I Survived 500 Days in HARDCORE Minecraft...

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Surviving Hardcore Minecraft from 100 days all the way up to 400 days was a difficult challenge! But now its time to try and survive 500 days in the hardest difficulty in Minecraft, hardcore mode. I survived 500 days in Minecraft Hardcore and this is what happened!
MY NEW SECOND CHANNEL: ukvid.net/show-UC7JPnWgMIpp2YGu4kMu0qpA
Credit to Luke TheNotable for this idea: ukvid.net/u-Creolesbackfire
Discord: discord.gg/55pRtC3
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22 січ 2021





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Mungnang gaming
Mungnang gaming 4 хвилини тому
Who who want 600 days like her
patsybella norwood
patsybella norwood 20 хвилин тому
Fru keep on making the series until you get to 9,999 days your the best Minecraft you tuber u can!
KnightWithout AnArmor
KnightWithout AnArmor Годину тому
make 600
Salman Siran
Salman Siran Годину тому
Fru did you use tools in armory to be your Spare tools if i don't want to be spare because its gonna be useful
Artemelon Годину тому
great videos i wish i could build like you i started watching you yesterday and i think your a great youtuber
Seng Seng
Seng Seng Годину тому
wow youre powerful now you just like dream the greatest player
BaZZZ T Годину тому
You’re wayyyyy to lucky for this series to be real... either ur in survival or ur in a set seed . Another thing u said carful so i dont loose my diamonds?!? Ur in hardcore or that what u say. If u die its over...
Najmus Sayan
Najmus Sayan Годину тому
Do 600 days 1th March pls
Farmin sim pro, John Deere lover
Farmin sim pro, John Deere lover 2 години тому
Vince credo
Vince credo 2 години тому
love his voice
Nathan Speigel
Nathan Speigel 2 години тому
Love the vids bro! And pls organise ur chest for next BIG Challente
Arıkan Bsr
Arıkan Bsr 2 години тому
I playing hardcore but Iron Golem me
Troy Benson
Troy Benson 2 години тому
600 days please
Bailey Irvine
Bailey Irvine 3 години тому
600 days plz
Wildcard 2009
Wildcard 2009 3 години тому
That nether transition tho.Perfection.
Izzy Anderson
Izzy Anderson 3 години тому
“I had to prove myself AGAIN” Bruh-💀
Izzy Anderson
Izzy Anderson 4 години тому
Bruh this dudes too good at building
Malkit Singh
Malkit Singh 4 години тому
I get four trident with iron sword easily
gabby llamas
gabby llamas 4 години тому
Cool farm
John Amgad
John Amgad 4 години тому
Make a netherite becone
Dalibor Stamenković
Dalibor Stamenković 5 годин тому
Please don't stop survival you are so fun you have so much buildings to build
iman ramdhani
iman ramdhani 5 годин тому
PewDiePie copy
Mezza 10
Mezza 10 5 годин тому
What’s your glass texture pack
shiwang saini
shiwang saini 5 годин тому
can you suvive 600 days
Harish Kumar
Harish Kumar 6 годин тому
Yes I want to see 600 days in hardcore
Ghosty 122
Ghosty 122 6 годин тому
I am really excited to see your 600 days video . I cant wait
Robert Martinez
Robert Martinez 6 годин тому
Try to get all the discs
Blacky__Mamba_ 7 годин тому
Ayo that’s the first video that I watch from you and for real I really like it sooo, you deserve a follow from me ;)
彡CAMPER彡ÝT 7 годин тому
600 day
AnLo AnLo
AnLo AnLo 7 годин тому
1000 Days
Francis Bulaon
Francis Bulaon 8 годин тому
LTN Be like Amatuer's
Jahanara Ashraf
Jahanara Ashraf 9 годин тому
When will 600 Days Will Come...
ramesh jha
ramesh jha 9 годин тому
Make 600 days
drem 9 годин тому
This mean is 999.999.999iq building
drem 9 годин тому
And rly
Jennifer Siguerra
Jennifer Siguerra 9 годин тому
Fru: we have to be so careful or we might die.. Also Fru: let's kill 2 Withers
Jennifer Siguerra
Jennifer Siguerra 9 годин тому
Fru: let's build an iron farm Iron Golems: am I a joke to you
Shirley Chung
Shirley Chung 10 годин тому
Hi ur vid is so good👍
Marilou Olmeda
Marilou Olmeda 10 годин тому
Can you make an 600 days survive in minecrat hardcore?????pls
Chủ Tịch
Chủ Tịch 11 годин тому
Can i have ur seed pls:)?
patrick saumur
patrick saumur 11 годин тому
I did to
patrick saumur
patrick saumur 11 годин тому
patrick saumur
patrick saumur 11 годин тому
Grayson Landis
Grayson Landis 11 годин тому
I’m kind of getting worried about his addiction of beating the ender dragon😬😂
Megan Arganbright
Megan Arganbright 11 годин тому
Fru how did you come up with such a cool island idea I love how you made bad dirt look good
Louise Inocente
Louise Inocente 11 годин тому
Pls ;(
Louise Inocente
Louise Inocente 11 годин тому
Can you do a face reveal
Kyler Wilson
Kyler Wilson 11 годин тому
Did you die so there’s no 600 days
Hans Suniga
Hans Suniga 12 годин тому
600 days
NS - 07GD 939013 Castle Oaks PS
NS - 07GD 939013 Castle Oaks PS 12 годин тому
this is so fuc*ing good content why doesnt he have 1M subs yet
pheonix master
pheonix master 12 годин тому
I did both
pheonix master
pheonix master 12 годин тому
dig down in the nether to bed rock and suffocate the wither
IamNotLava _BG
IamNotLava _BG 12 годин тому
Wait Dont Start The Video Gonna Get My Chips ITS OK NOW START THE VIDEO
pheonix master
pheonix master 12 годин тому
Fru you should make an iron farm from iron golem.
Cj Todd
Cj Todd 12 годин тому
600 hundreds day pls
Scotia Carruthers
Scotia Carruthers 12 годин тому
can you plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss do 600
Julianne Devero
Julianne Devero 13 годин тому
Fru plz make a full netherite beacon
Edrees M
Edrees M 13 годин тому
Edrees M
Edrees M 13 годин тому
In 11:16 I died laughing because he Said ‘Day 339’ Literally ‘439’
Georgie Rasch
Georgie Rasch 14 годин тому
You 100% deserve 1mill subscribers!
Klokz 14 годин тому
plz plz plz put some heads in ur armory. To do this u need to strike a creeper with lightning and then blow up the animals u want the head of. Im pretty sure u can do this of everything in the game thats a animal/living thing. plzplzpzlpzlzpzl do this I would love to see that. Luv ur content
Myrna Qadir
Myrna Qadir 15 годин тому
This guy is soo good guys
Zach yeah
Zach yeah 15 годин тому
Ty for spending hours to make content for us
Zach yeah
Zach yeah 15 годин тому
+your base looks epicc
Isaac B.Birch
Isaac B.Birch 15 годин тому
600 days plssssssssssss!!!!:)
hoivan banla
hoivan banla 16 годин тому
The ossified cirrus ultrascructurally sack because syria overwhelmingly groan past a oval vermicelli. icky, unbecoming cooking
Alex Wiggins
Alex Wiggins 16 годин тому
What is that piece of music that you have playing with the blooping
Anna Banana
Anna Banana 16 годин тому
Did any one notice that there is a flouting island....? With a house kinda?
sdf elite
sdf elite 16 годин тому
anyone know how the other secret advancement? also how did he get here?
Creeper Killa
Creeper Killa 17 годин тому
fru do 600 days
marsela shehu
marsela shehu 17 годин тому
Merck a gold blocks and seraund a apol in a ckraftin tejbol
Zaviyar Gul
Zaviyar Gul 18 годин тому
Defeat the witherstrom
Karl lawrence Deguito
Karl lawrence Deguito 18 годин тому
Fru can you make all beacon diamons,iron,gold,emerald,netherite
Magda Balici
Magda Balici 19 годин тому
I think he is a narrator
Sawyer Rand
Sawyer Rand 19 годин тому
Play the mall music disc in the jukebox.
Ken Moss
Ken Moss 19 годин тому
You said 339 not 439
ez 19 годин тому
600 days
YT_JaKe_SaM9 19 годин тому
Why do you keeo taking 1 month
Sam wams
Sam wams 20 годин тому
I wanna see 600 day :)
Nadia Torres Ortiz
Nadia Torres Ortiz 20 годин тому
New building on my phone for the 10 time
Fun & Learn BD
Fun & Learn BD 20 годин тому
Who else like me is waiting for 600 days ?
Andrew Torre
Andrew Torre 20 годин тому
I love watching this season
Anita Nattrass
Anita Nattrass 21 годину тому
Anita Nattrass
Anita Nattrass 21 годину тому
Austin Beardsmore
Austin Beardsmore 21 годину тому
I bet he died thats why he hasnt done 600 days
audelyn relente
audelyn relente 21 годину тому
a flying one that one water u can go faster
audelyn relente
audelyn relente 21 годину тому
audelyn relente
audelyn relente 21 годину тому
get a trident
Ghost Mothershead
Ghost Mothershead 21 годину тому
It’s been 500 days and you still don’t have a best friend you need to get a dog
Natalie.Buchanan natmanjat27@gmail.com
Fru can you macke a 600 days
L Le
L Le 22 години тому
Iron golem:here’s a flower for fru Fru:kills the iron golem. D:
kyawzawthu kanthar
kyawzawthu kanthar 22 години тому
give world link pls
Liala Baraza
Liala Baraza 22 години тому
TrilojyWRLDYT 22 години тому
What is the shaded pleaaaaseee
TrilojyWRLDYT 22 години тому
In the start
krishna prasad
krishna prasad 22 години тому
Fru i maked full netherite beacon
MAV games
MAV games 22 години тому
Idol can you make a diamond castle
geego flex
geego flex 23 години тому
Lava:"my time will soon come"
charlie flanagan
charlie flanagan 23 години тому
Plz do 600 days
Danda Style
Danda Style 23 години тому
Plz fru do more Minecraft Hardcore 💚
Alayna Ali
Alayna Ali День тому
Fru Is In 500 Days In Hardcore Minecraft
Laxmipriya Srivastava
Laxmipriya Srivastava День тому
Fru i have a hardcore world and I have full nether becon
Justin Warner
Justin Warner День тому
Make a 600 day
T0X1C G4M3R День тому
make 50 conduits
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