iPhone X Durability Test - Scratch BURN and Bend TESTED!

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Its time to durability test the iPhone X to check its build quality. Will those antenna lines on the side of the phone be a weak point like they were with the Pixel 2? Has apple upgraded their sapphire? Does the emoji machine even work? All of the important questions, and non important questions will be answered in this durability video for the iPhone X.
Glass iPhone 8 drop test: ukvid.net/video/відео-3LqtO491Wzg.html
Would you buy an iPhone X? Apple claims to have the most durable glass ever in a smartphone... but glass is still glass, and gravity is still gravity.
Awesome iPhone Tool Kit: amzn.to/2xu8VBL
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Metal phone opening tool: amzn.to/1WdOFv0
The camera I used to film this video: amzn.to/2p7GtkX
Wide angle lens: amzn.to/2qiYM4u
And this Metabones adapter: amzn.to/2iZ67Ty
This is the drone I use: amzn.to/2joH00G
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3 лис 2017

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VLight 7 годин тому
One of things I hate about Apple is that they’ve never changed the layout of the home screen. It looks exactly the same as the first iPhone. Also, not to mention that you still can’t fit more than 4 apps on the bottom task bar.
Daniel Buch
Daniel Buch 16 годин тому
What.... at minute 1:34 I see the currency of my country :00
75ur15 День тому
@8:08 Apples screen is easier to replace, Samsung's back is...I'd rather have an easier to replace screen (I have note 9)
I  Emmett
I Emmett День тому
U look like high distortion
Kenji Oguchi
Kenji Oguchi День тому
the number 6 and 7 scratch it purely compare to other Stupid🖕😡😂
Illuminated Lamp
Illuminated Lamp 2 дні тому
_next year, removes the volume button._
MysticalModeActivate 2 дні тому
Everyone subscribe to me, open my video and leave it tryna increase views so I can get paid by yt, tryna get a new phone. Much appreciated, reply to this & I'll do the same
Game Jdvdifvxb
Game Jdvdifvxb 3 дні тому
Give my
APPLEYKING -Thunder Bay Explorer-
I don’t understand why people get mad apple removed the home button and the big bezels
Saisy Fight
Saisy Fight 4 дні тому
“Apple is running out of things to remove” well we lost the homebutton and the headphone jack and on the iPhone XS there isn’t 6 speaker holes either side of the lightning port there is now 6 on one side and 3 on the other. I literally only just noticed this when I looked at the bottom of my phone when the camera was on the bottom of the X. Whelp looks like next year we won’t have a lightning port then.
Saisy Fight
Saisy Fight 4 дні тому
aesthetic jupiter agreed 😂 I wish they still had a headphone jack haha
aesthetic jupiter
aesthetic jupiter 4 дні тому
+Saisy Fight im very new to the phone thing, my mom was really strict for when i got my first phone so i just got one last year and ive never owned an iphone, but ive had 2 ipads (maybe getting an ipad pro and apple pen for my birthday so i can advance my art) but i dont see much differences in iphone and android accept iphone is more expensive, is prettier, and has a better camera, and if i had the money to get an iphone i probably would get a 6s (i want my headphone jack!)
Saisy Fight
Saisy Fight 4 дні тому
aesthetic jupiter I like both almost equally, the only make or break for me is that apple is more accessible as in they have tons of stores every where and I find this very convenient. If Samsung had this i would probably switch over. 😂❤️🙂
aesthetic jupiter
aesthetic jupiter 4 дні тому
I dont mind iphone. I actually think the phones are really pretty, but i prefer samsung, even if i dont have the latest model (samsung galaxy j3 6) i still like it
Saisy Fight
Saisy Fight 4 дні тому
“Down at the bottom of the phone where the headphone jack used to be, *may he rest in peace* ” haha 😂
Creeperking3553 4 дні тому
They are in settings
Creeperking3553 4 дні тому
Apple has had moving wallpapers before the google pixel
So Basically
So Basically 4 дні тому
“Apple is running out with things to remove” 😂
Vaibhav Dhanvij
Vaibhav Dhanvij 5 днів тому
How could you do this😏 send it to me. Jerry
Banana Rang
Banana Rang 5 днів тому
Pleas stop breaking phones
Edwin Gutierrez
Edwin Gutierrez 5 днів тому
Im crying
Founder •
Founder • 5 днів тому
Omg this comment section is full of android using nerds😂
aesthetic jupiter
aesthetic jupiter 4 дні тому
Why does it matter what phone you use it doesnt matter i use a samsung but if you have an iphone you have an iphone youre not special you guys do have really good cameras tho
MieslMan 5 днів тому
Can i get this phone
Couch Potato
Couch Potato 6 днів тому
This gives me anxiety
maja holmvard
maja holmvard 6 днів тому
1:56 spoiler alert, nothing happened... at all.... it’s literally just the same phone, but with a worse camera
Fun With Tendaji And More!
Fun With Tendaji And More! 6 днів тому
I’m watching this on a iPhone X
Raditya Rana
Raditya Rana 6 днів тому
Scratch the face it's a durability test you gotta test everything you can scratch the face!
clorox bleach unboxed
clorox bleach unboxed 6 днів тому
This year they will remove the phone 👌😂
A.J. Deutsch
A.J. Deutsch 6 днів тому
"Apple is running out of things to remove, it will be interesting to see what they do next year" Apple: So here it is, the iPhone XS. It's the same phone, but with a different chip!
XtremeMAX Gaming
XtremeMAX Gaming 6 днів тому
Next time they will remove the PHONE itself and we will pay for air
Harrison YT
Harrison YT 6 днів тому
Apple are starting to create cars is it scratch resistanresistant?
Morm Vannara
Morm Vannara 6 днів тому
I understand now why they remove the home button because rig alway destroy the home button on the iphone
Skylar Gamer
Skylar Gamer 7 днів тому
I feel bad for him
Kawton 7 днів тому
Pls redmi note 6 pro
Joe Duvus
Joe Duvus 8 днів тому
Dang it I lost my power button dongle
anish a
anish a 8 днів тому
Send iPhone X to my address don waste
Amund Eilertsen
Amund Eilertsen 8 днів тому
Only thing iPhone X got better than Huawei mate 20 pro
Gene Burgess
Gene Burgess 8 днів тому
Destroy this peace of garbage
ckats0000 8 днів тому
THE RAZORBLADE THO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂
malathy ragu
malathy ragu 8 днів тому
Hey Jerry can I have a iPhone please
mike praba
mike praba 9 днів тому
Why can't you give me that phone . I can't able to buy iphone
Shohana Akther
Shohana Akther 9 днів тому
I seeing how scratch i have IPHONE 6
Shohana Akther
Shohana Akther 9 днів тому
Iphone 6 test
коля лонцов
коля лонцов 9 днів тому
Iphone idiot
Gamer Idronplayz
Gamer Idronplayz 10 днів тому
it's like apple is turning their phones into rotten apples, (sometimes)nice, and (always)bad in the inside
Adam Kehoe
Adam Kehoe 10 днів тому
4:08 best bit of the review.
Mahmoud Altair
Mahmoud Altair 10 днів тому
The guy that beat apple's ass
No_I'm_ BTS_Obsessed
No_I'm_ BTS_Obsessed 10 днів тому
A normal scratch at level 6 *with deeper grooves at a level 7*
Robin Toonen
Robin Toonen 10 днів тому
Nigga I be broke enough to not fuckin buy it and he be out here destroying this thin
shazrcsqueen 11 днів тому
Can you do one on the Apple XR?
Simon K
Simon K 12 днів тому
In the iPhone eleven they will remove the charging port
Tomas Tamošiūnas
Tomas Tamošiūnas 12 днів тому
I would make fingerprint scanner on Apple logo
yoyi II
yoyi II 12 днів тому
IPhone XI: No Phone
BurntFaceMan 13 днів тому
2019 Apple prediction: ESim only on 5G. so no sim tray. I'm gonna come back in 202 and see if I was wrong =P
Baxinho _
Baxinho _ 13 днів тому
Brasil chora ;-;
Azer Mammadov
Azer Mammadov 13 днів тому
Watching this on my iPhone X
1000 subs without video
1000 subs without video 13 днів тому
5:41 Siri: Help me!!
Fazza fizz
Fazza fizz 14 днів тому
OLED DISPLAY BUDDY NOT LED STOP YOUR HATED FOR APPLE👎👎👎👎👎👎 Edit: as said in the beginning but he does say it’s OLED the second time
Viktoria Nambahu
Viktoria Nambahu 14 днів тому
I close my eyes and listen to your voice
artzy craftzy OMG
artzy craftzy OMG 15 днів тому
Review iPhone xr
TUBERSTECH 16 днів тому
Hello Zack sir
TopSecretVid 16 днів тому
Love how every video you remind us and APPLE that they are NOT very innovative with their phones. Ever since Steve left Apple has lost it forward thinking edge..what a shame.
OneTURBO Gaming
OneTURBO Gaming 16 днів тому
Who’s watching after iPhone XS is realeased
Taranjot Singh
Taranjot Singh 16 днів тому
5:40 ughhhhhhh, that’s hard to watch, because I have this phone.
Aniya Hojaigik
Aniya Hojaigik 17 днів тому
why don't you give me that phone instead of damaging it😣😭😢😢😭😭😭
Cargamer10 awesome
Cargamer10 awesome 18 днів тому
"Full body skin" aka a phone case.
JAmes Sanzio
JAmes Sanzio 19 днів тому
Nokia test
Wolf Master
Wolf Master 19 днів тому
Apple logic: 2017: no headphone jack 2018: sells air
Ranjeet bandal
Ranjeet bandal 20 днів тому
Why don't you do drop test for your all videos ?? Drop test is must ,!!!! Who cares about scratches and fire resistance
Chip 20 днів тому
Omg the sound of metal scratching
Gaming Knight
Gaming Knight 21 день тому
They Will Problaly Remove Charging
Corellian752 22 дні тому
A year later and they removed the dongle. nice
Lauris Majors
Lauris Majors 22 дні тому
Next year apple removes camera and carging port We apple didnt have space u have to buy new batterys to charge
Yugal Jindal
Yugal Jindal 22 дні тому
Let's get started.. This afraids me and other brands also 😰
Danil Kocelov
Danil Kocelov 24 дні тому
its called airpods.. duuuhh
CentralGaming9500 20 днів тому
Danil Kocelov Nope those are 200 dollars those are EarPods, Retard
FinalShot 24 дні тому
Here goes 1000 dollers
Aesthetic Fish
Aesthetic Fish 24 дні тому
*well that's unfortunate* 😂
VeniVidiVici 25 днів тому
It is 2020, Apple has removed the phone from their phones. You now stream a man/woman (chooseable on purchase) using your phone for you, the stream however is only viewable on an iPad. You may purchase different gloves that your phone streamer can wear and also clothes and other accessories.
Ignacio Guerrero
Ignacio Guerrero 25 днів тому
More Emojis please.
Dylan Williams
Dylan Williams 25 днів тому
Life is a diy project
Emufasar 26 днів тому
2016: No headphone jack 2017: No Home Button 2018: No headphone dongle 2019: No charging port 2020: No notch 2021: No screen 2022: No phone 2023:No apple
Forrest_h06 26 днів тому
I’m waiting for you to scratch test your face
Alexandru BOSS RO
Alexandru BOSS RO 26 днів тому
NoPhone phones are just iPhones from future
Julian Potter Music
Julian Potter Music 26 днів тому
"I kept expecting Apple's to move, but they'll probably invent that next year" I love this man
panajot andoni
panajot andoni 26 днів тому
I like apple but I'll stick with my OnePlus 5t much better device
JJ VLOGS 27 днів тому
That’s just dumb
Acantite 27 днів тому
Apple's list of things to get rid of: Speakers- sound isnt necessary Sound Buttons- look above Face ID- no more security Camera- useless Charging Port- need to pay to charge your phone
matiasvlevi 27 днів тому
5:55 im scared about the exacto knife at this point...
• fizzy •
• fizzy • 28 днів тому
Hello beautiful person scrolling through the comments. Have a great day!❤❤
Dj Minton
Dj Minton Місяць тому
Don’t hurt it for fuck sake 😂
Pinecone No. 461
Pinecone No. 461 Місяць тому
If apple likes removing things so much, why can't they remove the notch?
Nayxf 0
Nayxf 0 4 дні тому
Emily Thomas ikr I’m fine with my iPhone X gonna stick 1 more year or 2
Emily Thomas
Emily Thomas 5 днів тому
Nayxf 0 I don’t like the punch hole it’s so ugly lol... I’d rather stick with the notch
Nayxf 0
Nayxf 0 6 днів тому
WaaZo_ the A series have notches the A8 and A9 for example.and the s10 will have a punch hole I know my shit
WaaZo_ 7 днів тому
Nayxf 0 samsung? no
Nayxf 0
Nayxf 0 7 днів тому
WaaZo_ the rest of their phones have notches
Tanner Moubray
Tanner Moubray Місяць тому
This guy is too much of a hater, not even an epic gamer
Smashed Lizard72
Smashed Lizard72 Місяць тому
2020 no screen camera microphone or speaker just a metal block
Apple Sheep
Apple Sheep Місяць тому
can you still put a case on over a dbrand?
Technical sujay
Technical sujay Місяць тому
D brand Advertising
Fezzle Місяць тому
I was cheering him to break it the entire time apple deserves to burn.
Kid's International Cooking
Kid's International Cooking Місяць тому
2020: *removes screen* 2030: *iphones are just air now*
Kid's International Cooking
Kid's International Cooking 20 днів тому
CentralGaming9500 20 днів тому
Kid's International Cooking I’ll pay 2000 for air phone
Orchestra Of Ruin
Orchestra Of Ruin Місяць тому
With Apple removing features from their phones, when will they remove Kebab?
Lazy bros
Lazy bros Місяць тому
Why people roasting apple 😂😂
Lazy bros
Lazy bros 20 днів тому
CentralGaming9500 u know you can just buy another phone that’s not apple
Lazy bros
Lazy bros 20 днів тому
CentralGaming9500 wow ok 👌 chill bro
CentralGaming9500 20 днів тому
Lazy bros because they fucking rip off people and make people pay 500 dollars to fix glass
Voicu Cristian
Voicu Cristian Місяць тому
2018: no home button 2019: no cameras 2020: no buttons 2021: iphon't
AnimePabu Місяць тому
$5000....let me just go by my ps4 I’ve been saving up for
AnimePabu Місяць тому
Ohhhhh I didn’t know granite scratched it well that’s why good to know. With my new phone I have a case and a screen protector:)
AnimePabu Місяць тому
I still somehow got scratches on my iPhone 6 I have the xr now but they’re still the same glass but I wonder what scratched it
AnimePabu Місяць тому
If I was payed to take that satisfying plastic off count me in lol
New iPhone Xs DROP Test!!  -  I was wrong...
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