iPhone 11 Pro Max Hands On!

Jonathan Morrison
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iPhone 11 Pro Max vs 11 Pro Hands on!
Apple’s new iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max pack an A13 Bionic chip, triple camera lens which finally features an ultra-wide angle lens & 4-5 hours of more battery life vs the iPhone XS & XS Max.
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Shout out to MKBHD for the wide angle cameo!
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Jonathan Morrison
Jonathan Morrison 10 місяців тому
iPhone 11 Pro or this setup? 😍 ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-DWi8STIoRfM.html
Kra fstoff
Kra fstoff 9 місяців тому
iphone 11 pro. pre ordered one
DR128BIT 9 місяців тому
I tell people that if you're not using the iPhone 11 Pro Max with 3 cameras, then you are behind the times. The trend moving forward is 3 or more cameras, not less. It is time to upgrade, don't delay.
Hamid SHRK
Hamid SHRK 9 місяців тому
Jonathan Morrison I thought it was a Philips shaver😂😂😂😂
Ritik Khati
Ritik Khati 10 місяців тому
Hey Jonathan make video on samsung galaxy note 10 plus
Dev Mahesvara
Dev Mahesvara 10 місяців тому
It's mediocre. But I have to say it looks clean. So, cheers..
Jeet Місяць тому
Why all these youtubers have such problems with slowfi ?
Nobody Nobody
Nobody Nobody 2 місяці тому
How u going to call something that’s dumb if u bought it
Jay White
Jay White 4 місяці тому
im getting the gold iPhone 11 Pro 256gbs
Lions 5 місяців тому
I came to see the iPhone 11 Pro Max but then I saw Jonathan and couldn’t take my eyes off of you lollol
Marie-France Boulet
Marie-France Boulet 5 місяців тому
*I had the smaller IPhone 7 and decided to go with the iPhone 11 Pro Max.•ᴥ•>**allmy.tips/i-MaxPro?117** I love it! So glad I went with the larger phone. The photos are amazing. Ordered my phone directly from ATT and it was shipped promptly and the set up was so easy!*
Sevencoins7 5 місяців тому
To be honest, when you hold an apple you feel so nice. These sons of bitches are really sleek. I'm just pointing out a emotion attached to an apple product. I now have my very own macbook I treat really good if you ask me. Ever since smartphones came in big picture from 08 I've been a android users, Samsung galaxy range to be exact. I'm gonna jump on apple train! Woohoo.
Keeping it real 56
Keeping it real 56 6 місяців тому
Dumb like your microphone
Mihail G
Mihail G 7 місяців тому
The worst iPhone they made it’s slow as hell try to send something email , Viber or even text you have to resend like 10 times , The apps don’t work in background GPS is not working properly even talk on the phone it’s not working How it’s supposed to work, The worst iPhone and software update 11 :( Piece of junk apple iPhone
Dogzilla Squad
Dogzilla Squad 7 місяців тому
Is has a lot space for download
Mercy Mcnelly
Mercy Mcnelly 8 місяців тому
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Samsam Sale
Samsam Sale 8 місяців тому
AestheticxBlue Blueberry
AestheticxBlue Blueberry 8 місяців тому
Get me an iPhone 11 pwesss
Khrissie Valayadam
Khrissie Valayadam 9 місяців тому
Oh god this battery is a waste .......
Rom3 9 місяців тому
so what does ut "iPhone" do??? beside make a call?
Chia_puppylover 3
Chia_puppylover 3 9 місяців тому
It is not really all that it does most things that androids do Just with three cameras NO HATE❤💖
Melissaj Vaaganay
Melissaj Vaaganay 9 місяців тому
iPhones are really fun to play with. :)
NoFakeLove 9 місяців тому
I don’t understand why y’all want the usb-c I don’t fukin get it I like the lighting connect y’all just saying usb-c cuz everybody sayin usb c
James Su
James Su 9 місяців тому
Iphone 11 pro max has A13 bionic chip. 13 is an unlucky number. Probably u will b unlucky this year. Anyway there is still the ugly notch and the ugly new camera design. It is better to wait for next year iphone where chipset 5G is available. Today any andriod 5G smartphones eg Note 10+ 5G have a faster speed online than iphone 11pro max where 5G network is available even though the geekbench scores for iphone are much higher.
David Weglarz
David Weglarz 9 місяців тому
Change the damn design already!!! Maybe the sides a hair more squared off to help from dropping it? Maybe get rid of the damn notch? FFS do something!!!!! Its only the same design curves since the iPhone 6. Wtf.
Roberto salvatore
Roberto salvatore 9 місяців тому
Where is that blue iPhone pro color from your thumbnail ?
JRNexGen 9 місяців тому
Apple ought to include more Asians in their ads when the phone literally has most components made by Asian brands.
Alphons Dang
Alphons Dang 9 місяців тому
Midnight Green is so Awesome!
Fevian Cortes
Fevian Cortes 9 місяців тому
Not even tempted one bit to upgrade from my iPhone X 256GB! If a MAYOR redesign happens in 2020 maybe I’ll give it a go
Mark Vaughan
Mark Vaughan 9 місяців тому
Summary = Super duper retina pro max slofie
Elisabeth 9 місяців тому
STILL too wide for my girly hands. I loved the SE size. Pure perfection
GTouch25 9 місяців тому
Really? Is the "Ultra Wide shot" You only have to start your shot with zoomed in camera and zoom out to get wider view? loll
kimmirossi46 9 місяців тому
Cool video. One question - How fragile is back of the phone? iPhone SX max is fragile as hell! I hate Apple for that!
작은 자
작은 자 9 місяців тому
Thank you for showing silver. All other youtubers show only green!! I want to see other colours as well!!
AD518 9 місяців тому
iPhone X trade in is $400 .. if I don’t upgrade now how much y’all think apple will give me in 2020?
Fevian Cortes
Fevian Cortes 9 місяців тому
AD518 only if you want the OLED screen which I don’t see a huge difference between LCD to be honest
AD518 9 місяців тому
Fevian Cortes true ! What about an iPhone XR going to the 11 pro max ?
Fevian Cortes
Fevian Cortes 9 місяців тому
$350! I also have an X 256GB, so I have to shell out $699 more for same storage iPhone Pro and $850 for ProMax 256GB! Not worth it unless you need the new camera feature real bad. I will wait till 2020, very happy with my X
Anthony Rivera
Anthony Rivera 9 місяців тому
I get my Silver 11 Pro Max in the mail on Friday!
Devarshi Patel
Devarshi Patel 9 місяців тому
Apple is just stupid now.
Mae Tuanis
Mae Tuanis 9 місяців тому
Are worry for Camara I can’t believe junk
Joel Sage
Joel Sage 9 місяців тому
Am I the only person who doesn’t want USB-C on iPhones? I like being able to charge my phone, keyboard, and air pods with the same cable 😞
Nalinda Dilshan
Nalinda Dilshan 9 місяців тому
What’s so wrong with calling it a slowfie ?? 🙄🙄🤷🏻‍♂️ it’s kinda fun
Fevian Cortes
Fevian Cortes 9 місяців тому
Nalinda Dilshan you’re a post millennial so is cool with you but not us 80’s babies 🥴
Up Dog
Up Dog 9 місяців тому
Are those the new fender in ear monitors?
Amin.Vlogs 9 місяців тому
I love the midnight green but I’m thinking of sticking with the space grey... this is the hardest decision ever
hosstube7 9 місяців тому
can someone buy for me iPhone 11? because is so expensive for me. * This is real request * please
Bradley James Marshall
Bradley James Marshall 9 місяців тому
The phone looks horrific
Vasko Tomov
Vasko Tomov 9 місяців тому
this is not hands on you idiot
Spedro Pltrau
Spedro Pltrau 9 місяців тому
iPhone users are happy with something like "3 more hours of battery life" eventhough under the spec it may have same battery capacity or even lesser. iPhone haters are happy with "now with extra 1000mAh battery capacity" eventhough in real life the added capacity gets cancelled out by more screen resolution (their eyes need 8000ppi to be able to see) or by updated processor or more screen brightness etc.
Mar Jon
Mar Jon 9 місяців тому
Boring and ugly phone
Maclunky 9 місяців тому
*Techrax has entered the chat.*
Henry Hynek
Henry Hynek 9 місяців тому
Selling my kidneys+an eye will be thy only chance to get my hands on this fone
Jane Solares
Jane Solares 9 місяців тому
Watching this video in my iphone xs max
Ben Correll
Ben Correll 9 місяців тому
Cant wait for the review!
Steve Mano
Steve Mano 9 місяців тому
I only want the iPhone SE 2. Why is it so difficult?
mattbwilliams5 9 місяців тому
Which are you getting?
Brandon Brends
Brandon Brends 9 місяців тому
Triple camera looks like a PHILIPS SHAVER
tim erhardt
tim erhardt 9 місяців тому
Just preordered 2 of the Pro Max iPhone 11’s, I haven’t had a new iPhone since the 6+ so I’m pretty excited about it.
β ε τ Δ P V N K BetaPunk Music
β ε τ Δ P V N K BetaPunk Music 9 місяців тому
I’m going with silver, ships earlier
Noah Taylor
Noah Taylor 9 місяців тому
I'm gonna wait until next year to get the iPhone 12 Xs pro Max s R
diamond princeza
diamond princeza 9 місяців тому
I literally thought you was hugging a puppy 🤣 my screen is cracked I couldn’t see very well 👀 love your videos god bless
Ameera Thani
Ameera Thani 9 місяців тому
I don’t like
Angel Luna
Angel Luna 9 місяців тому
I can do it on my Nokia N95
Iowa Eightyfive
Iowa Eightyfive 9 місяців тому
I have a 6s upgrade this year or wait till next year?
Becca Deweerdt
Becca Deweerdt 9 місяців тому
Just preordered my midnight green pro max!🤤
Ole Jørgen Kjøhl
Ole Jørgen Kjøhl 9 місяців тому
Hey man! 🤞🏽💚 Cant wait to get my hands on that iPhone! 💚🙏🏼
Juan Lucas
Juan Lucas 9 місяців тому
Clean the sensor of your Camara 🤦🏽‍♂️
Frugal Shrimp
Frugal Shrimp 9 місяців тому
It’s time for a shakeup of the design team...
SkyView Cinematic, LLC
SkyView Cinematic, LLC 9 місяців тому
It’s a piece of shit. Samsung has all these features already
Raging Roguebull
Raging Roguebull 9 місяців тому
I am so excited over this because of YOU! You do EXCELLENT work & you should feel very proud. I've always liked your approach and you help me with my purchases. Thank you!
ManolisAFG 9 місяців тому
iPhone 11 = 3 camera iPhone 20 = Maybe no screen only cameras?...😯
Ankur Jha
Ankur Jha 9 місяців тому
ManolisAFG buy these cameras. We will sell the phone separately.
Akande Olaitan
Akande Olaitan 9 місяців тому
🤣🤣🤣🤣. Huawei 5000
Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Jack Sparrow 9 місяців тому
Iphone 11pm
XMFR 9 місяців тому
This is how apple should’ve described their new phone #revampedAd m.ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-lsuyRTqwMtc.html
Max Ma
Max Ma 9 місяців тому
This aspect ratio tho
shafiq mustafa
shafiq mustafa 9 місяців тому
No thanks
TEAM-_- OXY 9 місяців тому
i bought iphone 11 its just 2000$
Hello Hi
Hello Hi 9 місяців тому
If my iPhone XS Max wouldn’t be badly cracked I probably end up not upgrading Should have got apple care😔
70‐80年代アイドル中心 9 місяців тому
All they had to do was make the triple camera lay out vertical and it wouldn’t have been so trash...
Hillel Friedler
Hillel Friedler 9 місяців тому
Honda 2000
Honda 2000 9 місяців тому
The whole recording video from both cameras simultaneously seems awesome for action shots. Any apps available now to do so on current iPhones? Androids do this already I’d assume?
Ong Beng Hooi
Ong Beng Hooi 9 місяців тому
Why is all the reviews done on the iPhone 11 is showing the back of the phone 99% of the time, I am not using the back of the phone, I am not buying something because the butt looks great
Ashaf. 9 місяців тому
did you found mickey mouse?
Flamin Mangoes
Flamin Mangoes 9 місяців тому
I pre ordered the midnight green pro max today 👌🏻
victoria B
victoria B 9 місяців тому
I am thinking about getting this omg I can not wait got to hit up Five and below and spend 100 on phone cases 😂😂❤
Rafael Mihai
Rafael Mihai 9 місяців тому
Area 51 is almost here boys. Tim Apple can’t hide the iPhone 9 any longer
Orion 9 місяців тому
Midnight green right here
rihanna fan
rihanna fan 9 місяців тому
I’m stuck between buying the iPhone 11 or the iPhone 11 Pro Max, or the iPhone XS Max. I’m upgrading from the iPhone 8
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