iPhone 11 review: the phone most people should buy

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Apple’s iPhone 11 offers the best cameras on a phone, terrific battery life, faster processors, and a $50 cheaper starting price than the iPhone XR, at only $699. What’s not to love? The new iPhone 11 is the phone most people who are upgrading to a new iPhone this year should get.
Check out the full review here: bit.ly/2mmwBoN
How to preorder: bit.ly/2kFfpub
How to choose which phone to buy: bit.ly/2klgQO2
Compared to Android devices: bit.ly/2kE8lOq
iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max review: bit.ly/2miGPpX
Apple Watch Series 5 review: bit.ly/2kQfH1e
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17 вер 2019





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The Verge
The Verge 8 місяців тому
Would you buy the iPhone 11 or the 11 Pro instead?
ItZmeWhoYouLookinAt Yesme
ItZmeWhoYouLookinAt Yesme 12 днів тому
Iphone 11!!!
Sky Strehlow
Sky Strehlow 19 днів тому
If i had to buy it 11 64 gb if i did not have to buy it then 11 pro 512gb
littletee08 22 дні тому
I still have the iPhone 8 and still holding up . What iPhone do you still have ??
thiago 23 дні тому
48,000 Subscribers Before I die
48,000 Subscribers Before I die 27 днів тому
The Verge I would buy the iPhone 11 because it looks kind of weird with 3 cameras
Jenny Emens-carey
Jenny Emens-carey 10 годин тому
Upgrading from the 8 plus
Super StArK
Super StArK 18 годин тому
Who is upgrading iPhone from OnePlus?😁😁😁
Strature 2 дні тому
Instead of IPhone 6, I'm upgrading from a Samsung Galaxy S6 lmao
Bmuelles 2001
Bmuelles 2001 2 дні тому
Still worth it now?
Landden Hill
Landden Hill 3 дні тому
Love the wallpaper link 💅🏻😌
u kosku
u kosku 4 дні тому
720p display...WOOOOOOOWWWWW
Nantapong Soazew
Nantapong Soazew 4 дні тому
What a fantastic video!!!
Brandon Cassidy
Brandon Cassidy 5 днів тому
I need that apple watch band you have. What is that??
Leanne Matthews
Leanne Matthews 6 днів тому
celeste arteaga
celeste arteaga 7 днів тому
Upgrading from the xr to the 11 which is much needed Bc mine face recognition doesn’t work
Apink Silvia
Apink Silvia 10 днів тому
i want to know resolution limit for watching youtube in iphone 11 ,1080p , 4K , 8K ?
Kyona 13 днів тому
He dresses like Tony from 13 Reasons Why
Faith Davis
Faith Davis 15 днів тому
if anyone wants me to upgrade to an iphone 11 from a flip phone, please leave a like.
a totally random chick on the internet
People are coming from a 6-7 or lower and i might be getting one and I'm coming from a cracked zte with 8gb 😶😶😶
unicorn magic
unicorn magic 16 днів тому
I’m upgrading from the 7
Angelica Rowland
Angelica Rowland 16 днів тому
i want to by the iphone 11 i have enough money but people keep telling me that wifi doesn’t connect well to it, does anyone else have this issue?
Fiber Theory
Fiber Theory 17 днів тому
Just got the 11 this last week, and like it a lot. Upgraded from the iPhone X.
Cali 2324
Cali 2324 18 днів тому
I love my iPhone 11 it’s money well spent
Benjy Boiii
Benjy Boiii 18 днів тому
Who else is watching this on the iPhone 11
Benjy Boiii
Benjy Boiii 11 днів тому
Angelica Rowland no not at all
Angelica Rowland
Angelica Rowland 16 днів тому
1k Subs With 1 Video do you have any problems with wifi on it because i want to get it but i’ve been told it has issues connecting to wifi
claire 20 днів тому
i’m so excited to get this phone lol
Random Metalhead
Random Metalhead 22 дні тому
upgrading from iphone 7+... its been about three years. its about time. lol
littletee08 22 дні тому
I still have the iPhone 8 and everything still works well. What iPhone do you still own and why upgrade when you don’t need too ?
Raffy Apolinar
Raffy Apolinar 24 дні тому
I’m now upgrading from ip6s+ to ip11 and i’m 100% sure this would be a great upgrade. I don’t need telephoto lense. Ip11 is already a powerful phone. ^_^
Ben Staniland
Ben Staniland 26 днів тому
Sitting on my iPhone 6s until October when I can finally upgrade. Can’t wait to get an 11
ssnjamie 27 днів тому
remember when people were like “daaamn you have an iphone 5??”
Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 12345
My iphone se has been with me since december 2016 I really want to upgrade but im poor lol guess I have to stick with my iphone se for a long time
Akshay sawant
Akshay sawant 27 днів тому
It’s getting hot nd hang
Siggy Rocks
Siggy Rocks 28 днів тому
I'm Finally upgrading to an iPhone 11 from an iPhone S... I know .. I know... smh!
Samuel James
Samuel James 27 днів тому
Siggy Rocks what is an iPhone S 🤷🏻‍♂️
Jules Gch
Jules Gch Місяць тому
People are so picky with the features but I'm upgrading from a 6s so
BrownSugar DAILY
BrownSugar DAILY Місяць тому
Everyone: upgrading from a iPhone 6 Me:with a android
Mich Melody Ministries
Mich Melody Ministries Місяць тому
Considering getting an iPhone 11... depends I might get the new iPhone se when it comes out where I am because it's more affordable or choose to stay with my old android phone and get an iPad instead. Still haven't made up my mind yet.
Enchante Jones
Enchante Jones Місяць тому
I have a galaxy s9 plus and switching to this phone soon. Idk.
DDG 28
DDG 28 Місяць тому
Lol not a chance. 😂😂😂 My Moto z4 destroys this phone. 💯💯
Lucy Brook
Lucy Brook Місяць тому
I’m upgrading from my Nokia 😂
Leonard Jones
Leonard Jones Місяць тому
Buy a Samsung better price and not made in China
OES 25
OES 25 Місяць тому
699 and 720p. Why? Apple.
Samuel James
Samuel James 27 днів тому
OES 25 it’s 828p. So it’s much fairer To describe it as sub 1080 P
mito chondria
mito chondria Місяць тому
Hi, would you recommend this phone for a long time android user ? Well, I'm planning to buy a new phone, and iphone 11 is one on my list.
Jeremy LS
Jeremy LS Місяць тому
No, i went to a XS max because of the design, iPhone 11 looks so awful specially the big bezels compare to the iPhone 11 Pro and the cameras position
Eli Williams
Eli Williams Місяць тому
What tells me this is a good phone because the xr started at 750 and the 11 starts a 700
Eli Williams
Eli Williams Місяць тому
Yup that’s me 0:05
Andrew Delucas
Andrew Delucas Місяць тому
Just bought my iPhone 11, upgrading from my iPhone 7
Haroldas Petraitis
Haroldas Petraitis Місяць тому
Haroldas Petraitis
Haroldas Petraitis Місяць тому
moshi moshi
moshi moshi Місяць тому
already got it babbyy !!!
Hoàng Phương 5 tuổi
Hoàng Phương 5 tuổi Місяць тому
HD+ 820×1440 WTF 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😤😤😤😤😤
Molly summerrock
Molly summerrock Місяць тому
Imma upgrade I’m my iPhone 6 to iPhone 11 I think
Poor_socialskills Місяць тому
I’m just gonna wait until the Apple event this year (if it’s even happening) for a iPhone with a smaller notch.
Abby Halloran
Abby Halloran Місяць тому
If u see this could u help me or advise me pls? So for Christmas in 2018 my parents bought me my first iPhone 6s. It’s coming up to be updated this Christmas. I have been looking at the iPhone 11 as I have been looking on a cheap mobiles website. My dad said that the prices might decrease in the next year. Is the iPhone 11 worth it. I have looked and the X and the XR but they don’t have what I want. Also, I have seen some with triple the amount of storage that I currently have. I’m sorry if this msg has confused u but I’m torn, as it’s a lot of money, to spend on a phone that might not be worth the effort.
Tilen Žmavc
Tilen Žmavc Місяць тому
I just get it today iphone 6s -> iphone 11
knucklehead d
knucklehead d Місяць тому
I have the promax in a much happier. The promax is a very good job with portrait shots the third lens really does the charm
Izabel Hernandez
Izabel Hernandez Місяць тому
When he said if your upgrading from an iPhone SE it gonna be huge I was like I have iPhone SE and I want that phone so bad....
Tomás Morais
Tomás Morais Місяць тому
Would you rather an xs max or an 11?
Osama Haneya
Osama Haneya Місяць тому
After 5 months of use, I can tell, Iphone 11 will let you down. The old issues was not solved yet. guess what? new issues has appeared.
Seher Halim
Seher Halim Місяць тому
im making a google slide to convince my parents to let me upgrade to an iphone 11
-MERK- Місяць тому
Anyone else watching this on an iPhone 11...
Purple Melon
Purple Melon Місяць тому
People here are upgrading they're iphones and I'm here just watching people reviewing on iphones 😑😑😑
Alexandre Rohban
Alexandre Rohban 2 місяці тому
I have a samsung s9 actually, and i would like to try the iphone 11. Bit only one thing bothers me: the lcd screen. If anyone can help me about the screens.
Shayan Naqvi
Shayan Naqvi 2 місяці тому
I would rather buy the iPhone 11 Pro for the size, not the display or anything
Neja 2 місяці тому
everyone saying they will upgrade from iphone 6 well i'm watching this on samsung j3
Crystal Johnson
Crystal Johnson 2 місяці тому
can you buy me a iphone ill give you 135
Rachet Hoe 3000 the 2nd
Rachet Hoe 3000 the 2nd 2 місяці тому
everyones like “who’s upgrading from iphone6?” chile im upgrading from samsung 6
MercedesLife 2 місяці тому
Display is a joke. Even 5 years ago there were better displays.
joe momma
joe momma 2 місяці тому
showing this to my mom to convince her to let me get this phone . i have a iphone 8+ rn and i cracked it (on accident) and now half the screen is green from being cracked?
er_mazlum 2 місяці тому
Should I switch from iPhone 7 to the 11 ?
hak dog
hak dog 2 місяці тому
is this Tony Parker from Spurs?
Harbhajan Singh
Harbhajan Singh 2 місяці тому
Plz give me a iPhone 11
yung lexaaa
yung lexaaa 2 місяці тому
I’m getting an iPhone 11 tomorrow 💀 upgrading from a iPhone 7
Alondra Frausto
Alondra Frausto 2 місяці тому
yung yung lexaaa And I just upgraded from android to iPhone 7 am glad I made the switch I could have gotten the iPhone 11 but alls I really needed was the most recent iOS and also love phones with small screens
Sukhneet Singh
Sukhneet Singh 2 місяці тому
iPhone 6s is the best iPhone yet
SuperKiko112 2 місяці тому
None of the reviews mentioned call quality . Its a phone . Not a camera
Алексей Пиявкин
Алексей Пиявкин 2 місяці тому
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Janine Jaradat
Janine Jaradat 2 місяці тому
Im sooo firicken happy i just upgraded from a iphone x to an 11 and its sooooo much better
RedRaspberryGum 2 місяці тому
Till they don't switch to type-c and up the charging watts I don't think I'll be getting the iPhone or rather my first. Tempting sure, but I don't wanna be the guy to keep his phone on charge overnight just to get that full battery. Type-c is universal and the future proof, apple are milking it for extra bucks and it's irritating.
Spider- Punk
Spider- Punk 2 місяці тому
Who else is upgrading from the iPhone 7?
singxuan 2 місяці тому
lmao android user 🙃 don't @ me
Covers Said Kpop?
Covers Said Kpop? 2 місяці тому
I can’t wait to get my iPhone 11 😆 I’m upgrading from the 6s... even tho it’s been like 7 months since I’ve had it 😅
Dream 2 місяці тому
I need help! Should I get the iPhone 8 Plus or the iPhone 11?
Farasat Swati
Farasat Swati 2 місяці тому
Plz give my praiz I pone 11 my watsup no 03181107671 Farasat sawati
Nani Farras
Nani Farras 2 місяці тому
Leleissick 2 місяці тому
“An ApPle A yEaR mAkEs y0uR MonEy DiSaPeAr” bro if a couple hundred dollars puts you in poverty don’t buy Apple products you clearly don’t have the intellect to manage your money and Apple isn’t why you’re broke
Eonni Byul
Eonni Byul 2 місяці тому
Is it okay if you are android user then you buy an iphone? 😆
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