I Bought a New Shop!

April Wilkerson
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29 бер 2020





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carmangary 18 годин тому
Good luck. You may find it hard to run a business and create videos so I assume the days of UKvid are numbered.
Stephanie Dustin
Stephanie Dustin 21 годину тому
Love the videos. Was there a link for your Merch? Love to support.
Cheap Socheat
Cheap Socheat День тому
Aaron Keele
Aaron Keele 2 дні тому
I wish you all the best for your future!! I love your videos!! Good Luck !!
cgjeff 2 дні тому
For those shopbots, any questions you have you can go straight to the company. Their customer support is spectacular and they do not care if you got the machines second hand, they are more than willing to help. They were wonderful helping us get our second hand shopbots setup in the makerspace I manage.
John Ostlund
John Ostlund 5 днів тому
I’m at a place in life at 46 that I had the big shop, incredible big projects, great guys.. I went belly up last year. Wife left And for the last 8 months I don’t even recognize myself. I used to sort of look sideways at guys like I am now (a mess if I’m being honest). In any case, this video put some steam in my sails. I appreciate it
Daniel Burnett
Daniel Burnett 8 днів тому
Well, why is the ax upside down?😂 Also huge congratulations on a grand adventure.
MrPanzerblitz 6 днів тому
It's not.....You're looking at it wrong!
Logic Bob
Logic Bob 9 днів тому
Congratulations April!
Susan Foulks
Susan Foulks 11 днів тому
The very best wishes on your newest endeavor! May your dreams continue to come true.
April Wilkerson
April Wilkerson 10 днів тому
Thank you!
Wimberley Workshop
Wimberley Workshop 12 днів тому
Hello from Wimberley, I look forward to meeting you and sharing ideas and visions. Good luck with your grand opening. Things seem to be getting back to normal around here, hopefully the trend will continue. Are you on the North or South side of the lake?
guerro327 15 днів тому
Feel free to stop by. If you can find it. Where is this place? ??
Talladega Dude
Talladega Dude 15 днів тому
Patience. Once it is open to the Public, she will announce it's location. Right now, if you follow her on IG, she's renovating inside to suit her business and then there's the whole Covid thing right now.
Matt Laptop
Matt Laptop 16 днів тому
Congratulations! We can see how excited you are and that’s fantastic. Good luck!
Tony Roslund
Tony Roslund 17 днів тому
Congrats on the new shop! What a fun adventure you’re on.
John 18 днів тому
Congrats April
baha abouda
baha abouda 18 днів тому
You inspire me since 2014 when I watch the first Video you build tools box . god bless you and I wish you all the best on your new business
JimTheSoundman 19 днів тому
So what happened to the auction that was there, did they go out of business?
Silvia Frias
Silvia Frias 23 дні тому
Parabens... Merecedora...tem muito talento
Bill Gordon
Bill Gordon 24 дні тому
WOW!! Keep up the great work. I was gonna ask where your Mom was, I haven't seen her in your videos for a while. I liked seeing you two work together on the windmill, that's how I found your UKvid channel. I should have my windmill up in a week or so. You are an inspiring, driven, creative, goal focused person, one in a million. Keep doing what your doing. and don't forget to hug your Mom 😍😍
MechMinded 24 дні тому
UKvid had dropped you from my subscribe list - but I re-found you. And what an impressive update!
Stan Browning
Stan Browning 24 дні тому
Love the location......2 miles from my business Still Water Ranch Condominiums.......I'm also a big woodworker since a boy. My Son Josh Browning is also big into woodworking. He lives in Austin and works as a UX Designer and Product Manager but does woodworking on the side. Sometimes he comes down and works in my workshop barn - you might know him from Canyon Lake High School?? I think I know the guy who used to own that property as well. Love what your doing and your attitude!
Amy Ismail
Amy Ismail 24 дні тому
congratulation april.... love your hardwork..... love from malaysia
Clinton Bertrand
Clinton Bertrand 25 днів тому
Congratulations. You’ve taught me lots of woodworking lessons. It’s been amazing watching you grow. Love from the Bertrand’s in Wimberley.
April Wilkerson
April Wilkerson 24 дні тому
Awesome! Thank you!
Gus Becerra
Gus Becerra 25 днів тому
I have been a big fan for years and I'm so happy to see your growth. May you continue to be prosperous and look foreword to your future videos!
April Wilkerson
April Wilkerson 24 дні тому
Thank you so much!
Peter Eyre
Peter Eyre 26 днів тому
Been wonderful watching you grow April from your garden fence to here and always with amazing enthusiasm and energy. Best wishes going forward x 🙏👌👍👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Chris Wesney
Chris Wesney 29 днів тому
Congrats! You are a very inspiring person.
Fethallah messaoudi
Fethallah messaoudi 29 днів тому
good luck April 😍😍😍♥️♥️♥️👍👍👍
Győző Kiss
Győző Kiss 29 днів тому
Congratulations and good luck
fastjp72 Місяць тому
Congrats Girl!
Reclaim Design
Reclaim Design Місяць тому
Holy Moses - that's some size of shop!
Wild Turkey
Wild Turkey Місяць тому
Congratulations! Best of luck! This is so exciting!
Yvette Wallus
Yvette Wallus Місяць тому
This is only the second video of yours I’ve seen and I’m instantly inspired by you and very happy for you. I subscribed right away. From one woman woodworker to another, congratulations and I hope you continue to succeed.
Yvette Wallus
Yvette Wallus 13 днів тому
Trevelyn Brown I took your advice this morning and watched the first 26 videos. You’re so right, I’ve enjoyed every minute. Such a lovely girl and fun to watch the progression of her videos. The evolution of her content, quality, production... watching her grow is inspiring. I see myself in her; she’s resourceful and creative. This is better than binge watching Netflix.
Trevelyn Brown
Trevelyn Brown 14 днів тому
You want to see something cool ? .Start with her first video and watch them all .Grab popcorn and a drink .I promise you will not be disappointed .
April Wilkerson
April Wilkerson Місяць тому
Awesome! Thank you and same back to you!
Benjamin Taylor
Benjamin Taylor Місяць тому
Keep on, keeping on. Your doing great and I will be excited to see what your accomplishing next. Great video.
Bec R
Bec R Місяць тому
I didn’t get that when you invited people to drop by and meet your mum but you said “be nice” I don’t understand why would someone drop by and be horrible to your mum, who does that! Maybe it’s a blokey joke idk.
PinkPonyOfPrey Місяць тому
ha ha happy madness but there's probably some method to it. And you've survived so far so this looks great! Good luck with all of it :D
Robert Sison
Robert Sison Місяць тому
Wayne Wilkinson
Wayne Wilkinson Місяць тому
Congratulations on the new shop. Found your videos a couple weeks ago. Well done. Bravo!
Brian Hudson
Brian Hudson Місяць тому
Congratulations!! Hard to hide all that excitement. Good luck on your next big adventure!
Garrison B
Garrison B Місяць тому
You are sooooo inspiring!
Garrison B
Garrison B Місяць тому
But the Axe is upside down... lol.
brickworkz Місяць тому
Thanks for the happy tears, April. I've been an IG follower/fan for years now and haven't ever commented before but I was really moved watching this to say: I just love watching you push into new territory and learn new skills, sharing with us along the way... it's just so great. You're so smart to diversify like that and I'm impressed with your vision on each segment of business. I love seeing people killin' it, and you really are! Way to go. Seriously. That moving sculpture is going to be so bad-ass too! Thank you for the good news. Can't wait to see what else you come up with.
Kirpa Welding and Fab INC
Kirpa Welding and Fab INC Місяць тому
Hi April. I hope your doing really good. And I do see that your are starting this new line of work. I just saw your new sign and Thought that the axe could face down, just an opinion. Please let me know if you have thought about that. Because we use this tool faced down. God bless You and keep inspiring the new once.
Kirpa Welding and Fab INC
Kirpa Welding and Fab INC Місяць тому
@Talladega Dude , Thanks for the feed back. I didn't see the first video, Now I will.
Talladega Dude
Talladega Dude Місяць тому
As she demonstrated in the beginning, it is in the backswing of using the axe.
Commercial Forest
Commercial Forest Місяць тому
Nice! 👍 congratulations
Soren Peterson
Soren Peterson Місяць тому
Congratulations! I’m excited to see how this venture grows!
sleepercell Місяць тому
Nice piece of property. You did good!!
Casey Місяць тому
My folks live about 45 minutes from you, so I'll be stopping in on the next visit!
Brito Worx
Brito Worx Місяць тому
Pure Inspiration
moxtra Місяць тому
congratulations April! what a ride! you make it!
Ben Milner
Ben Milner Місяць тому
This is awesome! You are an inspiration to many people out there that you can make your life what you want it to be with some hard work! Congrats!
Carlos Cesário
Carlos Cesário Місяць тому
Parabéns sucesso e prosperidade 👏👏👏😍😘
Curt Keeling
Curt Keeling Місяць тому
Hey from Austin. Love the new space and ambition!!
Clare Brown
Clare Brown Місяць тому
Congrats on your success! Keep building...
Chris Huddleston
Chris Huddleston Місяць тому
lump in my throat and a small tear in my eye for you right now! this is so exciting and I am super happy to see you doing so well! I LOVE seeing people succeed in their dreams. excited to see all the awesome stuff you will be continuing to do at The Wood Shed!
Dave Smith
Dave Smith Місяць тому
April "IKEA" Wilkerson..
Salty CowGirl
Salty CowGirl Місяць тому
Hey by golly I drove by your shop up by the lake, assuming you are the only person with a huge wood shed sign...congrats.. I live close by
Michael Long
Michael Long Місяць тому
Congratulations! May you have good fortune and God's blessings on this new venture.
Gary Ainslie
Gary Ainslie Місяць тому
I have been watching your content for years and you have come so far. You are an inspiration. Congratulations April!!
pjdambra Місяць тому
You are a True Maker. That truly Made it Big.. Watching you from your beginnings to now has been so amazing.. Good Luck April with your new endeavor.. You’re an Amazing Woman..
Hunter Evans
Hunter Evans Місяць тому
I've been watching your videos over the years and loved seeing your channel grow you're such an inspiration to everyone and one of my favorite woodworking UKvidrs
Russell Motter
Russell Motter Місяць тому
Enjoy your spirit of excellence & enjoyment in what you do 🙌
pluk de dag
pluk de dag Місяць тому
congratulations whit the wood shop. good luck.
graveur graveur
graveur graveur Місяць тому
All the best.
graveur graveur
graveur graveur Місяць тому
I admire your energy and contagious enthusiasm. Al the best.
Smoke-Ke's Bbq
Smoke-Ke's Bbq Місяць тому
Hi April, I am curious to know if you do custom picture frames. The pictures that i have measure at 11 x 17. What kinda wood do you suggest that will work for this design?
Tim B
Tim B Місяць тому
You are awesome April.
Michael Schlei
Michael Schlei Місяць тому
April you have come so far! I am inspired by all that you have accomplished. I can't wait to come visit.
April Wilkerson
April Wilkerson Місяць тому
Thank you!
Alex G
Alex G Місяць тому
Congratulations! Well done!
David MacKay
David MacKay Місяць тому
You are one amazing Lady! Congratulations on your continued success.
Charles Jarnagin
Charles Jarnagin Місяць тому
I'm a new guy. Just found you a week or so ago. Ordered two of your plans. Your attitude of "This is me, take it or leave it" is SOOOO contagious and lovable, it's no WONDER you have come so far. I JUST saw this today, and after watching your video, I am cheering for you more than anyone. I don't know how good a woodworker you are (I am NOT which is why I watch people like you), but you are the kind of person other people just want to follow behind, and there is NO doubt in my mind you are going to be successful. I am really glad to have found you, and will watch to see where you take your new space!! I LOVE this!!
Paul Kinsella
Paul Kinsella Місяць тому
You dream big and work hard . The wilkerson empire is expanding with your enthusiasm and drive the shed looks great and the business is growing keep the hard work up doesnt seem like long ago I came across your videos on youtube and started to become glued too watching them . Well done April 😃 .
Francisco M. Alfonso Jimenez
Francisco M. Alfonso Jimenez Місяць тому
Hola April, que bonito ver a alguien tan enamorada con todo lo que hace y siempre con una sonrisa,
John Sanley
John Sanley Місяць тому
Hi Girl, If you remember at Makers Central last year I suggested that you build a kayak. With all these CNC machines together you could quickly cut all the components for an AMAZING kayak that would revolutionise the canoe building field. You could be the LEADER in Texas Kayak design. The WOOD SHOP could be transformed into the KAYAK EMPORIUM. Keep up the good work April, you keep us all entertained during the lockdown with the VIRUS.
Ronald Poddig
Ronald Poddig Місяць тому
Hill country? So your down around San Antonio?
Christopher Huff
Christopher Huff Місяць тому
Nice! Good luck! (Spent half the video wondering if you were going to explain your logo...)
Dave Berry
Dave Berry Місяць тому
Here's to wishing you the best in life ! You're a "bright spot" in the world.
wendy duwe
wendy duwe Місяць тому
I really love your new shop.I am jealous .love the big space. Enjoy it. Udo
Herb Kellins
Herb Kellins Місяць тому
I've been following you for a while and want to congratulate you on your new shop. The personal shop build was very cool to watch. Are you planning on doing classes at The Wood Shed? I live in central Texas and would love to come up and see how the mill works. One of my future projects is a slab dining room table.
Claudio Meneses
Claudio Meneses Місяць тому
Good luck in this new venture!!!!
Timothy Eldridge
Timothy Eldridge Місяць тому
Metallurg33 Місяць тому
its a long way from working in an office & selling kid's height rulers on the side! Congrats, its been amazing watching you grow.
Wiliam Bennett
Wiliam Bennett Місяць тому
Well as I've said before, that you've made it an interesting idea to visit "The Wood Shed". Because when I was a kid going to the wood shed ment a whole other meaning. 🙃 So enjoy in seeing how you've grown an hobby into a full time passion for wood working.
doliio volay
doliio volay Місяць тому
were others too.
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