I've been keeping a tiny secret. (no I'm not pregnant)

Simone Giertz
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21 тра 2020





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Jimi Allison
Jimi Allison День тому
Too cute! She's lovely. A 'budding Has Been'? Please explain. Thanks for your response and have a great day!
Carissa Coule
Carissa Coule День тому
Omg please build Scraps a bionic leg
Mark Kmiecik
Mark Kmiecik 2 дні тому
Scraps is an appropriate name. It looks like something that should be discarded.
Topher TheTenth
Topher TheTenth 2 дні тому
Simone, some of the remarks about peeing about 3:00am makes me think that you'd feel more comfortable if I stopped peeing in your yard at 3:00am? True? You've got it. I'm perfectly capable of standing there without peeing.
Topher TheTenth
Topher TheTenth 2 дні тому
I just figured out that Scraps is named after your series of robot videos, "Scrappy Robots". Why didn't you name her after you OTHER series of robot videos? Think of it. "Scraps" can be a plural noun but as a verb it requires an object of some sort. The other choice works as either a plural nouns OR as a singular verb that doesn't require an object. You can just do it. You don't have to do it TO or WITH or ON something. Although you have the option of an object, it's not required, not with that other name that you'd have derived from your other series about robots.
TripleARMS 2 дні тому
Everyone: (wait for it) AAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!
Reddie 2 дні тому
awww ❤️
Sriram Sridhara
Sriram Sridhara 3 дні тому
That the most, "kids picture book dog" I've ever seen
Sean ¿
Sean ¿ 3 дні тому
Michael G
Michael G 3 дні тому
How would I go about applying to be an assistant? I can feed myself and don't shed much. :3
Pie Fish
Pie Fish 4 дні тому
You should build her a bionic leg one day Commander scraps is so cool
pixzeo 4 дні тому
Omg she is pregananant
N4RN0R 5 днів тому
Anyone else thinks that she looks like ellie
Stephanie Brock
Stephanie Brock 5 днів тому
I have a White tiny dog who is missing his leg. its a small world
Pl4t0n 6 днів тому
Downvote because you downloaded TIKTOK
Sticks And-Stones
Sticks And-Stones 6 днів тому
I would have volunteered to be her workshop dog :(
Pablo Arduino
Pablo Arduino 6 днів тому
We need a tshirt with a cartoon of Simone driving truckla, and scraps riding shotgun...
Cyborg Ultra
Cyborg Ultra 6 днів тому
U both are the most cutest creatures on earth.
FloppyPoppy 6 днів тому
aaaaaawh this is such a great tripod
Micheal After
Micheal After 7 днів тому
I actually did the same in quarantine but instead of a dog I took in a cat. And I used the time I had to really bond with him (yes, you can do that with a cat :p)
Ephiniane 7 днів тому
Scraps is an audio engineer 🥰
Sam Garifalos
Sam Garifalos 7 днів тому
I have a tri-pawd too!
slightlyevolved 7 днів тому
1:53 OMG that FACE. Can I scritch the other ear?
Porter Steinfield
Porter Steinfield 7 днів тому
Wow congratulations for your first baby Simone!!
Austin 8 днів тому
Make her a robot leg!!!!!!
Persephone Olympia
Persephone Olympia 8 днів тому
how about LORD COMMANDER Scraps :D
Twinzgamez 8 днів тому
Simone: (Im not pregnant) Me: SHE ADOPTED A CHILD Simone: I got a dog Me: same thing
Rowsdower Mansion
Rowsdower Mansion 8 днів тому
JetSetDiva 8 днів тому
I have a tripod Westie/Jack Russell mix. She is reversed from Scraps. Maddie has one front leg and two back legs. She's faster than her 4 legged mates!
Mini Bit010
Mini Bit010 8 днів тому
Sooooooooo cute!
BeeLad 8 днів тому
Well you did get a baby in one way xD
Madison_Rabbitforest 8 днів тому
I need a back pack for my 3-4 foot long Labrador
Calum Mccreath
Calum Mccreath 8 днів тому
maybe Simone could make a little wheel that is like a harness thing that can be strapped to scraps back
Vitali Pom.
Vitali Pom. 8 днів тому
She's so cute! Both of the she's.
Topher TheTenth
Topher TheTenth 8 днів тому
You mentioned the photos you posted of Commander Scraps as a puppy. Nudes?
Topher TheTenth
Topher TheTenth 8 днів тому
I'm sorry but I have some reservations about the name "Scraps" for a dog who lost a leg.
james adams
james adams 8 днів тому
is anybody just ignoring what Simone says and just looking at Scraps
KrabsWithACorona 9 днів тому
My dog has 3 legs due to cancer
Pixel Blaze
Pixel Blaze 9 днів тому
It looked like scraps has a swastika where her leg was....
Nick Meersschaut
Nick Meersschaut 9 днів тому
I truly understand off being vegetarian but I hope your pup gets the food where the carnivor digestive system is build for, me as a vegetarian had to learn that with my dog, he has heavy digestive problems, he needs his meat or gets sick
English Rain
English Rain 9 днів тому
1:50 scratch her right ear lol!
Amaya Lafromboise
Amaya Lafromboise 9 днів тому
I read the title as “I’m pregnant” and I was so confused
mcdls5 9 днів тому
I'm going to really love watching the series of Simone making different leg replacements for the new puppy.
lrandersonnz 9 днів тому
She is AWESOME!!!!!
Dad 9 днів тому
Scraps is so cute!
Sphere723 9 днів тому
If you ever do want to get pregnant, contact me.
Catnip Soup
Catnip Soup 9 днів тому
Joeben 2016
Joeben 2016 10 днів тому
Pee time with the dog.....Wow
Jason Kearins
Jason Kearins 10 днів тому
who doesn't love puppies :)
weedfreer 10 днів тому
wait what... you've made a non shitty robot? oh, wait, you got a dog 😆
grant2053 10 днів тому
900 people here hate dogs.
JayFolipurba 10 днів тому
What an absolute darling
Zahava Kahn
Zahava Kahn 10 днів тому
She is so cuuute!
Jude Reimer
Jude Reimer 10 днів тому
Do a vid on training dogs cuz my dog is smart but she doesn’t like listening!! Plz do it
Charley Gardner
Charley Gardner 10 днів тому
My Boston terrier lost the same leg and honestly he seems to move around better after the amputation lol
Ross Ritchie
Ross Ritchie 10 днів тому
Dogs are rad.
Okapiii 11 днів тому
It's kinda hard to wear high heels, Or slip on banana peels How does she get in and out of tubs I hope she don't get mad, I hope she thinks this song is good not bad 'Cause we think that she's totally rad, she's nubs. No fingers, no toes, She doesn't own elbows, No phalanges no knobby knees to knock She don't need knuckles or hands To go see punk rock bands She's always in the stands, she's nubs She can't pick up a phone, She can't get dressed alone She's got no funny bone, she's nubs No shoes for feet but we sure do think she's neat, She's nubs, she's nubs, she's nubs. I asked her if she want a drink, I asked her if she liked Toronto, I asked her to go out to the bar, But all she said was no, no and no It was time for us to leave, So I grabbed and sher sleeve And told her I'd see her at the next club She got into a pack And some guy put her on his back, She said goodbye and kinda waved her stub She's got beautiful eyes, And breasts regular size, But without calves and thighs, she's nubs It's hard to give good head Or get tied to a bed, When all you've got is a body and head, she's nubs She's nubs, she's nubs, she's nubs, she's nubs Oh she may not walk the walk, And she may not like to talk, But boy she sure knows how to rock, she's nubs
Alyssa B
Alyssa B 11 днів тому
I want a shirt with her face
Mark Rogers
Mark Rogers 11 днів тому
Doggie Bag!!!
Mark Rogers
Mark Rogers 11 днів тому
Separated Fox
Separated Fox 11 днів тому
I would DIE for her
James Humphrey
James Humphrey 11 днів тому
meanwhile, Trump wants to scrap ObamaCare killing people like Simone w/o medical insurance
Juswaaa 11 днів тому
Sooooo cuteeeee... We have the same pet.. But i have a cat.. With three legs.. And she loves the ear scratching.. Cause she cant and i do it hehehhe....ahhhhh
Sam Jett
Sam Jett 11 днів тому
Pulling poop out of your dogs mouth is truly and unforgettable bonding experience. I never knew I would love anything so much that it would lead me to holding cold slobbery feral cat poop in my bare hands.
Andrei Schmidt
Andrei Schmidt 11 днів тому
top 10 human beings ever to roam this earth
Belgian Star
Belgian Star 11 днів тому
My dog turned 12 this year and it’s hard to see that he can’t jump on the couch anymore. Treasure every moment you have with scraps, he’ll treasure every moment he’s with you
William Smith
William Smith 11 днів тому
OMG - Commander Scraps is toooo cute. ^_^
Madoka Kaname
Madoka Kaname 11 днів тому
westies are the best! scraps is gonna be such a good buddy!
Cerys 11 днів тому
I love her
Blowtorch The Mighty
Blowtorch The Mighty 11 днів тому
Alternative Title: Simone Casually Admits To Peeing In Her Yard At 3AM
Neil B
Neil B 11 днів тому
So cute!
BarranteMotion 11 днів тому
This dog is amazing. Congrats to you both!
GTech 12 днів тому
Scraps is so cute! I had a westie for 14 years of my childhood and she was the absolutely sweetest dog I've ever known. You'll be very happy with her and it's so great you rescued her from a shelter.
Bradley Brice
Bradley Brice 12 днів тому
To cuddle
Stephane Vermette
Stephane Vermette 12 днів тому
Hello Scraps! Her name is perfect for that little wonky walk she has! Adorable cutie!
Alanna Carlson
Alanna Carlson 12 днів тому
My dog has three legs! I have a feeling you'll be inventing a leg for Scraps some day though. SHE IS SO CUTE
Stakman1-Stacey L
Stakman1-Stacey L 12 днів тому
That puppy just won the lottery.
Abigail Buckhanan
Abigail Buckhanan 12 днів тому
The answer to your question is yes. I would like Scraps merch. I would like it very much. Please put her on a shirt.
Grumpygaykid 12 днів тому
Dog mom Simone, ugh this is so sweet.
Stuff With Kirby
Stuff With Kirby 12 днів тому
I got a tripod kitty! She does pretty good moving around.
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