'I'm a little bit off the Andrew Luck bandwagon' - Max Kellerman | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman, Will Cain and Damien Woody evaluate where Andrew Luck is at in his career. Max says Luck hasn't lived up to expectations and the pressure is mounting for him to take the next step. Stephen A. and Damien defend Luck, crediting him for his playoff appearances and leadership.
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22 бер 2019





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Jared Laswell
Jared Laswell 2 години тому
How long did it take Elway to win a SB?.... oh yeah....
Jared Laswell
Jared Laswell 2 години тому
LOL.... Andrew is 4-4 in the playoffs I believe.
Reaper X Tribe
Reaper X Tribe День тому
you don’t have to win a SB to be an elite HOF QB. it’s that simple. Football isn’t only a QB. There is a 53 man roster in which 90% of that needs to do their part to win a SB.
Reaper X Tribe
Reaper X Tribe День тому
I’ve lost all respect for max and I’m now giving it to Steve.
The Green Pill Mindset
The Green Pill Mindset День тому
These "black" men love to give white QBs all kinds of excuses. If it were Russel Wilson or Cam Newton that had Andrew Luck's career, they would never kiss his ass like this. They would nail him to a cross for not having a Super Bowl ring. Coonables.
phatdawg1 2 дні тому
I fucking love Stephen A Smith
Robert Gilliland
Robert Gilliland 3 дні тому
Can't wait until he eats his words.
shane hester
shane hester 4 дні тому
luck is probly the best qb in football
Kyle Deming
Kyle Deming 6 днів тому
Max wouldn’t have sounded like a such an idiot if he just checked the final score of the colts game during wild card weekend. If he said that Andrew luck needs to get the colts to the afc championship game at least, as ridiculous as that sounds for an expectation to put on a player, it would have sounded a lot better saying luck needs to win at least a playoff game to prove something after he just won a playoff game coming off a season where he lead the colts to 10 wins coming off shoulder surgery
Shea Kelley
Shea Kelley 7 днів тому
After an injured shoulder.
Shea Kelley
Shea Kelley 7 днів тому
What an idiot
Sam Games-Spencer
Sam Games-Spencer 8 днів тому
Max Kellerman is an idiot. Luck won a playoff game last year against the division champs Houston last year at home. Smh
Kyle Looper
Kyle Looper 9 днів тому
Luck is a great quarterback. He's 4-4 on the playoffs. Most of the teams he led to 11-5 were bottom 5 rosters. No TY, no Malik Hooker, and the offensive line played terribly. Suck my dick, Mark.
billybattsforprez 13 днів тому
What a horrible analyst luck is a great player
Khoa Nguyen
Khoa Nguyen 13 днів тому
Uh Oh here come Max Kellerman. 😂😂😂
Andrew Luck took a 2-14 team to the playoffs in his rookie year. And not only were his expectations sky high, because he was the best quarterback coming out of the draft in 30 years, but because he was replacing AN ABSOLUTE LEGEND in Peyton Manning. He had to prove to EVERYONE that picking him over Peyton Manning(who went on to be in 2 more superbowls, winning one of them)was the right decision. Early on, yea, it might have been the better decusion. But, if the Colts knew what they know now, about everything that's happened with Luck, and the team as a whole, and how Peyton performed in Denver, I think they would have kept Peyton Manning for as long as he played, and then draft a Patrick Mahomes, Desean Watson, Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, Carson Wentz, or Jared Goff when the time was right.
john hunt
john hunt 13 днів тому
Max Kellermsn needs to stick to covering Boxing , He knows Nothing about Football ! Luck has had Awful teams in Indy and ft. Found a way to win til he got hurt. He has the best team now that he has ever had in Indy and they are gonna get better through the draft . Kellerman is an Idiot
Dustin 13 днів тому
Luck had a great season last year no doubt. It could have been better stat wise and win wise if he had been fully healthy the first 5 games. He couldn't throw the ball further than 20 yards early on and when he got healthy they started winning a lot. Mahomes helped a team that won 10 games with Alex Smith win 12. Luck took a team that won 4 games with Brissett and helped them win 10. Mahomes was great last year no doubt but it was only one season. If anyone has to prove that they deserve the hype it Aaron Rogers.
ShawnzViewEnt 14 днів тому
This time last year, Andrew Luck couldn’t even throw a football. Now after a good season where we were supposed to be “rebuilding” people are starting to favor the Colts somewhat and it’s time to jump off the bandwagon? I like Max but I don’t agree with this take
Maphack 14 днів тому
he said luck has gotten better and his team got worse...what is max saying?
Cosmic Ac3s
Cosmic Ac3s 14 днів тому
This dude is literally nitpicking at one year. This guy is literally stupid. I would like to see max du what Andrew has to do to comeback and lead his team to the playoffs. Bad take
Nick 14 днів тому
Did this man say they put talent around Luck? All he has is TY Hilton and an O-line. He mad everyone else. Ebron was a bust before Luck, Inman was a noname, Chester Rodgers is a noname, everyone says Mack is barely a starting RB, Hines and Wilkins are like 4th and 5th rounders. He has nothing and yet still threw 39 TDS, let the colts from 1-5 to 10-6 and a playoff win. Max doesn’t know what he is talking about
Michael szewczyk
Michael szewczyk 15 днів тому
At this time last year Luck wasn't even throwing a football full force. You people seem to forget these aren't comic book characters, these are human beings. At this time last year, I would like to have seen all of your comments regarding Luck and how many thought he'd ever be physically capable of doing what he did this year. If Brady had the Colts line of years past, he'd have been retired 5 years ago b/c he can't move and could never take the shots Luck has taken. It's a team game, even though it's easier to be lazy and put everything on the QB.
Hunter Williams
Hunter Williams 15 днів тому
He’s one season off a serious injury. We’ll see how things go but let’s not forget what he did during his season under Bruce Arians. That was a pretty great year.
Brayden Wormer
Brayden Wormer 15 днів тому
Peyton Manning’s 2005 Season at the age of 29: 3700 yards, 28 Touchdowns. Has yet to win a championship, and has gotten his ass kicked by many AFC teams in every playoff run of his career thus far. Considering the team he had around him, he should’ve already had a ring by now. This year lost to the Steelers in the divisional round. Andrew Luck’s 2018 season at age 29: 4500 yards, 39 Touchdowns. Has yet to win a championship, but considering what he has been working with, has done well in the playoffs. Has also had major injuries. Loses to the Chiefs this time around.
Chuck Eller
Chuck Eller 15 днів тому
Wtf max 😂
jesse garrett
jesse garrett 16 днів тому
This seems strangely familiar.. isn’t this the same narrative they tried to push right before Peyton won his first super bowl... 😀
Big Shaq Games
Big Shaq Games 16 днів тому
We still can’t forget that Nathan Peterman is the goat he will lead the raiders to a blowout super bowl win by having 18 ints in the game and will win sb MVP
James Wheet
James Wheet 16 днів тому
Hahaha, first guy (Max) is a joke!! Ready to call Luck a bust!! And y’all act like you personally weren’t drooling over deon Cain before he got hurt... get his WR help and it’s over
Windie Boy
Windie Boy 17 днів тому
This guy is a retard
Famous TV
Famous TV 17 днів тому
Fantastic video! Continue creating good content and you can get bigger rapidly! Subscribe to our channel and we will subscribe back to you!
Jewel Clark
Jewel Clark 17 днів тому
Andrew Luck just got married,hopefully he got a pre nap, & a Cook Islands trust,He’ll probably need it sooner rather than later
k_ Carey2
k_ Carey2 18 днів тому
Max's argument is that this season he needs to do exactly what he just did already.....wuh?
BetterThanThe Lions
BetterThanThe Lions 18 днів тому
We did not want you anyways....
Famous TV
Famous TV 18 днів тому
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Caleb Terry
Caleb Terry 18 днів тому
Stick to boxing Max.
Anthony Crump
Anthony Crump 18 днів тому
As a colts fan luck needs to play better in the playoffs he doesn’t get mad enough or seem to want it enough
Josel Serrano
Josel Serrano 18 днів тому
Anthony Twomley
Anthony Twomley 18 днів тому
This clown said he would be the best QB in football a month ago, can’t take anything this clown says seriously
Devlins10 18 днів тому
But never off the sjw bandwagon.
Eric Martin Smith
Eric Martin Smith 18 днів тому
Andrew Luck comes back from an injury that has retired some quarterbacks and had one of his best seasons ever, we don't care if you're on the bandwagon or not dude.
Harpoon_Bakery 18 днів тому
Luck DID play very, very, very poorly in the Chiefs game. Looked awful. Looked scared, looked inept, and just looked horrific.
John Smith
John Smith 16 днів тому
Worst game of his career
Hari Avula
Hari Avula 18 днів тому
God damn max makes me lose braincells sometimes. Andrew luck completely turned around the colts after the peyton manning era. He's been a great era. From 2015-2017, right when he was about put together an mvp campaign, he gets injured and is supported with an god awful o line and bottom 3 defense. Colts will be dangerous this year
Dylan Spangler
Dylan Spangler 19 днів тому
That’s probably the first time I’ve ever agreed with Stephen A. Smith
christopher keeler
christopher keeler 20 днів тому
Won 9 out of 10 games in a row. That doesn’t happen without stellar QB play.
John Smith
John Smith 16 днів тому
Great run game, solid defense, and the easiest schedule in the NFL make it easy
Alex Selesnick
Alex Selesnick 20 днів тому
Luck had such an amazing season last year. He also was coming off a major injury and just got better and better as the season progressed. I think Mahomes is the only QB I’d take over him if starting a team from scratch. I would also venture to say that Luck would put up monstrous numbers with a similar supporting cast.
Alex Selesnick
Alex Selesnick 20 днів тому
This is such a silly take by Max. Andrew Luck is easily a top 5 QB and he’s had a 0-4 win type supporting cast without him. The guy is absolutely elite.
John Smith
John Smith 16 днів тому
Not top 5 for sure. Maybe top 10
James Ross
James Ross 20 днів тому
This guy never even played sports period but he's on t.v along with some of his colleagues talking shit
Nick Ibis
Nick Ibis 20 днів тому
Max has no idea what hes talking about in regards to football, especially QB's
Whamo Justice
Whamo Justice 20 днів тому
a Villard actor 56 years that the loudest person in the room is always the dumbest f***** in the room
Yasir H.
Yasir H. 21 день тому
Nickel Cannon
Nickel Cannon 21 день тому
This guy is a fool
Chris Jolly
Chris Jolly 21 день тому
Ryan Grigson has ruined Lucks career this far. That man blew complete draft classes nearly 3 straight years. Chris Ballard is fixing that right now
Wyatt Schaefer
Wyatt Schaefer 21 день тому
he hasn't played playoff football in 3 years. hasn't even been on the bench of a playoff team.
Donald Brady
Donald Brady 21 день тому
After I realized years ago that Max doesn’t know shit whatever he’s says now I don’t pay attention to.
Jerrick & Mattie Wilkins
Jerrick & Mattie Wilkins 21 день тому
Stephen A. Smith punked Max Kellerman at the end.
Rob Roberts
Rob Roberts 21 день тому
Best part of the video. Then it cuts out. classic drop the mic clip. haha
Jonah Switzer
Jonah Switzer 21 день тому
Manning didn't get to a super bowl until year 8. Andrew Luck been here 6. Peyton is one of the greatest QB's of all time and youre all over Andrew Luck. Makes a lot of sense Max.
Jonah Switzer
Jonah Switzer 21 день тому
And every full season Andrew Luck has played in he has a winning record. Calm down Max, he is an exceptional quarterback, deal with it.
Elroy 21 день тому
Andrew Luck was out of the NFL for 2 years .. first year back he is 2nd in Passing TDs 2nd to only the MVP of the league. Takes his mediocre team to the playoffs and wins a game on the road . What is he supposed to do ? Throw 50tds and win the Super Bowl his first year back ?
stephen ryan
stephen ryan 22 дні тому
Max, one month ago: "Andrew Luck is going to be the best player in the league one day." One week ago: "I am a little bit off the bandwagon."
BIG JAKE 22 дні тому
Cody373 22 дні тому
Max, your stupidity is showing again. Clean it up please. Thanks.
Mark Brooks II
Mark Brooks II 22 дні тому
Max is trippin trippin
Joaquin 22 дні тому
How long did it take elway to win a super bowl?? How long did it take manning to win a playoff game? Took elway till 97 and was drafted in 83 and manning didn’t win a playoff game till year 6. Luck already beat manning in Denver in the playoffs.. in fact he’s won a game each time he’s been to the playoffs
Joaquin 22 дні тому
Don’t act like the colts had an elite team all luck had was Ebron and Hilton and a good o line... and all that defense rly has is hooker and Leonard... they have good foundation but no depth.. keep in mind they’re still rebuilding... can’t believe max just said he had a “great team” and he lost to the chiefs so he dissapointed
Joaquin 22 дні тому
Acting like Andrew luck didn’t beat deshaun Watson who is supposed to be worse than
Joaquin 22 дні тому
Why! Andrew luck had his career year last year
Douglisa Jeter
Douglisa Jeter 22 дні тому
My team is back, and it's been long due. All we have to do is pick a good safety, CB, edge, and wr. (Wr) is going to be picked at 59. There's too many receivers in this draft class. So we can take 2 defensive players and get us a nice wr2 that goes with ty Hilton. Let's just hope funchess comeback season is just as good as eric ebrons. And we take Kelvin Harmon, Hakeem butler, or Terry mclaurin. We are AFC south demons now. I bet cash that we have a hefty undefeated streak this season.
Nathanael Hile
Nathanael Hile 23 дні тому
Luck turned Eric Ebron into a thing. He has a terrible collection of options to throw to and no legit WRs at all beyond Hilton, who wasn't healthy. Stupid take.
Darren Sepulveda
Darren Sepulveda 23 дні тому
ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 1st year back off a near career ending injury with a new coach and a team of 23 year olds and winning a playoff game and losing to the #1 seed is reason for you to think this is all he will do? He hast 7-8 more years to ball out
Lucidly Dreaming
Lucidly Dreaming 23 дні тому
Everytime I listen to Max Kellerman, I lose at least 43% of my remaining braincells
Kirk Widlund
Kirk Widlund 23 дні тому
I think Max is functionally retarded.
BioGrave 23 дні тому
Has Max actually watched Luck play? Anybody who has knows he's definitely lived up to the hype its been a mix of lack of talent some years and some god awful coaching.
joel lopez
joel lopez 23 дні тому
Max ... your fired 😒
David Hochstetler
David Hochstetler 23 дні тому
Lmao they put a team around him. He’s had Hilton all these years. That’s it. They finally gave him a line and Ebron. He needs one more high skills wr and the shows over
shon evans
shon evans 23 дні тому
Sorry but luck is looking like another Philip rivers . Got skills but not going to the next level . At least not with that team . Besides it's a indoor team how many of them even win Super bowls?
Brian 23 дні тому
....the dude threw 39 TDs last season
LazyBrosVidz 23 дні тому
They were ranked 32 last year Max you fucking retard hahaha they got 10 wins with ty hilton and somehow Ebron was a gem. But no running backs until Mack just transformed into something and no defense cmon now idc how good the maniac is the rest of the D sucks. But he got 10 wins and went 1-1 in the playoffs and lost to the #1 seeded team so I’m not complaining on what he has done. It’s not like they signed OBJ or signed like Antonio Brown they signed funchess so shut the fuck up max you are an idiot
jonathan naughton
jonathan naughton 23 дні тому
"I think the Colts need to make the playoffs, I think the Colts need to win at least one playoff game..." You mean the exact thing they did this past season??? SMH
Aaron Taylor
Aaron Taylor 24 дні тому
Keep doubting him. Keep dogging on the Colts. Please.
Sam Tharp
Sam Tharp 24 дні тому
This is HILARIOUS! He says all of these reasons why Luck can't get better and then says he should have won a super bowl? Max obviously is just playing devils advocate.
Dallas Horrocks
Dallas Horrocks 24 дні тому
Max needs to chill a bit, all the other guys made valid points, he was just butt hurt he was the only one against Luck! Luck is a BEAST
Eric Bimbo
Eric Bimbo 24 дні тому
By far the biggest dumbass and douchebag ive ever seen in my life. 2013 rookie season was amazing. Injuries 2015-2017. 2018? Dropped pagano. Got an o-line finally. Built a defense. Healthy luck. 8 straight games 3+ TDs. 10 game win streak. Beat the texans. Sounds like a good season to me. New coaches and new players. You havent seen anything yet. Last year just was building the community. This year were going far. Stupid fuck
donald deluxe
donald deluxe 24 дні тому
shout out to quentin nelson in being one of the best guards I've ever seen.
donald deluxe
donald deluxe 21 день тому
+Donald Brady the cowboys also have zack martin, a offensive guard who was also from ND.
Donald Brady
Donald Brady 21 день тому
donald deluxe hell yeah! Go Irish!
Young Napolean23
Young Napolean23 24 дні тому
ESPN needs to take Max’s contract rip that shit up. Then lure Deion to first take. Prime time and SAS would be a legendary duo
young king
young king 24 дні тому
It got to feel good to get paid for just talking out your ass you don't even have to know facts I wonder where you apply is they hiring
Michael Myers
Michael Myers 24 дні тому
and thanks Steven A . Smith 😎
Jesse Besaw
Jesse Besaw 24 дні тому
God Max is an idiot. These guys say outrageous shit just to get more eyeballs on them.
Michael Myers
Michael Myers 24 дні тому
shut yo ass up max we just went 2 playoffs from a 1-5 start with andrew coming off injury ,getin arm bac and getin bac in rhythm with offense not even at full strength so wut tha fuc u think he's goin 2 do next season healthy n protected up front with pass rush n somebody else 2 throw 2 other than T.Y Hilton 🔥😂
Randal Smith
Randal Smith 24 дні тому
Colts fan here. It's you idiot media talking heads that labeled Luck the second coming of John Elway or whatever. He will perform at a high level, just like most of 2018. Yall don't know dick from sausages.
Jason Herring
Jason Herring 24 дні тому
The bandwagon is better off without kellerman.
Brayden Wormer
Brayden Wormer 25 днів тому
Stephen A nailed it at the end.
Brayden Wormer
Brayden Wormer 25 днів тому
Max, Andrew Luck did win a playoff game last season and played great in it. Why would you want to see that out of him this season when he has already done it several times before. You don’t make a lot of sense.
John Smith
John Smith 14 днів тому
Here are lucks QB ratings in the games he has lost in the playoffs: 1 Ravens : QBR of 59 lost 24 -9 2 Patriots: QBR of 56 lost 43- 22 had 4 ints 3 Patriots: QBR of 23 lost 45 to 7 4. Chiefs: QBR of 78 lost 38 to 13 (against the worst defense in football) So yeah he chokes pretty hard when it matters against the better teams. Just because he got some easy wins against bad teams doesnt mean shit. Truth is he chokes harder than almost any QB I've ever seen when the pressure is on. Colts better get a defense like the Seahawks or Ravens if they want to win with Luck. 🤚🎤
Brayden Wormer
Brayden Wormer 14 днів тому
John Smith you continue to make excuses. What happened happened. Trying to act like teams aren’t good to prove your point.
John Smith
John Smith 14 днів тому
The chiefs were only the 1 seed because they lost to Miami on a fluke play. If the refs weren't completely favoring the chiefs in that game the chiefs get destroyed . Belichek didn't pull anything out of his ass? He out coached Andy Reid badly. They won the Superbowl for a reason lmao. Your lucky the Pat's didn't play the colts again would have been really ugly. Colts had such an easy schedule they didn't deserve to make the playoffs anyway.
Brayden Wormer
Brayden Wormer 14 днів тому
John Smith as Ive already established, he has beaten good teams in the playoffs. Even if he was a bad playoff quarterback, it’s not like there haven’t been great QB’s in the past who can’t win a title.
John Smith
John Smith 14 днів тому
Luck gets embarrassed every time he plays a good team. How many times does he have to get blown out with terrible performances to see that he chokes hard when it matters
Brayden Wormer
Brayden Wormer 25 днів тому
Smh, when will they stop doubting this guy.
mundabi 25 днів тому
Andrew Luck: *takes a subpar roster in Indy to 3 straight 11-5 records, multiple playoff wins, AFC championship appearance with the worst offensive line in the league, had a potentially career ending injury, has an MVP season winning comeback player of the year and turning around an 1-5 season* Max Kellerman: I’m not sure he’s as good as we think he is.
magicmarv98 25 днів тому
Get the hell out here max, Your drunk
Andy and Vic
Andy and Vic 25 днів тому
Great end to the video.
Andy and Vic
Andy and Vic 25 днів тому
IMO Luck gets a pass last year. Even if we went 8-8, it was his comeback year. Now this year, no excuses. We need to win the division, and advance at least to the AFC championship.
John Smith
John Smith 16 днів тому
The chiefs picked up the honey badger at saftey and a solid DE from a trade with Cleveland. They still might lose tyreek to suspension and if that happens they are done.
John & Jazzmine Anderson
John & Jazzmine Anderson 16 днів тому
Cheifs haven't done much improving their roster this offseason. Losses of Houston & Dee Ford hurt. The remaining DEs on the roster have like 3.5 combined. Saftey and linebacker positions need to be addressed. Also I feel like they still need a lead running back with Hunt gone. So...I say NO! To the Chiefs securing a bye as of today, April 3rd
John Smith
John Smith 16 днів тому
Won't happen. Chiefs and Pat's will lock up the bye's
Mark Brooks II
Mark Brooks II 22 дні тому
I agree. Luck obliterated my expectations last year. I'm too hyped for next season!
John & Jazzmine Anderson
John & Jazzmine Anderson 23 дні тому
Secure a home playoff game and a bye would be my expectation.
Andy and Vic
Andy and Vic 25 днів тому
1:56 "They need to win at least one playoff game." This guy forgot we already destroyed the Texans in the wildcard round.
Andy and Vic
Andy and Vic День тому
+John & Jazzmine Anderson Yeah I guess my comments can be pretty lengthy lol
John & Jazzmine Anderson
John & Jazzmine Anderson 23 дні тому
I see you commenting on more Colts vids...lol That Welcome Justin Houston to Colts vid was a dozy...well at least the comments...lol
Taylor 23 дні тому
Andy and Vic He is talking about next year
Johnathan Walton
Johnathan Walton 25 днів тому
These sports commentators don’t know what their talking about.
Harambe Was Framed
Harambe Was Framed 25 днів тому
Thank God Max because we don’t like your annoying ass anyways! Luck is a modern miracle! So glad the Colts stayed loyal to him. I see the Colts and Saints rematch in Super Bowl 54 back in Miami again!
Yasir H.
Yasir H. 21 день тому
Harambe Was Framed apprisacte the support
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