If Good Developers Ran Warzone Part 2...

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If Good Developers Ran Warzone Part 2... The Hero Warzone Needs Returns...

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Hi, I'm Dimucc. COD and Warzone have been slowly heading downhill over the year, but I know there are plenty of Call of Duty players who share the same love for the game as I do. That's why I've started making videos to bring some fun and creativity back to the Call of Duty Warzone and Cold War Community. I love showcasing how dumb the game can get in a sarcastic and humorous way.

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29 лип 2021





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Souvlaki 12 годин тому
The camper one is true 100%
Tom Xd
Tom Xd День тому
Duck День тому
TheWorstChannelYouKnow День тому
“I think we should fuck up the meta” ☠️☠️☠️
Nicholas Green
Nicholas Green 2 дні тому
Kaleb Molina
Kaleb Molina 2 дні тому
I like how he censors the second f**k he said
JosephVibez 4 дні тому
detective droid
detective droid 5 днів тому
If not ill deal with him my self
BILLY 6 днів тому
Hitman agent 69 = Smack human Unit 69
EnnardandFriendsDc2er 7 днів тому
Where did you get the toy gun i want one
Pmetry Lands
Pmetry Lands 7 днів тому
What pistola is that
LycanC 7 днів тому
I like that developer... Fuck you Activision hahahhaa
Jalen Gordon
Jalen Gordon 8 днів тому
The fact that he included no name to the good developer xd
S.shadow King
S.shadow King 8 днів тому
I puked while watching this not because this is bad but I actually puked
TheWaterboyTC 8 днів тому
That last part got me🤣🤣 “Get The F*** out my office you stupid b****”
Michael James Alcayde
Michael James Alcayde 9 днів тому
ANIME EDITS 9 днів тому
Hey dimucc I have a problem signing up in warzone for an Activision account can u help
The wisdom cat
The wisdom cat 9 днів тому
The *ill deal with him myself* is funny
pealous 10 днів тому
So Raven and Treyarch are the real villains of warzone
Rune'sDND 10 днів тому
Play Albion online and then you'll recognize what bad developers are.
dante senra
dante senra 12 днів тому
Can actually send this to Activision
Rizzelness 12 днів тому
They need to add permanent duos for rebirth
Daion Stovall
Daion Stovall 12 днів тому
Definitely need to add that feature to stop camping in all future vids
Yameen Muh5adi
Yameen Muh5adi 13 днів тому
Dude stop camper racism
Frenchfry1479 13 днів тому
Don’t dis rebirth duos… it’s probs more fun cuz you can actually wipe teams
Scorpiog 946
Scorpiog 946 14 днів тому
Hi god bless
Dylan Laufenberger
Dylan Laufenberger 14 днів тому
*Pulls out gun* we’ll teach those fuckers not to take transformers online away
Robo 14 днів тому
They need to remove hotmic
The anonymous ?
The anonymous ? 14 днів тому
Well they need to add trios on cod:m too
Ducky's short clips
Ducky's short clips 14 днів тому
Yes this is facts, cod needs to be a little better
BLACK KNIGHT 14 днів тому
They way the fix the camper problem is if you stay in the same spot for let’s say 5 minutes you show up as most wanted and if you kill the camper you get fat bags of cash and loot such as advanced uavs and armour satchels aswell as durable gas masks
Bradley Peck
Bradley Peck 15 днів тому
The campers could walk in circles
Joshua Krall
Joshua Krall 16 днів тому
Activision is in a dark place
xXVapoR LogicXx
xXVapoR LogicXx 16 днів тому
One thing I love about working rebirth is the facts guns shots sound close but aren't the aeroplanes and bombs blow up your ear drums and my gun takes 10000mil in the head to kill someone
Lucky CEO of Bad Luck
Lucky CEO of Bad Luck 16 днів тому
Sadly this day will never come :(
Romar Sinclair
Romar Sinclair 16 днів тому
"Business trips" lol
David Hernandez
David Hernandez 17 днів тому
We need this
Ben Stenson
Ben Stenson 17 днів тому
They need to make it for it if you stand in one spot for a really long time you'll the Angie cheat will just kill you
ma andrea mendoza
ma andrea mendoza 18 днів тому
I wish acrivition was a good developer
JLmidec 18 днів тому
CapSucker 18 днів тому
petition for dimucc to develop warzone
Human Haker9
Human Haker9 19 днів тому
Hey skedadudlers
rodz Sans
rodz Sans 20 днів тому
Bruh If you hated camper why not added thermal equipment
Michael Chloe Ladines
Michael Chloe Ladines 21 день тому
Yeah that's is so true Activision needs to make sure to show the enemies minimap if they camp and if they hack they get banned and they won't get to play forever and that the will remove the players that acts like a bot
J_tha_blaidd 22 дні тому
I mean sniping is the only legitimate camping strategy Everyone that hates this comment is officially a tryhard quickscoper
john wesly gasmen
john wesly gasmen 23 дні тому
Everyone's wish, that can never happen
TheShooter2011 on Koolaid
TheShooter2011 on Koolaid 23 дні тому
Dude if I had a game I’d probably add that
DarkMatter 23 дні тому
Wait why are these good ideas
Skyler Johnson
Skyler Johnson 23 дні тому
Why don't you do cold war video
Jack Black
Jack Black 23 дні тому
I dunno... Don't campers add to realism?
Lunar 24 дні тому
Change the meta im tired of krig 6
kaleb Skaggs
kaleb Skaggs 24 дні тому
No one going to talk about how his gun disappeared
M16slayer556 24 дні тому
I wish this would happen
Lm de best gamer 2.0
Lm de best gamer 2.0 24 дні тому
Activision made skylanders fun fact
Lucas Holmberg
Lucas Holmberg 24 дні тому
The reason why I can’t get wins is because every single game I keep dying from campers, it’s the only thing I die from
WIDE WAYDE 24 дні тому
That camping idea is just ghost in cw lol
Dylan Leite
Dylan Leite 24 дні тому
If they make an anti cheat and make camping impossible by doing what he just said I’d come back to the game
WasabiDragon 24 дні тому
Take notes activision
sчstєm cσdє
sчstєm cσdє 25 днів тому
Where da 1st part
: not your friendly neighbor ·
: not your friendly neighbor · 25 днів тому
Nerf the sun improve the lighting
FN0118 25 днів тому
You should have shot the last guy
AC3_OR3O 25 днів тому
Sledgehammer needs to help with more games
Joshua Garza
Joshua Garza 25 днів тому
Speech 100. Big Ds 100. Bigger 🧠s 100
FastyClocked 25 днів тому
Love it
The Shadow Commando
The Shadow Commando 25 днів тому
" If They Don't, Imma Deal With Them Myself. "
ReverseNN 26 днів тому
Where do you find that pistol it looks awesome! I'm thinking in buying it
Craig Matthew
Craig Matthew 26 днів тому
P I G 27 днів тому
Raven is always annoying
Avocado 🥑
Avocado 🥑 27 днів тому
iS tHaT a uNkNoWn sMuG rEfErEnCe
SOS Deku
SOS Deku 27 днів тому
Me and my friend were talking about how there should be an anti camp system
poke_nerd16 28 днів тому
Can you do that with fortnite
Soldier 28 днів тому
Man i thought this was true but the second I read “if” in the title I contemplated life
Oliver 28 днів тому
If only
pete pete
pete pete 28 днів тому
Bruh the footstep audio is sooo bad pls fix it
Jude Rogers
Jude Rogers 28 днів тому
I like the good developer they actually do well
Blake Ericson
Blake Ericson 28 днів тому
500th comment
CT-66 29 днів тому
27ZGamingMC 29 днів тому
I used tp play cod warzone bit damn is it really that bad now?
hi im ben
hi im ben Місяць тому
We need this dev
Coby Fong
Coby Fong Місяць тому
Also make a third one of these.
Coby Fong
Coby Fong Місяць тому
If Activision even pays attention.
King Of Diamonds
King Of Diamonds Місяць тому
Plese do this
Eloise Shaw
Eloise Shaw Місяць тому
I love your content and would love to play with you
Logan Krieger
Logan Krieger Місяць тому
I like this guy
strikerdoc _420
strikerdoc _420 Місяць тому
"We should fuc* up the meta" "GTFO OF MY OFFICE!!" I laughed more than I should have.
Jaden Lopez
Jaden Lopez Місяць тому
OK I am going to be looking for that developer going straight Activision and telling them that this is their new boss
Project_Wolf_X Місяць тому
Warzone needs devs like this then the game will be perfect again
zeavion favors
zeavion favors Місяць тому
Yo wanna deal with building campers un nerf the c4
pridegamerz Місяць тому
Wish that this was real
Horizon Місяць тому
They don’t understand that if the game is good more people will spend.
Mar Mar
Mar Mar Місяць тому
Dang stuff they need to fix
Canonically Insane
Canonically Insane Місяць тому
BRO I used to have that same pistol until I lost a few months ago, 10/10 toy
I honestly like this a lot more
FastAdventure Gamer
FastAdventure Gamer Місяць тому
How to take care of campers: make them appear on the map Me: Just send in NPCs to deal with them
Mr. Blade
Mr. Blade Місяць тому
But normal after I kill someone with the sniper I do leave
Mr. Blade
Mr. Blade Місяць тому
Sometimes "camping" is needed. I was playing a round, then had someone at my door so I had to sit a min. So if it started pinging and something it wouldn't of been fair. Now if I shot or kind someone there and then stayed there I would see the need to maybe add ping. Plus I am normally running sniper, so I have to sit a min to aim or find the person
Explosionrux YEET
Explosionrux YEET Місяць тому
That ending was perfect
Jesus Rojas
Jesus Rojas Місяць тому
Alright, but snipers are like required to camp, I don't see how that would benefit them, but maybe the time needs to be like 5:00 min or something
Charger Місяць тому
Campers who continuosly just move : i am 4 parallel universes ahead of you
Christiano Babalao
Christiano Babalao Місяць тому
Infinity ward is the good developer. Raven mostly ruined warzone
ytkestondingo Місяць тому
Yessssss they needa do this
AxoRulez Місяць тому
Ok great idea we all spam this at activision until they do it
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