iPhone X Durability Test - Scratch BURN and Bend TESTED!

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Its time to durability test the iPhone X to check its build quality. Will those antenna lines on the side of the phone be a weak point like they were with the Pixel 2? Has apple upgraded their sapphire? Does the emoji machine even work? All of the important questions, and non important questions will be answered in this durability video for the iPhone X.
Glass iPhone 8 drop test: ukvid.net/video/відео-3LqtO491Wzg.html
Would you buy an iPhone X? Apple claims to have the most durable glass ever in a smartphone... but glass is still glass, and gravity is still gravity.
Awesome iPhone Tool Kit: amzn.to/2xu8VBL
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Metal phone opening tool: amzn.to/1WdOFv0
The camera I used to film this video: amzn.to/2p7GtkX
Wide angle lens: amzn.to/2qiYM4u
And this Metabones adapter: amzn.to/2iZ67Ty
This is the drone I use: amzn.to/2joH00G
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3 лис 2017

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Lestar Strauss
Lestar Strauss 6 годин тому
Dean He
Dean He 7 годин тому
U fagot face id
job3ztah 8 годин тому
job3ztah 8 годин тому
Wait iPhone remove everthing like home button to headjack
Bakchod Club
Bakchod Club 11 годин тому
Most painful video of all time
Lin D.
Lin D. 16 годин тому
You should call Hulk for the bend test.👌
Lin D.
Lin D. 16 годин тому
You should call Hulk for the bend test.👌
UR MOM День тому
2023 *apple removes the phone and its priced for $10000 dollars* 😂
Jack Sugden
Jack Sugden День тому
I have got mine for free here in the UK on a two year EE contract in Space Grey, it’s the 256 model with 100 of data, for safe keeping, bought a clear rear case and a tampered glass screen protector, so far seven days into having this smashing smartphone, never dropped it, and very much enjoyed the review, and lets hope that it never goes through what you put your phone into.
mjumbe nyawa
mjumbe nyawa День тому
Apple is like :caveman Samsung is like :further aliens
Faris Haiqal
Faris Haiqal 2 дні тому
Can i have it.....i never use apple product sadly🙁
Ethan Hall
Ethan Hall 2 дні тому
6:16 And don’t forget cheap sapphire and no headphone jack
Mcleanhaaken 2
Mcleanhaaken 2 4 дні тому
"Iphone X 10" - Jerryrigeverything 2018
Apple Technology
Apple Technology 4 дні тому
The Stonekeeper
The Stonekeeper 4 дні тому
I have an iphone 8 and i droped it on my plastic woodish floor and the intire back glass cracked and broke o my god i hate it i van not wait for am up grade
Dannyel K-ro Mendoza
Dannyel K-ro Mendoza 5 днів тому
Give that to me thats your christmas gift to me please
Jango Fett 99
Jango Fett 99 5 днів тому
The bob Ross of technology....
Savvy Savage
Savvy Savage 6 днів тому
Happy to see people are becoming “Woke” to apples pocket fattening schemes. Been saying this shit since iPhone 4. They put making as much money as possible way before looking out for the consumer and it is finally biting them in the ass.
JBI JBI 6 днів тому
Every time you make a scratch I am scared you will cut your thumb.
JBI JBI 6 днів тому
“The most fragile and most often broken component on this phone is the most expensive to replace”
brandon putman
brandon putman 6 днів тому
Where the headphone jack used to be may be rest in peace. 😂 Rip
Elena Tamashova
Elena Tamashova 7 днів тому
Masc 7 днів тому
removing the notch next year
Ian Lardizabal
Ian Lardizabal 7 днів тому
i mainly watch these apple product videos just to see him completely rip the company to shreds
Exploding Brick
Exploding Brick 7 днів тому
Scratch test the dot projector and see if it still works
Bono남 8 днів тому
Bono남 8 днів тому
Boris Van
Boris Van 9 днів тому
Iphone=coca cola=shit phone, I don't buy smartphones from such a stupid corporation, I have one+ and blackberry key2, works just perfect, iphone=phone for ships.
Apple fan boy and Flight fan of the world 2019
2019 no notch 2020 no camera 2021 no glass 2022 no phone
Uta 9 днів тому
Apple doesn’t use pure sapphire cuz it’s brittle and when dropped, it cracks easier
Ashton Martin
Ashton Martin 9 днів тому
He called it an LED DISPLAY oml kid its an OLED DISPLAY
R Milion
R Milion 9 днів тому
Face scratching
Avery Antill
Avery Antill 10 днів тому
and I can't even afford one phone while he is buying all these phones and destroying them 😂😂
Uta 11 днів тому
This is what I call an iPhone 9, not an X
Mano Wilfred
Mano Wilfred 11 днів тому
Probably a good thing that you're not a reviewer. Your bias would ruin any chance of a potential buyer making informed decisions based purely on fact and not opinion.
Gianna B
Gianna B 12 днів тому
these are super entertaining
Ultimate4 Loser king
Ultimate4 Loser king 12 днів тому
They will remove everything next year you smile for the volume to go up and frown for down say off for it to turn off and say on for on LOL
Communist King 420
Communist King 420 12 днів тому
They will probably remove the volume buttons
Abdul Sheibani
Abdul Sheibani 13 днів тому
The back glass fix is half the price of the phone
Tino Paunovski
Tino Paunovski 13 днів тому
they'll invent it next year
ThiccAsianDonk 69
ThiccAsianDonk 69 13 днів тому
Apple will remove the speakers
Ahmad Abed
Ahmad Abed 14 днів тому
2016: no headphone jack 2017: no home button 2018: no phone in the box
Milo Platts
Milo Platts 14 днів тому
Jerry: "It'll be interesting to see what they take away next year". ...1 year later... Me: Uuuuuuh, not much...
Rasmus DK
Rasmus DK 15 днів тому
Next years Are apple revoming tre screen
RgEdu 16 днів тому
It is a garbage phone
Donovan Shea
Donovan Shea 16 днів тому
bruh my kitten scratched my phone really deep (iPhone X)
Sativum Coalho
Sativum Coalho 16 днів тому
Your voice is like music to my years.
NyanPulse 17 днів тому
1:17 Wait until he says “but they’ll probably invent that next year” Next year they added Live wallpapers! XD
Cscuile 17 днів тому
"Apple is running out of things to remove though, so it'll be interesting to see what they do next year" **Removes Headphone Adapter*
R10101 17 днів тому
1:36 *cut*
Nigel Williams
Nigel Williams 18 днів тому
Send me this phone
HACKER GamEs 19 днів тому
Why you destroy this phone give me this phone
All Might
All Might 19 днів тому
This video hurt me
Julieta S
Julieta S 20 днів тому
Jaz 20 днів тому
You wright 4s like ys
Eternal Hokage
Eternal Hokage 20 днів тому
6:29 satisfying asmr: iphone x cutting.
naelah sayegh
naelah sayegh 20 днів тому
iPhone X: (is watching the video) "Oh my god- wait- WAIT MOM! MOM NO"
Graden Kochendoerfer
Graden Kochendoerfer 21 день тому
I am excited I get to upgrade my iPhone se to an iPhone X in a month
phillipsusn 22 дні тому
Another biased review Jerry. Nice.
Cool Deer
Cool Deer 22 дні тому
Weird flex but ok
XsurificX Fortnite
XsurificX Fortnite 22 дні тому
Not joking I thought it came feb 2018
Ignacio de Miguel
Ignacio de Miguel 22 дні тому
I don't know what's with the whole roasting apple thing. It's not like Android phones are any better. They'll break just like apple. Repairing your screen on an LG G6 for instance costs 300€ ish here in Europe, so I don't really see the difference.
janray dulatre
janray dulatre 22 дні тому
Watching this on my nokia 3310🤠
Micks T Gamer
Micks T Gamer 22 дні тому
While my Bestfriend calls is "Iphone X10
Dusk 745
Dusk 745 22 дні тому
They'll probably remove the screen next
James Diaz
James Diaz 22 дні тому
Love your videos I was wondering if you could help me out I’m on able to buy an iPhone since I always see you with all kind of iPhones and the tests that you do I was wondering if you could send me an iPhone if possible I appreciate it thank you
Ed Lester Sinahon
Ed Lester Sinahon 23 дні тому
Im not stupid enough to waste my money on this when I can have a midrange phone that could actually work morr than you expected on its price. total waste of money. Apple is overpricing their units.
Agus Artawan
Agus Artawan 23 дні тому
LOL.. I'm laughing when watching the animoji make the conversation...😂
CoolPayson2004 _
CoolPayson2004 _ 23 дні тому
Idk but I really do not like the google pixel
The Unkn0wn
The Unkn0wn 23 дні тому
Why i choose the s9+ over any iphone *HEADPHONE JACK!!!*
Halofan 117
Halofan 117 24 дні тому
They will probably remove the charging port next
matthew evalla
matthew evalla 24 дні тому
I'd Rather buy a oneplus 6t today
Hassan Nashed
Hassan Nashed 24 дні тому
My eyes hurt watching this
Goergemaster101 Official anime topic and gaming
Your losing more money than your getting
Gavin Anderson
Gavin Anderson 24 дні тому
The dongle seems pointless cause just connect the earbuds to the phone the dongle makes nothing different 🤔
Sitting Still
Sitting Still 25 днів тому
The first test I saw the 2018 iPad Pro but I’ve watched a few more since. The first video was shocking but after watching more videos I see that Jerry is fair and consistent. Keep up the good work Jerry!
Boxbird572 25 днів тому
Lol it failed the burn test
Generic Shitposter
Generic Shitposter 25 днів тому
why do fanboys have to argue? apple phones are smoother android phones are better value
JustGrape 25 днів тому
With deeper grooves at a level 7
Random House
Random House 26 днів тому
iPhone x = junk
Random House
Random House День тому
+Juanlu Lourido lmao sure it does
Juanlu Lourido
Juanlu Lourido День тому
Random House calm down yo, don’t get tilte, it may be overpriced but runs 10x smoothher than any huawey ir samsung
Random House
Random House 2 дні тому
+Juanlu Lourido we maybe you should try another phone iPhone is overpriced junk
Juanlu Lourido
Juanlu Lourido 2 дні тому
Random House still the fastest phone I ever had in my hand, just truth
Random House
Random House 12 днів тому
+Epic Gamer oh its junk over priced crap
Shiny Whatever
Shiny Whatever 26 днів тому
2030 no phone
Shiny Whatever
Shiny Whatever 26 днів тому
2020 no buttons😂😂
wgyse 26 днів тому
they probs gonna remove the volume rocker next, it makes sense, just put a swiper on it like idk like the magic mouse scroll
ATOMIC entertainment
ATOMIC entertainment 26 днів тому
The next thing they take off will be the phone
Blessing Manyadza
Blessing Manyadza 26 днів тому
hey jerry were do you place those phones after scratching , burns and bend then
rhtfl mam
rhtfl mam 27 днів тому
can you try with the dooge S60? please
トキナワあかり 28 днів тому
Next year Apple removes the camera
Hamster Oranges
Hamster Oranges 29 днів тому
let’s destroy a 2000$ phone what could HaPeN
jalaluddin48 29 днів тому
Next year Apple gonna remove the screen
Heejun Suh
Heejun Suh 29 днів тому
Keep on roasting :)
tjseventyseven Місяць тому
Can't stay neutral? Just review phones, dude
TikTok [Musical.Ly]
TikTok [Musical.Ly] Місяць тому
Stop!!!!! Pleas help meeee
Mathius Gudsgave
Mathius Gudsgave Місяць тому
This video hurts me to the core. 🤭
Ejor Drexl
Ejor Drexl Місяць тому
Next year, apple will remove the power button and we will be needing to long press the screen to turn the phone on. 💯💯💯 Apple will also remove the volume button and will replace it with screen gestures just like the home/recent/back button.
Catherine Linsey
Catherine Linsey Місяць тому
Watched this and I’m still going to buy it lmao
s9 plus
s9 plus Місяць тому
"Pop a tire and buy a new car"
Samiya Richardson
Samiya Richardson Місяць тому
How can ya just waste money like that 🤦🏽‍♀️
The Main
The Main Місяць тому
Apple: we remove the screen in our phone now u have to imagine that there is
Joseph zak
Joseph zak Місяць тому
Apple has left the chat!
UNEX Richy
UNEX Richy Місяць тому
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer 12 днів тому
Well wtf I am on the x but you don't see me bragging about it
Luis Acosta
Luis Acosta 28 днів тому
UNEX Richy not funny
I *FINALLY* bought a new vehicle....
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