Is Apple Even TRYING?? - Airpods 2 Review

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Apple released the second-gen Airpods with little fanfare - so are the new Airpods secretly great, or just another overpriced gadget for Apple fanboys?
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17 кві 2019





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Hyperpro91 14 годин тому
For a second I thought he handed him Galaxy buds.
Miguel Almeida
Miguel Almeida 16 годин тому
is that a nubia on his wrist?
komocode 18 годин тому
Apple: "It's called AirPods. Not AirPods 2. It's just a minor update." Linus: "AIRPODS 2? IS APPLE EVEN TRYING??" huh...?
???? ¿¿¿¿
???? ¿¿¿¿ 19 годин тому
Do people know that Bluetooth headphones will never sound as good as a wired pair, also I have never lost wired headphones I’ve lost wireless ones. It’s really just a gimmick imo
Kay Low
Kay Low 20 годин тому
What’s the background music in the first 60 seconds of the video?
Stasio R
Stasio R День тому
Airpods look like $5 headphones with the wires cut off
let'sCARPE thisDIEM
let'sCARPE thisDIEM День тому
If we're being very rigid on our definition of "earbuds" (meaning that there are indeed two of them rather than a single bud) then yes, Apple was the first. Bluetooth earpieces have been around for a long time though, Apple just made two of them and put them in a charging case. 😂
IronsWHU 2 дні тому
Is it just me or this this guy a fucking twat!
Killian Casalegno
Killian Casalegno 2 дні тому
I’ll stick with my bluetooth wireless headphones
Levi Linguine
Levi Linguine 2 дні тому
Get Jabra elites, or really any other decent brand of wireless ear buds. Got jabra about a week ago and would rather get hit by a bus than ever use those tampons Apple tries to pass as wireless ear buds
That Dude U Hate
That Dude U Hate 2 дні тому
I bought the ATH M50xBT instead. Fuck Apple's overpriced garbage.
Prakash Vishwakarma
Prakash Vishwakarma 3 дні тому
They did the right thing by not changing anything in design. The only headphones which doesn’t annoy me and fits nicely are made by apple.
Numb Skillzy
Numb Skillzy 3 дні тому
I was wearing them a week ago and I was running then it fell in the rain drain grill.
Kage_ Usd
Kage_ Usd 3 дні тому
I hate this guy.
Ioannis Makridis
Ioannis Makridis 3 дні тому
Quit whining about everything apple Linus. It’s kinda lame.
night raven
night raven 3 дні тому
I find it hilarious how you don't mention the terrible comfort of the plastic segments that make them terribly uncomfortable.
Space Legends
Space Legends 4 дні тому
Sometimes I forget Linus’ ads are skipable lol
Josh Landrie
Josh Landrie 4 дні тому
I'll just stick with my TidePods Extra
Henry Wagner
Henry Wagner 4 дні тому
I actually don't get why people love these so much lol. I tried my friend's airpods, brand new. The low end is practically wiped out clean, so I can't enjoy songs with bass in them. They're quiet and definitely overpriced. I'm a music producer, and of course I wouldn't use earbuds for production. But I bought an amazing pair of professionally made headphones with bass adjusters for only $40. I get so much more, and the audio quality is top notch. So what's so crazy about airpods? The older wired earphones have pretty good low end compared to these new ones
Astronent 6 днів тому
Is that a black ice phone background?
Smandude25 6 днів тому
Riley looks like lazarbeam
Tj Joker
Tj Joker 7 днів тому
Not to mention they look funky... never liked these apple buds...
jaydin harker
jaydin harker 7 днів тому
I'll stick with my galaxy buds
Juib Morrowind
Juib Morrowind 8 днів тому
I'm surprised no one talks about how much they hurt the ears. All Apple earbuds since the beginning have been garbage. Using them would be masochistic.
Johnmen Zhang
Johnmen Zhang 8 днів тому
7:00 haha
Johnmen Zhang
Johnmen Zhang 8 днів тому
2:41 when you said hey Siri it worked on my iPad I was watching it on
Hassaneepoo 8 днів тому
i dropped mines in the sink :(
Robert Wescott
Robert Wescott 9 днів тому
They were not the first wireless headphones that were released on the market :(
weston407 9 днів тому
i really don't understand the whole "only rich people have airpods" - they really aren't that expensive, considering how expensive iphones are - they're like the same price as every other wireless headphones
Christof Benauer
Christof Benauer 10 днів тому
@Linus: you should Mention the big Problems with the Air Pod 2: for example, if you tell ur iPhone to forget the Bluetooth device "airpods" while one of them is not working instead of useing the button on the airpod case to reset, that you brick your airpods and there is no way to fix it. not even for Apple. the light will blink white. continously but the pods don't connect anymore.
Fredrik Johansson
Fredrik Johansson 11 днів тому
Ooo Apple 😂😂
B Pro
B Pro 12 днів тому
My friend has a bender ear buds and it in not 100pursent plastick
wizardhax 121
wizardhax 121 12 днів тому
I have a gigantic ear I wish apple would've made custom ear attatchments
Sleep 13 днів тому
wallpaper at 6:33 ?
Nins Mins
Nins Mins 13 днів тому
my ears are too small for airpods, they will not stay in there for even a second haha
Tommy Fanning
Tommy Fanning 14 днів тому
sublic whenu use galore its go leor from the irish language which means a lot
Mathew Hernandez
Mathew Hernandez 14 днів тому
Galaxy buds are better
TheFilthyLiam 14 днів тому
Riley is awesome.
Fanta Sall
Fanta Sall 15 днів тому
There are some silicon ear tips on Amazon but they Don’t have ear hooks So they can fit in your ear and your charging case
marvin evins
marvin evins 15 днів тому
where can I buy that hoodie?
dilyo624 16 днів тому
I tried my friends airpods on my S10 and I started playing music. It was super quiet so I pushed the up volume once and it automatically went to 100% volume and it wouldn't let me turn it back down!!
Kusariyaro 16 днів тому
Im not too poor for an iphone cus I bought 750$ actual android that shits on anything apple made. OnePlus 7 Pro
Trippie Fred
Trippie Fred 13 днів тому
Hands down
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford 16 днів тому
Riley is fucking hilarious dude LOL
Pete Coventry
Pete Coventry 16 днів тому
WHY do YOU lInus keep pointing out that these are expensive if you are an Android user? You think we are all fucking cheap!? Airpods are the same price as buds on Amazon in the UK shops - we just don't get them as they don't fucking work with Android You really are a cocky judgemental mother fucker!
Pete Coventry
Pete Coventry 17 днів тому
wow you pay extra for wireless charging!? of COURSE you do its Apple - they even sell fast chargers to customers. I still ask WHY people buy this shit. I like my Galaxy buds by the way- you know the ones that come with wireless charging already. 6:15 yes having the NSA always listening and always being recorded with what you say - if you think thats nice - then you are simple
Frederik Hemmingsen
Frederik Hemmingsen 17 днів тому
android isn't for poor people i have had 3 iphones and i still use an android because it's just that much better
Touch MyPod
Touch MyPod 17 днів тому
10klegit 17 днів тому
You are so boastful it really does dim your shine... I have the pods as well, but also I know, not everyone in life is as fortunate as I (we) are in life. I also watch you put down your friend way too much, God bless you! Keep up the great job!!! Love your page🙇‍♀️🙏🖤
There's an Avocado up my ass
There's an Avocado up my ass 18 днів тому
Has apple even changed anything in their products at all in their recent releases
AnonymousModders 18 днів тому
Btw my uncle's airpod fell out and was imidietly ran over by a bus
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