iPhone 11 and 11 Pro drop test

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Apple says the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro have the toughest glass ever in a smartphone. Is it true? We drop these phones from 3, 6, 8 and 11 feet onto concrete to find out.
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21 вер 2019





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Imran Mohebi
Imran Mohebi 8 годин тому
I just bought iPhone 12 pro max I dropped it and it broke😭
RevineHD 16 годин тому
Everyone send this woman some phones! i want to see droptest for every phone! P30 pro,s10,note10,iphones,xiaomi,oppo....
AJAY SINGH 18 годин тому
About display 11 bad or not
BRAYEN Turner 2 дні тому
Dude if I dropped it from 1 foot it would crack
BRAYEN Turner 2 дні тому
iPhone 11 tuff
Rahul Addala
Rahul Addala 2 дні тому
Drop machine, I have not heard more dummer thing than this 😂
Vikhyat Puri
Vikhyat Puri 2 дні тому
drop it on edge from that point the phone has the highest tendency to break as the pressure is most on it.
Sam Richards
Sam Richards 3 дні тому
Very impressive. Hoping my pro max with case and screen protector will not ever have a cracked screen. Would be first iPhone since original that hasn’t cracked on me at some stage.
Jonathan Walter
Jonathan Walter 4 дні тому
It sounds like being at the dentist
Jonathan Walter
Jonathan Walter 4 дні тому
She is cute.
francesca BaiMuDan 沉连清 SIM
Better keep your xs Max than 11 pro Max and you can trade in again when Apple has Good soon ;)
francesca BaiMuDan 沉连清 SIM
Fellipe Rodrigues
Fellipe Rodrigues 5 днів тому
Hot presenter just saying
Girish K K
Girish K K 6 днів тому
Use different phones for different heights Same phone when dropped multiple times from different heights will definitely break the phone Secondly, drop it on concrete surface
sealand000 7 днів тому
Can you please get rid of that background noise (aka "music")?
James Murray
James Murray 8 днів тому
Let’s be honest the only time it lands flat is never, they always smash on the edges.
Straph 8 днів тому
Dropping on inside treated concrete. Of course the phones will be fine. Go do those same tests on rough outside concrete.... you'll hate life at a 4ft. drop.
Vicente Pena
Vicente Pena 11 днів тому
Yea I don’t even use a case for my red 11 it really does not need it and finger prints aren’t really to bad either
Jason Lee
Jason Lee 11 днів тому
...I'm getting the vibe that this video is fake. Why do they keep cutting the scene to a different camera view when they drop the phone? They are willing to showcase Samsung's phone durability tests without any of the camera cuts but yet they do it for Apple products? They should keep it constant at single camera like PhoneBuff's durability tests...
Dog Damon
Dog Damon 12 днів тому
I don't recall, were the front cameras ever checked??
T B 15 днів тому
I guess the slow mo and sound makes it more intense ? Idk. Pretty boring tho
JustCallMeDope 15 днів тому
Shes all mad that its surviving like cmon home girl thats a good thing 😓😂 I made sure to look at drop tests before getting my 11 🔥
wing form
wing form 16 днів тому
Joshua Rangel
Joshua Rangel 17 днів тому
They drop it head highs and it’s fine Me drops is below weight hight: shattered
Motoman 17 днів тому
When you drop your phone they don't drop parallel to the killing floor. They drop at a angle and the edge absorbs most of the first impact. That is why this test is flawed. CNET always seems to leave you wanting more.
Kale of the Gods
Kale of the Gods 18 днів тому
inb4 future ai's see this & terminate all of us as payback *woosh* love these tests anyway
Owen W
Owen W 18 днів тому
Is it me or she doesnt know much about the actual hardware or software of the phone?
Cee Life
Cee Life 18 днів тому
This gave me anxiety
CNET 18 днів тому
Blazian 19 днів тому
For anyone wondering, the FRONT glass actually NEVER touched the floor. The rubber ring around the glass protected it, so the glass really isn't that durable, the ring is too powerful.
Yu Ma
Yu Ma 19 днів тому
She only checked one camera
Random commenter Check
Random commenter Check 19 днів тому
I watched ur Xr video
laura 20 днів тому
depends in the bottom. drop it on stones.
Eddie Sena
Eddie Sena 20 днів тому
this is clearly fake. i have seen other videos and it breaks at 3m high.
Nick Duncan
Nick Duncan 20 днів тому
Please take the test further until they break!
ipKonfig.com 20 днів тому
Cnet can't, with all their money, put the vacuum cleaner unit in another room to knock out the noise. Nope - do it all in the same area as you're filming
kisser kwaku
kisser kwaku 20 днів тому
Love your review thanks for the video You are the most genuine person I know ❤️❤️❤️
jpdemer5 21 день тому
Remember to always drop your iPhone so it lands flat. If it doesn't, you were dropping it wrong.
tony poll
tony poll 21 день тому
I dropped mine on the side edge and camera side is smashed
monsuar lous
monsuar lous 21 день тому
I woulnd buy this thing ...look the side effects ...help spread the word .this type of technology is bad for humands
Aimee Paradis
Aimee Paradis 21 день тому
You need to drop it from a different angle so that it lands on the side. Two of my iPhones shattered after dropping them onto a sidewalk but when they hit , they hit on the side of the iPhone and then flipped and finally landed flat with the screen down.
Cory Ducey
Cory Ducey 21 день тому
Where the heck do I begin? This couldn't be a more controlled environment. Phones aren't always going to land flat. That is called dispersal of impact. That vast majority of the time is going to focus on a small corner which will focus the force in a smaller area. This isn't a good test.
UP BASS 21 день тому
The fakest video I ever see.
Doctor Anarchy
Doctor Anarchy 22 дні тому
Phones don't break. So don't waste your time.
Jonathan 22 дні тому
This looks like they filmed it in 2005
MD D 23 дні тому
That's cool. I cracked the back of my iPhone X sitting in a low seated height chair on concrete, no more than 2 feet. When they said they made the back stronger, I was skeptical, but this test definitely clears my skepticism.
Top Game Trailers
Top Game Trailers 23 дні тому
Drop it in concrete than we'll talk
Randy Yang
Randy Yang 23 дні тому
You are paid to break , stupid actions...
John Anderson
John Anderson 23 дні тому
Thank you for the test, please have your tester use a step ladder for the 8 ft test, not a chair. I don’t think anyone wants to see her become part of the test!
Gaganpreet Singh
Gaganpreet Singh 23 дні тому
Nothing more boring than a DROP TEST VIDEO
V shewale
V shewale 23 дні тому
Must add same sand on floor and then try it , this will illustrate real life situations
woody craker
woody craker 24 дні тому
I am pretty sure 99% of the drops are not flat face down!
Legion LS 33 Rayth
Legion LS 33 Rayth 24 дні тому
Shorter video would be great 👍 like 2 min I just skipped to the end after the first min of talking.
Balmunix 87
Balmunix 87 24 дні тому
I laugh, what a superfluous video, in fact, a cell phone never falls down so😄😂🙈
Dirty .Dozen
Dirty .Dozen 24 дні тому
its easier for the glass when you drop it on a completely flat ground
nineteen-sixty-nine 24 дні тому
Realistically they have to be dropped on their edges and corners aswell!
Nicholas Coffey
Nicholas Coffey 24 дні тому
Ok I’m actually impressed 💁🏾‍♂️
Natan 24 дні тому
U should drop it on it sides not flat whole time
Joshua Mawango
Joshua Mawango 24 дні тому
Based on 5:47 we can safely conclude she is 6 feet tall😊
Sheff Steel
Sheff Steel 24 дні тому
The tests actually made me laugh...it’s totally inaccurate and pretty useless because it doesn’t reflect real life. No machinery needed, just drop it from 4 foot spinning it around so the phones lands on it’s edge and also the floor surface needs to be sloping and uneven with stone chips in the concrete that might causes scratches.
Nathan Kwok
Nathan Kwok 24 дні тому
When a test phone doesn’t even break from 11ft but ur own phone breaks from a 1ft carpet drop...
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