Is Cheeseburger Sushi Good?

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DID YOU KNOW This Exists!?! Amazing Cowfish Burger Sushi!
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We tried cheeseburger sushi with our friends from the Holderness Family in North Carolina. Is the cheeseburger sushi as good as it sounds?
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25 чер 2019

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Dick Moby
Dick Moby 23 години тому
Wow your intro song is really catchy... I can listen your intro music all day long.
slonche 3 дні тому
:'< ]
SpaceNinja 116
SpaceNinja 116 5 днів тому
Ever tried cheeseburger pizza or a quesadilla burger? They’re good! A quesadilla burger is the best food I’ve ever had. I would love to try cheeseburger sushi.
Preston Parker
Preston Parker 5 днів тому
I broke my arm in the door at that codfish
Marmalade Mac
Marmalade Mac 13 днів тому
I live in North Carolina can u do a meet and greet
Jayden Wilkins
Jayden Wilkins 13 днів тому
I them in real life the guy is name pin
Faze Zane
Faze Zane 14 днів тому
Jomari Gayeta
Jomari Gayeta 15 днів тому
Copyright claim
Moki Boki
Moki Boki 16 днів тому
How is he that old yet never had sushi before? *thinks* Ohh they don’t have sushi in Utah do they 😅
RFX_CooP_YT I 16 днів тому
The intro is funny and good
Frans Hendrix
Frans Hendrix 17 днів тому
That's barbaric
ZachMistake 888
ZachMistake 888 17 днів тому
how tall is lincon?
Derek Toys Review
Derek Toys Review 17 днів тому
Dave Otuwa
Dave Otuwa 17 днів тому
6:17 promissorily never becoming Chinese imports
Dave Otuwa
Dave Otuwa 17 днів тому
9:50 Muslims are banned from eating this.
FreshMemes 17 днів тому
Lincoln has changed a lot :( I liked it when he was small.
MARCUS TAYAG 18 днів тому
Hi Whats inside i suggest to make a video "Whats inside Lie detector toy"
Freon914 18 днів тому
I just realize that you really sound like Ryan Reynolds. You can dubbed the voice of deadpool while he is on the mask and no one will notice that it isn't him.
Strayo Yellow
Strayo Yellow 18 днів тому
The lady in the background 8:59
Rylund Sherman
Rylund Sherman 18 днів тому
That's like five inches. That's what she said
Korbin Williams
Korbin Williams 18 днів тому
Best song ever
Pranav Rajagopal
Pranav Rajagopal 18 днів тому
Ring is better than Eufy
Cristobal Jose
Cristobal Jose 19 днів тому
RIP Lincoln kid voice
Light Steve
Light Steve 19 днів тому
i used to life there
Maeve Yarbrough
Maeve Yarbrough 19 днів тому
I got like three O’Rielly autoparts ads in this video
Robert Houben
Robert Houben 19 днів тому
That was hilarious! Loved it!
CRaZY_ALI 19 днів тому
Best intro of 2019😅
Sharky’s Adventures
Sharky’s Adventures 19 днів тому
If you sub to my Channel and what’s inside channel I will sub to your channel
Bape Boy
Bape Boy 19 днів тому
con fiBer
con fiBer 19 днів тому
yo he looks so much like you now
harry camper
harry camper 19 днів тому
Please dont use power screw drivers on internals of electrical devices or for making any wire connection. They are so clumsy and often over powered for the job which can drastically increase risk of failure. 5:37
Carter Hunsaker
Carter Hunsaker 19 днів тому
I heard that Brian Reagan 😂
Univers Magie
Univers Magie 19 днів тому
What is the song at the beginning? Thanks.
Fishing In Kansas
Fishing In Kansas 19 днів тому
Go on a cruise and make vlogs
Kinlee Castillo
Kinlee Castillo 19 днів тому
I love Taylor Swift ❤️❤️❤️
Nidal Kassas
Nidal Kassas 19 днів тому
Came to Romania
Peyton Burt
Peyton Burt 19 днів тому
How tall is Easton
Mubarak Mohammed
Mubarak Mohammed 19 днів тому
I live in north corlina durham can you come
Dan Man
Dan Man 19 днів тому
When Leslie is better than putting things together then Dan is lol
Alex Black
Alex Black 19 днів тому
DANKMEMES101 hi 19 днів тому
I live in Arizona and it is 117 degrees I sleep in 95 degree weather
Chris Hutchings
Chris Hutchings 19 днів тому
thats like ring but that one is a cheeper brand
LandonYT Vlogs and Gaming
LandonYT Vlogs and Gaming 19 днів тому
What about the house
Adam Kee
Adam Kee 19 днів тому
I just had raw salmon with wasabi last Sunday. They're my favourite! 😍
Vogos Co
Vogos Co 19 днів тому
9:32 a kid said hello
khyden bennett
khyden bennett 19 днів тому
i don't have a eufy doorbell I have a ring one instead
Josh McMillan
Josh McMillan 19 днів тому
Lincoln (sorry if its wrong this is what auto correct put) is way stronger than me and im 15
vespino 19 днів тому
Hummmmm sushi! I’d give that burgushi a try though!!
Stefan Borisov
Stefan Borisov 19 днів тому
Sushi's my favorite food... How can you not like it?
jason Safrit
jason Safrit 19 днів тому
NC is amazing! welcome and we hope y'all enjoy.
This is why you can’t work with Family!
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I made a mistake
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