I Survived On $0.01 For 3 Days - Episode 3

Ryan Trahan
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im sorry... :(
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10 лип 2019





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Ryan Trahan
Ryan Trahan 3 місяці тому
I’m sorry 😭😭😭😭
CA Rock King 2
CA Rock King 2 6 днів тому
Sometimes we do lies in life it's ok
aen stan's braeeen
aen stan's braeeen 11 днів тому
At least u made 40 dollars
XxLEE YANxX 13 днів тому
Do what you want to do
Kaybee 's Monster
Kaybee 's Monster Місяць тому
@Red Panda Slimes dude he didn't break de rules.... He paid 4 gas with de money from his $0.01 and those clothes were his long before he wanted to do this and u get worked up over him saying it was an entrepreneurship class....wow
edison Edison
edison Edison 2 місяці тому
Ryan Trahan it’s okay :3
LonkyPlayz RBLX
LonkyPlayz RBLX 7 годин тому
Be a taxi
Sebastian Padilla
Sebastian Padilla 18 годин тому
Peace Ainerua
Peace Ainerua День тому
you sukkkkkkkkkkk
Zelix 16 годин тому
Shut up go watch some fucking make-up tutorials piece of shit, u suck
Saltelife07 День тому
Hey buddy
blake morris
blake morris 2 дні тому
it was his first people ( the hardest people to get money from)
jamz juice
jamz juice 2 дні тому
Omg !
jamz juice
jamz juice 2 дні тому
aaron smith
aaron smith 3 дні тому
@RyanTrahan you didnt lie even if you said it was a class because youre teaching all of your subs that it is possible to be an entreprenuer starting with only a penny and survive 3 days and even longer
Zephyr 103
Zephyr 103 3 дні тому
How did he rent a food truck with 50:00 dollars
Zelix 16 годин тому
That wasn't a part of the challenge
Julien and Klarice
Julien and Klarice 3 дні тому
Technically you didn’t lie you said entrepreneurship project not class so... there shouldn’t be a problem
JAMES THE KING 3 дні тому
Well basically u are a entrepreneur bcs u are a UKvidr
Zelix 16 годин тому
an* entrepreneur
Chloe Ricker
Chloe Ricker 3 дні тому
The whole liar thing is like the sssniperwollf one dollar for a day thing
Kassidy Kite
Kassidy Kite 3 дні тому
Ngl i loved this series. Sometimes you gotta tell a little white lie or two to make it in life. That’s legit how everyone else does it
M.W.M Vidoes
M.W.M Vidoes 3 дні тому
Why didn’t you just give out free lemonade Instead of wasting it by pouring it all over yourself
Zelix 16 годин тому
Hmmm... Let me think, mabye because the lemonade was a day old
Kenji Arnold
Kenji Arnold 3 дні тому
its ok Ryan it is only for the video you don't deserve all this hate just for a rule if they were real subscribers they would support you and not be mean about it love ya
Colin Tackenberg
Colin Tackenberg 4 дні тому
The rule was to be honest about the money
Colin Tackenberg
Colin Tackenberg 4 дні тому
Also, you told him it was a projsct, more a class
jc gaming
jc gaming 4 дні тому
All of you made this vid bad because we could of been fun
Zelix 16 годин тому
Could have* been fun
Allison’s camera Roll
Allison’s camera Roll 4 дні тому
I enjoyed your videos and I thought it was entertaining soooo idc
Keanon Gerrard
Keanon Gerrard 4 дні тому
Dnt be sorry be happy learn from mistakes
play with clay
play with clay 4 дні тому
Sub to play with clay
Paxton Horn
Paxton Horn 4 дні тому
Don't delete your channel your awesome BUDDY sorry I just had to do that but don't delete
Toni Billinger
Toni Billinger 5 днів тому
Why would yall be so toxic
Matthew Bernal
Matthew Bernal 5 днів тому
Most funniest video ever
Cameron DuCette
Cameron DuCette 5 днів тому
It is fine ... don’t get rid of your you tube channel😊
Panda Bomb
Panda Bomb 5 днів тому
Redie_Games101 5 днів тому
I wanted him to finish but you crappy little people ended the excitement.😡. Who the heck cares about one lie. It’s not his fault he feels awkward SELLING A PEN.
Mr. C
Mr. C 6 днів тому
Warning ⚠️ headphone users at 3:24
Brody Clements
Brody Clements 6 днів тому
your not a lier
Lukanator L.
Lukanator L. 6 днів тому
3:16 shots fired
Youto slurp Gaming and more
Youto slurp Gaming and more 6 днів тому
You did good come on guys
Gamer Jeff
Gamer Jeff 6 днів тому
ur not a liar
ecobee3 device
ecobee3 device 6 днів тому
Dawn Embry
Dawn Embry 6 днів тому
It's okay you lie I lie to
Katerina Pierce
Katerina Pierce 7 днів тому
"haley do you think im a liar" "yeah" LMAOO
Braeden Reyes
Braeden Reyes 7 днів тому
I don’t think he deserves that because i don’t think he cheated like if u agree 👇🏽
Sebastian Inouye
Sebastian Inouye 7 днів тому
I wish he finished the challenge! He’s not a liar!!
Sebastian Inouye
Sebastian Inouye 7 днів тому
Do u think I’m a liar ... ya 😂
Dewey James
Dewey James 8 днів тому
Your not a lieer
Mila lacs sky guy
Mila lacs sky guy 8 днів тому
Hek Anyone hear of "fake it till you make it" U didn't do anything wrong that way
Panda Power
Panda Power 8 днів тому
Y’all are so mean. This was something that I actually like to watch
Bree Phillips
Bree Phillips 10 днів тому
Don’t feel bad about the lie situation Ryan you were uncomfortable and didn’t know what to say it’s ok don’t let everyone get to you everyone messes up! Love your videos💕
Dakota Simpson
Dakota Simpson 10 днів тому
Don delete your channel your not a lier
Owen Williams
Owen Williams 11 днів тому
its a white lie, he felt awkward. doin better than some politicians. idk why people are soooooo butthurt. fuck the haters Ryan2020
Penny Juve
Penny Juve 11 днів тому
Kel 11 днів тому
Honestly you gave me ideas on how to make money in ways I didn’t even think were popular
Kya Locke
Kya Locke 11 днів тому
Buddy it’s ok
Dead silence
Dead silence 12 днів тому
who cares if a challenge is wrong chill boys
Dead silence
Dead silence 12 днів тому
not liar ITS LIFE
Lucas EASTMAN 12 днів тому
This genuinely made me laugh. Thank you. New subscriber.
POW T-DUDE995 12 днів тому
Oh my GoD hE CHeaTEd In His OWn ChALLenge YoU ShAll BE AShaMEd, BuDdy
to toy 526
to toy 526 12 днів тому
it all started with the grama
Brittany Lockhart
Brittany Lockhart 12 днів тому
you did nothing rong
michael rodriguez
michael rodriguez 12 днів тому
buddy buddy buddy buddy buddy
Rod vlogs cinelli
Rod vlogs cinelli 13 днів тому
Ryan: I’m going to walk up to you and sell you mints Girls: ok Ryan: don’t put that in
Zaccheus Young
Zaccheus Young 13 днів тому
Idc if you lied I love your videos
Amber Friar Davis
Amber Friar Davis 14 днів тому
#does not know how to scan a item hahahaha
Amber Friar Davis
Amber Friar Davis 14 днів тому
next time dont get shots of peoples a## and private parts
Justin PingPong
Justin PingPong 14 днів тому
Hey BUDDY calm down and delete your channel
Carter Knick
Carter Knick 14 днів тому
Could you guys like be good about him because going up to people takes guts and with that just don't say that he lied it is just rude to him and him trying to make these videos for you. So give him some support please.
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