i tried making a bloomin' onion

julien solomita
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10 жов 2019





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Jen Lynn
Jen Lynn 2 години тому
Julien: "Pls stay..." Me: 😢😭🤧
Sara Stop
Sara Stop 6 годин тому
Pobodys Nerfect -Julien Solomita, October 10th 2019
Madyson McVeigh
Madyson McVeigh 2 дні тому
I love his videos, the kit link didn't work :(
brunerthebetter 2 дні тому
you crack me up, dude.
grace bailey
grace bailey 4 дні тому
the first 30 seconds is a whirlwind of emotion
carson che
carson che 4 дні тому
Air frying blooming onion is good idea
Dee Smith
Dee Smith 4 дні тому
How embarrassing, I'm an Aussie and I've never heard of it. But it looks delicious!😋🤗
Alyssa Archambault
Alyssa Archambault 6 днів тому
oh, the oil oh, julie...
:0 it is 3am and I can’t sleep
dannicii i
dannicii i 6 днів тому
I am Australia,... Unlike you :)
EnviousWrath 11 днів тому
"hello, there, again.!?¿" - Julien Solomita
Natalie Jacobitz
Natalie Jacobitz 14 днів тому
Reeja Mathew
Reeja Mathew 15 днів тому
Me just realizing Julian said “shout out to Jennifer for finding that horseradish” and I spent a hot minute thinking who the heck until realizing that’s Jenna’s name. I’m so used to Jenna marbles I didn’t even notice the first time I watched this...
Melina Guerrero
Melina Guerrero 18 днів тому
The songs ima play while I make this bc of what Julien said: Sunny Side Up! - Red Velvet Flower Shower - HyunA
C Rector
C Rector 19 днів тому
When u cut it all up and fried it it became bloom petals
لو لو
لو لو 19 днів тому
Pim 20 днів тому
A white onion? For a bloomin onion? 🤢
Abigail Ranee
Abigail Ranee 20 днів тому
Um actually it is 3 AM and I can’t sleep
andrea love
andrea love 21 день тому
Ok... I have been quarantine binge watching your videos... thank you for keeping my days interesting.... I definitely need you to make some recipes with an air fryer please 🙏
Epsel Tigth
Epsel Tigth 21 день тому
Theres only 2 genders: Australian, not Australian
erica rose
erica rose 21 день тому
ayy BB watching this at 3am because I can't sleep because quarantine. Thanks for the entertainment julen
reallifeistoflat 23 дні тому
Horseradish isn't totally plant based already? Is there fucking horse in there?
Salty qwq
Salty qwq 24 дні тому
as an Australian I have never seen a blooming onion and I thought white and yellow onions were the same thing
Valerie Garza
Valerie Garza 24 дні тому
In Texas it’s called a onion blossom
Nebuloasa7 26 днів тому
julien was extra chaotic in this one
Janessa Wooten
Janessa Wooten 26 днів тому
Congrats on UKvid following you on Twitter
Shawn Naquin
Shawn Naquin 27 днів тому
This video Made me say JULiEneAhEHnUH
miracle lamb
miracle lamb 27 днів тому
it’s literally 3AM and i can’t sleep and i’m watching this and now i’m scared
Kitty VanZandt
Kitty VanZandt 29 днів тому
I heard you can use one of those apple slicers to cut the onion.
Lois Munteanu
Lois Munteanu 29 днів тому
when he chose the wrong onion >.
Joanna K
Joanna K 29 днів тому
are you gonna make that Kevin's famous chilli someday
Hex Lee
Hex Lee Місяць тому
Matilde Місяць тому
your angey cooking is makin mee laugh haha
Delightra Cardeanne
Delightra Cardeanne Місяць тому
You're supposed to slam it face down on the table, that opens it up 💕
jennugh Місяць тому
3:28 *how did you know*
Alice Місяць тому
Jenna doing a Tevye in fiddler on the roof dance at 19:15 yes
Elena R.
Elena R. Місяць тому
jenna’s entrance cracked me up lol
Taylor Juanita
Taylor Juanita Місяць тому
Idk why I'm watching all of these while quarantining bc now I want fatty, disgusting restaurant food 😭
Bri Lauer
Bri Lauer Місяць тому
"I'm not an insane person" same Julien
Emily D
Emily D Місяць тому
pobody’s nerfect
Kaitlyn Місяць тому
Hello again there Hello there again hello, there, again.!?¿
niraku321 Місяць тому
LOL ..plant based horse radish... hahaha
Winter Lasts
Winter Lasts Місяць тому
Outback used to have to cut every single one by hand but now we have a machine that’s much like a dicer (anyone who works in a restaurant knows what I’m talking about) thank god we do
Alicia Goodin
Alicia Goodin Місяць тому
Julian's rambling at the beginning of all his videos reminds me of Michael Scott
Kiley Aragunde
Kiley Aragunde Місяць тому
10/10 just made it thanks for the recipe
Nathaly Gomes
Nathaly Gomes Місяць тому
Julien, I saw a recipe where after curing the onion , they put it in the water so it separates all the parts. Try it next time, it might help :)
Nathaly Gomes
Nathaly Gomes Місяць тому
God damn, Julienaaaaaa! You almost got it right but here it’s 4 am and I can’t sleep...
Kenzie Dawn
Kenzie Dawn Місяць тому
I tried to make this... I wasted an onion 😂😂😂
Mary Elizabeth Parker
Mary Elizabeth Parker Місяць тому
Hello, there, again.!?¿
Jaquelyn Chrisdon
Jaquelyn Chrisdon Місяць тому
We have a version of the bloomin onion that they just cut off the pieces and it’s just pieces in the basket. It’s called bloomin petals. That’s more convenient like you mentioned julien.
Ariana Omnomnom
Ariana Omnomnom Місяць тому
Whenever my bloomin onions would fall apart when cutting it I'd make "blooming onion fries" so I didn't feel bad about failing the most essential step haha
kw _boo
kw _boo Місяць тому
Hello, there, again.!?¿
Matilda Birchmore
Matilda Birchmore Місяць тому
Hi I’m an Australian and can confirm we do not eat this weird onion thing you all think we eat 😂😂 never even seen it in a restaurant / Servo / diner ever
Colby Thomas
Colby Thomas Місяць тому
10:28 I cannot get over that FACE I’m dying.
Charlie Pfaffle
Charlie Pfaffle Місяць тому
It’s literally 3AM rn....
xmissxandristx Місяць тому
Vidalia onion. Not white, not yellow. Vidalia. Best onion blossom EVER.
Amber-Lee Rudge
Amber-Lee Rudge 2 місяці тому
Australians whenever Juliet cooks “Australian” food: “what”
Abbie Maitland
Abbie Maitland 2 місяці тому
This has big Aries energy at the start
Haley Dunphy
Haley Dunphy 2 місяці тому
It’s 3am and I can’t sleep.
farhat Kashif
farhat Kashif 2 місяці тому
Julien takes a bite: "crunch" ASMRtists: write that down, write that down
aleks no
aleks no 2 місяці тому
julien called me out watching this video at 3:01 am.... guess i have to make a blooming onion now
Ducky G
Ducky G 2 місяці тому
Vidalia onion is what you’re supposed to use. They’re on the sweeter side and way less harsh than a regular white onion
Elsie Hughes
Elsie Hughes 2 місяці тому
I’m eating apples :)
Adam Soomro
Adam Soomro 2 місяці тому
the first 30 seconds of this video is what i imagine taking acid is like.
Victoria Amber
Victoria Amber 2 місяці тому
He sounds and kinda looks like nick from new girl
wreckerlynn 2 місяці тому
y'all really inspire me to work to keep my diet plant based, got some health issues so whole hog ain't gonna work, but I'm making some replacements and your cooking is a huge inspiration!
Kaitie _breedo1
Kaitie _breedo1 2 місяці тому
me : Australian that has never had a bloomin onion
Ciara Hayes
Ciara Hayes 2 місяці тому
Omg it’s 3am and I can’t sleep lmfao
Alice Powell
Alice Powell 2 місяці тому
I hate to be that guy.. But wosterchire has fish sauce in it
Amy Castro
Amy Castro 2 місяці тому
"come on work, do onion things!" ~Julien
Eminem Madex
Eminem Madex 2 місяці тому
I am Australian and proud of u did not do the Stereotype Australian accent
It's Mia Bruh
It's Mia Bruh 2 місяці тому
The pot overflowing gave me so much anxiety lmao, I tried making the blooming onion about a year ago and filled the pot a bit more than halfway, and for some reason, don't ask why, set the stove all the way up. So then I put the onion in it and it overflowed and my stove caught on fire and I got rid of the fire with the towel and I genuinely had a panic attack.
Jessica 2 місяці тому
Food not having any calories is my favorite long running joke on this series.
Snow White1313
Snow White1313 2 місяці тому
It is legit 3 am
cassie 2 місяці тому
hello, there, again.!?¿
Gwen Whitman
Gwen Whitman 2 місяці тому
Why am I even watching this I hate onion
Jo Stewart
Jo Stewart 2 місяці тому
Hey Julien, I tried to make this in my kitchen and started an oil fire which gave my friend 3rd degree burns and almost burnt my house down. It wasn’t funny then and it’s not funny now but it made me think of you. The most Aries thing to happen in my kitchen: a fire
Raj Asarapi
Raj Asarapi 2 місяці тому
The onion needs to be soaked in the "buttermilk" mix for about 5 minutes, BEFORE you throw the flour on. I recommend watching the Blooming Tom Yum-ion video.
Scuba Stephanie
Scuba Stephanie 3 місяці тому
Omg haven't had a blooming onion in AGES. We used to only have it when we went to the city fair, my mom and I would split one, and then back in the late 90s my mom bought this contraption that was supposed to make the perfect blooming onion. I think we used it once, twice is pushing it. I want a blooming onion. I'm so hungry
Sophia Stargazer
Sophia Stargazer 3 місяці тому
4:58 they did surgery on an onion.
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