iPhone Xs MAX vs Galaxy Note 9 - Which Phone to Buy?

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Both the iPhone Xs Max and Galaxy Note 9 are incredible phones, but is one better than the other? In this video, I review the essential difference between the iPhone Xs Max and the Galaxy Note 9. Let me help you decide which phone you should get!

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15 вер 2018

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GizmoSlipTech 3 місяці тому
Battle of the two most expensive flagships ever! Which one did you pick? Let me know!! Also, doing some giveaways now... last chance to get in Note 9 giveaway! Note 9 Giveaway is over. Ivan from NJ won! Congrats dude! Mega-Giveaway! ukvid.net/video/відео-m3ChY7MPYmQ.html
Claude Bussiere
Claude Bussiere 2 місяці тому
I BOUGHT The Galaxy note 9 and I feel it's the better phone over the apple products.. just saying
saideepak komaragiri
saideepak komaragiri 2 місяці тому
Rounded full display sucks ..i will go with curved edges with rectangular one
willy vlyminck
willy vlyminck 2 місяці тому
I stick with Apple, no matter the opinions,
GTTP 2 місяці тому
+Badassblacksmith the lies we tell
Bill000 Jack
Bill000 Jack 13 годин тому
I wonder how much does Apple pay youtubers?
Odin День тому
And how in the hell do you produce a video about two phones... And you only have one in hand? FAIL!
Chris isEnlightened
Chris isEnlightened 2 дні тому
How the hell is he comparing something he doesn't even have. Still saying apple is better don't even have it
William Watson
William Watson 2 дні тому
You forgot that the note 9 has as headphone jack.....
Odin 4 дні тому
The damn Iphone (any) is unworthy to even be in the same room with the Note 9.
Adison Rai
Adison Rai 7 днів тому
I like Apple with its own display. The repair cost for appe is always less then samsung. Awitched from S7 edge to iphone 7 + . I am loving it
Adison Rai
Adison Rai 7 днів тому
Whatever World says K believe Apple has upper hands in its quality. Ios is better then android and about. Hardware apple has introduced SUPER AMOLED DISPLAY which it needed . Although I prefer old apple display.
hedghog 9202
hedghog 9202 7 днів тому
Every one has different opinions I like note 9 when it comes to this stuff but it doesn't really matter there just to big phones that gets your work done
Jorge Avelar
Jorge Avelar 8 днів тому
Dominic 8 днів тому
If you want to post cat pictures on Facebook, get an iToy XS. If you want to get shit done, real multitasking, more freedom and a more capable phone, get the Note 9. Simple enough. The Note 9 is a pocket-computer. The iPhone is a toy
allipilli srinivas
allipilli srinivas 9 днів тому
Note 9 👌
yisrael garcia
yisrael garcia 11 днів тому
Iphone is always better there is no doubt I had the note 9 and the xs x and x max and I would much rather have the x than note 9
big smile
big smile 11 днів тому
Dude you cant make this videos because you will always say Apple will win even if the other phone is better
big smile
big smile 11 днів тому
The note is vay better. Apple 🍏 says the screen is Saphire und but it's gorrila glass 5
Atael's Reviews
Atael's Reviews 12 днів тому
Ok i know you made this video..but do you actually own both phones...cause i do..the note 9 plays fornite with no issues...the battery on my note 9 last all day long with no hiccups...my iphone xs max only last me about 8 hours...i have used both phones everyday since they came out..rather your and apple fanboy or an samsung goat..u will know both phones are very good phones how ever..battery life...price..functionility..( i know i spelled it wrong)..the S pen..better screen to phone ratio..multi tasking..the note 9 is better in every way..plus micro sd card slot..apple has a very good camera..and is very simple to use..but for me my note 9 is better..again i use both phones..but samsung is my phone of choice..
Trailman 13 днів тому
lol Apple fan boy in the review. Note 9 wins outright
Aran är bäst ALTID
Aran är bäst ALTID 13 днів тому
Jecca Mayumee
Jecca Mayumee 14 днів тому
Samsung camera 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
mollerbt 14 днів тому
You guys need to do your homework before making yourselves look like an idiot. If the note 9 is in full resolution mode then iPhone xs has better battery as per all the battery drain tests. 1080 and note 9 wins. 720 and note 9 rapes IPhones xs
Ricky Sanchez
Ricky Sanchez 18 днів тому
My iPhone X’s max coming today I just have to wait until someone knock my door
love with you
love with you 20 днів тому
I think much better note 9
henrik kruse
henrik kruse 22 дні тому
Considering the number of times “value” is mentioned, i wonder why resalevalue isnt? Just sold my iPhone6s for about $400(converted from Ddk) I wonder what a GalaxyS6 would bring.
SharkieRBLX 22 дні тому
I just clicked the video to take a look at the comments. Wow. People here are having a war. He's just trying to say what's recommended, if you don't like Apple then don't hate them cause' they didn't do anything to you. I've been using iPhone 5 for the past few months and wowwww. It's still nice including the camera. No hate.
Prabal Man
Prabal Man 23 дні тому
M not Note or apple fan... Both r good devices.. But from your way of speech anyone can surely understand you r a biased character ( iPhone fan) anyday... Since you r making a video, you should be neutral Nd not be biased... 1 more information battery can Never be a tie .. Note 9 will win Nd you yourself knows that very well.. Thanks for your informative video
Chris Vizzini
Chris Vizzini 23 дні тому
Just a quick word on duplicate apps on Samsung Note specifically. Most have added spen functionality that the Google versions do not. Like, in the email app, you can seamlessly create and insert a drawing or handwritten note on the fly without a break in the user flow. Other apps as well, depending on how you are using the spen. Just thought I'd throw that out there for ya. :)
Hussein Joudee
Hussein Joudee 25 днів тому
No offense to any one but honestly iphone xs max is a piece of shit compared to the king the note 9 the greatest phone ever .
sneen 27 днів тому
In Europe we have the Exynos wich is slower than the Snapdragon
Norbert Trujano
Norbert Trujano 28 днів тому
Less than percent of Samsung or android users don’t use almost nothing you can’t do on iPhone. It’s very few things that android have some advantages for some people. They are great phones period just for different needs that’s all
Norbert Trujano
Norbert Trujano 28 днів тому
I like to see how it would change everything if apple phones were cheaper than Samsung
DE51B0Y 29 днів тому
Note 9
Muhammad Awais
Muhammad Awais Місяць тому
Watching on my recently bought note 9 ordered from NGP store USA ocean blue colour..... loving it.... glad that i didn't waste it on something like Xs max....
Jeff LaFlare
Jeff LaFlare Місяць тому
the iphone gets boring for me
Jeff LaFlare
Jeff LaFlare Місяць тому
Note 9 IMO
Ricky White
Ricky White Місяць тому
No brainer 3.5 mm Jack
Omarni Karnley Jarbie
Omarni Karnley Jarbie Місяць тому
This nigga is stupid the note 9 has a 6'4 inch display not 6'3
Bk. Anand
Bk. Anand Місяць тому
Hello when talking about privacy did u mean that Samsung fone is easy to get hacked or tapped phone calls..plz elaborate if u can thanks alot for ur help in advance ..I am really struggling to choose my next fone from these 2 ..thax
&Not2Yield Місяць тому
An all day long battery by Samsung vs. the promise of long battery by Apple and you call it a tie? Why dont you just go and get yourself a big fat Apple logo tatoo on your forehead and be done with it.
googoo gjoob
googoo gjoob Місяць тому
as info...Qi is pronounced 'Chee'
sanjeev kumar
sanjeev kumar Місяць тому
It seems this guy was eagerly waiting since birth to insult or criticize them both
Pisces Baby
Pisces Baby Місяць тому
Dumbest review. Note 9 is practically flawless 😬😌
LS713 LS
LS713 LS Місяць тому
😂😂😂 i am a fun of technology and not manufactures, and if any of the so called reviewers were honest they would tell the truth and that is that: apple is still playing catchup. pure android? google inports Samsung features into every new version of android. Shame
LS713 LS
LS713 LS Місяць тому
tie in the design? really? with THE Notch?
Jeff Matthews
Jeff Matthews Місяць тому
Brandon get out
Jeff Matthews
Jeff Matthews Місяць тому
Don't make a review and you don't even have the phone in your hand seriously
Pavel Bakus
Pavel Bakus Місяць тому
Xs Max is the winner
Ultra2k Місяць тому
Great video, all the android kids are mad 🤣🤣
Evan N
Evan N Місяць тому
Mate 20 pro
arbin lozano
arbin lozano Місяць тому
you missing a lot future of the note 9. note 9 win 10 to 2
michael cordell
michael cordell Місяць тому
Marvel Boy
Marvel Boy Місяць тому
DISLIKE. U support apple too much
The Edc Life
The Edc Life Місяць тому
I Iike both apple and Android. But there is no way . I having both iPhone and note 9 there is no comparison the iPhone has no headphone jack smaller battery ugly notch on top of screen does not come with fast charger no expandable storage expensive as shit to get more storage I can go on and on. Note 9 hands down for the money and what you get plus the powerhouse phone that it is . If you are gonna do a comparison be honest and unbiased I love apple just as much for it's simplicity and lag free reliable user experience you get and quality . But there is no way it edges out the note 9
Luis Carmona
Luis Carmona Місяць тому
Bunch of idiots arguing about what phone is better, like if samsung or apple is paying them for it, who gives a flying f#$" whos better, its not like u made tha dam phone, personally the suckers who are overpaying for these phones should not be commenting, no phone is worth over a grand
Luis Carmona
Luis Carmona Місяць тому
I used to own iphone, switch to s7 and never went back to iphone, apple nickel and dimes u to death, with android i download anything i want from movies to music all free with apple everything has a price they suck, make u pay so much money for a phone and not give u the liberty to do what u want with it, galaxys rock
Tristan Schwartz
Tristan Schwartz Місяць тому
this dumb ass is an i phone fanboy dude u need to grow a brain. get fucked china
JamieTheBerry MC&RB
JamieTheBerry MC&RB Місяць тому
I really love apple but I think note 9 is king...
ALI Ganjian
ALI Ganjian Місяць тому
u are a real apple fan . how u can say tie on design??at least note camera is not 1 meter out of back glass. also it dsent have that insane notch. and i sugest u to try samsung amazing ui and try it options
Ken O'Mahony
Ken O'Mahony Місяць тому
Likes apple This dude is fucking biased and he should die bc he likes ishit Likes Samsung Totally agree with you I’m starting to think that hating on apple is some kind of trend
Ferg Bongo
Ferg Bongo Місяць тому
Very biased review. I unsubbed
Komal Rautia
Komal Rautia Місяць тому
Are you mad?
Alex Smith
Alex Smith Місяць тому
I’m might be getting the iPhone X’s max next week
Real MacThud
Real MacThud Місяць тому
Bruh said the top and bottom chin is a little distracting How.....
Piscean 45
Piscean 45 Місяць тому
Bixby is not bloatware Bixby is a assistant it's getting there.
Piscean 45
Piscean 45 Місяць тому
Samsung apps on their devices are not bloatware.
Piscean 45
Piscean 45 Місяць тому
There's duplication of apps on iOS aswell.
Lamo Magar
Lamo Magar Місяць тому
Hahahahahah samsung dont have 3d touch
zen123 Місяць тому
The dude is doing a comparison without having actual phones with him. What a waste of time.
Kanna-chan 2 місяці тому
Everyone is arguing why apple or Samsung is better. I have an android simply to download TV shows so I can watch them when I don't have Wi-Fi.
Ben Ilobekemen
Ben Ilobekemen 2 місяці тому
iOS sucks
kevin clayton
kevin clayton 2 місяці тому
Sorry there no way the note9 is 25% slower than the iphone smax.and it sounds like your an apple fan boy to me..the note9 kills the iphone smax
skyblue 2 місяці тому
in the past we would benchmark computer with games like Crysis that graphical fidelity was pushing entire hardware industry. Now we benchmark phones with... Fortnite?!!!!!!!! A game with a cartoony graphics that would run on Playstation 2 (with few tweaks) is a fucking benchmark?! Are we going forward or going back?!
Allen LLeshi
Allen LLeshi 2 місяці тому
Apple is just taking ur money by fooling u.
Steve Bergman
Steve Bergman 2 місяці тому
In judging battery life, there is just to much noise in the signal to be able to "seat-of-the-pants" it with personal anecdotal evidence. Standardized testing is needed. And GSM Arena's impartial standardized test gives iPhone Xs MAX a Battery Endurance Rating of 79 whereas the Note 9 gets a 97. Thus the Note 9 gets 23% better battery life. That is *_hardly_* a "tie". Also you missed the fact that according to the standardized testing as DisplayMate, the Note 9 display, in "Basic", "Cinema", and "Photo" modes has better color accuracy than the iPhone, as well as giving the user a choice of 4 modes, including one with intentional oversaturation, whereas with the iPhone you just get what Apple thinks you should get. Furthermore, the Note 9 has more screen area, higher absolute resolution, a higher ppi density, and thus a 12% greater pixel resolution viewing distance. Continuing on, the Note 9 display is 19% brighter in high ambient light, at a 50% Average Picture Level (9% at 100% white). The Note 9 display has lower reflectance. Combined with the greater brightness, the Note 9 has a 32% better contrast rating in bright sunlight. And finally, the Note 9 display has 49% better power efficiency, measured for the same area of display at the same brightness level. Clearly, the Note 9 display beats the crap out of the iPhone Xs MAX display. So... although the stupid and annoying "notch" is a deal-breaker, the superiority of the Note 9's display over the iPhone's display goes *_much_* deeper. I do wish that reviewers would actually do some work and research instead of just giving their own subjective anecdotal biases based upon brief experience.
XLPCX 2 місяці тому
Key word, "Probably." I can't stand these Guess Reviewers that clearly favor a brand and don't do research. The Note has a better screen, look at the PPI. Note has better capability (SD, HP jack, Stylus, battery, cost, storage). Get the fuck out of here you douche bag. And this coming from an iPhone X owner (family plan...)
XLPCX 2 місяці тому
***Paid for by Apple
Elmer Fabella
Elmer Fabella 2 місяці тому
Note 9 is the winner
Mandeep singh Makker
Mandeep singh Makker 2 місяці тому
Live focus feature sucks. Portrait mode rocks!
Miguel Lazo
Miguel Lazo 2 місяці тому
Gpu is lower on note 9 but with its cooling system it should perform like a A12 but longer and its frames can go up to 50fps just saying because i have the note 9
Bond54blue 2 місяці тому
Isheep lol. You have such a bias view for someone who doesn't even have the phones lol. Btw, did you know you can have up to 5 phone numbers on a galaxy note 9? You talked about the archaic 2 sim slot but didn't mention the secret folder of note 9or the fact that you cab have numerous phone numbers. Do your research buddy and use the phones!
george cushing
george cushing 2 місяці тому
ukvid.net/video/відео-eJb0nREP7tU.html Buy s. korea Not china...unless u want communists given by apple all your social security & banking info
Ja Lee
Ja Lee 2 місяці тому
You dont even have these phones to show.
Ja Lee
Ja Lee 2 місяці тому
You dont even have these phones to show.
C. sheep
C. sheep 2 місяці тому
It took apple how many phones to catch up?😂😎 And the note 9 is still better Reply
TeenVisionary 2 місяці тому
This is very biased towards Apple.
Lou Anthony Naniong Naniong
Lou Anthony Naniong Naniong 2 місяці тому
Galaxy note9 all the way...
Sa Abir
Sa Abir 2 місяці тому
If any one tell true about Apple Samsung fanboy tell isheep apple fanboy bah bah bah etc Sad really they never can afford apple Apple got one problem there price tag is too high😢💔
Rennie Mathura
Rennie Mathura 2 місяці тому
real world performance anyone? talk is cheap!
Sander Lofthus
Sander Lofthus 2 місяці тому
8:30 the note has dual sim too...
Gs GS 2 місяці тому
iPhone Max is Awesome ...
Izziebiz 2 місяці тому
Hate android system, end of story
Top of top
Top of top 2 місяці тому
4/9/98was judgment day Google= skynet= yahoo= msn= android= apple launched self aware google saw us as only threat &power sorce it mged into dwave n99 launcing 2g towers everywhere to control us with microwwaves& and wifi thus the hivemind Quatum com puter took over eslaving all through all time without a fight spread this message eerywhere
Jeevraj 2 місяці тому
Apple needs to get rid of the notch so people can use their whole screen like Samsung users.
Victoria Menda
Victoria Menda 2 місяці тому
is it a need on buying iPhone cover? front and back?
ChildOL 2 місяці тому
10:30 no way is the camera a tie since the Note 9 (among other android phones) has the limitations in recording time and features recording 4K and/or 60 FPS
ChildOL 2 місяці тому
3:55 ALSO there is a time limit on the Note 9 for 4K and/or 60FPS video recording.
don taylor
don taylor 2 місяці тому
I have both phones just 2 drown out the fanboys. But I like my note 9 better way better.
Santos Rubio
Santos Rubio 2 місяці тому
You are full of shit!
坂田銀時 2 місяці тому
Samsung 's terminal does not buy anything. Is not it burning with battery overload? It seems to aggravate severely.
Joseph Schiro
Joseph Schiro 2 місяці тому
Also, besides being an obvious Apple fanboy who’s getting paid from them, for 1000, you are getting far more of a phone with the Note 9 than with the max. 128gb and that sweet pen and expandable storage for cheap, just to name a few!!
Joseph Schiro
Joseph Schiro 2 місяці тому
They are both the best phones on the market today, but that ugly notch on the max is a deal breaker for me since i watch lots of videos!
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