I'm a Mobile Game

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It's a great Christmas Present that you don't have to pay for!! :)
Download the game here 🡆🡆🡆 www.theodd1soutgame.com/ 🡄🡄🡄
Backgrounds done by
Amelia (Galloway) 🡆 instagram.com/galloame/
Edummerart 🡆 instagram.com/edummerart
Ronbairdart 🡆 instagram.com/ronbairdart/
Kintheartist 🡆 instagram.com/kintheartist/




22 лис 2020





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Scars_ Yt
Scars_ Yt 41 хвилина тому
its very fun
Clash scrabby
Clash scrabby 41 хвилина тому
#1 on trending good job
DK animation
DK animation 41 хвилина тому
You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself became the Villain!
Isai Gonzalez
Isai Gonzalez 41 хвилина тому
Gotham sucked
noturrobloxyoutuber none of yo buisness
noturrobloxyoutuber none of yo buisness 41 хвилина тому
Why did I think the ad was real ._. :28
Egg Egg
Egg Egg 42 хвилини тому
Mica will watch me fail the 10000000000 time ;-;
Emilio Rojas
Emilio Rojas 42 хвилини тому
You monster...
Empress Vipress
Empress Vipress 42 хвилини тому
I just got a PBS ad on your game😅
Rana Musa
Rana Musa 42 хвилини тому
Did you Play Among us?
FazeNasa123 43 хвилини тому
Summary: James: “Mobile games are stupid!” James: “So anyway, I became a mobile game!”
Yung Jeong
Yung Jeong 43 хвилини тому
One day YUNG JEONG will be the biggest artist in the music industry...manifest 💸💯🙏🏽💫
Ben Donck
Ben Donck 43 хвилини тому
The game is super fun great job!
wolf loversLDG
wolf loversLDG 43 хвилини тому
Who tried to x out the ad the james drew?
Conspicuous tacos
Conspicuous tacos 43 хвилини тому
Not gonna lie this game kinda sucks....
hamood282 43 хвилини тому
James: mobile games are not even real games and most are free but they just give you a lot of ads me: well.... dbd mobile has ads but they are all optional
TheDeadfirePizza 43 хвилини тому
This doesnt have to be for James but here is my channel ukvid.net/show-UCctRdFhbOtfYVMjgam1WEKw?view_as=subscriber
Anjale Navanathan
Anjale Navanathan 43 хвилини тому
when you run out of ideas so you make a 1min advertisement for your own game and it gets 2 million views in 1 day
Enrique Pineda
Enrique Pineda 44 хвилини тому
Hello 😁
ssali sheba
ssali sheba 44 хвилини тому
FistFuryWolf 44 хвилини тому
bro its #1 trending lmao
Fernando C
Fernando C 44 хвилини тому
1 trading
Jarrod Kellar
Jarrod Kellar 44 хвилини тому
Yesss sirrrr
Acleanusername 45 хвилин тому
He’s #1 on trending 😌✨
Marrenlann 2
Marrenlann 2 45 хвилин тому
#1ontrending this is you XD
Jacob Yang
Jacob Yang 46 хвилин тому
This games is the BEST GAME EVER
jackbestboii 46 хвилин тому
#46 auf trends in deutschland xD
space cowboy
space cowboy 46 хвилин тому
i love how he drew totoro
Gabriel Caro
Gabriel Caro 46 хвилин тому
.... an ad got number one on trending... what is wrong with UKvid nowadays.🤦‍♂️
GachaGirl UwU
GachaGirl UwU 46 хвилин тому
Congrats on trending
Casual_Noot 47 хвилин тому
Aaron H
Aaron H 47 хвилин тому
Don’t care didn’t ask
nathaniel Schrader
nathaniel Schrader 47 хвилин тому
This is what I call Subway Surfers now: Sooubway Surfers
VertPlaysGames 47 хвилин тому
Nish Patel
Nish Patel 48 хвилин тому
#1 on trending!
Cuphead Cristian
Cuphead Cristian 48 хвилин тому
I knew You were going to make a game I have it
JustDazYoutube 48 хвилин тому
this video is number 1 trending
Normal Person
Normal Person 49 хвилин тому
so did you got cancelled?
SB King
SB King 49 хвилин тому
Number one on trending ayyy
18ismyfavoritenumber 2011
18ismyfavoritenumber 2011 50 хвилин тому
Review on Let's Bounce Pros Good graphics Different costumes Cons Lots of ads You can die when you hit a single obstacle on accident
George Moussa
George Moussa 50 хвилин тому
TheOdd1sOut let’s bounce ad would be like
Mine_Gaming0608 50 хвилин тому
I got jk'd at 0:25 thinking that it was an ad... bravo.
Do I like ???
Do I like ??? 50 хвилин тому
I like it
Ciara Kenny
Ciara Kenny 50 хвилин тому
I’m gonna download it in 3,2,1,downloaded
MartynasGamess 50 хвилин тому
Rat Leather
Rat Leather 50 хвилин тому
Dudes getting canceled sadly
Khaoz _
Khaoz _ 51 хвилина тому
#1 les gooo
Ms. Water
Ms. Water 51 хвилина тому
Your number 1 on trending
AlanGreatGod BTSLOVER 52 хвилини тому
First time I heard someone talk about thanksgiving
CatsInSpace6951 69
CatsInSpace6951 69 52 хвилини тому
I can't go to Thanksgiving because I have covid
dF_ Small_dan
dF_ Small_dan 53 хвилини тому
"Mobile games aren't games" Cries in codm, a game i passionately love
smooth sharky
smooth sharky 53 хвилини тому
James is a circle head
John the echidna
John the echidna 53 хвилини тому
James, I just wanted to let you know that I’m sorry about all the bad things that are going on on Twitter about you, and that we’re all here for you, and we hope that God helps you in this crisis right now. And always remember to wear your seatbelt.
Bo Gaming
Bo Gaming 53 хвилини тому
Why do I just turn my wi-fi off so no ads come?
Pollinus Crack
Pollinus Crack 53 хвилини тому
George Moussa
George Moussa 54 хвилини тому
There’s some mobile games that are awesome
Mayian Xateo
Mayian Xateo 54 хвилини тому
I would like to complain that it says it's a mobile game though I'm on a mobile device and it says not compatible with the version of the game
TheMonado 54 хвилини тому
Looks terrible.
Animavro 54 хвилини тому
its just a burrito bison re-skin i guess
grim_ 54 хвилини тому
why did I click that pop up ad at the bottom
shamoy brown
shamoy brown 55 хвилин тому
Let's be real almost all mobile games smack a AD your face every five seconds
Kiki B
Kiki B 55 хвилин тому
I downloaded it before I even watched the video
Unk0wn An1mat10ns
Unk0wn An1mat10ns 55 хвилин тому
Altin Limani
Altin Limani 55 хвилин тому
Do ya reply to comments🙃🤔
YouTuber Productions
YouTuber Productions 44 хвилини тому
Yeah it is rare and unfortunate
Altin Limani
Altin Limani 46 хвилин тому
@UKvidr Productions Oh
YouTuber Productions
YouTuber Productions 49 хвилин тому
Paul Vincze
Paul Vincze 55 хвилин тому
The game is amazing . Love you James !❤
Oof Man ADVENTOORE 55 хвилин тому
congrats on trending marshmellow!
hamilton euzarraga
hamilton euzarraga 55 хвилин тому
Dude, you're number 1 in trending!
Joshua De Vries
Joshua De Vries 56 хвилин тому
I installed it
Michael Hesd
Michael Hesd 56 хвилин тому
JESUS...he’s trending #1 for advertising?!?!?!?
YouTuber Productions
YouTuber Productions 49 хвилин тому
2.7 million views?!?!?!?
CaptainTripleSeven MD
CaptainTripleSeven MD 56 хвилин тому
Who else thought that the popup was a real ad? I actually tried to click the button to close out of it lol.
skjalmo 97
skjalmo 97 56 хвилин тому
WoW top 1
Da Champ
Da Champ 57 хвилин тому
It's almost like sponsoring yourself.
Axel Hernandez
Axel Hernandez 57 хвилин тому
Euiyang Kim
Euiyang Kim 57 хвилин тому
Well the ad worked, it #1 in app store casual games lol
Mr Reed
Mr Reed 57 хвилин тому
Thanks for makeing it james 10/10
Joshua De Vries
Joshua De Vries 58 хвилин тому
Is it free?
dhelor 58 хвилин тому
My condolences...
Gio A.
Gio A. 58 хвилин тому
I love the game, but there's so many ads, it's annoying
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance 59 хвилин тому
Hello, Humans. "One of the greatest pieces of economic wisdom is to know what you do not know."-John Kenneth Galbraith TERRANCE OUT
Samantha Bowers
Samantha Bowers 59 хвилин тому
#1 on trending! Nice!!
Bruh9374 Jebdudn
Bruh9374 Jebdudn 59 хвилин тому
It’s a glitch
Bailey Owens
Bailey Owens 59 хвилин тому
have a merry thanksgiving to you too, james
Jonathan aguilar
Jonathan aguilar 59 хвилин тому
I have your game now
Fawzia Omer
Fawzia Omer Годину тому
I just downloaded your new game it's amazing and everybody who sees this get the game you should try it out I totally recommend you to play this game 😁
scrappy gaming
scrappy gaming Годину тому
Bro I play mobile games and I have a choice to watch a ad for free gems jeez plus it’s a reward for that level plus the called stick war legacy
Blue Lotus
Blue Lotus Годину тому
He forgot to tell us to wear our seat belts, we gonna die now
Yusha Mohammed
Yusha Mohammed Годину тому
This game is impossible
brady g
brady g Годину тому
You have marry thanks giving too James
Aaron Garcia
Aaron Garcia Годину тому
This is his monthly video isn’t it
Beast Mode Finley
Beast Mode Finley Годину тому
Hey, James? You play Among us, right?
lil on wii
lil on wii Годину тому
When I watch
lil on wii
lil on wii Годину тому
Number 1. Trending
trex dude78
trex dude78 Годину тому
YOU uploaded noice
Rebel2149 Годину тому
Found a simple glich m.ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-yCMtFui_bFg.html
TheGamer101_YT Годину тому
Who else heard he’s getting canceled on Twitter for a dumb joke
*GachA TeA* TwT
*GachA TeA* TwT Годину тому
O.o oh my this was so funny to me lol 😂and yay new game
ypshi1nfluence Годину тому
I love how you get #1 trending every time a video is made
Jonatan Linde
Jonatan Linde Годину тому
I just bught sprinkel James😰
Imawizard Годину тому
Trending for an advertisement?
Cutely Roleplays
Cutely Roleplays Годину тому
The game was fun
Allison Rodgers
Allison Rodgers Годину тому
James: Yep, I joined the dark side. My five year old self: HOW COULD YOU! Luke Skywalker in the sixth movie: *Why does this kid care?* My five year old self who had Star Wars time everyday: 👁👄👁
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