Is Apple Even TRYING?? - Airpods 2 Review

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Apple released the second-gen Airpods with little fanfare - so are the new Airpods secretly great, or just another overpriced gadget for Apple fanboys?
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17 кві 2019





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Naked4FunTV 16 днів тому
the reason why they are popular is cause people have no fuckin clue about shit and they buy what they market to them :)
Hudhayfah Hijazi
Hudhayfah Hijazi 17 днів тому
u are a hater to apple
Dmitry Negai
Dmitry Negai Місяць тому
What was that? Sorry, I don't speak broke... :'D I DIED READING THAT
Virginia Corbella
Virginia Corbella Місяць тому
My ears are waaaay too small they dont fit bc theyre too big(thats what she said)
271 23
271 23 Місяць тому
damn Apple
M N Harsha Vardhan Reddy
M N Harsha Vardhan Reddy Місяць тому
0:35 I would make the same expression if I got an iPhone 🤣🤣🤣😅
Hot pepper
Hot pepper Місяць тому
The shape of apples earbuds used to hurt my right ear but now they don’t
Nigel Fortes
Nigel Fortes Місяць тому
7:30 LMAO 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gijs Winkelhuijzen
Gijs Winkelhuijzen Місяць тому
When Riley writes an episode, he writes himself in as much as possible
Zaiky Місяць тому
Bose got better sound and B&O also got better sound then this shit :p
The Plush Channel
The Plush Channel Місяць тому
I can sympathise for him
booga booga
booga booga Місяць тому
I have small ears
Siddharth Ray
Siddharth Ray 2 місяці тому
Gear IconX?
signoaspire 2 місяці тому
I'm an apple fan and have an iPhone but you have to be clueless to use airpods. You can get another TWS for a lot less $ and that's better in every way. Melomania, Tevi, Creative, etc.
Sam Kaley
Sam Kaley 2 місяці тому
Do they still have the terrible sound quality issue when used with Windows?
Sovv Suh
Sovv Suh 2 місяці тому
apple never tries
Black Lyfe
Black Lyfe 2 місяці тому
They suck
TwoTonTim 2 місяці тому
Of course Linus drops them.
sunkenship 2 місяці тому
I’ve always wondered why people liked the AirPods. The design is absolute ass. The stem is humungous and the shape makes it a terrible seal that looks like it’ll easily fall out. Disappointed. I honestly would rather get one of those third party wireless earbuds off Amazon for like 50 dollars with a way better design.
Gergely Gulyás
Gergely Gulyás 2 місяці тому
Arent’t they the VERSION 2?
David H
David H 2 місяці тому
You don't have to try when you've got a cult. Look at trump.
Plexy_ Glass
Plexy_ Glass 2 місяці тому
I thought this was a joke when I first saw them
Xenon Dominate
Xenon Dominate 2 місяці тому
Nerd airpods battle: Oh yeah??? Well my airpods have the H1 chip!
Jacob Boykin
Jacob Boykin 2 місяці тому
First true wireless headphones yeah ok
xBeyondWarx 2 місяці тому
I guess y'all forgot about the Bragi Dash earbuds..they were the first truly wireless earbuds I could find.
forza driver
forza driver 2 місяці тому
yap cheaper chipset and more programing but but 200 dollars more
Tj H
Tj H 2 місяці тому
5:10 i think you mean - optional ear hook accesories: $199 extra.
Alex109 2 місяці тому
Tj H
Tj H 2 місяці тому
Riley, i feel for you buddy, i have asymmetrical ears too. have completely given up on in ear type headphones altogether, and even some over ear type ones are an issue cuz on ear will seal a bit differently than the other ear which is really annoying.
Ryan 2 місяці тому
'find my airpods'
Kyra's Gaming
Kyra's Gaming 2 місяці тому
*sniffs* *It SmElLs LiKe BrOkE iN hErE*
Toxic Headshot
Toxic Headshot 2 місяці тому
nah nah nah , Airpods pro is the sequel
no one
no one 3 місяці тому
Why do you use mouses to do youre vids
Minji 3 місяці тому
lucky me. I have small even ears that fit the earpods. im broke xD
GingerbreadFam 3 місяці тому
Using my AirPods “3”
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name 3 місяці тому
Wtf you talking bout "Poor Android Users" the GearIcon X fucking destroy the AirPods.
bjastic 83
bjastic 83 3 місяці тому
My phone keep getting triggered by this video
TheIrek666 3 місяці тому
ofc this garbage doesn't support superior codecs like aptX and LDAC, why would it for such a low price...
BLACKKNiGHT YT 3 місяці тому
Btw you use an android phone so your calling your self dumb and the iPhone X actually costs £300 and that's cheap
doge kellie live
doge kellie live 3 місяці тому
linus i think Ur wrong about everyone about liking them only little kids get them to flex on snap chat tiktok school and stuff i really only see more kids than adults wearing them
eric's garage
eric's garage 3 місяці тому
They sound ok nothing special really. It is pretty impressive that that sound as good as they do for being completely wireless. A couple of my friends have them. I prefer headphones because the Apple earbud design never worked for me and they’re pretty expensive
connor the gamer
connor the gamer 3 місяці тому
6:20 literally activated my phones Siri
Trates 3 місяці тому
Pr Rocker
Pr Rocker 3 місяці тому
I never liked the apple headphone designs since their inception they've always felt cheap and will constantly fall out of my ears cause someone thought it was smart to coat them in glossy plastic I'd rather spend half the price for a pair of wireless earbuds that sound better and have the normal earbud design that has interchangeable rubber grips that may be different depending on the individual but the argument "oh apple always makes top quality stuff" hasn't held up in years
SpetsnatzLegion 336
SpetsnatzLegion 336 3 місяці тому
Apple: how much can we get people to pay for shit purely for the brand
Sune Klitgaard Andersen
Sune Klitgaard Andersen 3 місяці тому
I use B&O
isaac smith
isaac smith 3 місяці тому
Is it just me or when you put the pods in the case it feels like loading a shotgun
Haruki’s Channel
Haruki’s Channel 3 місяці тому
Ironically Apple EarPods are the only ones that fit on my ears
GokuSS108 3 місяці тому
I never had any issues with my airpods on my galaxy everything work fine the double tap gestured where perfect and now i have the airpods pro and they work perfectly on my galaxy note 10 plus
Dead Meme
Dead Meme 3 місяці тому
Only reason it’s popular is because it’s from Apple...
Coaster Fanatic
Coaster Fanatic 3 місяці тому
well yay, this video made me not want to buy them...
Phil 4 місяці тому
or just buy an Android they arent overpriced as much as Apple products
Rainy Days Roofer
Rainy Days Roofer 4 місяці тому
I only have a problem with them falling out when I have my hoodie on and I turn my head while I’m working. I dropped mine in a gutter the first day I wore them.
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith 4 місяці тому
Smash like if you had the AirPods one and they were fine and you bought the AirPods two even though you didn’t need them
Toxic AnimeAlpha
Toxic AnimeAlpha 4 місяці тому
I'm not broke I just bought invisible wireless headphone D:
Flamelion 9878
Flamelion 9878 4 місяці тому
Who’s watching this with AirPods 2
roderick 4 місяці тому
They added hey Siri support to the first generation too, Apple really is screwing themselves🤦🏽‍♂️😭
DariMilk27 4 місяці тому
Almost 10 mil
Soda_can 4 місяці тому
with peace apo you can get them to sound really good on pc
The Brazen Raven
The Brazen Raven 4 місяці тому
Jesus $200 for earbuds I just blackweb waterproof earbuds with a charging case with 3 additional charges and a total of 100 hours of battery life with the buds lasting 12.5 hours anyone who buys airpods is dumb xD The black web were $40
Its Danny
Its Danny 4 місяці тому
Not only that but u still gotta charge them lmao I rather buy wired ear buds than spend 200 plus dollars on fucking earbuds that have sound that's higher end but c'mon seriously wtf is wrong with this generation if I'm paying that much I'm buying headphones not freaking wireless earbuds. ..wth.
Jeroen Slabbekoorn
Jeroen Slabbekoorn 4 місяці тому
My siri opened
Spooky 4 місяці тому
What airpod case is that?
Kyle Taylor
Kyle Taylor 4 місяці тому
Nah , nobody really likes them :/ people just buy them because its apple , brainwashed , why would you buy something so expensive for sub par performance? CLASSIC APPLE just like the MAC and the phones
Jay Fxndi
Jay Fxndi 4 місяці тому
My AirPods wouldn’t stay in until I bought ear hooks
Goatsy 5 місяців тому
Ok boomer
Samdangers 5 місяців тому
# broke pods 2 lol
DammitCarl108 5 місяців тому
I’m watching this video after finding a pair of 2nd-gen AirPods WITH THE WIRELESS CASE in the STREET. Just lying in a pile of sand at the edge of the road. Jackpot.
Dat Dude
Dat Dude 5 місяців тому
Am i the only one that thinks its dumb for an android to use air pods?
Dat Dude
Dat Dude 2 місяці тому
@Black Lyfe use galaxy buds
Black Lyfe
Black Lyfe 2 місяці тому
And yes u are
Black Lyfe
Black Lyfe 2 місяці тому
How is it dumb
Taper Boi
Taper Boi 5 місяців тому
U do know that bose soundsport are better right?
Mariano 5 місяців тому
*Airpods pro joins the chat*
MXHARCØSキング 5 місяців тому
Nobody cares about it looks like.. The quality and performance matters..
Xdrone Victor
Xdrone Victor 5 місяців тому
When Linus does this : 👈👈👉👇👆✌☝🖐✋👌👍🤘🖖✊🖖🖖👎👍 I FELT THAT😉
London Polson
London Polson 5 місяців тому
Bruh what are airpods2???
Gio Lag
Gio Lag 5 місяців тому
They are trying not to laugh too hard in public on how stupid people buying their products are
Tom 5 місяців тому
Poor Riley
ScaryClowns 5 місяців тому
one of my pods never fall out while the other has a very hard time staying in, but i still love them
Iven Sloobi
Iven Sloobi 5 місяців тому
Lol my cousin bought the new ones and he lost one
TKG_Enforcer 6 місяців тому
listening to this with galaxy buds
Crusty_Bean V
Crusty_Bean V 6 місяців тому
I’m thinking bout returning my airpods they kinda suck
Rocket Moose
Rocket Moose 6 місяців тому
Linus if it ain’t broke don’t fix it
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