂😂♥️♥️♥️
Hitman Bang
Hitman Bang 12 днів тому
( Don’t mind my account name it’s a joke ) I’m a 14 year old girl and I have a dad thankfully but he never told me he’s proud of me all he does is compare me to my younger siblings because of the smallest things like skills and in school he always tells me that I have to be like my little sister instead of giving advice so this made me cry as I’m listening to you and writing this comment I love you and thanks dad💕
Hitman Bang
Hitman Bang 8 днів тому
Dharmadasa thank u that means a lot it’s just hard you know constantly getting compared
Dharmadasa 8 днів тому
I think you're Dad loves you, but maybe he just gets a bit hung up on performance details. Never mind you guys will be fine, just give him a hug.
It's Axa!
It's Axa! 12 днів тому
I purposely liked all of your vids
Just a little Cheese Stick
Just a little Cheese Stick 12 днів тому
it’s good to feel some type of love again
kariss S
kariss S 13 днів тому
More dad jokes please dad
Justin Ferrell
Justin Ferrell 13 днів тому
My guy went from 41.7 subs one month ago to over 2mil congrats!
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