iPhone X Durability Test - Scratch BURN and Bend TESTED!

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Its time to durability test the iPhone X to check its build quality. Will those antenna lines on the side of the phone be a weak point like they were with the Pixel 2? Has apple upgraded their sapphire? Does the emoji machine even work? All of the important questions, and non important questions will be answered in this durability video for the iPhone X.
Glass iPhone 8 drop test: ukvid.net/video/відео-3LqtO491Wzg.html
Would you buy an iPhone X? Apple claims to have the most durable glass ever in a smartphone... but glass is still glass, and gravity is still gravity.
Awesome iPhone Tool Kit: amzn.to/2xu8VBL
Green Pry tool: amzn.to/1Tu57pI
Metal phone opening tool: amzn.to/1WdOFv0
The camera I used to film this video: amzn.to/2p7GtkX
Wide angle lens: amzn.to/2qiYM4u
And this Metabones adapter: amzn.to/2iZ67Ty
This is the drone I use: amzn.to/2joH00G
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3 лис 2017

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ankush saini
ankush saini 20 годин тому
first time i am hearing Jerry...so soft to apple .....
Lord Star
Lord Star 21 годину тому
The next Iphone will just be a pane of glass
rayhaan ahmed
rayhaan ahmed 2 дні тому
Samsung rocks iPhone sucks
Jonathan Shi
Jonathan Shi 2 дні тому
iFone 8
Kabilan Sivan
Kabilan Sivan 2 дні тому
Btw the beach wallpaper on the iphone is a drawing. So your roast attempt was trash :/
Boka HD
Boka HD 4 дні тому
Fake x
abo hasen
abo hasen 5 днів тому
a like from the heart 💖
Angh balahr
Angh balahr 7 днів тому
Apple:"Propably invent it next year,"
h4x0rl33tee 8 днів тому
Will stick to my s8
RedGear 9 днів тому
When he start to scratch the metal part 😬
DURJOY boy 11 днів тому
Can you test the asus Zenfone 5z
Jon 12 днів тому
*insert insecure los angeles kid (i know insecure and los angeles kid are synonyms but whatever) crying about her god getting damaged here*
Toni Hämäläinen
Toni Hämäläinen 12 днів тому
I bet this guy gets paid by såmsung.. Does he blame other brands so badly? no :D
SicherKeinYeti 12 днів тому
Toni Hämäläinen yes he does actually
HackerManiac 13 днів тому
iPhones are so worse they break so fast buy Android 10x better
nasa513 13 днів тому
Apple always says they invent things but some Android's had facial recognition before the iPhone x
TravailNoir 13 днів тому
king of shade
my dusmash musically
my dusmash musically 13 днів тому
Give it to me please I love you please give that I phone to me
レックンチャンネル! 13 днів тому
treb kren
treb kren 14 днів тому
1:45 and im not gonna scratch test a face😂😂😂😂
spore 14 днів тому
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Rodric carter
Rodric carter 14 днів тому
Next year releases the same phone
RoboRope 15 днів тому
Apple > Android...no Android > Apple....Android trash...Apple OP garbage...you all sound like children. WFC use and buy WTH you want.
Luka Radosavljevic
Luka Radosavljevic 15 днів тому
The all new iphone 11 exclusive NO SCREEN technology!
Its AquaGamer
Its AquaGamer 15 днів тому
7:36 cough, cough *IPhone 6* cough cough.
Thererelax1ngend Ps4/pc gamer
Thererelax1ngend Ps4/pc gamer 15 днів тому
Do the honor 10
roy rogers
roy rogers 15 днів тому
500 for the back screen what were they snorting when that got thrown around the office and was given the OK? "Yea this is reasonable make the back glad cost half of the phones price"
Nidhal Ghalem
Nidhal Ghalem 15 днів тому
romi o
romi o 15 днів тому
Android users watching I'm pleasure.... Like meeeeeeee
Fooz Hostig
Fooz Hostig 16 днів тому
AdventureGamer Memes
AdventureGamer Memes 16 днів тому
Imagine next year Apple removes cameras and charges 100 a camera
HS NOX 17 днів тому
Do you give away this tested phones? I'd use it to watch galaxy S9 videos on it.
pancake airsoft
pancake airsoft 17 днів тому
I don’t know why everyone is crying about not having a headphone jack it’s not that hard to keep track of the dongle or use the ear buds it comes with geez
Toti K
Toti K 17 днів тому
I usually leave my iPhone in the fireplace
Jan Khalabi
Jan Khalabi 17 днів тому
The swing ship99
The swing ship99 18 днів тому
Can you give me this phone
Nick.G Tv
Nick.G Tv 18 днів тому
Where can you get those scribe pens?
M J 18 днів тому
You don’t get laid
求败孤独 19 днів тому
1:38 you almost cut your finger
DirtyD. 19 днів тому
What’s the real cost of these phones. Not the commercial value but the material value
Javier Morales
Javier Morales 20 днів тому
The coin is a Guatemalan Quetzal.
Atharva Vyavahare
Atharva Vyavahare 20 днів тому
Best youtube channel to watch durability test of gadgets 😘😘
saul shrestha
saul shrestha 20 днів тому
I am holding my iPhone X and cringing every time he scratches it😭
Cook At
Cook At 20 днів тому
I still can’t afford the x and the x max just came out
Cook At
Cook At 20 днів тому
I literally hate watching this😩
Equinox EDM
Equinox EDM 20 днів тому
Iphone X kidney I Iphone Xs Max Kidney II
Nathan Knauss
Nathan Knauss 20 днів тому
They'll probably remove the Power and Volume buttons. You'll be able to control them with the headphones... But you'll have to waste more money.
Lewis Hardy
Lewis Hardy 20 днів тому
Matty ander
Matty ander 20 днів тому
Or just dont drop it , simple
Colin Java
Colin Java 20 днів тому
You can buy a really nice gaming pc for the price of one of these phones, its crazy really. But I guess some people need or want the best technology so will buy them.
maStEr LemOnS
maStEr LemOnS 20 днів тому
I thought that apple removed the adapter ¿
alternative bae
alternative bae 20 днів тому
I bet Apple will eventually remove the charging port so you can only use wireless charging
Biju Kavitha
Biju Kavitha 20 днів тому
Can you give me that for free
Lord Voldemort
Lord Voldemort 21 день тому
1:20 bingo they did XD
Julian Cruz
Julian Cruz 21 день тому
"Time for the burn test." You already burned it at like 200 degrees.
Shaun Zatelli
Shaun Zatelli 21 день тому
Bruh apple will always be better lmao
Jon The Otaku - AF5000
Jon The Otaku - AF5000 21 день тому
I think it's sad apple charges so much for the back glass. I could do it easily, its not that hard to gut the phone.
Tim 21 день тому
Dear diary: it’s next year, and there is no moving beach picture
Lord Star
Lord Star 21 годину тому
-Genes- they should at least have an option.
Tim 21 день тому
-Genes- oh darn I must’ve forgotten
-Genes- 21 день тому
Tim Moving beach pictures cause motion sickness. Apple knows this.
Delma Lucia
Delma Lucia 21 день тому
Me dá um Iphone X PLEASE!!!!
Lider Supremo
Lider Supremo 22 дні тому
i just want have a job for buy a good phone.
Lider Supremo
Lider Supremo 22 дні тому
why??? :'(
Keagster06 22 дні тому
Keagster06 22 дні тому
Next year. No speakers
krutikzim 22 дні тому
Give this phone and knife in my hand i will show you more damage
Joshua Orkwis
Joshua Orkwis 22 дні тому
“well that’s unfortunate”
Sofia McDonald
Sofia McDonald 22 дні тому
Apple will remove the camera next and turn it into an add on for $99.99
Sylvain Paquette
Sylvain Paquette 22 дні тому
The biggest flaw is that it doesn't come with an electric outlet to recharge it mid day like any iphone.
Mxmtaz .T
Mxmtaz .T 22 дні тому
Can u get the same skins for iPhone 8 Plus anywhere?
KTislive 22 дні тому
Nokia 3310 is the most durable phone ever
Complexity 23 дні тому
As an Android user this video is so entering.
Maximus Murillo
Maximus Murillo 23 дні тому
Who else was like. STAPHD DESTROYING IT!11!
Jak Landayao
Jak Landayao 23 дні тому
Is that xs or xs max?
A_ ZerØ
A_ ZerØ 23 дні тому
I wonder what scratch level is Jerry's head........
Carlos Lopez
Carlos Lopez 23 дні тому
Apple just takes advantage of their customers if they figure you could spend $1,000 on a phone what's another $500
Carlos Lopez
Carlos Lopez 23 дні тому
It's cuz only stupid people buy iPhones put your money where your mouth is
-Genes- 21 день тому
Carlos Lopez Poor retards like you buy shitty androids. Hate your life.
HIRAK JYOTI 23 дні тому
How u get the money to buy iphone...u earned money from youtube..its ok but peple here cant buy an iphone but r destroying it..did apple pay you ???
Basit Adil
Basit Adil 23 дні тому
Me: And what's the total for the iPhone x Apple: 1000 Me: stop it Apple it dose not have the headphone 😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😡😵 Apple: that's your problem 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 Me: why
Nick Howard
Nick Howard 23 дні тому
dongle remove confirmed
MaricGinekolog 23 дні тому
Can I just buy iPhone X for 449$ without buying back-glass? I'll just make a plastic one myself.
Gokul Jaykumar
Gokul Jaykumar 23 дні тому
Most unsatisfying video in the world😈
Arvid Norberg
Arvid Norberg 23 дні тому
Apple is so bad! I really hates their products and especially phones/computer!
Arvid Norberg
Arvid Norberg 7 днів тому
+Michael Jimenez if nobody cares, why are you answering me. You can go and f**k yourself apple republican!
Mike Jim
Mike Jim 8 днів тому
Arvid Norberg no one cares
Smoke Cloud
Smoke Cloud 24 дні тому
1:47 I'm not gona scratch test my face to see if it works
ungestreckt 24 дні тому
5:30 was such an ewww sound
watsapp viedeo
watsapp viedeo 24 дні тому
Do video oppo a71
Cool PlayZ
Cool PlayZ 24 дні тому
Pls give me an iphone x
Haifa Salem
Haifa Salem 24 дні тому
This was very painful to watch
aldwin aldwin
aldwin aldwin 24 дні тому
I dont know if iJustine can watch this? 😆
POLYZENIDAS 24 дні тому
u r a genius~
Jose Yanez
Jose Yanez 24 дні тому
“Apple is running out of things to remove tho, so its intresting to see what happens next year “ Well this year they removed the headphone jack dongle
Terence Kindred
Terence Kindred 24 дні тому
mmmm that ASMR at 5:39
[WS]B3rry 24 дні тому
"They'll just invent it next year" "They're running out of things to remove" This man and apple lmao
chantym08 24 дні тому
Jerry Using a Guatemalan Quetzal I flippled when I saw that !!!
Michael J. Escoriaza
Michael J. Escoriaza 24 дні тому
Wow sounds like someone isn’t a fan of Apple because you really hate a lot on them lmao
Drug Dealer Ftw
Drug Dealer Ftw 24 дні тому
Is this parody or test video Lol😂
ნიკა არაბული
next year i phone will remove it self
Fay tje
Fay tje 24 дні тому
Jus buy a case
Av Rehal
Av Rehal 24 дні тому
Painful to watch him deface a Iphone x
Prabhav Dhanesha
Prabhav Dhanesha 24 дні тому
$.10 a piece if lost at 0:15 Heck now that's gone too😂🤣😂🤣
oOChaosPlasmaOo 25 днів тому
If you can do that to a $1000 phone, you're not human
SiennaGz 25 днів тому
If you can afford an iPhone X u can afford a new glass backing
Dragon RA - Open
Dragon RA - Open 25 днів тому
My heath Stratch when i watch this
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