I Found 100 of the RAREST Axolotl in Minecraft Hardcore (#48)

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In this video I found 100 of the rarest axolotl in Minecraft. In episode 46 of my Hardcore Minecraft Lets Play I Found the Rarest Axolotl in Minecraft, in fact I found two... so in this episode I will be breeding blue axolotls in minecraft until I have 100 Blue Axolotls!

★ Watch the series from episode 1:


▸I Found the RAREST Axolotl in Minecraft Hardcore (#46)

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25 лип 2021





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Lasya M
Lasya M 3 години тому
also put some fish to the both pool, it would look nice
*.Chroma dark Bringer.*
*.Chroma dark Bringer.* 5 годин тому
you should add squid and fish for extra detail
OwOExodic DevilOwO
OwOExodic DevilOwO 7 годин тому
(dude) (dude) (dude) that castle looks too dang good you have talent :3 also cool dragon
Ryan Silva
Ryan Silva 8 годин тому
U already planted 9600 melons
Yaro Bilo
Yaro Bilo 9 годин тому
The new machine unfortunatly hum because norwegian substantively alert aboard a scientific ex-husband. fluttering, shiny push
Anika Jonker
Anika Jonker 11 годин тому
your a god
Halo master
Halo master 11 годин тому
Ivan Prithishkumar
Ivan Prithishkumar 14 годин тому
You're a really good minecrafter you didn't die once yet and you've built so much and done so much
Hubert Zajac
Hubert Zajac 14 годин тому
Bajki Polskie
Nithilan A K
Nithilan A K 18 годин тому
how do you have 7.8 billion subs
Thuy Ha
Thuy Ha 18 годин тому
do a 300 axoloxt for 1 subs
Shadøwplayz 23 години тому
Can we have a moment of silence for the 200 tropical fish R.I.P you all will be misssed
Kimi- Wa-so
Kimi- Wa-so День тому
Your lucky
Shams Moinuddin
Shams Moinuddin День тому
you should put a bit of iron on the stone part of the platform so it looks more realistic!
Dragonias День тому
Anyone else thinks the tank kinda looks like a spryo level?
RascaT День тому
You should place blue stained glass at the end of the platforms of they don't look "funky" from outside
khian echauz
khian echauz День тому
bayingyi День тому
build a mega creeper farm pls
TalitonTheCreator 2 дні тому
Call it "The Melansion"
Shaik Mahabood
Shaik Mahabood 2 дні тому
00:3 you must be acheive that goal my fav wz
Alex Marandyuk
Alex Marandyuk 2 дні тому
Hey Wadzee, did you know that @aCookieGod got 200 rare blue axolotals 😳
Savannah Hahne
Savannah Hahne 2 дні тому
you could make the landmasses on the outside of the tank as well with some draping vines and things so when ur looking from outside it doesnt just look like theyre glued into the tank
Boki Kostic
Boki Kostic 2 дні тому
Autumn Gale
Autumn Gale 2 дні тому
A thing I have learned about pillagers is that even one block of dark oak wood or planks they will spawn like crazy. It's annoying how that works, to be honest.
chris wenrich
chris wenrich 2 дні тому
Like wanna axolotl war Cookies skin in 200Help me Bradley I'm gonna get 300
Tumi Plays
Tumi Plays 2 дні тому
Looks big for 100 axolotols
deathfloof137 2 дні тому
11:39 whoa why does his voice sound way deeper here
madisyn Skywalker
madisyn Skywalker 2 дні тому
I remember playing Minecraft when the coolest thing you could do was make a cake look how far we've come as a community
DaemonicDinozX 2 дні тому
WOW!Amazing build and axolotls! One thing I would mention is it would be cool if in the middle of the castle there would be a conduit for water breathing.
Brooklyn Smith
Brooklyn Smith 2 дні тому
tranding 2 дні тому
my guy is almost in creative
Ming Han Chua
Ming Han Chua 2 дні тому
Your dumb you should've let him burn if you do that you won't get the effect
Lucianna Battista
Lucianna Battista 2 дні тому
u didnt find them u bred them
naomi chandler
naomi chandler 2 дні тому
why did he have a other water bucket
Ashmeet Kaur
Ashmeet Kaur 2 дні тому
I bet you must love watermelons because if I was you I would probably plant wheat or carrots because they do not take away lot of space
✌︎︎Dancing Chick3n✌︎︎
You spend probably hours and hours of work on your videos, your so underrated and I think you deserve more!
Abhinand S Manoj
Abhinand S Manoj 2 дні тому
Dont put so much pressure on yourself
Getem Nokar
Getem Nokar 2 дні тому
You can get mose block by putting bone meal on stone
I want to be like you what can I do
NADE launcher
NADE launcher 2 дні тому
build a Conduit inside the castle
Gilbert camacho
Gilbert camacho 3 дні тому
call him philza
Siimensor 3 дні тому
You should make a tropical fish farm so you don’t don’t have to use that many fireworks
Gaming with ZOZ
Gaming with ZOZ 3 дні тому
Is this a world record? !? !? 😱
Eowyn Rain
Eowyn Rain 3 дні тому
i never had an blue axolotl even a single one so im amazed that you have a hundred blue axolotl
Andrej Walilko
Andrej Walilko 3 дні тому
Sandy Susej
Sandy Susej 3 дні тому
i wonder is i use a spawn egg (axolotl egg) i can spawn that axolotl!
Thanh Trương
Thanh Trương 3 дні тому
Jammbette 3 дні тому
Wait did you find a shiny?
Savannah Mares
Savannah Mares 3 дні тому
Yes I do remember egg
Leo Veleff
Leo Veleff 3 дні тому
Does he now that there is a green 1 percent of spawning.
Cosima Bruna
Cosima Bruna 3 дні тому
I’m triggers that you flew over a village and didn’t get the blacksmith-
X.ur.local.Id!ot.X 3 дні тому
You should have had a tally board so you could add a mark when you bread a new axolotl
Nad_playz 3 дні тому
Ok fine Ima play minecraft now TvT
Pürplê ẞuñsēt
Pürplê ẞuñsēt 3 дні тому
Screw talented, this guy is literally godly.
Chean yan
Chean yan 3 дні тому
wadzee can you earth please wadzee and why you need much melon
Lyla Chivers
Lyla Chivers 3 дні тому
Fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe you would actually believe this guy hahahahahha
Libberty Ribble
Libberty Ribble 3 дні тому
Drink milk when rade and badomen
Emma Espegren
Emma Espegren 3 дні тому
what if you got 1000 blue axolotl? :>
Sunsetglitchbit 3 дні тому
Awwwwww purple axolotls or are they blue I can’t tell
Jessica H
Jessica H 3 дні тому
Not true, u can find mossblocks in ships
علي حسين
علي حسين 3 дні тому
For some reason the aquarium of the blue axolotls looks like a sea monkey aquarium
Noah Balloon
Noah Balloon 3 дні тому
I hate you because you’ve built so much stuff that am never gonna nanowire how to build OMG! WADS
kaka88k1 3 дні тому
you have 20 x how many hardcore vids youve made
JaQuan Davis
JaQuan Davis 3 дні тому
More axolotl
kurama_Uzumaki 3 дні тому
Cookie is better at building but both of u is better 😄🌝🌚
Jackson Anderson
Jackson Anderson 4 дні тому
once i got 200 of the blue axolotls but i had to delete the world because it was to laggy
Mr payment
Mr payment 4 дні тому
Gg! op video nice
Yrabela Mangilit
Yrabela Mangilit 4 дні тому
Even if he had prismarine he could just change it to creative. And I love axolotls!
Yrabela Mangilit
Yrabela Mangilit 4 дні тому
It's hard to get prismarine so, I don't blame him.
vahv 4 дні тому
there family..
Pyrodice 4 дні тому
I was wondering if building with dark oak attracts Pillagers.
Pyrodice 4 дні тому
Do you realize how much faster the underwater portions would have gone if you had a conduit in there, hiding amongst your prismarine? ;)
Angela(Nothing) 4 дні тому
you did not find, you made
Kelly Romero
Kelly Romero 4 дні тому
Kelly Romero
Kelly Romero 4 дні тому
Welcome I see this like 56
Tonys MediaComputer
Tonys MediaComputer 4 дні тому
Master Turtle
Master Turtle 4 дні тому
You hit the turtle 🥺 D:
Kerameniy LIVE
Kerameniy LIVE 4 дні тому
This man loves circles
abdeslam bkraoui
abdeslam bkraoui 4 дні тому
i learned one thing from this guy is to never kill the wondering trader intell you check what he's got
Aradhya Tripathi
Aradhya Tripathi 4 дні тому
i have 800 axolotl in my hardcore sarvival minecraft world hahaha
Kido Gamer
Kido Gamer 4 дні тому
U should make solar system in u're world
Destroyer 3000
Destroyer 3000 4 дні тому
Isn't it 2 fish per one baby so he only actually has 50
MasterDima1 chernovol
MasterDima1 chernovol 4 дні тому
Wadzee i hope you know that there are 3million people in the world who love and support you no matter what, I dont know what i would do without your videos. Peace out my guy:)
Jennifer Kowalski
Jennifer Kowalski 4 дні тому
Why did it say : ''WadZee : 7.8B subscribers :,D
June Ermitaneo
June Ermitaneo 5 днів тому
that is just 100 but using one command block to get thousands of them
Xiyang Ye
Xiyang Ye 5 днів тому
COOKIEGOD COMMETED! GASP its under 15 commnets
nat nat nat
nat nat nat 5 днів тому
“i’m gonna start a raid later on by accident” is just the best line in the whole video
Hector Ravinder Dutt
Hector Ravinder Dutt 5 днів тому
UKvid how dare you unsubscribe me
Cath Joie
Cath Joie 5 днів тому
"Whoops I forgot to breath" WadZee 2021-
Nathan Romine
Nathan Romine 5 днів тому
WadZee: "this is the only way to get these blocks (moss) in the current version of the game" New Chunk Shipwrecks: Excuse me what?
THE AXOLOTL GOD 5 днів тому
The castle looks like a ocean monument
The Crying Man
The Crying Man 5 днів тому
28:37 "This is the only way to get moss blocks" Shipwrecks and bonemeal: *Am I a joke to you?*
Ryszard Sikora
Ryszard Sikora 5 днів тому
You can get moss from shipwrecks wandering traders are still useless
Ryszard Sikora
Ryszard Sikora 5 днів тому
Hundreds of inbred axolotls just to keep the bloodline pure, you should give them Habsurg names
Crusty Content
Crusty Content 5 днів тому
He took incest to another level
Barry Bubs
Barry Bubs 5 днів тому
My name is Barry! I never see anyone/anything named Barry so this is delightful
Jennifer JUergensen
Jennifer JUergensen 5 днів тому
they're actually called warped stems, the blue "trees" are technically mushrooms. edit: don't call me a smart alek, the red ones too.
Ruth Lucas
Ruth Lucas 5 днів тому
Not to be rude but there’s a green axolotl and the green is the rarest :)
Ruth Lucas
Ruth Lucas 5 днів тому
And the spawn rate is 0.0000001 or 0.0000002
Wulfkill3r221 &Games
Wulfkill3r221 &Games 5 днів тому
26:15 There's gonna be many more to come. Pun intended?
qwq 5 днів тому
you should get a conduit, so you dont have to worry about drowning! it would also like very nice
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