iPhone XS vs iPhone XS Max Drop Test - Ultimate Durability Challenge

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@watchplugz I am @glycerine on instagram.
The iPhone XS Drop Test / iPhone XS Max Drop Test. In this video we pin the iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max against Apple's iPhone X. Is the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max more durable than their predecessor as Apple claims? Let's find out.
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What do you guys think? I know not everyone likes these videos. The reason I did an iPhone XS drop test and iPhone XS Max drop test was to show you guys the true durability of these devices before you make a buying decision. I truly aim to offer value to you guys as consumers of these products.
iPhone XS Max Drop Test / iPhone XS Drop Test
Thanks for watching! I really hope you enjoy all of the Apple iPhone XS / iPhone XS Max / iPhone XR content that is to come on the TechSmartt channel in the coming days and months. Be sure to stay subscribed for future iPhone durability / drop test videos and more.
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21 вер 2018

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TechSmartt Місяць тому
back at it again w/ drop tests! 😅
RD Thech Gadget
RD Thech Gadget 24 дні тому
Hello Tech Smartt, I'm Mohammed Radhan Am From Sri Lanka And Am A Big Fan Of You And I Have A Big Dream To Buy A iPhone X But I Cannot Buy It Because I Have No Much Money To Buy It. Sir When Saw The Brand New iPhone Xs Max I Felt In Fever A Wonderful Phone I've Ever Seen I Thought That I Should Buy It But I Cannot It Is So Expensive So Can You Please Give Me One Of The IPhone Xs Max Gold Please Sir Please Sir I Cannot Live Without iPhone Xs Max Gold I'll Die Without Using It Sir Please Help Me Please 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏.
Michael Quellette
Michael Quellette 28 днів тому
On instagram
Michael Quellette
Michael Quellette 28 днів тому
Hey I just did everything please me this is my first time in a giveaway please please my name is Alex kokis
Michael Quellette
Michael Quellette 28 днів тому
Me please
noo i live in Sydney i can't believe i had a chance to meet you
copy paste
copy paste 4 дні тому
There IS a universe where the iphones made a video dropping him to the ground to see if he cracks!
Controller- Man- Dan
Controller- Man- Dan 7 днів тому
Why do a drop test on a tennis court who the hell is ever going to drop it on that type of surface worst drop test on youtube
MrTootyRole 7 днів тому
1. I woke up 2. I went in my car 3. I went to the Apple store 4. I bought an iPhone XS 5. I set it up Too bad the order is 2,3,4,5,1
David Buchanan
David Buchanan 8 днів тому
I LOVE 💗 iPhone X’s I don’t like seeing it fall but if it’s from tech smart I love it cause who does not love him!!! >.
zayan ali
zayan ali 9 днів тому
Who has ever crack their phone leave a comment
zayan ali
zayan ali 9 днів тому
Fan of both phones
hardik Vohra
hardik Vohra 10 днів тому
I like iPhone xs max gold edition
Reese Williams
Reese Williams 11 днів тому
Wow cool vid idk if I’d be able to go through with dropping all those phones
vishvesh shripal
vishvesh shripal 12 днів тому
Can you give that phone to me
Shaza Sakr
Shaza Sakr 13 днів тому
Luv ur vids 😍😍 wish I could win the giveaway
Elianna Gerbos
Elianna Gerbos 16 днів тому
Lmao the microphone volume when he yells 😂 WOooOOOoOaAAhH
Hakan Bahzad
Hakan Bahzad 16 днів тому
And me i have lg q6
Syeda Mahnoor
Syeda Mahnoor 17 днів тому
I like both iphone👽👽👽
aNiL Kumar Behera
aNiL Kumar Behera 17 днів тому
ROHIT HODAGE 17 днів тому
Xs max
Abdul cader ahamad Ikram
Abdul cader ahamad Ikram 17 днів тому
Hi,I have entered more than 20 giveaways in my life Time but I haven’t even won 1, If I win in this giveaway I will be the most happiest person ☺️☺️☺️☺️
Abdul cader ahamad Ikram
Abdul cader ahamad Ikram 17 днів тому
Hi,I would like to win the IPHONE XS MAX.If I win in this giveaway I will the most happiest person ☺️☺️☺️☺️
Abdul cader ahamad Ikram
Abdul cader ahamad Ikram 17 днів тому
Hi,I would like to win the IPHONE XS MAX.If I win in this giveaway I will the most happiest person ☺️☺️☺️☺️
Abdul cader ahamad Ikram
Abdul cader ahamad Ikram 17 днів тому
Hi,I would like to win the IPHONE XS MAX.If I win in this giveaway I will the most happiest person ☺️☺️☺️☺️
AllaRam Dani
AllaRam Dani 17 днів тому
When will you announce
evelyn cerino
evelyn cerino 18 днів тому
good to see an actual drop tests review ☺ pretty bad iphone xs max didn't made it 😭
Jerome Redecilla
Jerome Redecilla 18 днів тому
dropping the iphone XS Max hurts more than a break up ughh ,😖 road to 3million congratsss😱
emlykng_793 345
emlykng_793 345 19 днів тому
really good video man!
emlykng_793 345
emlykng_793 345 19 днів тому
my favourite is also the iphone Xs max
Jason2021161 20 днів тому
whos watching just to see which one dosent crack to get that one
A G A T H A 20 днів тому
ela pam
ela pam 20 днів тому
I love. But quite expensive. 😭😭
Sandeep Talekar
Sandeep Talekar 20 днів тому
Whoo!! Your in Sydney!! That's where I live!!
GameKiller 649
GameKiller 649 21 день тому
I like the iPhone xs max
Tasha Kingston
Tasha Kingston 21 день тому
For a phone that expensive my heart would stop if it dropped. One mistake and you'd be losing all that money, that's really something to think about
Tasha Kingston
Tasha Kingston 21 день тому
I think it's safe to say the iPhone XS is the safest bet when it comes to durability lol
dragondaniel05 22 дні тому
if both iPhones have the same glass, then the iPhone XS Max should easily win because it has a larger surface area, making it take less damage, and the Max took way damage because it hit on a specific point that takes more damage instead on hitting the stainless steel...
Samuel T. White
Samuel T. White 22 дні тому
It's not the high drops that count, it is the repetitive dropping of the phones. Try 10 waist drops and see what happens
Mello Henry
Mello Henry 23 дні тому
Keep doing videos on iPhones there the best
Chandru 23 дні тому
You look like Brett Lee's brother. He is an Australian cricket player. I am bringing up this now because you are in Australia.
JAAVEN 23 дні тому
TRES IPHONES?! *inserts gasp* that phone would help college life soooo much
Adham Farag
Adham Farag 24 дні тому
Truly a scary sight to see😂
yesim uygun
yesim uygun 24 дні тому
dope video , but it hurt me when i saw that crack 😂
Amarnath Reddy
Amarnath Reddy 24 дні тому
Their it is the worlds durable glass,but it is true time😅😅😅
Drug Dealer Ftw
Drug Dealer Ftw 24 дні тому
You are biased with apple :/
Joshua Iverson
Joshua Iverson 24 дні тому
Your style is the only thing sh!tt!er than your videos
muzikmon2267 25 днів тому
ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS THE FRONT SCREEN NEVER LANDED FLAT ONCE LOL.. Of course it didn't break but the iPhone 10 landed flat on the screen right on the front corner never saw that with the iPhone Xs
Wolf Reviewing
Wolf Reviewing 25 днів тому
god whatever camera thsi is recorded on is fucking ugly as fuck
Elisaveta Shelchkova
Elisaveta Shelchkova 25 днів тому
я чуть не умерла, пока смотрела
Masti Group
Masti Group 25 днів тому
I want because I want
Shaham Vm
Shaham Vm 25 днів тому
Candice Plasencia
Candice Plasencia 26 днів тому
I want to win your giveaway plz❤️
Jorminho 26 днів тому
:'( me dio justo en la pobreza
Keisha Nolasco
Keisha Nolasco 26 днів тому
iPhone XS MAX 🙌🙌㊙㊙✨
Vedansh Chauhan
Vedansh Chauhan 26 днів тому
This is so painful 😭
P Rivera
P Rivera 26 днів тому
Wait..so he is drop testing it on a tennis court. Lmao..
Michael toomey
Michael toomey 26 днів тому
i want that iPhone XS
BigNibbaBoolin 26 днів тому
everytime i drop my phone i try to stop the force alittle by putting my leg out
Foster Kid
Foster Kid 27 днів тому
Hey...I'll have it even if it's broken😂😉😉
Philip Harrström
Philip Harrström 27 днів тому
4:52, isn’t that a crack? By the notch?
Faith O'Neal
Faith O'Neal 27 днів тому
does no one else see the crack on the x max at 4:50
Bader Abdullah
Bader Abdullah 27 днів тому
iPhone XR
Vakkala Venkatesh
Vakkala Venkatesh 27 днів тому
Suryansh Shishodia
Suryansh Shishodia 27 днів тому
I really like how the videos are to the point, we get to see what exactly we've been looking for.
Wreathz 27 днів тому
This reminds me of bullied defaults... I have a vid on it. Go see it
AudiS4orce1 28 днів тому
Dude, your drops are WAY DIFFERENT, you can't even compare, some fall on the edge, some on the screen, in both iPhone X, they had a worse hit hence a bigger impact while iPhone Xs didn't fall on its face, and another time hit your shoe, and on the ear height test it just bounced, quite different.
OxavyGt 28 днів тому
isnt that floor like rubber and not concrete lol?
fiona. lopez
fiona. lopez 28 днів тому
I think Apple has improved on the glass a lot cause a bunch of people were saying it wasn't that durable and it slipped too much, but right now it's the exact opposite. Also love that when you drop it it's not the same as the previous phone, my friend had an iPhone x and when she dropped it, well rip 🙏. Ngl, I think that the iPhone x was upgraded a lot, and even the small features like the glass just makes it hard to not want one fr 👌👌 love your videos ig: fiona.mp3
Ken Pearson
Ken Pearson 28 днів тому
These drop test videos are almost completely worthless. They drop the same phone 3 different times, instead of getting 3 of each phone to see what a first-time drop from each height does. Like, if you've dropped it once, there's a multitude of possibilities for how it could be weakened from its out-of-box state and more prone to cracking/breaking. Not to mention, as Bitplex pointed out: you can see the Max already has some cracks during one of their tests that they didn't tell you about or show you, leading you to believe it was possibly dropped more than the number of specified times (maybe to do a retake or something). All-in-all these tests won't give you much data cause they're not really scientific. The drop conditions aren't controlled so they all fall the same way and hit the same parts, or falling onto the same materials, etc. Sure, it'll give you a general idea of how the phone MIGHT react, but I wouldn't judge too much based on any of these videos and I certainly wouldn't judge your decision SOLELY on this video by any stretch of the imagination. "I CAN'T EVEN TELL IF THE CAMERA STILL WORKS," "The screen's kind of glitching. That's a cool effect!" Yeah, this dude isn't the guy you want analyzing your phone drop data.
Abdul cader ahamad Ikram
Abdul cader ahamad Ikram 28 днів тому
Hi,I would like to win the IPHONE XS MAX.If I win in this giveaway I will the most happiest person ☺️☺️☺️☺️
Abdul cader ahamad Ikram
Abdul cader ahamad Ikram 28 днів тому
Hi,I have entered more than 20 giveaways in my life Time but I haven’t even won 1, If I win in this giveaway I will be the most happiest person ☺️☺️☺️☺️
Arvin 28 днів тому
Iphone 😍
CClay 28 днів тому
the 10s cuz i got small hands
Carlos Zinato
Carlos Zinato 28 днів тому
Best drop test I could found on UKvid so far! Great work
BIGG CHUUCH bb 28 днів тому
Andrei Pavel
Andrei Pavel 28 днів тому
How does the gold stainless steel band hold up? From what I understand it is made using the same coating process like the space gray x from last year which definetly had problems - users reported the coating peeling off just from normal use after a couple of months.
rc bros
rc bros 28 днів тому
I like the xs
conjugate prior
conjugate prior 28 днів тому
guys lets not be retarded dont extrapolate from a test that has ONLY ONE SAMPLE. careful frends
Legend Playz
Legend Playz 29 днів тому
Anyone know what hoodie techsmartt is wearing???
Tom Waligora
Tom Waligora 29 днів тому
Looks like you are taller than 6.3
Simply Kristi
Simply Kristi 29 днів тому
I’m entered in your giveaway and I love the max! Better for games n UKvid 🙏🏻❤️📲📱
Mercy Oladipupo
Mercy Oladipupo 29 днів тому
Absolutely love your content
Tyler Is Awesome
Tyler Is Awesome 29 днів тому
I think the X's
Joose 29 днів тому
These tests just hurt my eyes lol. I'm more impressed with how unbendable the XS and Max are.
Galaxy storm
Galaxy storm 29 днів тому
His jacket looks like he stains it with bleach lol🤣🤣😂😂😂
benjamin20075 29 днів тому
Man i just want a knew iphone because the one i have now is super old.
Wisdom Fighters
Wisdom Fighters 29 днів тому
Skip to 5:07 for the beautiful moment!
Capt Red
Capt Red 29 днів тому
I hope I win the giveaway cause right know I got a Moto e and it barely works
Cement Cement
Cement Cement 29 днів тому
ten s tennis court
nikki uche
nikki uche 29 днів тому
Am I the only one who saw the crack when he drops the max from pocket level?
nikki uche
nikki uche 29 днів тому
Oef Man those dollars are going
Bella Smith
Bella Smith 29 днів тому
iPhone xs for the win
Bella Smith
Bella Smith 29 днів тому
When the phone drops me 😢🤢🤕
Aminase 29 днів тому
It hurts a little to watch that😂😂 Keep uploading amazing content!
Gufi 29 днів тому
Ебать, ещё что-то про стекло говорили.. Hello from Russia
TECH FOR YOU 29 днів тому
I am from India both phones are best
Kareem Michel
Kareem Michel 29 днів тому
The Gold iPhone XS Max is my favorite. 😍😍😍
Mohit Chaudhary
Mohit Chaudhary 29 днів тому
The xs max was clearly broken from head height but you didn’t mention that at all when you picked it up...
Your girl Jen
Your girl Jen 19 днів тому
Mohit Chaudhary YEA
Lauren Sinnott
Lauren Sinnott 29 днів тому
10 X max is definitely my favorite
XxDark xX
XxDark xX 29 днів тому
Dude do you know why the iPhone X got a lot of Cracks cuz you faced it down and the iPhone XS you put it sideways the same as iPhone XS max. Learns how to drop a phone drop it face down not sideways idiot
Tech Species
Tech Species 29 днів тому
iphone xs
mohd tariq
mohd tariq 29 днів тому
Repairing cost of this iPhones is very expressive in repairing cost of iPhone Xs & Xs Max you can buy OnePlus 6
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