I Surprised Bella Poarch With 20 Custom Macbooks

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ZHC День тому
subscribe if you haven’t already and you might win one of the 7 custom macbooks i'm giving away in the video!
Fanzy Rocket
Fanzy Rocket День тому
ZHC is the best..
Sree Lakshmi
Sree Lakshmi День тому
I hope I can get the macbook becuz he really need it for school
Sanika Tuscano
Sanika Tuscano День тому
Love your videos 😍❣️
About Photoshop
About Photoshop День тому
I upload photo editing tutorials on my channel
Googly .!
Googly .! День тому
Always 😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️
Sia elen
Sia elen Годину тому
8:21 blackpink
Benjamin Robison
Benjamin Robison Годину тому
Bella Poarch: “that’s really cute… and it also reminds me of pickles. I love pickles” Me: interesting, ok.
Avelina Troyano
Avelina Troyano Годину тому
The table cloth was like Byeeeee and everything stayed on it
Lebae’s World
Lebae’s World Годину тому
Baily Bike
Baily Bike Годину тому
I like the way you paint 🎨
Hayley Cummins
Hayley Cummins Годину тому
Omg omg omg I wanted the one with an ocean
Rubyplays toca
Rubyplays toca Годину тому
Please pick me for one of the macbooks it would be a dream to have one
Festivebook Годину тому
Anyone else remember when zhc only had 1 mil subs
Alan Pillado
Alan Pillado Годину тому
Can I please have Mac Book I need one for school and I can’t afford
RYAN RAY Годину тому
Me pls
Sia elen
Sia elen Годину тому
Do you like k-pop because you have blackpink's lightstick?💜👑
CoronaCarrot Годину тому
Laptops poggers
Punithan Nagendiran
Punithan Nagendiran Годину тому
can i plz just win one giveaway
Harsh Patel
Harsh Patel Годину тому
Tim Cook be like Yes who I buying our products Secretary Oh one person his name is zhc
Jenan Ahmed
Jenan Ahmed Годину тому
I Love you
2Lifers Годину тому
I have tryphobia too viv and ur my fav too😎🤟
Alt Dimas
Alt Dimas Годину тому
She needs to lose the pigtails 🤢🤢🤢🤢💙
Celebrities Moment
Celebrities Moment Годину тому
Zhc you’re awesome 😎
Ahmed Kamel
Ahmed Kamel Годину тому
iszy auriau
iszy auriau Годину тому
I hope to win one..
Megan J
Megan J Годину тому
ZHC is the best I never got a shoutout please thanks
Divnoor Kaur
Divnoor Kaur Годину тому
The end was unnecessary but funny
Hayley Cummins
Hayley Cummins Годину тому
I've never heard Bella's voice other than singing which is very different
ICONIC FN Годину тому
my man has skills wtf
Maxlegend619 Годину тому
I subcribed
Creative Crafting
Creative Crafting Годину тому
If I win please can I have the one with the ice-cream and Pilipino flag stars please?
Mohammed Bander
Mohammed Bander Годину тому
Please I want MacBook and I love you Michelle
ItsFoxay Годину тому
He said “Clay”
Stephanie Robert
Stephanie Robert Годину тому
The thing i want the most is to have a thing costumized by him. :')
Abby Rose
Abby Rose Годину тому
Can I please have one I always wanted to have obe
Alice Bakuru
Alice Bakuru Годину тому
Very cool
Angie D.
Angie D. Годину тому
The Blackpink light stick 🧍🏼‍♀️
Jia Yee
Jia Yee Годину тому
Zachery notice me!!!!
Star Wars news and more
Star Wars news and more Годину тому
Hi Zach is cool
Perla Maceda
Perla Maceda Годину тому
Hi I am perla can I pls have one of your Laptop I am going to 5 grade I am going to need it and I subscribe to ALL the people that are in your video and I know I am not going to get it but I tried and I love k-pop
Hussein Khadouj
Hussein Khadouj Годину тому
I want 3 laptops
UnitRhz Годину тому
Subscribe to zhc
Dinoboi Годину тому
i live near maple park
TwixDerRechte Годину тому
The time that goes in to that videos its just crazy.
Carlo Hall
Carlo Hall Годину тому
What makes you think she needs a MacBook
Angela Lovies
Angela Lovies Годину тому
when you know he isn't gonna send macbooks to us fans from africa
Nhung Duong
Nhung Duong Годину тому
Love it
Khadija Jabbie
Khadija Jabbie Годину тому
I love you guys your art 🎨
HappyHopper425 Годину тому
my laptop is 9 years old... it was passed on to me from my dad who died 2 years ago, it does not really work and it is very slow, i know i wont win so good luck everyone
Reeham Aljahmi
Reeham Aljahmi Годину тому
ZHC I will love to have a macbook but my family can not afford one so if you can give me one that would mean the world to me!
Tfa7a xtx
Tfa7a xtx Годину тому
pls me ❤️❤️
Amzen 316
Amzen 316 Годину тому
How are those drawings so good and so accurate
Rokaya Art
Rokaya Art Годину тому
I want one from the seven 🥺💗
Tea Sister’s
Tea Sister’s Годину тому
Ok but I dont have Instagram or Snapchat or TikTok
Tahir Iqbal
Tahir Iqbal Годину тому
I Want a MacBook ZACK plz give me a MacBook 🥺🥺
Belle Rose
Belle Rose Годину тому
Zaha khaiy
Zaha khaiy Годину тому
I subscribe over 2 years
Jk Годину тому
I’m going to university I really need it because my part time job doesn’t give me extra cash to buy one😞
Chyna Crocker
Chyna Crocker Годину тому
Robert Nowak
Robert Nowak Годину тому
Hello from Germany💪 love your Videos♥️ have a nice day Bro👌
Lebedev Годину тому
Russian t shirt. Thats cool
Busma Asif
Busma Asif Годину тому
Crow Годину тому
Who is Lisa???
Itz_Audrey UwU
Itz_Audrey UwU Годину тому
Bella Poarch is a really good drawer!
Yellow wolf Yellow
Yellow wolf Yellow Годину тому
Ma.Celine Tabudlong
Ma.Celine Tabudlong Годину тому
I hope I can win the laptop. For my studies 😭👍👍👍👍 zhc fan. Bella 😍
Mario Aparicio
Mario Aparicio Годину тому
Michelle is the ultimate Sabotager 😹
Ben Bloom
Ben Bloom Годину тому
Love what you do keep up the hard work
Mobie MG
Mobie MG Годину тому
We will be having 20 macbooks 1 to Bella 14 to randoms and 6 to subscribers waiiiiiittt... Isnt that 21?
Aniyah Hart
Aniyah Hart Годину тому
Me please
Jia Yee
Jia Yee Годину тому
Have to rewatch the video for the romantic moment 🥰
Tristan Casto
Tristan Casto Годину тому
Can I have one I love your vids
Alicia Gonzalez
Alicia Gonzalez Годину тому
how does he choose the winners?
Jaqueline Pereira Semedo
Jaqueline Pereira Semedo Годину тому
But what if someone won that and that person its not from USA...that person will still win the mac book?
CadeSpankz Годину тому
IF ANYONE PLAYS CLASH ROYALE: I have a clan called YT CadeSpankz, there aren’t many ppl in it rn but there are no rules except be active. NO RULES AT ALL and it would be fun if anyone wants to join we need lots of players because I just started the clan
Emily Polanco
Emily Polanco Годину тому
can i please get a laptop i never one please
Veronika Paura
Veronika Paura Годину тому
spoonsivic Годину тому
I subsribed
Davidthebeast787 Годину тому
I like it
Noel Prejan Llanes
Noel Prejan Llanes Годину тому
Need a macbook for my sisters Job. Please 🙏
Ernestina Lopez
Ernestina Lopez 2 години тому
Can i have one plz? 😭😣 I need it for college. Btw love u guys❤
Christianne Buchanan
Christianne Buchanan 2 години тому
I’m not going to win I’m all the way in bushwick 1149 Putnam ave in America:(
A FamilyLife Outdoors
A FamilyLife Outdoors 2 години тому
wow ! so lucky ! Continue sharing your blessing to everyone.
Ramielle Ouano
Ramielle Ouano 2 години тому
This vid was on my birthday!!! Lol
Davidthebeast787 2 години тому
That's cool
Lizbeth Sandoval
Lizbeth Sandoval 2 години тому
Can I plz get one so I can give it to my sister who needs it for college
Diego Torres
Diego Torres 2 години тому
I need a computer mine broke
spicy pinks
spicy pinks 2 години тому
4:51 zhc has a blackpink lightstick ✨
Davidthebeast787 2 години тому
I want a Mac book
YourFriendlyNeighborYeet 2 години тому
Zach: “We wipe all the paint o-“ Me: hey I don’t want to be ungrateful.. I’ll take those!
Riyasat Rahman
Riyasat Rahman 2 години тому
When are you going to surprise me with a surprise?
Ima Baddie
Ima Baddie 2 години тому
The state of these new age C-list celebrities is horrifically disturbing
Rachel Pecome
Rachel Pecome 2 години тому
This is incredible, you’re amazing guys, I love you 💗💗💗
Hana Banana
Hana Banana 2 години тому
From phil we love you 🥰🥰🥰
Jackie Arroyo
Jackie Arroyo 2 години тому
Meee plssss
Zaïna Asporaat
Zaïna Asporaat 2 години тому
ZHC can i have a stich pls🥺
Kyle Curtis
Kyle Curtis 2 години тому
Can I have a computer I love your videos
Jamie Talbot
Jamie Talbot 2 години тому
Dear ZHC come to Wanda drive 63 CT Higganum America ( month you get this comment ) Saturday 3:00PM
elia rivera
elia rivera 2 години тому
me plez
Jamie Talbot
Jamie Talbot 2 години тому
Dear ZHC come to Wanda drive 63 CT Higganum America ( month you get this comment ) Saturday 3:00PM
Cheesecakeophobia 33
Cheesecakeophobia 33 2 години тому
Good luck everyone for winning a MacBook 👍🏻
•Rose Blossoms•
•Rose Blossoms• 2 години тому
Imagine winning the black pink laptop like :o! And good luck to who wins!
Music Sky
Music Sky 2 години тому
4:51 Blackpink lightstick :OOOO
Asmita Kennedy
Asmita Kennedy 2 години тому
Omg I want one!!
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