iPhone X Durability Test - Scratch BURN and Bend TESTED!

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Its time to durability test the iPhone X to check its build quality. Will those antenna lines on the side of the phone be a weak point like they were with the Pixel 2? Has apple upgraded their sapphire? Does the emoji machine even work? All of the important questions, and non important questions will be answered in this durability video for the iPhone X.
Glass iPhone 8 drop test: ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-3LqtO491Wzg.html
Would you buy an iPhone X? Apple claims to have the most durable glass ever in a smartphone... but glass is still glass, and gravity is still gravity.
Awesome iPhone Tool Kit: amzn.to/2xu8VBL
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3 лис 2017

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Bicch lasagna
Bicch lasagna 8 годин тому
Ouch!! Scratch testing a face
Piston bro1
Piston bro1 9 годин тому
Next year... Apple removes the screen
EmptySpace 10 годин тому
So, do you actually hate Apple?
Milena Torres Cocina
Milena Torres Cocina 15 годин тому
Fire test starts at 6:37
Iphone 20 годин тому
How dare you
Landen Wood
Landen Wood День тому
It's funny that he said next year as in 2018 but apple didn't make any phones in 2018
Chris Batrynchuk
Chris Batrynchuk День тому
Next thing you know they remove the screen to make it more compact
AMZG studio's
AMZG studio's 2 дні тому
Jerry your the best tech channel
emre memet
emre memet 2 дні тому
1:56 nothing😂
27417 Gamer
27417 Gamer 3 дні тому
Man it's Dad watching someone distroy electronics though there are people out there with out the money they are needing to survive but people just there destroy my things that people wanthere, what is wrong with you people.
Rahul Yadav
Rahul Yadav 3 дні тому
You broke my heart
ej Mendoza
ej Mendoza 3 дні тому
I just have to use level 2 to scratch my friends face!
jack jason
jack jason 4 дні тому
“I also expected apple’s to move, but I’m sure they’ll invent that next year”
TheNiteMarePlay 5 днів тому
IPhone 11 “We removed the whole phone” *(Shot on NoPhone)*
WoofWoofPlayz GD
WoofWoofPlayz GD 7 днів тому
Gamer Boy
Gamer Boy 7 днів тому
I am not trying to be that one kid but at your local phone store there is a glass protector for the back of your iPhone X it is rare but u can still use a phone case after u put it on plus I have one on my iPhone X
Eyasin Khan
Eyasin Khan 8 днів тому
Total lol ra lol
snurk agurk
snurk agurk 8 днів тому
Next they’ll remove the lighning port, move all audio to inside and remove all bezels, next they’ll remove cover compatibility and make the whole phone of glass, people are still stupid enough to still buy it
Siri 8 днів тому
markie moo
markie moo 9 днів тому
Apple might get rid of the screen next
Johnplayz 9 днів тому
Who’s watching this video on a iPhone X
Asret 9 днів тому
they will remove the battery :) or the notch
THE BEST 9 днів тому
Hi im from 3000 in 3000 APPLE removed it's APPLE logo and asked people to buy the logo for extra 100$
MrWarThunder 1
MrWarThunder 1 10 днів тому
Why are you torturing these poor phones
World Technology
World Technology 11 днів тому
Faz o teste com celular positivo
s pros
s pros 12 днів тому
That Poor Orange
That Poor Orange 13 днів тому
1:55 3d touch :(((((
TVG28 13 днів тому
Not only am I getting an ad to switch my phone to the XR, but also to switch my provider to one that works like jack shit where we live! Nice!
The unkown meme
The unkown meme 14 днів тому
2017- no headphone jack 2018-no home button 2019-no sound buttons 2020-no speakers 2021-no camera 2023-no screen 2024-no iPhones 2025-no company 2026-Samsung takes over
WoofWoofPlayz GD
WoofWoofPlayz GD 7 днів тому
T1M4R 14 днів тому
i think the next thing their removing is to ringer/silent switch
Azzareo 14 днів тому
Call me old fashioned, but I like home buttons.
Νεφέλη Παπαγιάννη
Apple then: We want to give you a good product Apple now: We'll just remove features from the phones and make you pay more deal?
TVG28 13 днів тому
boom exactly
rasheed211287 14 днів тому
youre so awesome to watch, the intelligence and subtle cheeky humour...ugh!
ProfessionalGamerPhil 15 днів тому
In the Future you wont have Buttons or Headphones Jack and Mikrophone and charching Port will BE all removed😂
Ahoma 15 днів тому
kunaal purohit
kunaal purohit 18 днів тому
Sneek AK
Sneek AK 19 днів тому
Nice phone but overpriced
Erusea 19 днів тому
Heart.exe stopped working
Sourav Ray Chaudhuri
Sourav Ray Chaudhuri 20 днів тому
4:51 Use instant noodles and super glue to fix the broken glass.
Click Bait
Click Bait 22 дні тому
I still love u apple
JXLZ 145
JXLZ 145 24 дні тому
Asmr hidden in the vid
QueenPineapples 24 дні тому
How do you just happen to be ok with destroying thousands of dollars worth of stuff?
Asad Saeed
Asad Saeed 25 днів тому
You just did a burn test before burn test!!!!
Devin Playz
Devin Playz 25 днів тому
I’m getting this phone I think if my parents buy me it...so this hurtzzz.
Davis Carter
Davis Carter 26 днів тому
chuck an iPhone xi on the grond and see if it servivese
Hanxi Guo
Hanxi Guo 26 днів тому
"Apple is running out of things to remove" I hope they remove the prices ne xt year!
Liam Deimund
Liam Deimund 26 днів тому
I think it would be interesting to see if the face sensor can work if it's scratched.
SKKRRAA 27 днів тому
"Apple is running out of things to remove* naahh.. they forgot to remove their company
will O
will O День тому
Salty android phones its ok you’ll be rich soon and afford it
Taiko Amin
Taiko Amin 9 днів тому
Ohhhh 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Adam Garate
Adam Garate 27 днів тому
iPhone x 10
Rarest hunter
Rarest hunter 28 днів тому
Belmin M
Belmin M Місяць тому
Anyone else noticed ghost face reflection on the screen at 7:56?
Bryce Lane
Bryce Lane Місяць тому
I bet all of y’all next iPhone will have magnetic charging
Elvis Sanchez
Elvis Sanchez Місяць тому
1:34 Q. 1 Guatemalan quetzal Beautiful coin.
jasdeep singh
jasdeep singh Місяць тому
This stupid guy always assume that this phone will be use in world war.
SHURIKEN 900 Місяць тому
7 MEGAPIXEL? my Motorola g6 plus for 250 has a 12.5 megapixel camera
codydiam191 FEM
codydiam191 FEM Місяць тому
Next they will remove the phone it will be a small aluminum block that has no porpoise
Xd Mosty
Xd Mosty Місяць тому
“This brand new Super Retina display is the same screen some Samsung phones had for the past 7 years” toasted 🤣🤣🤣🤣
ItzGelert - Brawl Stars
ItzGelert - Brawl Stars 20 днів тому
Yeah, 6 years ago my first smartphone (Huawei) had the same technology..
Jose Figueroa
Jose Figueroa Місяць тому
Lol what you doing with a Guatemala quetzal love you
As Hell Falls
As Hell Falls Місяць тому
Loved the emoji talk.
Cutiescatcat Pererocatcat
Cutiescatcat Pererocatcat Місяць тому
When Apple Is Running Out Of Headphone Jack *Lmao*While People Buying This IPhone X,Xr,Xs And Xs Max With No Money, You Can Sell Kidneys To Buy Iphones *lmao*
accepted Failure
accepted Failure Місяць тому
Melons pop balloons Crazy
Melons pop balloons Crazy Місяць тому
Does your face scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7?😙😂🤣🤣
Radmon Carrington
Radmon Carrington Місяць тому
*iphone 11 join the server* Iphone 9:am i joke to you?
Aaditya Khare
Aaditya Khare Місяць тому
That's the true use of Animoji!!!🤣🤣🤣
Absolute TrAsH
Absolute TrAsH Місяць тому
7:55 there's a little ALIEN in the reflections
Darchan Darchan
Darchan Darchan Місяць тому
Android smartphone passes bend test- this phone pretty solid iphone x doesn’t bend at all- Jerry tries harder few more times. This bias is really annoying. Apple has its own shit, but this is just child’s play.
biggie chungus 812
biggie chungus 812 Місяць тому
Apple is way behind every other phone company
ChallengerDrakava Місяць тому
... cracking the back glass is if you are an absolute dumbass for not using a case or taking any care of your phone. if you buy apple care for 200$ the back glass is covered by it so you only pay 200 for any repairs rather then the real full price replacement. jerry can you please do research before you make yourself look silly...
ArianaGrande Fanboy
ArianaGrande Fanboy Місяць тому
iPhone 7 no headphone Jack iPhone 8 we lose the metal back iPhone x we lose touch ID iPhone X S no new features
Marty Johnston
Marty Johnston Місяць тому
I'm so jealous lol loveeee your vids tho bro
Isaac Bennett
Isaac Bennett Місяць тому
I’m not gonna perform a face scratch test 😂😂😂😂
Francis Gabriel Abordo
Francis Gabriel Abordo Місяць тому
Apple: Pay 1000 dollars for a expensive repair 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Aiden Tapiz
Aiden Tapiz Місяць тому
My sister dropped her X in a case on her dorms carpet and it cracked
one-stop killing
one-stop killing Місяць тому
I wonder do the guys that work at apple us iphones and other apple products and like it
Can you give away some iphone x? I push the like button and subscribe to your channel and i also click the notification bell😊
Coenraad Koster
Coenraad Koster Місяць тому
Apple doesn't give people phones for free right?, So why didn't you just switch to this phone anyways?, It's a good phone, a waste of money nowadays but still
Rayray1001 Місяць тому
This dude loves to hate on Apple. It makes him mad because Apple makes a superior product
Daedric Un1corn
Daedric Un1corn Місяць тому
The broken phones won't be an issue in a year, if you break their software first :)
JUEGOS AL AZAR Місяць тому
No one Apple: the all wireless phone, no more charger, only wireless charging
Nelson Gou
Nelson Gou Місяць тому
At 1:46 Zach is like I'm gonna scratch a face!
Steve the Pirate
Steve the Pirate Місяць тому
BrB, setting the new Iphone in another room, it doesn't need to see this.
Steve the Pirate
Steve the Pirate Місяць тому
Can also confirm that Apple has gone bankrupt and their image is totally destroyed and it's so bad that no one even buys apples, like you know, the food. Yup
Steve the Pirate
Steve the Pirate Місяць тому
I can confirm that FaceID survives the scratch test btw
Dr Wolf
Dr Wolf Місяць тому
“Apple is running out of things to remove” my brother and I were disappointed to unbox our xs and xr to find that they removed the fucking earphones adapter 😂
Sergio Abreu
Sergio Abreu Місяць тому
I use your videos to sleep. Your voice and the sounds made by the test makes me fall asleep.
The One
The One Місяць тому
Sergio Abreu Yeah, I thought the same. Then I heard the metal scratching and woke the fuck up.
Mohammad Dwidar
Mohammad Dwidar Місяць тому
Love your vids Bro 😍😍 What phone u r using as main phone ??
Mohammad Dwidar
Mohammad Dwidar 19 годин тому
@Hari Sankar Thanks Brother 😍😍
Hari Sankar
Hari Sankar 21 годину тому
He is using a galaxy S8 plus. He said so in many of his videos.
Franklin Arevalo
Franklin Arevalo Місяць тому
Im NoT gOnNa ScRaTcH tEsT a FaCe
Tricia Tavares
Tricia Tavares Місяць тому
ronch550 Місяць тому
$550 to replace the glass. And to think I got the Nokia 6.1 for a measly $124 last month.
SuperDuperPlayeGT Місяць тому
So it took apple 3 years to get dual cameras
James McDonald
James McDonald Місяць тому
A bunch of broken iPhones going about a year from now? .....yeah, didn’t happen. Rawdog iPhone x here. Zero damage. Work in an industrial environment.
James McDonald
James McDonald Місяць тому
Luka me neither. No screen protectors or cases. They’re tougher than people think. Glass is exponentially stronger than the first days of smartphones when scratches were caused easily.
Luka Місяць тому
I mean I've literally never scratched or cracked the screen on any phone I've ever had and I don't know how people do it.
James McDonald
James McDonald Місяць тому
Connor Roberts where’s all these broken iPhone x’s he mentions huh? Haven’t seen one.
Connor Roberts
Connor Roberts Місяць тому
wow so cool. Awesome use of anecdotal evidence to dismiss a perfectly valid prediction. Truly a professional.
Sumi Edits
Sumi Edits Місяць тому
He must be rich
Rob1972 Akins
Rob1972 Akins Місяць тому
Good thing i only use android cheaper to fix lol and the insurance covers all the stuff life puts in your path
mr beast
mr beast Місяць тому
is de brand available in india???
Anonyme Bande
Anonyme Bande Місяць тому
As the flagship of apple, I would expect some AirPods in the box I mean dude, 1000$ for a phone with the same headphones, that come with a 380$ iPhone 5c??? Apple, you are disappointing...
Abd El Rahman Gamal
Abd El Rahman Gamal Місяць тому
1:26 well they didn’t
Cha Cha
Cha Cha Місяць тому
Have anybody of you watched that Nigahiga parody video about iPhone years ago? yeah I fear that might come to pass seeing as apple is slowly inching to it. But hey if they continue with this path more and more apple users will transfer to android, so yeah we will have more comrades. Though I'm really interested to what would Apple do, because they have high expectations, especially with their sales, to meet. I kinda imagine that the day would come where iPhone would literally be 2x the price of its android competitors despite having same or lesser specs, because they had to meet the quota for sales.
Geralt of Rivia
Geralt of Rivia Місяць тому
1:20 Lmao
Jackthegamer567 Місяць тому
2018 no home button 2019 no bezels 2020 no price *we wish*
Максим Цуранов
Максим Цуранов Місяць тому
2020 no phone for 1 299$
WAZER Panda Місяць тому
One thing to say to apple stop making new iphones and go back to old phones and ipads
Ravi As
Ravi As Місяць тому
It's fake
Non-cutting edge gaming
Non-cutting edge gaming Місяць тому
Next year, apple will remove the phone
DomEth16 Місяць тому
Soon the phone will be see through 😂
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