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Ian Morris, Professor of History at Stanford University, lecture Why the West Rules -- For Now: The Patterns of History, and What They Reveal About the Future at the Oriental Institute on October 2.
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15 жов 2013





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GBK 10 днів тому
Fascinating presentation. Thank you Professor Ian Morris!
Ali Uyar
Ali Uyar 11 днів тому
Which humanity? Yours or chinese?
rui zhou
rui zhou 15 днів тому
Just ask the people of Hong Kong if they want the Chinese Communist party to rule the world. Sorry liberals-Fascist you do not want this to happen regardless what the sell-out Academia Marxist, wind-bags want.
Con 17 днів тому
Labor was probably expensive in pre industrial england because of that lack of sheer manpower compared to its contemporaries
mlazos 17 днів тому
Greek culture is one, not ancient, and modern. We are Greeks for more than 5,000 years. We are Greeks because we speak Greek. The most beautiful language ever created. We will speak Greek till the end of the universe. One day the world will speak Greek again. If you don’t speak Greek you are not educated. Greece will exist as long as the language is alive. The Greek language created the Greek civilisation.
Alter Kater
Alter Kater Місяць тому
We need a world governement and a world president. I am ready to take over. Everyone will be chipped at birth, not only dogs.
doogieAfro Місяць тому
The heart of the problem for western educated people is simple: they assume, in the first place, that the west IS superior, has superior technology, philosophy, social structures, economic princes etc... but think about it for a second; what IS "superior"? On what terms do you base the definition, the idea of "superior"? Ability to farm at scale? If you are 2 men on an island... able to feed yourself from nature, what meaning or purpose is there in being able to mass produce grain? None. No one needs it. But if a boatload of Americans discover you, while playing on their iPhones... do they tweet that they have discovered 3 rich men... or 3 poor islanders who have nothing? If you can understand that illustration you are well on your way to grasping the larger argument.
Adan Shajdin
Adan Shajdin Місяць тому
Ancient Greeks learned a lot from ancient egyptians!!!
Adan Shajdin
Adan Shajdin Місяць тому
What about ancient egypt?
CODEX 2 місяці тому
22:00 The problem is the use of UN metrics as they alter them to be more inclusive and less offensive to groups that are not western, so inaccurate. Also, that enormous uptake is due to the British made industrial revolution.
Occulta Veritas
Occulta Veritas 3 місяці тому
The problem with his theory is the fact that east Asia's economic development is the result of a massive amount of help by western (particularly the US) governments. If the US decided to stop making exceptions and favorable deals with east Asia (China) then their miracle of a "a new millionaire every day" would end very quickly.
Maquina De Soldar soldadura arco sumergido
I'm Chinese thank you.
Mojdeh Faraji
Mojdeh Faraji 3 місяці тому
So “Social” development was higher in West from 5000BCE all the way up to Medieval times?! Interesting! Sumerians, Babylonians, Persians and Egyptians were less developed than West?! Is his work even peer reviewed?! Sir, when you look at the past with prejudice, your projections for the future are but false.
K. Crowell
K. Crowell 2 місяці тому
He claims that the centre of what is considered as the west has shifted. Originally, it was hosted in Mesopotamia Egypt and the Levant, the Greece, then Italy, then Broader Western Europe and so forth. I too was kinda surprised by the diagrams but if we take that into account, it makes some more sense. I'm just stating some further info I found and am not in the mood for a debate on what the west is or will be.
MyNebukadnezar Simstar
MyNebukadnezar Simstar 4 місяці тому
In some way the explanations are too simplistic and are getting very one-dimensional by focusing merely on Geography. Why the Africans or the Arabs did not colonize America then? Obviously, Geography has a very different relevance for an agricultural society than for a post-agricultural or modern society. Morris is missing important facts: the European were forced to find new trade routes as they were shut off from the traditional routes by Muslim countries. Many other factors are relevant too such as trading, science, inventing technology and the dynamic power of progressing and thriving. The legacy of Greek and Roman societies was a key driver for European success. After this presentation I’m certain that I don’t need to buy his book.
ΣΙΓΜΑ 6 місяців тому
The east has been more advanced than the west for 12 centuries... From roughly 550 to 1750 or with other words from the Justinian's plague to the industrial revolution
m m
m m 7 місяців тому
I think your ideas are great but I think you left out the why which is in most cases religion and each one of the major players had a different religion that taught different things and had different motivations
Hosecutter 0
Hosecutter 0 7 місяців тому
Our recent social developments of our quest to dominate space should indicate that over time geography will no longer be the catalyst for development as we begin conquer its boundaries & limitations by conquering/manipulating space itself.
Jeffrey Smith
Jeffrey Smith 7 місяців тому
The "Greek" mob sentenced Socrates to death for apostasy. I think we assign this culture too much reverence.
jo ellis
jo ellis 7 місяців тому
UKvid: Attempted Coup in Venezuela with Abby Martin, Greg Wilpert, Paul Jay; Current certification of "Why the West Rules" v. the West pundits's distortion of realities and the Main-Stream news Warmonger Mindset and dis-informing the public for war and regime change agenda.
Free Bird
Free Bird 8 місяців тому
Just read Angus Maddison survey which he did for OECD countries vin 1970's study of millenium it clearly states between 1st to 17th century India and China had almost 60% of world GDP...west rose bcoz of colonization not anything else
Con 9 місяців тому
So your gonna steal guns germs and steal and repackage it
Nag Champa
Nag Champa 9 місяців тому
Standford U at U of Chicago of course China wins and we become transhumanists. UN speaker red flag, still cool to listen to and not all of his thoughts were UN cash for say.
Carniez 9 місяців тому
I literally have never heard anyone explain western dominance as "locked in." So his entire lecture is to explain that this is not true, but it never was true anyway...
Juuso Hämäläinen
Juuso Hämäläinen 10 місяців тому
Looking at the humanity's development graph presented by Morris, I would extend the time axis and start thinking whether there were high cultures already before last ice ages. To me that is obvious. I do not think humanity developed at such an evenly flat way for the 97% of existence of homo sapiens. Ice age just has destroyed more or less all reminders of earlier civilizations. We know how much evidence of later civilizations are still hidden everywhere. One very new area of archaelogical excavations are sea fronts globally. After ice age coastal habitations disappeared under rising sea surface and can now be found at depths between 1-130 meters. On the other hand we know that in Egypt only some 5% of ancient sites have been excavated. Satellites gave us that knowledge just recently. What remains to be found, nobody really knows.
Juuso Hämäläinen
Juuso Hämäläinen 10 місяців тому
Morris relies too much on the geography factor which is by the way not his invention but known throughout historical times.
Death Drive
Death Drive 10 місяців тому
Andy Myungjin Chae
Andy Myungjin Chae 10 місяців тому
I have read his book, 3 times. It changed my view to the world and understanding the human nature and history. Yuval Harari's book is a piece of cake compare to this.
Onto Seno
Onto Seno Місяць тому
did he say borobudur is made in the west?
Asaf Beeri
Asaf Beeri 11 місяців тому
Great book, I loved it! It is so exciting to see this lecture!
Ian Anderson
Ian Anderson 11 місяців тому
The sci-fi fans will point out that development will change geography to make places off the Earth close enough to be viable.
Chaostheoryrulz 11 місяців тому
BS interpretation of History. He didn't give credit to Jared Diamonds Guns, Germs, and Steel for some of his plagiarized ideas either.
Atler the Dark
Atler the Dark Рік тому
It's tough to say why societies succeed when we don't know why individuals succeed.
Not Sure
Not Sure Рік тому
Colonialism changed the world rapidly. Suddenly the globe allowed women the right to inherit and own property due to European Law practiced in colonies. Women in lands where they were subjected to patriarchy were liberated, educated and compensated for the first time in their history. This disruption to world culture favored the west. As equality normalizes, the west loses ground and the planet will lose national hierarchies.
The Crimson Fucker
The Crimson Fucker Рік тому
Lesson to learn: mass migration destroys civilizations.
Pasquino 0
Pasquino 0 Рік тому
Why are we calling the fertile crescent "western"?
Fritigern Gothic
Fritigern Gothic Рік тому
Not credible
chukmok Рік тому
Other cultures think in terms of My needs > other people needs, and europeans think like Our needs > their needs
chukmok Рік тому
white people had better religion, thus promoting better family values, thus extracting the children's full array of gifts and abilities, thus making the west excel culturally, economically, politically, and militarily. also secret societies probably played a big role
Nate H.
Nate H. Рік тому
1:00:00 - This is not really correct. They stopped making bombs this big because guidance systems improved. Soviet missile guidance systems were terrible, and to compensate for inaccuracy they made the bombs bigger. The likelihood of a giant, lumbering bomber carrying a 50 MT (actual warhead was 100 MT) surviving to hit its target was slim, and the likelihood of it surviving to hit its target *accurately* was even slimmer, hence why the large bomb was created. 100 MT is about the practical upper limit of a nuclear weapon anyway.
Khechari Рік тому
Nuclear bombs? The first one was built almost 40 years after Einstein first discovered that E=MC2. When was the first large hadron collider first turned on? What kind of mathematics are we discovering now? If I'm right, nuclear warheads will be the least of our worries soon.
deacon5frost Рік тому
"People are all the same." Lost me there. If you think that is true then you are an idiot. GG
108johnny Рік тому
"Glory be to the Bomb, and to the Holy Fallout. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be. World without end. Amen." -The mutants from Beneath The Planet Of The Apes.
NuncNuncNuncNunc Рік тому
Is the world shrinking on the North-South axis too?
mito . . .
mito . . . Рік тому
what does the west rule?
Onto Seno
Onto Seno Місяць тому
paper money
S.A Рік тому
Scientific and mathematical principles? They were solid from Greek and Arab days... way before the time you gave Europe the merit for these principles.
brownmold Рік тому
Optimistic on the prediction, because the alternative is too horrific to consider...
Jeremy Horne
Jeremy Horne Рік тому
Sounds like a warmed over Ellsworth Huntington's geographical determinism ("IM: "Geography explains why the West rules."), minus the racism . Geography is an important factor, but I'd be weary of having it as an "explain all".
WithMercyAforethought Рік тому
scarcedia may be one of the higher expressions of dining
listen2meokidoki Рік тому
When did China invent (or incorporate) the Limited Liability Company? Or didn't they? So when did Chinese Law incorporate Limited Liability Entities? Does Chinese Law recognise an incorporated Limited Liability Company as a Person? Does Ian Morris include the separation of Powers as a factor in human development? Can his scale reach higher numbers if government is not restricted by Law?
S.A. Morris
S.A. Morris Рік тому
...the history of electro-plasma beings having human experiences on this planet is a trip...
T.L. Watkinson
T.L. Watkinson Рік тому
Some of the fundamental assumptions, such as geography causes everything, people are the same everywhere - are flawed. It is differential theory masquerading as comprehensive theory. I won't be buying the book.
35:09 bj
and when did i tell ya? 0:17
N V Рік тому
The Mediterranean Sea was the central superhighway of transport, trade and cultural exchange between diverse peoples encompassing three continents: Western Asia, North Africa, and Southern Europe. Spuring development of all of those cultures. Great lecture cant wait for more... 28:23 social development scores 27:00 geography determines social developments
bashpr0mpt Рік тому
'For now' is such a cop out.
real eyes realize real lies
These projections make the assumptions we won't destroy ourselves, face dark ages without the skills needed to navigate through them. Just as it's obvious the Romans would have used nuclear weapons, we also will use them, my guess would be this century. How long can we refresh those rods with fresh water, certainly not forever, they will meet the air someday, the clock is ticking.
John Smith
John Smith Рік тому
Geographical? It’s always a bit of mental acrobatics and patience to watch western academics disinvest Christianity from its achievements.
James Tang
James Tang Рік тому
How is Christianity significantly better than Confucianism or Buddhism?
Your Momma
Your Momma Рік тому
My US history books went to 1980. I graduated in 1984.
dman2020 Рік тому
Very interesting. However, I do see a fatal flaw in his thesis. While geography does play a major role I am shocked that he is so firmly wedded to the current orthodoxy that every group on this planet has, on average, the same intelligence. While not popular or even accepted by usually rational people, science shows this not to be true. Unless you want to look at the "bigger picture" and surmise that geography also contributes to the intelligence of a population (i.e. northern climates produce a superior people because the weak and unintelligent who lack planning skills perish--you'll note that southern areas ruled by the indigenous population are poorer the world over). Groups display such a rich diversity in everything from skin color to hair color, height, body shape, athletic ability, etc, etc. To then accept the idea that the ONLY thing men have absolutely in common is intelligence requires some agile mental gymnastics that I am not capable of. No...the West rules from a fortuitous mixture of climate, culture, genetics AND good leadership. Asians are smarter than whites but their culture (and perhaps personality, who knows) does not encourage or foster inspired original thought. That quality coupled with China's suppression of individual liberty will keep them from reaching their full potential on the world stage.
nutznchocolates melt-in-your-mouth
I personally think they was just violent and greedy.
nutznchocolates melt-in-your-mouth
And where did these Greek go to school? And this all happened after the defeat of Kemet. So. . . do your research. Should I watch the rest of the video? What about Ta Seti. I'm going to keep watching.
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