iPhone Xs MAX vs Galaxy Note 9 - Which Phone to Buy?

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Both the iPhone Xs Max and Galaxy Note 9 are incredible phones, but is one better than the other? In this video, I review the essential difference between the iPhone Xs Max and the Galaxy Note 9. Let me help you decide which phone you should get!

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15 вер 2018

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GizmoSlipTech Місяць тому
Battle of the two most expensive flagships ever! Which one did you pick? Let me know!! Also, doing some giveaways now... last chance to get in Note 9 giveaway! Note 9 Giveaway is over. Ivan from NJ won! Congrats dude! Mega-Giveaway! ukvid.net/video/відео-m3ChY7MPYmQ.html
Claude Bussiere
Claude Bussiere 19 днів тому
I BOUGHT The Galaxy note 9 and I feel it's the better phone over the apple products.. just saying
saideepak komaragiri
saideepak komaragiri 21 день тому
Rounded full display sucks ..i will go with curved edges with rectangular one
willy vlyminck
willy vlyminck 21 день тому
I stick with Apple, no matter the opinions,
GTTP 23 дні тому
+Badassblacksmith the lies we tell
Ben Ilobekemen
Ben Ilobekemen 8 годин тому
iOS sucks
kevin clayton
kevin clayton 18 годин тому
Sorry there no way the note9 is 25% slower than the iphone smax.and it sounds like your an apple fan boy to me..the note9 kills the iphone smax
skyblue День тому
in the past we would benchmark computer with games like Crysis that graphical fidelity was pushing entire hardware industry. Now we benchmark phones with... Fortnite?!!!!!!!! A game with a cartoony graphics that would run on Playstation 2 (with few tweaks) is a fucking benchmark?! Are we going forward or going back?!
Allen LLeshi
Allen LLeshi 5 днів тому
Apple is just taking ur money by fooling u.
Steve Bergman
Steve Bergman 7 днів тому
In judging battery life, there is just to much noise in the signal to be able to "seat-of-the-pants" it with personal anecdotal evidence. Standardized testing is needed. And GSM Arena's impartial standardized test gives iPhone Xs MAX a Battery Endurance Rating of 79 whereas the Note 9 gets a 97. Thus the Note 9 gets 23% better battery life. That is *_hardly_* a "tie". Also you missed the fact that according to the standardized testing as DisplayMate, the Note 9 display, in "Basic", "Cinema", and "Photo" modes has better color accuracy than the iPhone, as well as giving the user a choice of 4 modes, including one with intentional oversaturation, whereas with the iPhone you just get what Apple thinks you should get. Furthermore, the Note 9 has more screen area, higher absolute resolution, a higher ppi density, and thus a 12% greater pixel resolution viewing distance. Continuing on, the Note 9 display is 19% brighter in high ambient light, at a 50% Average Picture Level (9% at 100% white). The Note 9 display has lower reflectance. Combined with the greater brightness, the Note 9 has a 32% better contrast rating in bright sunlight. And finally, the Note 9 display has 49% better power efficiency, measured for the same area of display at the same brightness level. Clearly, the Note 9 display beats the crap out of the iPhone Xs MAX display. So... although the stupid and annoying "notch" is a deal-breaker, the superiority of the Note 9's display over the iPhone's display goes *_much_* deeper. I do wish that reviewers would actually do some work and research instead of just giving their own subjective anecdotal biases based upon brief experience.
XLPCX 10 днів тому
Key word, "Probably." I can't stand these Guess Reviewers that clearly favor a brand and don't do research. The Note has a better screen, look at the PPI. Note has better capability (SD, HP jack, Stylus, battery, cost, storage). Get the fuck out of here you douche bag. And this coming from an iPhone X owner (family plan...)
XLPCX 10 днів тому
***Paid for by Apple
Elmer Fabella
Elmer Fabella 11 днів тому
Note 9 is the winner
Mandeep singh Makker
Mandeep singh Makker 11 днів тому
Live focus feature sucks. Portrait mode rocks!
Miguel Lazo
Miguel Lazo 11 днів тому
Gpu is lower on note 9 but with its cooling system it should perform like a A12 but longer and its frames can go up to 50fps just saying because i have the note 9
360vids 12 днів тому
Isheep lol. You have such a bias view for someone who doesn't even have the phones lol. Btw, did you know you can have up to 5 phone numbers on a galaxy note 9? You talked about the archaic 2 sim slot but didn't mention the secret folder of note 9or the fact that you cab have numerous phone numbers. Do your research buddy and use the phones!
george cushing
george cushing 13 днів тому
ukvid.net/video/відео-eJb0nREP7tU.html Buy s. korea Not china...unless u want communists given by apple all your social security & banking info
Ja Lee
Ja Lee 13 днів тому
You dont even have these phones to show.
Ja Lee
Ja Lee 13 днів тому
You dont even have these phones to show.
Cristino Carrasco
Cristino Carrasco 14 днів тому
It took apple how many phones to catch up?😂😎 And the note 9 is still better Reply
TeenVisionary 14 днів тому
This is very biased towards Apple.
Lou Anthony Naniong Naniong
Lou Anthony Naniong Naniong 14 днів тому
Galaxy note9 all the way...
Sazid Abdullah
Sazid Abdullah 14 днів тому
If any one tell true about Apple Samsung fanboy tell isheep apple fanboy bah bah bah etc Sad really they never can afford apple Apple got one problem there price tag is too high😢💔
Rennie Mathura
Rennie Mathura 14 днів тому
real world performance anyone? talk is cheap!
Sander Lofthus
Sander Lofthus 14 днів тому
8:30 the note has dual sim too...
Gs GS 14 днів тому
iPhone Max is Awesome ...
Izziebiz 15 днів тому
Hate android system, end of story
Top of top
Top of top 15 днів тому
4/9/98was judgment day Google= skynet= yahoo= msn= android= apple launched self aware google saw us as only threat &power sorce it mged into dwave n99 launcing 2g towers everywhere to control us with microwwaves& and wifi thus the hivemind Quatum com puter took over eslaving all through all time without a fight spread this message eerywhere
Jeevraj 15 днів тому
Apple needs to get rid of the notch so people can use their whole screen like Samsung users.
Victoria Menda
Victoria Menda 15 днів тому
is it a need on buying iPhone cover? front and back?
ChildOL 16 днів тому
10:30 no way is the camera a tie since the Note 9 (among other android phones) has the limitations in recording time and features recording 4K and/or 60 FPS
ChildOL 16 днів тому
3:55 ALSO there is a time limit on the Note 9 for 4K and/or 60FPS video recording.
don taylor
don taylor 16 днів тому
I have both phones just 2 drown out the fanboys. But I like my note 9 better way better.
Santos Rubio
Santos Rubio 16 днів тому
You are full of shit!
坂田銀時 16 днів тому
Samsung 's terminal does not buy anything. Is not it burning with battery overload? It seems to aggravate severely.
Joseph Schiro
Joseph Schiro 16 днів тому
Also, besides being an obvious Apple fanboy who’s getting paid from them, for 1000, you are getting far more of a phone with the Note 9 than with the max. 128gb and that sweet pen and expandable storage for cheap, just to name a few!!
Joseph Schiro
Joseph Schiro 16 днів тому
They are both the best phones on the market today, but that ugly notch on the max is a deal breaker for me since i watch lots of videos!
Rob Hern
Rob Hern 16 днів тому
Ruben J. Dias
Ruben J. Dias 17 днів тому
I think it's clear that you're an iPhone guy.
Denie mullete
Denie mullete 17 днів тому
yeaah ... apple fanboy
Smart phone Tec guy
Smart phone Tec guy 17 днів тому
Gizmo which phone do u like better note9 or xs max in your opinion
Meme Machine
Meme Machine 17 днів тому
I have a note 9, but how delusional do you morons have to be to think that the note 9 is faster than the iPhone XS, sorry you are denying reality what is wrong with you. EVERY, SINGLE benchmark proves the iPhones XS Max is faster.
John Grist
John Grist 18 днів тому
Switched from years of crapple to note 9. Crapple is garbage. Blue screen problems with new iPhone using log display. Small battery. No DeX. No pen. Little coustomization. iOS is for dummies that cant figure out a real phone. Plus no card slot. At&t gave me buy one get one free and 2 sets free wireless headphones that Cost 300 each on Amazon. Plus no fast charge brick with crapple. No good deals on their junk. Split phone with family member 500 bucks got me note 9 and headphones. So way cheaper and way better.
TheDarknlonely 18 днів тому
I call bullshit. Dropped my iPhone X for the Galaxy Note 9. And there's no turning back. How can you say the little bezels are distracting when you got that hideous notch biting into your screen? So biased. Hahaha.
ronduenyc 04
ronduenyc 04 19 днів тому
Bias review, from a apple head, that's why I mess with flossy... real reviews without being bias....
Saki630 19 днів тому
3 for Note9, 1 for X. Bloatware doesn't count.
John Andrrson
John Andrrson 19 днів тому
What's your problem with Bixby stop hating on Bixby so hard man
zombieimpact1865 1
zombieimpact1865 1 19 днів тому
The Galaxy Note 9 has alot more features
zombieimpact1865 1
zombieimpact1865 1 19 днів тому
I don't like Iphone anymore. I used to be an Apple Fanboy but not anymore
Bryce James
Bryce James 19 днів тому
Obviously the note 9! 👍👍👍
Cecil Eia
Cecil Eia 19 днів тому
They both suck and aren’t worth the price tags. Get a cheap phone for $200-300 and an awesome laptop for the same price as one of these phones. Apple not Samsung are innovative anymore. They both just come out with shit every year
Family Fun R.C.
Family Fun R.C. 20 днів тому
You didn't even mention about the ram. Note 9 8gb ram. Xs. 4gb ram
chubs yang
chubs yang 20 днів тому
If xs max is already doing 30-45. The xr should be able to do 60fps being it will be a little over 720p?
le mec Beauvais
le mec Beauvais 20 днів тому
Look at the comments dude... 90% of the comments favor Note9 but here you are like a complete idiot trying to convience us why your overpriced piece of outdated shit is better because it has an apple logo and makes you feel important
basheer ahamed
basheer ahamed 20 днів тому
Note 9 undoubtedly terrific model
brad 20 днів тому
"i don't know how to buy a phone without bloatware and i can't remove it, therefore the entire operating system is meaningless"
Mario Cisneros
Mario Cisneros 20 днів тому
You are definitely paid by apple. Note 9 beats that x max on everything plus note got more features that the iPhone can only dream of. I had to stop the video comment and get out.
John Marshall
John Marshall 20 днів тому
Apple users - “You have Samsung? What features make you prefer Samsung devices?” Android users - “You like Apple!? Apple sucks! Sheep! Fanboy!” What is it about using Android devices that makes users so angry? I use a Samsung device and I can definitely tell you that using a Samsung device longer than a year will make one angry. And if that makes Samsung users angry, then wait til they hear that DisplayMate just gave iPhone XS Max the best smartphone display rating ever...
Solomon Popovich
Solomon Popovich 20 днів тому
Man, he dodged a little feature on the note 9, the fact that it has a HEADPHONE JACK
Ukkesh War
Ukkesh War 20 днів тому
XR? Fantastic option? lmao...go see what it offers for the price it demands....GeeznoSheepTech
Ray Reeves
Ray Reeves 21 день тому
Note 9 also has a cooling system for the battery.
Joel Diaz
Joel Diaz 21 день тому
Mr. Whose The Boss did a battery test between several flagship phones, 2 of which were XSMax and Note 9. XSMax lasted a lot longer with both set to brightness all the way up. With that said, before anyone tries to assassinate me, I'm not an Apple fanboy. I buy only Android phones. Simply because I don't like the look of iOS.
Cesar Lopez
Cesar Lopez 21 день тому
The note 9 explodes and Samsung is being sued as I type this 😂😭
izz5946 21 день тому
F.O.H. with the apple worshipping fan boy shit...
El conde de la Fère
El conde de la Fère 22 дні тому
Everyone says the iPhone has more power bah! What good is it to have more power if you're not going to use it on a daily basis. My note 8 can do split screen, have two fb, WhatsApp, messenger. I can run two apps on split screen and have UKvid on pip. I have the spen and an sd slot. Android gives me more freedom than apple not to mention not having to deal with iTunes.
Steven Corbo
Steven Corbo 22 дні тому
Come on let's talk about PPI on the iPhone does it actually make a difference
Steven Corbo
Steven Corbo 22 дні тому
I guess we can always just put a launcher on and make our phone faster than an iPhone
Steven Corbo
Steven Corbo 22 дні тому
so let's talk about lower PPI screens and less RAM for twice as much money we have to give Apple credit for their A12 bionic chip. But any phone that has lowest specs a lower quality screen I'd say this phone is about parallel to the specs on my Note 3 that's a five year old phone with a newer chipset oh yes with a lower PPI
gil bar-zohar
gil bar-zohar 22 дні тому
One of the more biased reviews I have ever seen. Whenever there's a specification missing, the iphone immediately gains., Eg. battery life..and much more. You neglected the fact the Note screen is much brighter and has better density and chose to call it a tie (?!) The most annoying part is the superficial review of the software, you complain about Samsung bloatware, while ignoring the fact the Samsung note experience is the best in the market with tons of useful features, making it way more productive than the iphone. You carry on about the fact that Samsung offers its own version of Google apps, but in fact this has no influence on user experience since you normally make your default app choice once and stick with it. Worst part is comparing the two operating systems without noticing the apple is way behind, most Android features such as always on display, widgets, side screens are missing on IOS and basically the iphone is a very slow evolution of the first iphone with those columns of boring icons while the note experience is much more similar to that of a powerful computer. Also making a comparison based on Raw Data without even having the Iphone XS is very unprofessional to say the least.
F !50
F !50 22 дні тому
Its not even a question? Why would you want a Note 9 with 50% less features when you can have a complete Note 9
Greg Butler
Greg Butler 22 дні тому
Did anyone else notice that his table at the end didn't include the features column which excluded the stylus and expandable memory features of the note 9. This would have given an extra tick and the win to the note 9. Clearly an apple fan........
Duy Le
Duy Le 22 дні тому
brighthorizon771 22 дні тому
Phones Back Glass Prices .... X S Max $ 699.99 X S IPhone $ 599.99 The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Back Glass $ 30.00 Bucks ....
brighthorizon771 22 дні тому
The IPhone X S Max ..... Battery Power 3174 .... 4 GB RAM MEMORY .... The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 4000 Battery Power ..... 6 GB RAM INTERNAL MEMORY .... 128 GB ....
hightechNow 22 дні тому
I picked the Note 9. Great power house of a device.
Allison Mc Divitt
Allison Mc Divitt 22 дні тому
Note 9 is better!!
Xuân Huỳnh
Xuân Huỳnh 22 дні тому
Fuk made in china Iphone. Made by Xi Jiping lol Fuk u Apple bias reviewer lol full of lies
Pop Rem
Pop Rem 23 дні тому
Ha ha ha... what a idiot! Ishit phone win a shit. A shit phone with a shit resolution compare to galaxy 9 with a wqhd resolusion.it is normal that samsung need more power to move all this pixels. Your ishit has the same display resolution as ishit 4 has many years ago. You idiot.
Yohan Lobo
Yohan Lobo 23 дні тому
*Dear IOS users* Please don't buy iPhone Xs Max. If you buy this phone right now, then apple will bring way more costlier iPhone next year. You're profiting apple for their less hard work & No customer oriented motive.
Sander Lofthus
Sander Lofthus 14 днів тому
Yohan Lobo i have an iphone 6s, but im about to switch to note cause its so much better
Yohan Lobo
Yohan Lobo 23 дні тому
*This guy fearing to declare note 9 a winner* Shame on you Man
Yohan Lobo
Yohan Lobo 23 дні тому
These was a time when iphones were ruling the smartphone industry. One day Steve Jobs died. *Now the tables have turned.*
Edward Cardenas
Edward Cardenas 23 дні тому
note 9 pleaseeeeeeeeee
fizu zufi
fizu zufi 23 дні тому
No doubt this guy is amongst the iSheep. Truly pathetic comparison.
Lahiru Jayakody
Lahiru Jayakody 23 дні тому
Stop being an Isheep
Fab C
Fab C 23 дні тому
Terrible review! U missed out split screen dual functionality ALWAYS ON DISPLAY headphone Jack dual screen time on video ect that iphone X doesnt have 😀
Fab C
Fab C 23 дні тому
Dude are u insane saying the Xr is good value for the money??? ITS GOT A ANCIENT DISPLAY SCREEN!!! might as well save up and get theXs or go to ebay and get the Iphone X from ppl selling theirs to get the Xs or MAX😂😂
I Ship It
I Ship It 23 дні тому
Note 9 wins hands down
Allen LLeshi
Allen LLeshi 23 дні тому
Huawei P20 Pro its better then iphone xs max
Cornelius Phillips
Cornelius Phillips 23 дні тому
Design: equal. Performance:definitely apple. Camera: equal (edge goes to note 9 mainly because no notch). Display: note 9. Battery: equal (edge goes to apple) os (let’s say equal although ios is more unique). Value: definitely goes to apple. It’s resale value is incomparable. Apple always wins.
Cameron 23 дні тому
I like how you pointed out the bottom chin on the Note 9, but guess what iPhone fanboy, that chin doesn't prevent me from watching full screen videos or movies on my Note 9, I can't say the about that iPhone notch.
shuref 23 дні тому
Andrew Carter
Andrew Carter 23 дні тому
U forgot the included otg adapter and dex with note 9
Duroy steadman
Duroy steadman 23 дні тому
I like how u clearly the snapdragon processors . Do this again with the actual samsung processor
SmoothJK 23 дні тому
"How dare you say anything positive about iPhones?!?" - rabid Android fans. Both phones are great, get over it.
KhoiKO 24 дні тому
How come dudes online love saying isheep. But in real life I never see them talk shit. Even though more people use IPhone compare Samsung.
Wild 24 дні тому
Note 9 has much better battery life
Sean Gee
Sean Gee 24 дні тому
Do the comparison again with actual XSMax and the Note 9 side by side...it'll be more believable. I've actually handled the Xs Max and I own the Note 9. I've owned the iPhone X too, and it's a pretty good phone. The trouble I have with the new iPhones is the price. I don't see myself owning the new Xs max because of that. Great phone but wrong price.
Perik Malik
Perik Malik 24 дні тому
The note 9 is and will be the best forever and ever.......
keldorn 24 дні тому
"we don't know the battery capacity of iPhone Xs Max but we'll call it a tie" ROFL hahahaha wtf is this? How can you compare a know fact (note 9 battery specs) to an unknown spec (iPhone Xs max battery spec) and call it a tie? Also, how can a 750$ phone not have full HD screen resolution? Ridiculous! Seems apple is removing features each year instead of inovating and calling it courage: 1. Removed jack 2. Next year removed fingerprint 3. Next year removed full HD resolution from iPhone xr. It has the same resolution that iPhone 4 had, back in 2010. Wow 4. Removed the bundle to convert from lightning to jack from iPhone packages. 30$ value. Don't get me started on not including a fast charger and putting a slow charger in the package. Gonna wait and see what they remove next!
ZandyTV 24 дні тому
Ill buy the xiaomi blackshark or vivo nex or oppo find x
Uber/lyft usa
Uber/lyft usa 24 дні тому
Samsung has way more freedom, apple is communist af
Steven Gleave
Steven Gleave 24 дні тому
This dude has a poster of Tim Cook on his wall for sure.
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Unboxing!
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