I'm STILL being haunted pt. 2

Daisy Marquez
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Thank you so much for watching, I love you flowers🌼💞



28 січ 2019

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Janula Fely
Janula Fely 42 хвилини тому
IVX 43 хвилини тому
4:00 when there’s too much tea to spill
IVX 46 хвилин тому
Her ex is haunting her 😔
Daniel Power
Daniel Power Годину тому
You look like kylie😍
DaQueenHerself 2 години тому
I believe you because I have paranormal experience before I have a gost face that have popped in a video I filmed of my friend dancing and it’s next to her and no one believed me because the video was deleted after me and my friend saw it .. i swear to god 💔💔💔💔💔
Ican’tdothisanymore Helpme
Ican’tdothisanymore Helpme 2 години тому
If i were you , i would go to a mcdonald parking lot or a target parking lot to tell the story not in the fucking haunted building , you are crazy . But love the car btw .
Ican’tdothisanymore Helpme
Ican’tdothisanymore Helpme 2 години тому
Wait im so confuse , is she wearing a wig ? Cause im not into her other stuff so i just watch her paranormal stuff , but her hairstyles is different in each three video .
Jatziri Ramirez
Jatziri Ramirez 4 години тому
Umm..I’m literally scared but I’m still watching this video
Brianna Olivares
Brianna Olivares 4 години тому
Jesus please protect Daisy, me and everyone viewing ❤️
ASisBest 4 години тому
Bitch....If i get haunted cause I watched your first vid imma be so mad
Ai ivyy
Ai ivyy 5 годин тому
I just got chills & the painting In the first video wasn't noticable until I saw it behind her. I got really bad vibes from the painting ...
maite hernandez
maite hernandez 6 годин тому
What car do you drive it looks really nice.
Ciella Styles
Ciella Styles 6 годин тому
Lord protect us all 🙏🏼
Alie Lowe
Alie Lowe 6 годин тому
My car stopped working while watching this so 🙂
Evelyn M
Evelyn M 7 годин тому
omg i was in the middle of this video then pt3 of her getting haunted just posted two hours cOiNcIdEnCe i ThInK nOt
Breanne Whittaker
Breanne Whittaker 7 годин тому
Daisy touches her face so much , but it’s still glowing and beaming 😊 I’m so jealous
Kate A
Kate A 7 годин тому
Watching this under the covers in bed in the dark.
Beyond Anna
Beyond Anna 7 годин тому
Im sorry but as soon as you said things started happening to people that watched your vid I paused it right away and I just watched your first one.
Why Tho?
Why Tho? 8 годин тому
Damn now I seriously gotta subscribe but you’ll be ok 👌🏼
Estefani Hernandez
Estefani Hernandez 8 годин тому
Omg!! This is freaky! I feel like you should really have/get security cameras around your home😳
Ticrific !
Ticrific ! 8 годин тому
I get the feeling that It’s not a dark spirit, It’s lost and needs someone to guide it to the light. I’m intuitive as hell but who knows, I’ve never been there to feel it personally
its casbro
its casbro 8 годин тому
idk bc I watched that last video twice and I still haven't experienced anything but now that you say that im so cautious and jumpy lmao
Macey Standsontop
Macey Standsontop 9 годин тому
Mira look you have a poltergeist fr
Jacob McDonald
Jacob McDonald 9 годин тому
hold on i hope i’m apart of the good 5% of people shi
Daria Drobotova
Daria Drobotova 9 годин тому
oml when you said "and then, I went to the restroom" my little godsister screamed so loud i jump! she never screams like that...
Victoria a
Victoria a 9 годин тому
mol what car do you have???????
Presiosa Vitervo Rosendo
Presiosa Vitervo Rosendo 10 годин тому
May JESUS be with you all and with me JESUS WILL PROTECT ALL OF US
Ariana Romero
Ariana Romero 10 годин тому
I didn't want to scare you but I just watched your first video and I have a huge headache
Camryn Nardelli
Camryn Nardelli 10 годин тому
Say this prayer 3 times in every room of your house that you feel unwanted or uneasy in. Lord and lady protect us/me from these things seen and unseen. Then Finnish the prayer by saying “so mote it be”. I was told to do this after having encounter after encounter with whatever was in my way. Now it has stoped and that is my method. Also consider thinking about the fact that you may have spiritual gateways in ur home from reflection. Mirrors, windows, etc. just look into ur reflection and say “you can’t hurt me im of light and love”. That will help too.
Kaysha Rayne
Kaysha Rayne 10 годин тому
Girl you need to sage the place
Lucy B
Lucy B 11 годин тому
In the middle of this, I got a call from myself and it said “hi” in a faint whisper
Danielle Neal
Danielle Neal 11 годин тому
Spill The Tea To me
Spill The Tea To me 11 годин тому
God bless everyone and stay safe! God is with you no matter what 💕
Arandii Meza
Arandii Meza 11 годин тому
Katie B!
Katie B! 11 годин тому
Hey this is irrelevant but you have the cutest nose
Thalia OneLove
Thalia OneLove 12 годин тому
I hope your doing great mentally and physically girl de todo corazón... I heard entities get attached to vulnerable souls .. sorry this is happening to you pero I've herd many stories about people with depression or some mental instability get haunted and not necessarily evil but paranormal i think its best if you get. Flush and a clean spiritually and maybe even your apartment might need a blessing mija ... cuídate mucho
joliemx_ 12 годин тому
i just watched her first haunted video and now she says people are being haunted too after that video which makes me so scared. im afraid im gonna get haunted too someone please help me
Natalie Jane
Natalie Jane 12 годин тому
who else is holding a cross watching this
Yasmine Russell
Yasmine Russell 13 годин тому
Part 3!
Emilia Slabinck
Emilia Slabinck 14 годин тому
just seeing the painting got me jumping up
haylieanne bennett
haylieanne bennett 15 годин тому
during the video i kept on hearing little noises in my living room. i'm scared 🤯
veronica arias
veronica arias 15 годин тому
You should put cameras all over you home and document what Happens when your not there 😯
Taqua Khairi
Taqua Khairi 15 годин тому
just finished part one and before i start this video does anyone wanna tell me an estimate of how much im gonna freak out
kayleigh wheeler
kayleigh wheeler 16 годин тому
and i hear people and i feel things
kayleigh wheeler
kayleigh wheeler 16 годин тому
im being haunted aswell girl i feel u like everytime i watch a horror movie my tv turnes off
Danielle Bellanca
Danielle Bellanca 17 годин тому
I really cant take how much she swears in her video I feel like that's giving power to it. I have the worst feelings watching these videos. If shes praying and getting close to God she should have a relationship with him and commit. But regardless I pray for her safety and protection and peace of mind
Lea Rogelj
Lea Rogelj 18 годин тому
the painting.. I can't even look at it. =/ it's sinister
Lily Byron
Lily Byron 18 годин тому
Be careful in your apartment make sure there is no mirrors facing each other because it's a portal from after life into your home
Audrey77m 18 годин тому
but nobody is going to mention she looks like kylie jenner...
Namia xox
Namia xox 18 годин тому
*The portrait of Daisy Gray...*
Caro Bug
Caro Bug 19 годин тому
I thought I was the only one experiencing stuff omg
Darra Richardson
Darra Richardson 19 годин тому
I'm confused. You talk about praying, using Holy water, having a priest bless the house, etc. Yet you also believe PEOPLE can haunt places? No, no they can not. Demons can...100%. But people cannot. If your apartment is indeed "haunted" (and yes, I do believe it could very well be), it is demonic, not human spirits.
Larisa D
Larisa D 20 годин тому
callll an exorcistttt nah frr
Loyola Kk
Loyola Kk 20 годин тому
Lord Christ please bless me and her
del rey
del rey 20 годин тому
Whatever is in there knows that you’re afraid you have to stay strong, curse them out and scream at them they are playing
Yrene Alice
Yrene Alice 20 годин тому
Bitch at the first video when change angle I had so many bad vibes that painting freeked me out its like she is staring at us
lenna taheij
lenna taheij 20 годин тому
8:22 help.....
virgik sko
virgik sko 22 години тому
10:15 that actually scared me.
Victoria Vatic
Victoria Vatic День тому
Your friend’s cat can see ghost! Dogs and cats have sixth sense. Not to scare you, but the cat was starring you because the entity is following you. We Asians believe in supernatural. The entity can sense negativity and knows you’re going through tough time... Maybe?? It feeds on it.
Jenny Ortega
Jenny Ortega День тому
Girl set up some cameras around your house and document it
Ericka Madrid
Ericka Madrid День тому
You know ur boss of your house the more u show fear it will come after u need to put ur foot down your the boss its your home not theirs trust me
Martha Hernandez
Martha Hernandez День тому
You’re just being too weak minded you need to trust and believe in God more than you do in all these bad spirits thats the reason why your still being “haunted”
Maria День тому
Play surat al baquara in your house. trust me it works!!
Mariana R.
Mariana R. День тому
What car is that? It looks so gorgeous
wolf pack
wolf pack День тому
I was showering the hole time of the last video
wolf pack
wolf pack День тому
Dud i felt a voice
Latasha Nesbitt
Latasha Nesbitt День тому
What I felt was like someone or something was inside of me having no sleep 💤 sleep paralysis keep us updated please love you ❤️
Vanessa Morales
Vanessa Morales День тому
Omg I feel so sorry for you I thought that only happened in movies!!!!!😱😱😱😱😱😨
Mahdis Motaghian
Mahdis Motaghian День тому
I just finished watching this at 5 AM and now I’m scared to go to sleep
jaimie valverde
jaimie valverde День тому
10:19 those ppl scared the shot out of me
•Pan Pan•
•Pan Pan• День тому
While I’m watching this my freaking video keeps crashing and I have good connection right now
BLOO7475 День тому
Its so funny because I have never watched your videos before and when I watched part 1 you moved your head and the painting was behind you and I thought it scared me. I was like did this lady really just photoshop in a ghost jump scare. But then I went back and realized it was a painting but it defd gave me a bad feeling when I saw it. I also just came from the first one and am hopimg nothing bad happens.
Melodie P
Melodie P День тому
I just saw the scariest thing ever... My grades... Dun dun dun 😳
Corinna Corinna
Corinna Corinna День тому
Girl! Just saw your tweet. It's a bad entity. You can't get a priest, it just makes the entity more angry. You need to consult with someone who knows how to get rid of them. Someone who practices and has gotten rid of one before. You need to ask around.
Abby Jasper
Abby Jasper День тому
omgomgomg last night i finished part 1 and when i went to sleep i got woken up WIDE AWAKE at 3:30 in the morning to hear tapping all around my room ahhhhh (i never wake up during the night) idk what to do. Sage??!?
Jessica Avila
Jessica Avila День тому
Shane Dawson wya do a series here ??!!!
Isi Dolan
Isi Dolan День тому
Literally had goosebumps the whole time watching this video.. 😳
Jolie Adams
Jolie Adams День тому
Can we get another update 🥺
aquarium james suite water
aquarium james suite water День тому
Hi Daisy....hope your doing fine... i come from a Medium family(you know the persons who can feel,talk,etc to any energy or ghost)....and i believe you...is not to scare you but i actully felted something bad when you show the clip of your friend... like someone standing on the door while she was explaining...plis be carefull.
Gaming life
Gaming life День тому
U should wear a cross ✝️ it’s meant to protect you. And never take it off.
Squishy Friends
Squishy Friends День тому
Oh my god! I got sleep paralysis after watching this video! That’s so creepy. Every night I’m afraid of the sleep paralysis now 😭
Chloe C
Chloe C День тому
Clicking off** Im shook
celestial loser
celestial loser День тому
I've sleep walked before, it was around 3 a.m. in the morning, and i was just walking around my house. i had literally put my hair into a bun, and had gotten ready, i then wake up the realization of me reaching for a knife in the kitchen. i was terrified that day, because never in my life have i ever done anything like that
Chelsea Noelle
Chelsea Noelle День тому
maybe she was getting posessed
Ira Silver
Ira Silver День тому
Your giving it energy by talking about it in your apartment if you’re not gonna sage the apartment it’s just gonna get worse.
MissWWEFan13 День тому
Eve День тому
contact a medium! not a priest! they can get rid of it for tou
CruelRose x
CruelRose x День тому
why not get camera's set up at night?
skylar wilmot
skylar wilmot День тому
omg this is the second video ive watched of u the very first one was the pt 1 of this and i LOVE ur haircut and the color
Anna Comes
Anna Comes День тому
Jessica Gilkes
Jessica Gilkes День тому
You need to put cameras in xxx
Jevadi Cammack
Jevadi Cammack День тому
I watched your first video last night and then I went to sleep and I had a dream that I lost control of my car and drove off the 13th floor but I died and like my body was all detached and stuff
Shan M
Shan M День тому
Oh man I didnt know people were going threw that but yesterday after I watched the video my bf aunty passed not even 10 minutes after watching it never thought anything till I watched your pt.2
Sumaya Said
Sumaya Said День тому
when you hear a sound or talking you should call 911 😭😭😭😭
Jule Kraus
Jule Kraus День тому
I am scared and belive it. But you waaaaaay prettyer without this much make up you were on your other videos. So much much much beautyfuller i am from germany sorry for my english.. Ps: pray for the soul that is in your apartment it must set free you can help this soul and pray to god for this. It is just sreaming for help and the things happend to you becous she or he needs help from you pray every time and ask god to let this soul set free..
what tf is this
what tf is this День тому
I hope theres is not pt.3 💀
Bejza Xhaferi
Bejza Xhaferi День тому
Listen Quran that gona help you... ❤search on youtube "Ruke Kuran" and listen...
Spillin’ The Tea Sis
Spillin’ The Tea Sis День тому
On the other you did.. when you showed the picture and i LITERALLY felt someone touch me so..sksks I ran for my life and carried on watching the video...😬
my pups
my pups День тому
I watched the first one yesterday and watched netflix afterwards... and it was constantly stopping and turning itself on and off. But I'm still going to watch this one haha
jet dedert
jet dedert День тому
No one : * __ * Painting: * | *
Im getting haunted..AGAIN *not clickbait*
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