iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Unboxing - Apple Delivers Again

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The iPhone 11 is here! Along with the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, this year's smartphone lineup from Apple will be available to the public this Friday. Digital Trends has an exclusive, pre-release iPhone in our offices so it's time to take a close look at the new iPhone in our iPhone 11 unboxing video!
Read more: www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/iphone-11-news-specs-release/
In our studio:
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Music: artlist.io/Digital-142302
Video gear we use:
Panasonic GH5 amzn.to/2IWEyfc
Lumix 12-60mm Camera Lens amzn.to/2IWEJHo
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Sony E 50mm F1.8 OSS amzn.to/2NMDBVj
Konova K3 Camera Slider amzn.to/2UppWpF
Godox SL-60W amzn.to/2EEeLCV
Neewer 660 LED Video Light amzn.to/2ERDjtw
Benro S6 Video Tripod amzn.to/2SOLRVD
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18 вер 2019





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Alexander Guerrero
Alexander Guerrero День тому
 iPhone 11 Pro And iPhone 11 And iPhone 11 Pro Max
william clarkson
william clarkson 9 днів тому
Buy I phone 11 please
London Miyuki
London Miyuki 12 днів тому
I like the iPhone. :)
Johannes Schumacher
Johannes Schumacher 21 день тому
As a journalist, I was also able to thoroughly test Pro Max in the media market. It's the way sloths rated it, the best phone. Apple can. Sorry Huawai, what Trump is doing to you with the Mate30, without Google Playstore, Facebook etc., is the last thing. Does not buy Apple and US products. Does not support Trump and many Americans who wage economic wars and start the war with Iran. Never before has a US president divided people so much and worshiped the money. The climate denied and so damaged the reputation of the wonderful people of America. Please US will be NORMAL again. Als Journalist konnte ich das Pro Max auch im Mediamarkt ausführlich testen. Es ist so wie Faultier es bewertet, das beste Handy. Apple kann es. Sorry Huawai, was Euch Trump mit dem Mate30, ohne Google Playstore, Facebook etc., antut ist das Allerletzte. Kauft kein Apple und US-Produkte. Unterstützt nicht Trump und viele Amerikaner, die Wirtschaftskriege führen und den Krieg mit dem Iran beginnen. Noch nie hat ein US-Präsident die Menschen derart gespalten und das Geld angebetet. Das Klima geleugnet und das Ansehen der wunderbaren Menschen in Amerika so beschädigt. Bitte US werdet wieder NORMAL.
Ibrahim Alayyaf
Ibrahim Alayyaf 27 днів тому
Mostafa Azab
Mostafa Azab 27 днів тому
give me one god damn it !
MICH 28 днів тому
That design is just horror
Apelsin arsle
Apelsin arsle 28 днів тому
In sweden a iphone 11 pro 64gb goes for 1340$ and a 11 999$...................................................
alexat62 28 днів тому
When was the last time Apple introduced anything innovative? At this point they’re just relying on sad individuals whose self-esteem is tied to having the latest iPhone. Sadly, reviewers like you are just feeding this psychosis 😢.
balogun odunayo
balogun odunayo 29 днів тому
You can contact Mr Darnell for your preorder of phone he help me out in my preodrin of my phones at low price I never expected, he can Also order all kinds of phone on any of this network carrier sprint, at&t and Verizon, connect him on WhatsApp on this line (203) 496-8285
zamp6969 29 днів тому
Can’t wait to get mine... so I can jailbreak it
balogun odunayo
balogun odunayo 29 днів тому
You can contact Mr Darnell for your preorder of phone he help me out in my preodrin of my phones at low price I never expected, he can Also order all kinds of phone on any of this network carrier sprint, at&t and Verizon, connect him on WhatsApp on this line (203) 496-8285
Sarah ss
Sarah ss 29 днів тому
What is the date of realizing the iphone 11 pro ?? Plz if someone know answer me
Marino vucko
Marino vucko 29 днів тому
worlds best boss LIKE
CaTTerinoYt 23
CaTTerinoYt 23 Місяць тому
Nice videos you have keep it up
5252 Місяць тому
The only reason Apple has released a green iPhone is to brainwash and divert the human attention from the pure and simple fact that apple is the most detrimental and purely evil entity on the face of the planet and is going to spell the complete destruction and technological enslavement of all of humanity and it is currently the pure decimation of Earth's environment biosphere one of the largest contributors to the Amazon no longer existing and a huge contributor to her human populace slave labor
Ipodismylife 2.0
Ipodismylife 2.0 Місяць тому
Dude terrible just dumping the box out. Smh
Jude Fenwick
Jude Fenwick Місяць тому
My iPhone ProMax will be home by 10/20/19
Menghuot Han
Menghuot Han Місяць тому
Fast charge of iphone 11 pro : Placing an 18W fast charger in the box finally yields to a long-demanded feature from the most intense, power-hungry iPhone users. Samsung works well on it so far!!!
Prabhjot Singh
Prabhjot Singh Місяць тому
I have iPhone 6s and thought i would buy a newer iPhone model, but after iphone 11 & pro, i think i am gonna go with iPhone XS.
XxlofianimiexX XxgodxX
XxlofianimiexX XxgodxX Місяць тому
It should come with air pods
Bryan Martinez
Bryan Martinez Місяць тому
I wish I had an iPhone 😪😢 but can't afford it
balogun odunayo
balogun odunayo 29 днів тому
You can contact Mr Darnell for your preorder of phone he help me out in my preodrin of my phones at low price I never expected, he can Also order all kinds of phone on any of this network carrier sprint, at&t and Verizon, connect him on WhatsApp on this line (203) 496-8285
Landen Teves • 7 Years ago
Landen Teves • 7 Years ago Місяць тому
Hello from the past
Mubby 123
Mubby 123 Місяць тому
Samsung A50 also has 3 cameras was released recently....anyone heard of it???Much cheaper and great quality. Unnecessary to pay so much for an iPhone.
Jack Hawkins
Jack Hawkins Місяць тому
When does the iPhone 11 black 128 gig arrive
Elizabeth Ying
Elizabeth Ying Місяць тому
Does it come with a dongle
Türkum Місяць тому
iPhone 6s is still a really good phone tbh😌
hussam almutiri
hussam almutiri Місяць тому
الله يرزقني باأيفون ١١
mal han
mal han Місяць тому
my iPhone 6 sill works same only color numerical change each year
dirty hands
dirty hands Місяць тому
Boring interview
Dev Patel
Dev Patel Місяць тому
You don’t even know there is tap to lift phone
Troy smith
Troy smith Місяць тому
Lame ass iPhone 11 weate of time lol 😝
holland loverz
holland loverz Місяць тому
Is it water proof or not
Crabstep Boi
Crabstep Boi 27 днів тому
holland loverz it is
D Franzen
D Franzen Місяць тому
Lol, icrapple! Boring crap, nothing new
Leonard Marinus
Leonard Marinus Місяць тому
I love all your video's !!!! can I win one your iPhone's
Kailem Jones
Kailem Jones Місяць тому
The camera bump is just too much
Johan Abraham
Johan Abraham Місяць тому
Bang cara komentar di youtube gimana.. 😵
kryptoniteee Місяць тому
How did this nerd get these new iPhones early?
RealOne1 Місяць тому
I cringe when people use them and run their hands on it with no case and especially putting it on a table and using it like that
RealOne1 Місяць тому
I hate how the pro is smaller than the regular 11
AnasBader Місяць тому
Someone hellllppp. What iPhone 11 color???
Indian Tech Tutor
Indian Tech Tutor Місяць тому
Good phones #indiantechtutor
Hesu Teravanesyan
Hesu Teravanesyan Місяць тому
why do people still but the new phones lol suck a waste of 1k unless it’s for business
Hesu Teravanesyan
Hesu Teravanesyan 24 дні тому
Crabstep Boi well you got a point, although there are people who will get this after getting like a xs max a year ago
Crabstep Boi
Crabstep Boi 27 днів тому
Hesu Teravanesyan me personally, I like the Apple OS system because its minimalist and in my opinion a bit cleaner than that of Androids and I’m also upgrading from an iPhone 6s so I’m kinda needing one rn.
Hesu Teravanesyan
Hesu Teravanesyan Місяць тому
a lot of people could but i don’t think a lot of people are in a financial situation where they would want to spend $1,000 on a phone
Mel Sanchez
Mel Sanchez Місяць тому
Hesu Teravanesyan maybe because they can, plebeian
James Gowan
James Gowan Місяць тому
You DO NOT have those devices!
Julian Chokkattu
Julian Chokkattu Місяць тому
Chill With Xavier
Chill With Xavier Місяць тому
Tbh I don’t like how all the iPhone 11 pro and pro Max have black boxes
Chill With Xavier
Chill With Xavier Місяць тому
Roy Camarillo no I just don’t like it
Roy Camarillo
Roy Camarillo Місяць тому
Chill With Xavier you’re going to be carrying the box with you everywhere to protect the phone?
KamBo Janger
KamBo Janger Місяць тому
I'll wait for iPhone 12 to launch so that I can buy this when the price drops...if not I'll wait for iPhone 13 to launch so that I can buy this when the price drops twice its price when it gets older!!! Your's truly, Mr broke!!!
Mrs. Yang
Mrs. Yang Місяць тому
Want to see that in person so that i can decide which is more perfect size for me
uro Місяць тому
Hate the box. Preferred the xs gen boxes
Vin S
Vin S Місяць тому
SE soldiers report in... is now the time?
WinterwolfX2 29 днів тому
Vin S current SE user but already switching to the 11
J-disel Watkins
J-disel Watkins Місяць тому
Why when people do unboxings of iPhone they talk about the contents of the phones when it’s been the same since the conception of the phone.
Julian Chokkattu
Julian Chokkattu Місяць тому
Maybe not everyone is upgrading from an older iPhone?
CRAiG _ Місяць тому
I'm scooping up the iPhone 11 pro max. 🍎📱🍎
Pouya Aziz
Pouya Aziz Місяць тому
No gives a fuck about unboxings , we know whats in the box kind of sick of clicking on every video and seeing the same bs over and over
Julian Chokkattu
Julian Chokkattu Місяць тому
I think there's a fix for that. Skip this video and watch another one on our feed! :)
Katie C.
Katie C. Місяць тому
2 - iPhone 11 Pro Max: both 512 GB. One Space Gray and one Midnight Green, Replacing 2 iPhone 8 plus. Needed to replace it's been two years, even though completely happy with the 8 Plus, was going to purchase a camera but decided this shall do for the time being.
Brain Donnelly
Brain Donnelly 12 днів тому
Ever since moving, I have no idea where my Canon EOS Rebel DSLR. No real problem. It's here somewhere. In the meantime, I'll use my iPhone 11 Pro 512 GB's camera...looking forward to its arrival in my hands tomorrow. C'mon, FedEx, impress me and deliver it a day early!
Besties forevermore Wilson and Camacho
Aye you should give me one....yk for my birthday today🤪😁
MHS Місяць тому
Ugliest iPhone ever!!!!!
[VVS] Jxpiter
[VVS] Jxpiter Місяць тому
thanks for showing us so much of the user interface .
Julian Chokkattu
Julian Chokkattu Місяць тому
It's an unboxing. We'll have more videos coming up!
Super Spider Man
Super Spider Man Місяць тому
The iPhone 11 is Trash
NiteMareZ Місяць тому
I went from a iphone 5 to the 11
NiteMareZ Місяць тому
@Spartan Nah, just saying i had a 5 and legit hopped to the 11. no tho i pre-ordered it Friday and getting it delivered tmr
Spartan Місяць тому
NiteMareZ iphone 11 came out already?
Silent Killer
Silent Killer Місяць тому
I only use the heavy duty otter box on my phones so don’t care what color they are
Mersim Islami
Mersim Islami Місяць тому
LazerGritz Місяць тому
I was gonna get the pro but it’s back dated till October so I’m just getting the 11
Patrick Elions
Patrick Elions Місяць тому
LazerGritz same happened with mine, ordered Friday 30min after preorders opened and it was already delayed until 30th September ._.
Eff Ahston
Eff Ahston Місяць тому
LazerGritz .. tsk...tsk...tsk. Gotta learn how to wait, young Jedi. Haste makes waste.
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