I'm taking this home - ASUS PG35VQ Personal Rig Update

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The PG35V has to be one of the best gaming monitors out there. It’s ultrawide, high refresh rate, G-SYNC, HDR.. heck, it even has RGB. What could go wrong?
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Intro Screen Music Credit:
Title: Laszlo - Supernova
Video Link: ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-PKfxmFU3lWY.html
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High ukvid.net/u-approachingnirvana

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24 чер 2019






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Jackson Wofford
Jackson Wofford 6 годин тому
Is this monitor only in the UK or something? I cannot find it anywhere for sale.
arjun bandekar
arjun bandekar 23 години тому
Is it 4k monitor
OMGItsGutless День тому
Anyone else notice the black bars around the video
Joseph Popoviciu
Joseph Popoviciu День тому
i wonder how different this review would have been if it wasn't gifted to him
Joseph Popoviciu
Joseph Popoviciu День тому
this monitor is disgustingly expensive
XLierkZ 2 дні тому
Those cable managements though
Waikari Boy
Waikari Boy 2 дні тому
4500NZD monitor!
jacob nygaard
jacob nygaard 2 дні тому
But it is a VA panel, what fuck is the point of all the other cool features when it is a piece of shit panel. In general this review or unboxing was not very helpful and the testing of the screen was poor.
Marius Edwards
Marius Edwards 2 дні тому
Look at that cable management......
SteveAkaGoatpile 2 дні тому
still rocking a 5:4 HP LP1965 1280:1024 75Hz but Im gonna upgrade soon.
Cirque-it 3 дні тому
... sometimes I hate you guys ... #jealous
T H I C C boi
T H I C C boi 3 дні тому
honestly who gives a fuck about the viewing angles of a desktop monitor anyway, ips is pretty much a waste of money for a desktop monitor, on a laptop, phone, tv or tablet i can understand, but a desktop monitor, who cares, your sitting directly in front of it all the time anyway.
T H I C C boi
T H I C C boi 3 дні тому
your cables are a disgrace dude, shame on you
Kenan Spahic
Kenan Spahic 3 дні тому
Send me the old 200hz Gaming monitor, need it for 3d modeling. Would be really grateful.
Williams Ingebrigtsen
Williams Ingebrigtsen 3 дні тому
"I called nvidia and they gave me a Titan RTX to replace my TITAN X" Linus since your maxwell is so dusty and old give me it please.
blah dude
blah dude 3 дні тому
Why am i watching this im poor!
JohnDoe 4 дні тому
Oooooo bit of cable management mess there. The OCD in me is like such an awesome awesomeeeee rig but messy cables
bhootpurv manusya
bhootpurv manusya 4 дні тому
2 seconds silence for anno 1800 still not getting cracked.
Emre Tayurak
Emre Tayurak 4 дні тому
Bu para nerden amk
SeekNDStroy 4 дні тому
the purple fedora
the purple fedora 4 дні тому
“ Speaking of backlighting there’s light on the back” -Linus 2019
the purple fedora
the purple fedora 4 дні тому
Dat cable management tho
Phil H.
Phil H. 4 дні тому
no dad we say its t h i c c
MotoKP 5 днів тому
What game is that? :)
Kainable87 5 днів тому
I can not find where to purchase this thing... not amazon not even direct from asus not newegg.
Bac Tran
Bac Tran 5 днів тому
All I heard was "tight curve" and "thiccccccc"
AU Silver
AU Silver 5 днів тому
That cable management tho
tiger wong
tiger wong 5 днів тому
This or pg27uq?
Young Gun
Young Gun 5 днів тому
omg the wires!
gui ll
gui ll 5 днів тому
Ok, i definitivly keep my X34 IPS (for the moment)
PriceDown 5 днів тому
“speaking of backlights there are lights on the back”
aqynbc 5 днів тому
Linus urgently needs cable sleeves!
HeartFilledHatred 5 днів тому
Shit, in Europe it will cost 3000 Euros.
The Sparks
The Sparks 5 днів тому
Hey comments, What is the best display port cable to buy for a monitor? Obviously the amazon one isn't the best, just wondering thanks!
Theboywithguns 5 днів тому
Can you give me your old monitor if you not using it?
Valcor 6 днів тому
Haha so monitor is useless over 144hz wow how fucking awesome . You pay all this money for a 200hZ display and can't use it . I don't get why anyone supports Asus monitors anymore there overpriced.
Valcor 6 днів тому
8 bit colour no HDR unless you run it at 120hz haha POGCHAMP. Holt shit anyone who buys this monitor is legit retarded
Valcor 6 днів тому
So NO HDR stuck at 8bit colour and forced to use 120 fps . Haha what a terrific monitor I'm so jealous of all the people wasting 3kusd... I'll be over here running the same specs with a $700 ultrawide thank you .
Valcor 6 днів тому
That an insane price for a 120hz 1440p ultrawide. Where are they getting the extra price from? Oh I guess the false advertisement of the monitor being 200hZ.
Valcor 6 днів тому
6:20 I'm crying in tears spends $2500 in 200hZ ultrawide 1440p monitor . Ans it's fucking locked at 120hz/fps haha how pethetic . We need someone to do a edit with the Mexican guy reacting and laughing to it being locked at 120hz
threatprince 6 днів тому
why not get the crg9 2k 1440p at 120 hz 49 inches 32 x 9
Ishan Bhattacharya
Ishan Bhattacharya 6 днів тому
what video games do you play Linus?
Derek Roberts
Derek Roberts 6 днів тому
What game was that for the last one he was playing?
acerimmeh 3 дні тому
Anno 1800
Gaming Agents
Gaming Agents 7 днів тому
+1 For giveaway this monitor :)
Paul Groulx
Paul Groulx 7 днів тому
Millionaire Linus strikes again with outrageously overpriced gear
makinote 7 днів тому
Is the fan noise noticeable while on desktop? what about games that are silent, like survival games, but that push the monitor to get hot with all of it's features enabled? thx :)
Tommie 7 днів тому
I wanna know what the last game was , that looks like something I’d be down to play
Tommie 4 дні тому
Hans Lercher thank you very much for the reply and will do!
Hans Lercher
Hans Lercher 5 днів тому
Tommie Its some kind of "Anno" Game. They have multiple different Games and all of them are great. Just google it! "Anno Game"
Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy 8 днів тому
If Ed from techsource saw ur cable management he might sue you
Stand Studios
Stand Studios 5 днів тому
Lmao, I was looking for this.
SyNeRgYi 8 днів тому
just picked up a x34p for 900aud they used to be 1700
Valcor 6 днів тому
Good choice since you can't even use the 200 fps option on this anyway without turning it into a $500 budget monitor with 8 bit colour and no hdr.
Mpamphs Kangourosaurous
Mpamphs Kangourosaurous 9 днів тому
SO many problems for this price , FALD is worthless and VA panel at 10 bit is also not even close to IPS. So I guess IPS at 40% of the price is better.
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