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12 лют 2019

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shane 10 днів тому
I'm so proud of this video and I hope you guys enjoy it. Thank you for letting me make stuff like this and for supporting our channel. We appreciate it more than you'll ever know. -Shane & Andrew
xX Dino5aur Xx
xX Dino5aur Xx 10 днів тому
Fuck this shit is wild. PS I will never eat at Chuck E cheese again
Melany Torres
Melany Torres 10 днів тому
Maya !
Maya ! 10 днів тому
Shane is absolutely a queen
Flashback Mary
Flashback Mary 10 днів тому
Claire Wallrich
Claire Wallrich 10 днів тому
Rawdha Elshazly
Rawdha Elshazly 2 хвилини тому
Why is no one thinking about how OLD those pizzas are? THEY MUST BE SOOO OLD
Rawdha Elshazly
Rawdha Elshazly 4 хвилини тому
With the pizza, any excuse you make will be debunked So its so clearly true
gaming bear
gaming bear 12 хвилин тому
Best video ive shane
TTK Ismet2sauce
TTK Ismet2sauce 15 хвилин тому
Was she ever in Iowa?
Sarah alajmi
Sarah alajmi 16 хвилин тому
30:36 did anyone else notice that this is laurdiy and alex ?😂
Ryan Lujan
Ryan Lujan 17 хвилин тому
sarhan official
sarhan official 21 хвилина тому
*This is better than a f**kin MOVIEEEEE* 🔥💯
Aaron Quinlan
Aaron Quinlan 23 хвилини тому
Make more
CJ the Fearsome Tiger
CJ the Fearsome Tiger 26 хвилин тому
I agree with Shane that they recycle the pizza
Tania Joseph
Tania Joseph 27 хвилин тому
Shane was so bold for unblurring his face 😂😂Loved this video
Cool Child 101
Cool Child 101 27 хвилин тому
I’m kinda shook about the chuck e cheese theory since, they would of done that for ages like : they would make pizzas for the first 2 years it opened or something, and they would of stored the recycled parts in the fridge and use it to create new pieces, and they could rarely make actual pizzas
IFergot 29 хвилин тому
The only explanation I have for the weird pizza shapes is that there are premade versions of the pizza (whole pieces of pepperoni, cheese, etc) which are then baked and cut to fit one pizza. So if you were to order a half pepperoni and half cheese, they cut half of a pepperoni pizza and half of a cheese pizza, then put it together. An explanation for the odd cut lines would be they go back to cut really big chunks. Chuck E Cheese already said that they hand-make the pizzas or whatever, which is why they have a weird overall shape. But... even if they did what I said, I can still see these really small pieces that don't fit whatsoever and I can't think of a reason for them.
PorthunaxGaming 31 хвилина тому
It was legit 4:30am for me as soon as 2:19 came up...
Fletch Watts
Fletch Watts 31 хвилина тому
The scariest thing in this video was when the screen went black and I saw my reflection
Nicole Moody
Nicole Moody 31 хвилина тому
Maybe you should do one on UKvid right now losing all it's sponsors, especially if it's a source of income. Everyone knows unless your Michael Jackson a pedophile story will bring anyone down. Including youtube
HashtagChloe’s World!
HashtagChloe’s World! 33 хвилини тому
omg.. yesssss
CJ the Fearsome Tiger
CJ the Fearsome Tiger 33 хвилини тому
Waste of pizza and money but you’ve got a good point to throw it away
Firoza 37 хвилин тому
sorry but............ americans man.. i mean are you really shocked that -marketing exists, -ballpits are dirty, -alcohol influences adults, -supermarkets design their floorplan to make you buy stuff.. brooooo lmao
Mr Skebbi Muhammad
Mr Skebbi Muhammad 40 хвилин тому
This is,one of the best,ever seen I love this much more Pls subscribe to my channel
Heamanth Varma Vetukuri
Heamanth Varma Vetukuri 41 хвилина тому
look at your face
King_of_the_dead 666
King_of_the_dead 666 46 хвилин тому
Thanos snapped your ass away In the thumbnail SHANE DAWSON END GAME
PokeManiac 47 хвилин тому
THAT EDITING IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniela Chacon
Daniela Chacon 52 хвилини тому
I went last time on a birthday party
Daniela Chacon
Daniela Chacon 53 хвилини тому
Im shocked shane
GreenSnickers 57 хвилин тому
Haven't watch him since 2009 He got fat
Scout Jester
Scout Jester 58 хвилин тому
why tf the random ass jump scares
ѕυиѕєт lσтυѕ
ѕυиѕєт lσтυѕ Годину тому
Lolll I remember watching a Guava Juice video where he said, “Dasani water adds a bit of salt to their water. Salt makes you thirsty, so that’ll make you buy more of their water. That’s why all the theme parks sell Dasani water.”
Chelsea Robbins
Chelsea Robbins Годину тому
Elizabeth Aguilar
Elizabeth Aguilar Годину тому
The edits are sick but make me so anxiouss 😓
GreenSnickers Годину тому
Remember in 2008 when he was emo good times.
a dead meme
a dead meme Годину тому
Dude why you gotta make everything look so creepy with all of those clips and sound effects bro
Krista Williams
Krista Williams Годину тому
shanes a bad bitch you can’t kill him 💅🏽.
Wildcard ASMR
Wildcard ASMR Годину тому
I don’t even know if this is appropriate but Shane is the reason I stopped hating gay people. Thank you Shane.
Poppy Anderson
Poppy Anderson Годину тому
Honestly this is my favourite video on YT
XEPOREA Годину тому
When people claim they advocate for victim's of abuse, but really don't give a fuck about them because they do it to act like they care so they gain attention or other selfish reasons. I mean, where was this same energy last tuesday?? lmaoo only when you little sheep hear stories or when a celebrity talks about it. DO something about it, carry that energy and donate, help, LISTEN AND LOOK at the signs of abuse, because people only care when there is a stiff blue body 3 weeks after finding out the victim was abused.....Kids need to be taught this, and shown the aftermath so that they dont talk about the stupid ass Pizza Shane covered but actually help out society and the victims to get rid of these abusive fools.
Austin Pettit
Austin Pettit Годину тому
Imagine eating a leftover slice of pizza from shane😂😂🥰🥰
Alexia silva
Alexia silva Годину тому
Omg that's the best video I've ever seen in my life!
ItsMelissa 20
ItsMelissa 20 Годину тому
I really feel bad for her I went through something like this I met this guy on kik we started as friends but in August he told me he likes me I told I need tell my family about you first he didn't listen to me he made it public on Facebook that night my family was upset with me so they let me date him right away shit was happening like one of his friend comments saying I'm going be sick I was hurt but he said she a friend later on she message me saying I'm being selfish ignorant then months go by on December we did buy each other gifts buy I spend like $90 on him I know its not a lot but I was 17 the time he only bought me a necklace and shirt was like $20 then February he was started changing then March he text me I wish you happy Birthday I will leave you alone so you can spend time with your family I told he no no it's okay I can spend time with you to then April was prom I wanted go but he didn't want me go but it was my last year my friends wanted me go so I said yes then he told me no boys okay but then that day prom i was at my school meeting up with my friends then in our group there was guys I didn't know so yeah he found out he was screaming at me saying YOU LIED TO ME I SAID NO GUYS I was crying I felt bad for my friends then may I graduate from high school then June I got my first job then he said make a PayPal account I said I don't know if I want to but he did it for me so yeah he took my money from me my family was very upset with me every time I changed the password he would threaten me over and over again then july came I was going texas I didn't know when I was going I was leaving on his Birthday he would threaten to hurting self he did but he never show me any proof he was then about November or October my brother had enough with me called him tell fuck off you and my sister are over so if it wasn't my brother I probably would be dead this happened 2014 to 2015 now its 2019 but 2018 I met a new man in my life who treats me better I love him so much if you are abusive relationship please get out of it I know it's hard but you can do it ❤
ItsMelissa 20
ItsMelissa 20 Годину тому
+Whispering Meadows Thank you hehe he makes me very happy we do have up and downs but never like how my ex was he way better than him my ex can really fall in a hole and make sure no one saves lol I'm happy who I got now ❤
Whispering Meadows
Whispering Meadows Годину тому
ItsMelissa 20 aw, hope everything is good now!❤️ That’s good you found someone else who can treat you better!
Jessiek Edits
Jessiek Edits Годину тому
What if you asked for an uncut pizza? ö
uwu -
uwu - Годину тому
Nicole Nunez- Betancourt
Nicole Nunez- Betancourt Годину тому
just order it uncut. have them cut it in front of you 💁
XEPOREA Годину тому
I think the biggest focus that people sweep under the rug in these comments is the family Shane talks about. Idk abuse happens right under our noses and the only time these roaches crawl out and advocate for abuse and domestic violence is when a celebrity creates a scandal story which does come out to be true, but then the sheep still sweep it under after 2 days and continue on with talking about shit like Chuckie cheese.
Ashley Hunt
Ashley Hunt Годину тому
Im so glad to see shane and brittani together, just like old times. ♥️
Nightcore_gachapiper Годину тому
the girl who use to be in shanes videos looks like Vicky from vampire diarys
Left Годину тому
Omg 😲
Roger Martin
Roger Martin Годину тому
Does anybody remember the name of the old youtube channel that had shane, Philip defranco, brittany, Shay and others..? I think it was something to do with train or something
Jonah Mendez
Jonah Mendez Годину тому
Tbh, if Milo's came anywhere near my family or friends.... 🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫. Just saying.
James W.S.
James W.S. Годину тому
I feel so bad for her.. it’s sad we live in a world like this..
Why relieving children hood shit tho kinda weird.. Siting around thinking about kid places 😂😂😂😂 i went 2 times and lemme tell you i would still go.. I'd make a video to like these other people trolling.. Pizza pizza slices aren't cut perfect like TF this is all weird AF.. Why is this in my recommended not interested in pizza shit 😂😂😂 youtube but thanks
Jessiek Edits
Jessiek Edits Годину тому
Watched this last week, came back for tea in the comments
Indi Steenland Productions
Indi Steenland Productions Годину тому
YEETUS! This is dark By the way THE FLOOR IS LAVA
Jessiek Edits
Jessiek Edits Годину тому
Is it just me or has the girl never aged (Brittany)
Angela Angel
Angela Angel Годину тому
im from serbia😂
Kyle Willis
Kyle Willis Годину тому
This is so happy you you talked about this conspiracy! I grew up hearing about this, and my parents wouldn’t let me go to Chuck E. Cheese for this exact reason.
jmonkey106 Годину тому
At my arcade, you can get a whole box of candy for like 300 tickets but like you get 50 tickets average per game so its fair. Chuck E Cheese is just generally a horrible arcade. Lucky we don't have it here in Australia.
Jessiek Edits
Jessiek Edits Годину тому
kay mi
kay mi Годину тому
MANDELA: who remembers now or later candy!? Its now AND later candy!? Wtf 🤯
Rabab Bazzi
Rabab Bazzi Годину тому
That was by far the BESTTTT video you have ever put out. You and Andrew deserve so much for this video. THANK YOU for putting Brittneys story out there !! He is 10000% trying to human traffic and I hope he is stopped. He is a horrible human being ! What scary monsters that live in this world. And sadly we are so blinded here in America to the REAL world.
Troye nelson
Troye nelson Годину тому
Brittany's story was insane and I hope they can get to a point of safety by themselves if possible and honestly hope Shane don't get hurt by that guy for unblurring his face because DAMN DUDE. love the videos so so so much though and I get excited when I sit down and watch these long videos very intriguing and enticing
Jayme Fernandez
Jayme Fernandez 2 години тому
Lucille Diy
Lucille Diy 2 години тому
Favorite part 0:00
jesus grace
jesus grace 2 години тому
What about shqueal O’Neal’s bbq chicken theory?
アニメカワイ 2 години тому
I’m craving veggie pizza
EditorMya 2 години тому
Ask them to not cut the pizza
Paige Horn
Paige Horn 2 години тому
Omg so glad we don't have chucky cheese in Australia
Lauraxoxo _
Lauraxoxo _ 2 години тому
Vanesse Gabales
Vanesse Gabales 2 години тому
Chuck E. Chesse Conspiracy 10:00 16:20 20:51 31:26
祝SHINOBI 2 години тому
Who would wanna work at Chuck E. Cheese and deal and listen to annoying ass kids all day everyday holy crap I’d go insane and drop kick the little fuckers 1 by 1
Grakeus 2 години тому
I don't know if this is happening to anyone else, but youtube has forgotten everything I've watched in the past five years and is recycling popular videos from subscribed channels. I don't know if it's just because I've watched that much youtube, or why this is happening. Also your videos from last year in contrast right next to your videos right now are so massively different. you look butch and pensive in your bathrobe now, where as last year you were manic jump cuts and constant jokes. It's jarring, Filthyfrank and Idubbbz etc fresh on my page like the last two years of content just started over again. weird.
AJsoWAVY 0 2 години тому
Plz shane plz , i love these vids but stop throwing in jump scares im not ready for that shit😂🙏🏽🙏🏽😭
Teddy Craig
Teddy Craig 2 години тому
Why would they pick a UKvidr who has a lot of followers? Perhaps someone hired them because they wanted to purchase her specifically! That's a real possibility in my mind. But, I think the more plausible answer is that she and her baby would just be worth more on the black market to potential buyers. They could show the buyers that she is semi-famous on UKvid and get more money for both her and her baby! It's sad, very sad, but we live in a really sick world! If you were some sicko who is out to buy someone, wouldn't you want someone who is semi-famous verses someone who is not, just to be able to brag to all of your sick friends about how you owned a UKvidr! As I said, we live in a sick world Shane, keep yourself save; these people are watching and I am sure they won't like you talking about him in this video! They are very very dangerous people Shane! P.S., Hopefully all those sealed indictments are real; but, we shall just have to wait, watch, and see. I wonder if they will be able to work their way up to the top of the food chain, and take out the agents in the CIA who are involved in this stuff, remember the finders; some important people are involved in it! It's interesting you had pizza, and the trafficking of children; in the same video; Shane, do you see the connections between these two things and the Satanic cults that are operating around the world? Woke! ukvid.net/show-UCxC2RlwWGHnwXanvHNBmw2w ukvid.net/video/відео-X8kIcwb-5OY.html ukvid.net/video/відео-ftm1hiXgYsA.html
Noël Göbrutz
Noël Göbrutz 2 години тому
the fact that half of these comments aren’t about this poor woman’s abusive relationships just proves that yall only care about victims of abuse when its convenient for you
Kaleigh Hall
Kaleigh Hall 2 години тому
Today at school, I told my friends that we going to Chuck E. Cheese for my birthday and they know what we doin.
Editing help For Vs
Editing help For Vs 2 години тому
it’s 3:27 am. I have school tmr. BUT IM STILL GONNA WATCH THIS HAH
Amani Feliciano
Amani Feliciano 2 години тому
1:04:47 "There's another skid mark" 😂😂
Aaron Spaulding
Aaron Spaulding 2 години тому
The chuck e cheese in my area shut down a couple of months ago because the play area was falling apart
Kieya Burton
Kieya Burton 2 години тому
Ok but the ending was savage tho
Troye nelson
Troye nelson 2 години тому
I might be missing something but if her husband was a "surgeon" or "doctor" he should be well in a job lmao
Troye nelson
Troye nelson 2 години тому
Imvu With Kennedy
Imvu With Kennedy 2 години тому
I went to go watch going undercover in Chuck E. Cheese on the girls channel and I wasted 14 minutes of my life even though I spent 4 hours watching ITS DIFFERENT help I have a problem
Bhavyaa Chudgar
Bhavyaa Chudgar 2 години тому
please watch internet jules' song of the intro
kylie 2 години тому
i fucking LOST it when he facetimed morgan
NickJames_ Bitch
NickJames_ Bitch 2 години тому
Wow.. I’ve never been so disgusted, heartbroken and shook by fear all at once in my life.. wtf 😓
Carlos Aviles obeso
Carlos Aviles obeso 2 години тому
Just deleted my grindr account after watching dis 😂😳
Ranger Mixie
Ranger Mixie 2 години тому
When I was in 1st grade, my freinds and I got invited to a Chuckey Cheese. They dared us to touch his foot, we did... He turned down and looked at us and said "Have a fun time kids!" I've been traumatized since.
Monique Heart’s laugh
Monique Heart’s laugh 2 години тому
I miss Brittani so much
Vril Dox
Vril Dox 2 години тому
You're an idiot
Eliplaz17 2 години тому
Ask for a pizza thats not sliced and see what they'll do
Jessiek Edits
Jessiek Edits Годину тому
Everyone like this so SHANE sees it
Jessiek Edits
Jessiek Edits Годину тому
Sleepy Celi
Sleepy Celi 3 години тому
Literally I should sleep but I'm also rewatching this at 3am
I'm a Unicorn
I'm a Unicorn 3 години тому
30:40 On a completely unrelated topic, Is that LaurDIY?!
Ye et
Ye et 3 години тому
I just think you are asking for clout and more money from UKvid just saying 🤷🏿‍♂️
M 2356
M 2356 3 години тому
1:05:43 that pretend tho😂😂😂🤣
Masiat Haider
Masiat Haider 3 години тому
I feel like he will dissappear one day and I am scared
Jade's life !
Jade's life ! 3 години тому
Shane I have something I found out about snapchat all of the pretty filters make you have blue eyes because that’s the classic pretty girl eye colour and all the ugly filters let you keep your eye colour. Also Shane I just want to let you know that you are my favourite UKvidr and I am so inspired by you and I love you so much.
Shane and squad fan girl
Shane and squad fan girl 3 години тому
Whoever sees this please sub to me i post piano tutorials and am trying to get monetized
TheAvengingFox 20
TheAvengingFox 20 3 години тому
This is retarded
CrazyForKill Gaming
CrazyForKill Gaming 3 години тому
Why are adults so outraged by Chucky Cheese. I understand the alcohol part but it’s Chucky Cheese it’s just a place we’re kids are supposed to have fun
Jessica Guillie
Jessica Guillie 3 години тому
I'm scared of Chuck e cheese like the costume it freaks me out every time
sadboy prolific
sadboy prolific 3 години тому
That ending had me *QUAKING*
Artsy Jaz
Artsy Jaz 3 години тому
Why is everyone making such a big deal about the pizza? Lmao like it’s crazy but everyone makes it seem like that’s all this is about
Creepypasta Friends
Creepypasta Friends 3 години тому
Hey Shane i love your conspiracy theories but have you done one on Peter Pan? I have a really dark theory on it if not.
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