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I spent a day with kidnapping survivors to learn about their horrifying experiences and how their lives have changed since escaping.
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14 вер 2020





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AnthonyPadilla 4 дні тому
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Queen Mary
Queen Mary 6 годин тому
B1AKOuT 9 годин тому
Sophie Uy
Sophie Uy 12 годин тому
Xxmonster Girlxx
Xxmonster Girlxx 12 годин тому
constantwriters block
constantwriters block 12 годин тому
bro if ken jennings isnt on here-
Kiera Dorrans
Kiera Dorrans 11 хвилин тому
“It was only 4 days” Are you kidding me, every minute must seem like a year. People don’t realise that they don’t know how long there gonna be there for. They don’t think to them selfs “it’s okay I’m only gonna be here 3 more days” like you would when you check into a hotel .They don’t know wither they’re gonna live another day and that must be torture itself.
Sofii Rosenn
Sofii Rosenn 13 хвилин тому
5 dias y sigo necesitando que lo traduzcan al español
Paula Lebrón Nieves
Paula Lebrón Nieves 13 хвилин тому
“that isn’t bad” This girl survived through traumatic experiences. She accepted the thought that she was going to die in there. She did her best to get out but gave up because she thought that was her last day on earth. And for all of it to be live-streamed?!?!? NO ONE will know the pain and hardship that these survivors have gone through. Thank you for sharing your story Alicia so we can educate ourselves about your experiences and be more understanding and empathetic. 💕
Mj5 13 хвилин тому
Sorry but wtf is the thumbnail
Victoria Lopez
Victoria Lopez 18 хвилин тому
idk if there’s such thing as being too empathetic but i feel like i’ve experienced these events with these people and i’m hurting with them (and i watched jan’s netflix series and i felt the exact same way as i did watching her tell it again, the same w alicia)
Lizzie aʀtՏ シ
Lizzie aʀtՏ シ 20 хвилин тому
I was almost kidnapped at the age of 4 because, I was with my family in a wedding and when the wedding was over I started to go move around and this guy said to follow him and I said "no" and he just grab my hand and he took me to his car and good thing GOOD thing that one of my relatives said " hey what are you doing with her" and the guy ran away and my mom was very worried and she kissed me and hugged me tight as possible and said "never ran off ever again" and I was being so stupid and say "yes" because I didn't actually understand her and that's the reason why I don't go out very much
Audrey Belle
Audrey Belle 30 хвилин тому
wtf the woman who had to listen to the intercom.. thats so sick and twisted im so happy she survived
Kyla Mitchell
Kyla Mitchell 43 хвилини тому
I know this is a bit off topic but rip RBG. Im crying while watching this because I am starting to have such little hope for the future. To think that in a few years or even months I may not have rights is disgusting and terrifying to me. So please, especially if you are a Trump supporter, take a moment to reevaluate your positioning on political matters to ensure that your belief do not contradict other peoples existances. Again, I know this is off topic but I really needed to get the message out somewhere. Don't lose hope!! I love you all💕💕
Skylar Garrett
Skylar Garrett 50 хвилин тому
oml i cant even comprehend how evil and discusting people are. ugh, i hope no one has to go through this. but it does
Mark V
Mark V 50 хвилин тому
This is how Shane should've taken in his documentaries
cxutiee 57 хвилин тому
I wonder if she's completely tired and traumatized of constantly talking about her kidnapping
R•E•L Годину тому
Bro even one HOUR in those situations sounds like a nightmare! People always trying to find a bright side can suck it 🙄being kidnapped and r**ed is one of my biggest life fears that I will probably have until the day I die, ugh it killed me hearing these stories! Strong women 💪🏼❤️
J D Годину тому
Wow.. so Alicias birthday will always now be the anniversary of the release of that sicko? Our system is twisted
Chalboi Годину тому
I thought it said i spent a day kidnapping survivors
Joanne Gillespie
Joanne Gillespie Годину тому
Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan
Rebecca Trzecki
Rebecca Trzecki Годину тому
Hi Anthony I think it would be interesting to see a day with competive dancers/rockettes (but not dance moms people that’s all fake) but I think dance is a very underrated sports and people think it’s super easy
devolutionone *
devolutionone * Годину тому
I'm sick of this corrupted justice system full of pedophile judges giving nothing as sentences and releasing all those dangerous predators back in the population just to commit crimes again. It's like they're saying go, and come back to entertain me again. Sick. They destroy lives, they deserve life in prison plus fines payable to the victims.
Damien Morris
Damien Morris Годину тому
Monkey McFly
Monkey McFly Годину тому
I was sexually abused and my mom kept me from going to court. I was brainwashed and used by a man who was high up in the military and ran ice cream trucks. I am still so angry I never had my day in court. But my statute of limitations are up and I have to live with knowing this man could be hurting other kids. Hopefully he's too old, but I still worry.
Uno Card
Uno Card 2 години тому
Video idea I spent a day with myself
i peed your pants
i peed your pants 2 години тому
It bothers me how people downgrade things. It was still bad. I've had people downgrade things i've been through before, it doesn't matter if u think it wasnt that bad, it was what it did to me, not you. Now, ive never been kidnapped but ive seen my own things.
Amal Abraham
Amal Abraham 2 години тому
I hate how there's actually people who do this kind of things in this world
Mackenzie Knapp
Mackenzie Knapp 2 години тому
this made me cry
Byron 2 години тому
Rapid Reaction7
Rapid Reaction7 2 години тому
These women went through something I could never imagine and for the people who said “only 4 days?” Flip off if you think 4 days isn’t that much let me hear about your experience of being kidnapped
graceisgarbage 2 години тому
omg jan was the girl from abducted in plain sight holy shit
Random Hooman
Random Hooman 2 години тому
I just typed a whole story and it didnt go through-
Isra Nunez
Isra Nunez 2 години тому
Another I have one question How do you get contact with these people and then how you know a little of everything
olivia nalley
olivia nalley 2 години тому
i remember watching a documentary on one of these girls
Mynameiscamtheman Adams
Mynameiscamtheman Adams 2 години тому
I grew up watching you and I just wanna say thank you n✊🏽❤️
fuegogamer zac
fuegogamer zac 3 години тому
Yo no entender weri mucho
Joel Wilcock
Joel Wilcock 3 години тому
Imagine if after five seconds they just cut them off and ended the call.
serdy ximi
serdy ximi 3 години тому
begin to imagine how hard it was for the girls that survived that experience.
O_o 3 години тому
That is so scary
Septix 3 години тому
Pedophilia isn’t a sexuality. That is disgusting
Cinematic Penguin
Cinematic Penguin 10 хвилин тому
serdy ximi exactly the system is so messed up
serdy ximi
serdy ximi 3 години тому
Dude kidnaps and brainwashes children and spends less than a year in jail but Breonna Taylor got shot for the heinous crime of sleeping in her bed
thrift store pierrot doll
thrift store pierrot doll 3 години тому
the netflix documentary was one thing but to hear jan tell her own story first-hand, in regular conversation, is really incredible
Emma Burnard
Emma Burnard 3 години тому
Are there any petitions we can sign to help keep these monsters in jail/facilities?
Ave Vee
Ave Vee 3 години тому
I can’t imagine spending 72 hours in a torture dungeon. I couldn’t handle it.
Hoping You See
Hoping You See 3 години тому
The punishments the criminals face is enraging! One had only 19 days in jail.... TF
Ash• 3 години тому
4 days WHY TF WOULD YOU SAY it’s not bad?!
French_ frieBoi
French_ frieBoi 3 години тому
12:21 I see Anthony tear up
Katie 3 години тому
why is no one talking about the fact that the kidnappers got like NO JAIL TIME
Jaclyn F
Jaclyn F 3 години тому
I saw the documentary on the second survivor awhile ago, but I like her explaining it more❤👍
Jordan Salinas
Jordan Salinas 3 години тому
Omg while they were telling the story I got the Hardee’s ad that just whispered “wake up” and it scared the crap out of me lol
Ace Valkyrie
Ace Valkyrie 3 години тому
I wasn’t even 10 minutes in and I was really sensitive to this.
Julie Nicholson
Julie Nicholson 3 години тому
I had watched Abducted in Plain Sight about Jan. Wild story!
Amelya Wolfie
Amelya Wolfie 3 години тому
I watched the first girls story on Netflix it’s a series :]
Arabella Smith
Arabella Smith 3 години тому
These poor people, that must have been so traumatic for them, imagine going through all that and how difficult it would be to trust people after that. They are so brave for sharing these stories and bringing awareness to all of this.
Tyler Lee
Tyler Lee 3 години тому
Dude kidnaps and brainwashes children and spends less than a year in jail but Breonna Taylor got shot for the heinous crime of sleeping in her bed
Hawk 4 години тому
Next episode: I spent a day with kidnappers
punkee 4 години тому
I thought the title said “I spent a day kidnapping survivors”
Alivvie 4 години тому
Why do you look like Zak Bagans and can you do it more often?
Berko04 4 години тому
You had to clarify SURVIVORS
ava urban
ava urban 4 години тому
i’ve jan’s hand story before!! she has a documentary on netflix! she’s incredibly strong.
avarie • 102 years ago
avarie • 102 years ago 4 години тому
whats it called
Atomix_ Poison
Atomix_ Poison 4 години тому
Someone can you count the amount of times Anthony says ye and yup
Eden Floxx the Folf
Eden Floxx the Folf 4 години тому
I missed the "with" in the title
Lance The Gamer
Lance The Gamer 4 години тому
I feel so bad for everyone who has been kidnapped. :(
brianna Baze
brianna Baze 4 години тому
These people are so fucking brave.
Ruby 4 години тому
is it bad that ive watched so many of these that i was ready to hear him say thanks for teaching me about The Wondrous World of being Kidnapped
BaBy SooS
BaBy SooS 4 години тому
I can't imagine how scared and hopeless they were , I can't imagine the pain , I know one thing for sure cause I've been in .. incidents , that's what I will call it , but things like that change you forever , my family and friends says am paranoid and not living normal life and soooo cautious , but im not paranoid , I simply don't want to put myself in a situation that make that incident happen again .. things like that changes you forever and you are never the same , you survive , but you lose big part of yourself .. whoever underestimate the pain or says they didnt die or its nust few days at least , they know nothing , sometimes you wish you die just to stop your brain and the anxiety and depression . just dont say anything about something you never been through .
*• alyssa •*
*• alyssa •* 5 годин тому
Honestly didn’t want to watch this because I knew I’d get emotional - glad you’ve talked about it though! 💕💕
M C 5 годин тому
Why is the word rape censored?
Jacob Harding
Jacob Harding 5 годин тому
You should do a video about misophonia sufferers (if you don’t know what that is, search it up)
heartless bham
heartless bham 5 годин тому
I like your cut G
William Mollenauer
William Mollenauer 5 годин тому
Hey Anthony, you are awesome!
kylie day
kylie day 5 годин тому
This gave me chills, it is so messed up that somebody can be so heartless to be able to take a child and harm them whether its emotional or physically, it really just makes me mad how some people can be so rude so broken and so f up that they can do that do another being.
Frank Axe
Frank Axe 5 годин тому
This is my first time watching this channel so be cool ok
Danny Daniel
Danny Daniel 5 годин тому
I know this sounds stupid, but I thought the title was “ I spent a day *kidnapping survivors* “
Jeremiah Hamil
Jeremiah Hamil 5 годин тому
Who the hell would dislike (눈‸눈)
Unhealthily obsessed Starbucks girl
The charges these men got are absolutely stupid. They should've gotten ATLEAST 30+ years in prison. And those dumb commenters out there, don’t even be all “well that’s a little MuCh” no it’s not idiot. Not only did they assault and beat these children and teens but they brainwashed and robbed them of 10+ years of their life and childhood.
shygirl 0713
shygirl 0713 5 годин тому
Jan's story became a documentary on netflix and it broke my heart all these survivors are so strong
jared engler
jared engler 5 годин тому
crimes like this thrive in a censored world
Lee Everett
Lee Everett 5 годин тому
I don’t care what people say, 4 days is good, some people get kidnapped and either get found after 15 years or never get found, for only 4 days? Not even a month, I don’t care how much torture she went through, 4 days is one of the best time limits to get found, after like 2 months they just pronounce you as dead if you can’t be found, so fuck off with the analogies, compare it to time and other cases, not body parts
DeityAmber 5 годин тому
he needs to spend a day with age regressors.
Misha U
Misha U 5 годин тому
comi k
comi k 5 годин тому
I am spending my life with the kidnaper gay💖💖
VeryMuchLuck 5 годин тому
He should interview people trying to find their lost loved one
G00S3MAN 5 годин тому
I swear Anthony’s like a licensed therapist. They way he interviews these people is so respectful and calm that he may as well be one.
_feral. mastermind
_feral. mastermind 6 годин тому
i was never kidnapped but it was creepy and scary so me and my 2 bsfs were coming back from the park and my friends were in front of me and i was behind them and my friend Delaney said "jonah hurry get up here" and i kinda fast walk/run up to them a little bit and then Delaney said "pretend ur on ur phone" and i did and i pretended i was on the phone with somebody and at that point my heart was racing but i tried to remain calm and slow my breathing cuz i have asthma and i wa already walking for a while than after a minute or so Sarah (my bsf) told me quitly that the guy was gone and we quickly got back to my home and we all are okay now dont worry
ZachMelePlays 6 годин тому
I think its time to expose that you have a tiktok account after 2 years and also why you delete that "hit or miss" tiktok lol
Ryleigh Elizabeth
Ryleigh Elizabeth 6 годин тому
Jan is the woman from Netflix's "Abducted in Plain Sight"! A MUST WATCH
Logan Tyler Neser
Logan Tyler Neser 6 годин тому
This was so moving and powerful. Thank you both for sharing your stories
BEST OFF ORO 6 годин тому
Um there's also women who abduct children for other way more harmful reasons than raise them and keep them :)
Deadly Meadows
Deadly Meadows 5 годин тому
yeah, he commented on it.
Hermione Evans
Hermione Evans 6 годин тому
He probably knows but maybe women kidnapping kids to raise them is more common
FX Lyon
FX Lyon 6 годин тому
“19 years is not a long time” I felt that. My abuser is in jail for 12 and 3 years have already passed. It’s scaring the hell out of me how quickly it goes
•Blcsscmx• 6 годин тому
A person saying “only four days” Excuse me four days is a long time and especially when this happens
Lily Doll
Lily Doll 6 годин тому
This video motivated me to report my r*pe today. This will be a long journey but I'm so relieved I took this step. Thank you so much Anthony and the guests in this interview.
Deadly Meadows
Deadly Meadows 5 годин тому
that's great! good job, i'm proud of you.
Taehyung's nose mole
Taehyung's nose mole 6 годин тому
I watched Jan’s story on Netflix and it is still one of the most disturbing true crime stories I’ve ever heard of. I’m so glad to see her thriving
Joo Hwan Lee
Joo Hwan Lee 6 годин тому
I would let Anthony hold my drink in a party
beka 6 годин тому
isn’t jans story on Netflix? I watched it and was shocked. Such strong women
50K Subs With 1 Video Challenge
50K Subs With 1 Video Challenge 6 годин тому
4th gen best let’s go
Lu Key
Lu Key 6 годин тому
I spent a day with people that have been gaslighted would be interesting
ImmaMfTURTLE 6 годин тому
I actually watched the Boberg case documentary on netflix
FallenDemon5 7 годин тому
"I'd be knitting." Me, knitting: Good luck!
Akira Makara
Akira Makara 7 годин тому
Is anyone else reeling at these fucking prison sentences?! There's no reason those men shouldn't have suffered the fullest extent of their punishment
NigerianBrudda 5 годин тому
those men. Specifically men
R M 7 годин тому
I know this has been said so many times in so many different ways but Anthony truly the best interviewer. You can see especially in these types of videos how much he cares about the people he’s talking with and the emotions he’s feeling when he is. Keep up the great work Anthony!
Sadie Robinson
Sadie Robinson 7 годин тому
By the way guys Jans story is on netflix called Abducted
caroline 7 годин тому
i watched jans on netflix omg so SAD
Monica Rodriguez
Monica Rodriguez 7 годин тому
If you are interested in Jan's story check out the Netflix documentary "Abducted in Plain Sight " she goes more in detail about her story.
Kira Domzalski
Kira Domzalski 7 годин тому
I read this as “I spent the day kidnapping survivors”😭😭😭
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