I Wish That My Sister Was Never Born

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17 чер 2019





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Jakob Petersen
Jakob Petersen 11 годин тому
*June 17th, "I wish My Sister was never born" got published on youtube.* *2 Years later, "My sister wished i was never born" got published on youtube*
Ghost YT Bot
Ghost YT Bot 5 днів тому
Michael Mahabir
Michael Mahabir 6 днів тому
I can relate to some of that with my older sister. When she has problems, she takes it out on my family especially with me (though not directly, it's just a feeling I get). It just makes me so uncomfortable. I try to ignore her but her constant mood and behavior is just too much even for herself. I just wish my family as a whole could peacefully live without problems.
Logan Duggins
Logan Duggins 7 днів тому
Why does she come from a plant in the begging?
Alec_the_animating_ Pie
Alec_the_animating_ Pie 8 днів тому
The floor is lava in... 5 4 3 2 1 Like if this is overused | | \/
-PixieDust- 8 днів тому
Thumbnail: girl on a wrecking ball destroying house* me: I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL!😣 xD
WitherGirl1114 9 днів тому
Laura: GETOUTOFMYROOM!!! Parents: my house my room my rules
WitherGirl1114 9 днів тому
Laura: YALL SUCK I HATE U Parents: Let's get her an expensive laptop!! SeEmS LeGiT!
3rd World Farmer John Ham
3rd World Farmer John Ham 12 днів тому
Sasset Sheldon
Sasset Sheldon 14 днів тому
Or... maybe the parents were not so innocent and we will never know
Hmeshka 15 днів тому
That thumbnails fuckt
Jer Chest
Jer Chest 18 днів тому
Cryofreeze her to the year 5000000019.
Eeveelution257 :3
Eeveelution257 :3 18 днів тому
No one is happy when there happy,just give her some m&ms or some snickers
Madison Farrell
Madison Farrell 18 днів тому
I've been in Laura's shoes. Laura's exact situation. I was exactly like Laura. It's not actually as easy. I didn't have Meds or Therapy. I had no control over my body. I had no idea what was going on around me. I was bullied terribly in school. When I did get Meds the side affects of Suicidal Thoughts messed me up and everything got worse.
Yellokiki 18 днів тому
In saying this at 4:13 u know how when lightbulbs break if ur near it , it causes brain damage so I think that's y no cap.
Yellokiki 18 днів тому
I'm saying this at 1:05 into the video I think Laura has STD's
Mikolaj Furmaniak
Mikolaj Furmaniak 18 днів тому
Show us a picture of Lora so I can find and slap her
Mikolaj Furmaniak
Mikolaj Furmaniak 18 днів тому
I thought it said bon not born 😂
ღ Dæ_Drěam ღ
ღ Dæ_Drěam ღ 19 днів тому
Title: I wish my sister was never born Me: *Relatable*
Taejha S
Taejha S 20 днів тому
Family: Normal Also family: have purple hair
Gordinho Blox
Gordinho Blox 19 днів тому
Still perfectly normal
Gaia Pozzoni
Gaia Pozzoni 20 днів тому
quello vuol dire essere teeneger
Just for fun Kakhi boy
Just for fun Kakhi boy 21 день тому
Add a public a moment
Helga Sigríður Ívarsdóttir
Helga Sigríður Ívarsdóttir 21 день тому
Cristian Aguilera
Cristian Aguilera 21 день тому
Josefin Öhrling
Josefin Öhrling 22 дні тому
You make wrong decision
Mark Bruno
Mark Bruno 23 дні тому
YOU ARE LIKE CANCER TO US! Now Kids Let’s Not Talk About Nintendo That Way
intergalactic gaming
intergalactic gaming 25 днів тому
Isn't this puberty
Joven Salva
Joven Salva 25 днів тому
Mine too
Fishing for Mammals
Fishing for Mammals 27 днів тому
Boi if I actually acted anything like this in front of my mom, I’d have been dead a long time ago
Leah Adkins
Leah Adkins Місяць тому
Who else had “I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALLL” pop in their head when they saw the thumbnail? Just me? Ok.
Nightmare Stories
Nightmare Stories Місяць тому
4:58 they dont know you because you isolate yourself what else do you think why
Nightmare Stories
Nightmare Stories Місяць тому
Wanna know what parents would think what the problem with the sister is? Videogames
Lord_ Logan
Lord_ Logan Місяць тому
0:31 *got em*
Emakay_YT roblox
Emakay_YT roblox Місяць тому
The music at the start made me cry Wait what i only yawned I SWEAR No
Hope Anderson
Hope Anderson Місяць тому
I never understand why my sister had cut Mark's now ik and I don't want her to die for her past I want her to live to show her journey and what paths she took to be here today yes I was alone during that time but ik she needed the attention
CloudShards Місяць тому
Oh no I’m gonna become Laura...
Fluffy Cowbell
Fluffy Cowbell Місяць тому
MrRrruppy Місяць тому
Heel Sister, turns Babyface, with the help of her Auntie.
I’m Bored
I’m Bored Місяць тому
Sounds like period
Amazing AK
Amazing AK Місяць тому
Thumbnail was like: she came in like a wrecking ball
Dynasty_ Dark
Dynasty_ Dark Місяць тому
Xoxox 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
jordao kruk
jordao kruk Місяць тому
if me or my brother acted that way dad would have ripped the bedroom door out and beat some respect in to us and i would not blame him for doing that
Mia Vazquez
Mia Vazquez Місяць тому
The same thing happened with my brother💔😔he ended up getting diagnosed with bipolar. He’s is not living with us currently he is with my grandmother😔💔
St. Kim
St. Kim Місяць тому
When She said that her sister became a moody person- I thought that she had her period
St. Kim
St. Kim Місяць тому
@Blue Bety exactly
Blue Bety
Blue Bety Місяць тому
It would make sense trough, but i thought it was just puberty you know like being moody and angry al the time.
Ashenicky2009 Місяць тому
..... A belt would probably help. Don't care what anyone thinks of that. Smack the disrespect out of the brat and force her into counseling anyway. Damn OP! I agree she needed a verbal beating but shit! A normal beating probably would've been better than that
Taylor Denham
Taylor Denham Місяць тому
0:57 That right there is called puberty.
gamer31o 2019
gamer31o 2019 Місяць тому
mental disorders are no joke. It can happen to anyone and it is especially hard when a person admits to themselves of needing help.
Tyson Price
Tyson Price Місяць тому
my oldest son was like this up to the day he moved out and now he wishes he had not left our home
frozen daffodil
frozen daffodil Місяць тому
Her- you don't know me or know anything that I like! Me- Says the girl who locked herself up in her room🙄🙄
Latin Queen
Latin Queen Місяць тому
I hate the name Laura, and I have my reasons totally unrelated to this video. But every time I heard that name here, I cringed
Sonia Ofori Yeboah
Sonia Ofori Yeboah Місяць тому
Who else laughed when they saw the title?
Kelly Kelbe
Kelly Kelbe Місяць тому
I feel attacked...
#dogslives matterslives2s
#dogslives matterslives2s Місяць тому
The flip u got a laptop I barely got myself a phone from my parents
Itay Shney Dor
Itay Shney Dor Місяць тому
I discovered because of this video I have the same mental disorders.
Anthree Місяць тому
hey she’s autistic just like me.
Mr. Gamer
Mr. Gamer Місяць тому
These people are clickbait!!! Always bending the story of what the title says!
TheLESOGA Місяць тому
She is in puperty
Kadey Doll
Kadey Doll Місяць тому
It's nice to see some light shed on borderline personality disorder.
Hector gaming
Hector gaming Місяць тому
Dude she is super depressed help her out please
The Noisy Spectator
The Noisy Spectator Місяць тому
How? Watch 2:09 to 2:24 again. My brother is the same way, and when _our parents_ sent him to see a counselor, (after he tried to set his math test on fire in class), he treated them the same way Laura treated _their_ parents!. And, at 1:44 to 1:49 ; the first few times my brother locked himself in his room and I heard him crying in there, _I did_ knock on the door and ask him if he was alright! Did he care that I cared about the way he felt, and wanted him to feel better? NO! Through his tears, he screamed at me in rage to go jump in the lake! My point? As someone who has been through what Nancy is going through?You can't help them if they don't want your help! If you try, they will just lash out at you, too!
Typical Alien
Typical Alien Місяць тому
When you’re such selfish scum that you make someone feel worse about themself and make it about you knowing that something is clearly wrong with them and they are already very frustrated and sad
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