Is SpaceX's Raptor engine the king of rocket engines?

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00:00 - Intro
02:55 - Basic physics of rocket engines
06:10 - Rocket engine cycles
20:30 - Rocket fuel comparison
30:40 - Raptor vs other rocket engines
44:05 - Summary

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SpaceX's new raptor engine is a methane fueled full flow staged combustion cycle engine and its so hard to develop, no engine like this has ever flown before!

Now this topic can be really intimidating so in order to bring the Raptor engine into context, we’re going to do an overview of a few common types of rocket engine cycles then compare the Raptor to a few other common rocket engines, like SpaceX’s current work horse, the Merlin, The Space Shuttle’s RS-25, the RD-180, Blue Origin’s BE-4 and the F-1 engine.

And if that’s not enough, not only is SpaceX using a crazy engine cycle, they’re also going to be using Liquid Methane as their fuel, again something that no orbital rocket has ever used! So we’ll also go over the unique characteristics of liquid methane as a rocket fuel and see if we can figure out why SpaceX went with Methane for the Raptor engine.

We'll also break down and explain all the different engine cycle types so you know what the full flow staged combustion cycle is, how it works, and how it compares to the other cycles.

So by the end of this video hopefully we’ll have the context to know why the raptor engine is special, how it compares to other rocket engines, why it’s using methane and hopefully find out if the Raptor engine will be the new king of rocket engines…


Rocket engine renders by @MartianDays twitter.com/MartianDays

F-1 Turbopump photo provided by Mike Jetzer/heroicrelics.org

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AlrightyDave Рік тому
Absolutely incredible. I’m speechless. Can’t believe I actually just watched this video on UKvid for free...
ApleLab 2 дні тому
@Brian Rufh i disagree
Gooner 72
Gooner 72 7 місяців тому
Jesus Christ....... what is wrong with you lot? Arguing on UKvid doesn't make you look good at all, it makes you, and your adversaries, look like a bunch of 5 year old arguing in the playground. Grow up fella!!
SpaceTravel 7 місяців тому
Well. You need a phone or computer…. Electricity and wifi. So you watched it on youtube for free. But was it really free?
marsbar 709
marsbar 709 7 місяців тому
@JayPixx77 OK... He was only complimenting the quality...
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Chris Lemfors 7 місяців тому
@master shooter64 im trying to get hi weed is crap in ausywood8888****
MQ-9 Reaper Drone
MQ-9 Reaper Drone 10 місяців тому
The fact that this is free to watch is insane. Excellent work!
briansmobile1 6 місяців тому
BAM!!! That's a high grade script, animation and delivery! Well done!
Christopher Spotts
Christopher Spotts 2 місяці тому
@Alan Catto Imagine disregarding the entirety of an hour long video about literal rocket science because you don't understand that language changes over time.
Alan Catto
Alan Catto 4 місяці тому
Agreed. If only he could learn when to use 'there are', instead of 'there's', and stop using 'literally' when there is no literal reference, then I'd stop questioning if the rest of it is based on wrong assumptions.
Silas-THE-Person 4 місяці тому
Supa 6 місяців тому
Daniel Zajic
Daniel Zajic Рік тому
You deserve awards for this work. Truly outstanding, Tim.
Steve Hodge
Steve Hodge Рік тому
Update on flights (which intended to reach orbit): Merlin: 110 (5 x Falcon 1, 102 x Falcon 9, 3 x Falcon Heavy) RD-180: 91 (6 x Atlas III, 85 x Atlas V) F-1: 13 (not sure what Tim counted to get to 17) RS-25: 135 Perhaps more interesting is total engine flights: F-1: 65 (13 flights x 5) RD-180: 91 RS-25: 405 (135 flights x 3) Merlin: 1004 (102 x 9 F9, 3 x 27 FH, 5 F1. Could add another 105 Mvac flights too)
Wintergatan 2 роки тому
Thank you for making this!
Steve Skouson
Steve Skouson Місяць тому
Martin, good to see you! Didn't know you were also a space Geek! (I am always surprised when people that I follow, show up commenting on videos from other people I follow.) This Old Tony comes to mind. steve
Luna, John
Luna, John 4 місяці тому
E Topr
E Topr 8 місяців тому
Hey bro
Panda Punch
Panda Punch 9 місяців тому
@Iv Minic evidence? Reflector on the moon seen today, lighting impossible then needed to be done by lasers not widely available, Russia not even saying it was wrong.
max mustermann
max mustermann 11 місяців тому
@Iv Minic Did you know that Rolex invented Time to sell more watches?
Станислав Бабич
Станислав Бабич 8 місяців тому
38:11 As for current time, seems Merlin engine has proven at least 10 times reusability with real flights, after 10th launch of B1051
Joseph Salomone
Joseph Salomone Рік тому
You are the first person to make specific impulse make sense. Everyone else is just like, well it is in seconds because that's how the math works out.
JEBEDIAH KERMAN 5 місяців тому
Because that's how mafia work.
Marco Pohl
Marco Pohl 5 місяців тому
that's why I prefer Isaac Arthur's approach: specific impulse can go take a hike, exhaust velocity is way better!
Knedlik MCPE
Knedlik MCPE Рік тому
With SN8, we learned about the engine rich preburner.
Rodri Bogado
Rodri Bogado 5 місяців тому
@Anand Suralkar m
Tom Cooper
Tom Cooper 7 місяців тому
@Barack Obama A guy with a nickname "Barack Husein Obama" knows nothing. MAGA !
Mmm Tttt
Mmm Tttt 9 місяців тому
Did Elon offer you a job?
kworkshop 10 місяців тому
Benjamin A
Benjamin A Рік тому
@Tom Cooper That's not what happened lmao
Mark Grantom
Mark Grantom Рік тому
I feel like I have been to rocket engine school! Thanks for all of your hard work in putting together such an interesting explanation of an incredibly complex subject.
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 2 роки тому
Absolutley fantastic video! Thank you for the enlightenment.
•tristam bec•
•tristam bec• Місяць тому
@TheRealGoldenVR he wants us to get to space so we can see evreything
Habe Місяць тому
Jezus is that you
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Artūrs Mors 2 місяці тому
How did you get check mark as Jesus ?
TheNativeMartian 2 місяці тому
Hey Jesus. Sorry for using your name in vain so much
Lazarus Zhou
Lazarus Zhou 2 місяці тому
Jesus, you like Spaceflight? Oh yeah, your in the clouds, almost in space!
Adam Putz
Adam Putz Рік тому
It’s amazing to appreciate how good the Merlin engine currently is
Steve Skouson
Steve Skouson Місяць тому
At the risk of getting rotten fruit thrown at me, the Merlin engine has been the best, since 1940. (Sorry, different Merlin.) steve
Tom K
Tom K Рік тому
I love to see that a 50 minute video going in depth on the raptor engine and full flow combustion has more views than a 20 minute interview with Elon. That’s nerd power right there 👊
TenorPhan23 Рік тому
This video is amazing. I'm currently in a class studying chemical rocket engines and all of your videos are such a great resource. Please don't stop making them!
Jontae Grace
Jontae Grace 10 місяців тому
I would just like to say that I appreciate the production value of your videos. You make it easy to follow along, even though you're explaining highly complicated topics to lesser thinkers like me lol
Don Guru de Bro
Don Guru de Bro 2 роки тому
Ok i must say you have surpassed yourself , a very complex subject simple explained and visualized! Great Job, probably the best video of you yet!
Diogenes Lamplit
Diogenes Lamplit Рік тому
For every complex problem there's a simple solution which is almost always wrong---with the emphasis being on "almost". This time we may just have gotten lucky.
Rcweasel Рік тому
Randall Ramsey has
Der Typ
Der Typ 2 роки тому
Kenne dich noch von damals bei Hardwarerat. Man sieht sich immer zweimal... 😁
Randall Ramsey
Randall Ramsey 2 роки тому
Wow! Great video.
gamefrySE 2 роки тому
Came here to say the same thing. Incredibly well researched but easy to understand. One of the best videos he's done!
Certain deaf
Certain deaf Рік тому
What an achievement this video is, thank you for making it: amazingly interesting and thoroughly enjoyed.
Lars Holland
Lars Holland 7 місяців тому
I just discovered your channel. Thank you for the deep dives. I have learn a ton from you over the past week or so. Keep up the great work
Darnell Arford
Darnell Arford 11 місяців тому
This video is a timeless work of art. I plan on watching it many more times. Thank you so much for making it.
Gianluca Nordio
Gianluca Nordio 9 місяців тому
Crazy how you can explain in a easy way such a hard matter, amazing video 🔥
Scott Manley
Scott Manley 2 роки тому
No. Because raptors commonly optimize for small agile males and larger females able to carry more. Thus, they would be queens. Good job on those animations!
Kyle 26 днів тому
@SternLX Birds are reptiles...
I Was A Honey Badger
I Was A Honey Badger 3 місяці тому
The god of rocket explaining denies this video
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E Topr 8 місяців тому
Excuse me. Thats a male raptoer if Ive ever seen one. Dont be a footstool.
Nicholas Chung
Nicholas Chung 9 місяців тому
Nicholas Chung
Nicholas Chung 9 місяців тому
guitar81sb 7 місяців тому
Deep dive Everyday Astronout videos are such a treat to watch, extremely well researched and presented!
neurochimp 5 місяців тому
I am doing some catch up on my knowledge of the current progress with spacex, thanks for making this incredible historical record of our progress for folks not in the industry.
Don McElfresh
Don McElfresh Рік тому
Thanks Tim I appreciate all the hard work you and the team put into this video. Too bad you can't update the video & bring it up to date. I would like to see the numbers from SN8's flight.
Paul Рік тому
I just have to thank you. Your channel is quality. It is so good to find a channel that prioritises well researched content over quantity. I hope that strategy pays off for you.
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vaibhav poke 2 роки тому
That honestly didn't feel like 49 minutes. This was so interesting and well done. Keep it up Tim. We really appreciate it.
I'm the captain now
I'm the captain now 2 роки тому
just watch at 2x its like 24:30 min video bro.
Jax 5 місяців тому
Tim, your work is excellent. The content is well structured, high quality and well explained. I'm glad to have found your channel to fuel my passion for anything related to space, physics and rocketry.
Roberto Chiminelli
Roberto Chiminelli Рік тому
Amazing! thank you for sharing this video and explain all these complex details in a clear way. I can "touch" and feel your passion during all the video .... you made a great job, thanks again
John King
John King Рік тому
Thank you great video. It really clarified things in my mind. I think the future of rocketry is metallic hydrogen fuel. Of course they need to figure out how to make it first. Once they do and make it in volume and affordable we can have single stage to orbit rockets.
Angad Singh
Angad Singh Рік тому
Алексей Марьянов
Алексей Марьянов 6 місяців тому
Tim, do I need to mention how much we appreciate your work and especially the consistent use of metric system? Thank you!
YT Channel
YT Channel 2 роки тому
This is probably one of the best videos on rockets I have ever seen. The amount of information you crammed into 49 minutes is crazy. Thanks!
Radiofree Albemuth
Radiofree Albemuth 2 роки тому
Falcon Heavy yep. Amazing quality.
ps200306 2 роки тому
Insanely great production, including the animations and footage. Just as a general comment on the growing quality of the better youtube channels ... it's the clearest indicator yet that the end is nigh for broadcast TV. On TV this would be dumbed down to moronic levels, while advertisers would be scattergun-blasting to a dwindling and fragmented audience.
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Everyday Astronaut has a high information density compared to other videos
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That was 49mins? Yikes... but speaks for the content!
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Decidedly so. :)
Viva Moment!
Viva Moment! Рік тому
Hi Everyday Astronaut. Your videos are absolutely fantastic! The content, the presentation, the effective knowledge sharing, are all wonderful! Thank you! Separately, may I ask how you made the animated diagrams of the different engine types? I want to make something for my local school in teaching new concepts. Best regards, David
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Tim, you continue to amaze me. Thank you, this was a total geekfest! :)
kurt Mora
kurt Mora Рік тому
I'm retired from a technical career. Over the years it was clear, whenever I was given a technical briefing on a subject I was unfamiliar with, and the person giving the briefing was unable to adequately explain the subject in "layman's" terms, it indicated that the person doing the briefing did not truly understand the technology. It is obvious that that is not the case here. Excellent orientation! Very impressive!
Erkut 4 місяці тому
Amante De Capaldi
Amante De Capaldi 8 місяців тому
Greg's World Kitchen
Greg's World Kitchen 9 місяців тому
Thanks for putting the hard work in for this video. I had no idea that rocket fuel pumps were turbo powered. I'd assumed they were electric. Learned something new. Also very interesting were the difference in fuel properties and the explanation of why CH4 is a good compromise. Well worth the watch and those 49 mins flew buy.
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Sunny Quackers 2 роки тому
People like this are a gift to the world because there is so much to teach and learn now and they help us put it all into the right context while making us curious to know more.
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gerard collins Рік тому
@Radiofree Albemuth methane power is way to go ,tried it sitting on leather seat lifted me up lucky did not ignite it.
Radiofree Albemuth
Radiofree Albemuth 2 роки тому
Nicolas Matthys
Nicolas Matthys 2 роки тому
totally right!
RomZ CollainimZ
RomZ CollainimZ 5 місяців тому
That's a really beautiful science filled presentation Thank you for the animation, made it a lot easier for newbies like me follow along rocket science.. awesome
JasperHuskyFox 8 місяців тому
Man, now I want to learn how the Preburner works, that sounds pretty interesting how they would overcome the "Chicken and Egg" issue. Would they have an electric "starter" to prime the system by spinning the turbines to increase pressure to light the preburner, then when it's detected that has started, the starter would disengage? Or would the pressure from the tanks be high enough to just get the preburner running, elbiet inefficiently, just enough to get pressure to make everything run optimally? Man I really wanna know!!
william Greene
william Greene 18 днів тому
They actually shoot high pressure helium at the turbine to spin it up before they open the fuel valves to the pumps. It works very well.
Andre Carneiro
Andre Carneiro Рік тому
Your videos are AWESOME! Extremely comprehensive videos and you appear so passionate for this subject! You should write a book, dude! Think about it! I would certainly buy it! Congrats for your work!
L. Gentry
L. Gentry Рік тому
When the Falcon's second stage separates from the 1st....and the Merlin engine powers up....you will notice a pulsation (initially about 1/second) going on inside the wrapping of the engine parts. As the 2nd stage gains altitude the pulsation slowly subsides and eventually stops. Anyone know that is causing this pulsation (which IS supposed to be happening)?
Edward Tilley
Edward Tilley 16 днів тому
Great video! Nice summary; spaceX has the most invested in creating a reusable rocket so its a very safe bet to say that they have gone to great lengths and strides to develop the best of a complex problem.
Jim Hoelscher
Jim Hoelscher Рік тому
This is great overview of rocket engine technology and operation ... the best I've seen. Do you have any information on the Chinese, Indian and ESA engines?
Pascal Wiery
Pascal Wiery Рік тому
This is the third time i watched this video since it was posted. Every time i understood everything better and better. Thanks to mostly Tim Dodd and Scott Manly i can finally say that i somewhat understand some little part of rocket science.
David Steigerwald
David Steigerwald 11 місяців тому
This was an awesome presentation, thanks so much for the education. Sorry to see the charts haven't been updated yet on the web site, as referenced months ago by other posters.
Nayte 2 роки тому
Amazing how you were not only able to inform me of the basics of rocket engines, but you kept my attention for the entirety of the video. Tough thing to do these days, absolutely wonderful video.
That Jeff
That Jeff 2 роки тому
I had to cheat and boost the speed of the vid to 1.25%.
Arthur Frilingos
Arthur Frilingos 2 роки тому
Totally agree with you, and well put Nathan!
Michael Casareo
Michael Casareo 3 місяці тому
Tim Dodd, thanks for all the awesome videos. You inspire me to study Aerospace Engineering. Your teaching and explaining things on very high technical subjects makes it easier to understand. I watch the video over and over, I learn more about rocket engine - physics, thermodynamic etc. than reading it from the book. I watch all your videos while doing cardio exercise at the gym...it becomes my daily routine studies, it makes time flies just like the rocket engine going into space. :P :)
Matt Miller
Matt Miller Рік тому
Fantastic video Tim, really informative! Thank you!
Casper Mhmm
Casper Mhmm Рік тому
Thnaks for your work! Would be interesting to know if the raptor and BE-4 engines has changed there numbers sins this video :)
David Carpenter
David Carpenter 10 місяців тому
What, if any, effect does the "centrifugal force" on the Starship when it flips to land have on the fuel in the fuel lines? Would this affect the reliability of restarting the engines to land?
Tom Anderson
Tom Anderson 2 роки тому
This is what I was hoping the internet would be. Thanks for your hard work!
Greg's World Kitchen
Greg's World Kitchen 9 місяців тому
prospectorrat@gmail.com Рік тому
Thank you AlGore! (snicker)
semi-atomic Рік тому
There is no internet, Neo
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Nico C. Рік тому
you still use the Matrix screensaver?
Gallup Journey Test Drives
Really great job on this. Also, I watched it more than once...if you could believe it. Lastly, if these rocket engines had all been compared to internal combustion engines, I think I would have understood it better. For instance, a giant V8, versus a high revving superbike 4 cyclinder, to an Formula 1 engine, etc..
spencer Jensen
spencer Jensen 5 місяців тому
Seriously one of my favorite videos on the platform. A close second is drachinifel’s video about navy ship boilers.
Casper Tucker
Casper Tucker Рік тому
You’re a legend Everyday Astronaut. Legendary! Love your work!
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Otpyrc Ralph Pierre 9 місяців тому
I watch this video about once a month. It's still just as fascinating. Excellent work!
Zayed Mohamed
Zayed Mohamed 2 роки тому
This was very well explained. The visualizations were very helpful.
BobEvans 10 місяців тому
Love your videos. Me and my dad are hooked on rockets. We watch every spaceX livestream. Really appreciate you putting out these videos.
Steve Ward
Steve Ward 8 днів тому
Great video. Didn’t know if I could sit through a 45 minute UKvid video, but it was so well done and so much good information presented so well. Thank you for putting the time and effort into this.
Benny BooBoo Bear
Benny BooBoo Bear 11 місяців тому
Me before the video: “gosh 50 mins? Better be good.” Me after the video: “gosh 50 mins? Why so short?”
Fille007 7 місяців тому
@ClownForceOne ehh no. what my spelling? well im from Sweden. so if thats the case then you judged a book by its cover?
ClownForceOne 7 місяців тому
@Fille007 Are you 5 years old?
Pedro Breyner
Pedro Breyner 8 місяців тому
@Fille007 49:02
Fille007 8 місяців тому
u illigal its 49:01
Phub Bing
Phub Bing 8 місяців тому
yeah ;P
SciFi Author B.L. Alley
SciFi Author B.L. Alley 4 місяці тому
Even when I understand something technical I still partake of a good presentation to make sure I am up to date and not forgetting anything. The best internal combustion engine isn't the one with the highest peak horsepower rating, it's the one with the best usable horsepower over a wide range of RPMs without using excessive fuel.
Artur Franiuk
Artur Franiuk 2 роки тому
This is what I call good journalism. Thank you Tim
Kyle 25 днів тому
@Linecraftman Wow, you're simultaneously very intelligent and mature, and really stupid. "People don't choose to be drug addicts". Spot on, absolutely correct. I wish more people realised this. "But who is holding the workers in the companies". What?! Generally, if people are in a secure and well paid job, they won't want to give that up. Some people have big debts, or big families, or big medical bills. Not everyone can afford to throw away their job because their CEO and owner is a dirt bag.
Verpal 2 роки тому
@Clausejoke ''Landing is a maneuver not a technology'' Blatantly wrong, study more. But I agree to most, if not all, of your other points. Elon Musk is just another CEO, didn't care too much unless SpaceX stop innovating then off he goes.
Clausejoke 2 роки тому
@pat kess didn't what? Btw whataboutism is a really pathetic and weak defense.
pat kess
pat kess 2 роки тому
@Clausejoke name 1 CEO who didn't
Clausejoke 2 роки тому
@Jamie Lennox So you can't even name one? Great other than providing evidence for your claims you chose to go the ad-hominem route.
John Foulk
John Foulk 20 днів тому
Very good explanation of the different types being used. Well thought out with enough detail to get the gears whirring. Thanks!
Redpill Coach
Redpill Coach Рік тому
One of the best videos on space ever made. Great job! I think the answer to the title is "no." The RS-25 aka Space Shuttle Main engines were the best rocket engines ever built.
Fallen Down
Fallen Down 9 місяців тому
I realized how revolutionary the Raptor Engine was after that video. Thank you 👍
David Griffiths
David Griffiths 9 місяців тому
Absolutely awesome video, im a huge fan of all engines, this is top notch material... Educational, fun, detailed. What more can i say? Oh subscribed! 👍✌😁
Txetxu Rodríguez
Txetxu Rodríguez 2 роки тому
Man, this video has a LOT or work behind. Thank you Tim.
Jacek Ciszewski
Jacek Ciszewski 8 місяців тому
You explain Rocket science in a way that I could say "It's not a rocket science dude! It's easy!" Great job! Please do more.
Mounir Laddada
Mounir Laddada Рік тому
Such an insane video with so much interesting information! If i could like more than once i totally would
Francosporto Heimans
Francosporto Heimans Рік тому
Even my two granddaughters, 12 and 13 years old, got interested into all that rocket stuff and understood what it was all about as soon as they realised getting into orbit is opposed by gravity and mass these girls are wearing there Raptor ffcc shirts now Thanks Tim
sibaar Рік тому
Phenomenal work, Tim! Kinda bummed out ya didn't include the expander cycle. A future topic I hope
Aser 2 роки тому
Best animations detailing different engine types. Super good job!
Burlinton 5 місяців тому
Would have been interesting to include the ESA Vulcain 2 engine from the Ariane 5 system though it looks like it would have landed in the middle of the pack. Guess it would have made the video just that much longer.
JEM409 Рік тому
Fantastic video!! You're making my job as a rocketry teacher much easier. Thank you, thank you.
Graham Veitch
Graham Veitch 5 місяців тому
Anyone know what tools/software were used to create the animations? This was very helpful and made it easy to follow along 👍
Captain Kokomo Gaming
Captain Kokomo Gaming Місяць тому
I love your coverage of everything Elon Musk. I just wish we didn't need to huge gigantic amounts of fuel to get into space.
Robson Hahn
Robson Hahn 2 роки тому
Info #1 and #2 RD171 actually flew almost 100 times. Much more than F1 Also, the RD170 (differs from RD171 basically with relation to the gimbal direction) was able to achieve a peak pressure of 306,2bar at chamber pressure.
Sébastien Lemetter
Sébastien Lemetter Рік тому
Could you please add sometimes the europeen in your comparisons? For this video, they have the Vulcain engine, would be interesting to see the direction they have taken. They have been constantly losing grounds compared to SpaceX, but maybe some technical choices were not that bad. The Vulcain engine, used in the Ariane rocket, is a closed cycle fuel (Hydrogen) rich concept.
lizzylue92 5 місяців тому
This helped me prepare for my spaceX interview! Thank you for your hard work!
BlockPlays 6 місяців тому
I love learning about aerospace engineering and spaceflight, and am very surprised that I just watched this video on UKvid for free. Thank you for making this amazing video!
SpeedemonR1 11 місяців тому
Brilliant explanation of the different types of rockets in a simplistic yet informative manner. Great work, looking forward to seeing the future of rocket development thru your eyes.
David Hilton
David Hilton 2 роки тому
This is the most interesting online class I've ever taken. Can't take my eyes off the screen. Keep it up.
Danubio Salas
Danubio Salas Рік тому
Tibor Purzsas Ken is the husband of Barbie, the doll. It is used to represent a shallow, brainless or superficial male. Just like Barbie is used for female.
Tibor Purzsas
Tibor Purzsas Рік тому
@Danubio Salas yes it did ! No idea what he is talking about
Danubio Salas
Danubio Salas Рік тому
Frederic. Marquis your reference went over his head
Tibor Purzsas
Tibor Purzsas Рік тому
@Frederic. Marquis who is Ken ?
Tibor Purzsas
Tibor Purzsas Рік тому
@RmX no ! Are you?
Chuck Collins
Chuck Collins 9 місяців тому
By far your best effort yet. Thanks so much for your easily digestible treatment of these complex engines.
CL Huang
CL Huang Рік тому
When comparing to oxygen-rich closed cycle, does FFSC have any other advantage besides it pre-heat the fuel? If not, does this benefit outweigh the weight of an extra pre-burner and does it worth the extra difficulty in its development?
Abhishek Rai
Abhishek Rai Рік тому
You have put so much effort in making this video. Amazing explanation. Thank you so much 🙏❤️
Ibtasam Arshad
Ibtasam Arshad 9 місяців тому
This was marvelous. I am a fan of your channel. Loved learning about it all over again though I am a rocket scientist. Thanks.
VulpeculaJoy 2 роки тому
There are people that try to stretch a 1min topic into 15min to gain more watch time and then there is cramming a 3 hour lecture on ROCKET SCIENCE into 49 minutes...
pat kess
pat kess 2 роки тому
@My Opinion Doesn't Matter next time right before you want to write a comment just repeat your name over and over again.
Thomas Fink
Thomas Fink 2 роки тому
Yes, me too. But this is awesome.
Scott 2 роки тому
Also factor in would people even hit play on a 3hr video? Great video Tim helps us total newbies get some grasp on what's pushing things into space without just comparing the size of a rocket.
Wrill 2 роки тому
I respect channels that try to cram long stuf into a short amount of time
clu4u 2 роки тому
My Opinion Doesn't Matter, stfu be quiet in your stupid class. You’re gonna be quizzed.
Gabriele Nunnari
Gabriele Nunnari Рік тому
Incredible video, I do love it, it is so great and so full of information!! Just one question: 24:24 not clear how the ratio is expressed... 3.7 to 1.0 how can be opposite then 6 to 1... am I missing some special notation that I do not get about those quantities? I assume the dot is a decimal, so 2.7 : 1 and 2.7 : 1.0 should be identical... and does not make any sens that 3.7 to 1.0 result in a less fuel than oxidizer... what is the trick behind the dot?
Everyday Astronaut
Everyday Astronaut Рік тому
The density of the fuel and oxidizer and then how much fuel you burn compared to oxygen. Their densities change how big each propellant is for the same amount of fuel
Michael Pal
Michael Pal 9 місяців тому
And lastly-This video is truly one of the greatest videos on the Internet!
tfragia1 8 місяців тому
Came back to this awesome video after starting to read "Liftoff" by Eric Berger. Unbelievable how SpaceX made the cost of their engines so low. Just a little bit of space transportation disruption. 🙂
Craig Meyer
Craig Meyer Рік тому
Actually! The Soviet RD-270 engine was FFSCC (full flow staged combustion cycle) also! But it was for the UR-700 hypergolic moon rocket that lost out to the cryogenic N-1, and it ran on UDMH and N2O4. But they made the engine anyway. A sea level specific impulse of 300? In the 60's? With hypergolics? Incredible. This story just keeps getting crazier.
turbowalnut 2 роки тому
You should consider including the number of engines per flight when counting the flight record as you did for reliability. The flight record changes drastically with over 700 flights for the Merlin.
hoghogwild Рік тому
Mission success or failure is the matrix that should be used. Comparing engines of one platform, to different engines of a different platform is silly. Simply compare the platforms themselves. Did it get the payload into space and onto the correct trajectory? That's what's important.
João Serafim
João Serafim 2 роки тому
Yeah, employing multiple engines is the most efficient way to test reliability, since each unit can be worked on individually and only share fuel and oxidizer feeding systems. Also, a lot of variable for testing only exist on actual flight, risking the rocket as well as its potential payload (be it expensive machinery or the immensurable value of academic grade scientists). Having multiple engines makes sure that none of those will be lost when dealing with failures, as long as there is no chain effect (such as violent explosions), as well as making less likely that a chain effect will happen after the catastrophic failure of a single engine.
Mayank Upadhyay
Mayank Upadhyay 2 роки тому
That is a comment to be considered!
A Bal
A Bal 20 днів тому
What a work done !!! Totally reach your motto here, bringing so much knowledge to everyday people ! Thanks !! 😃👏👏
Arutax 4714
Arutax 4714 6 місяців тому
10:15 You know the Rocketdyne F-1, I don't think it's considered a Closed-Cycle Engine - at least in my book - but it's worth mentioning that the Exhaust Gasses of it's Preburner are vented back into the Engine, but not into the Combustion Chamber. Instead, those Gasses are vented into the Main Exhaust of the Engine, through a Turbine Exhaust Manifold that wrapped around the Bell-shaped Nozzle of the Engine. I don't know if this was the Reason why the Exhaust of the Rocketdyne F‐1 had a Unique look to it - a dark sooty section of the Exhaust directly following the Nozzle Extension - but I'm betting it is.
CherryGS 4 місяці тому
it's crazy watching this again 2 years later and seeing how much the facilities in Boca Chica have changed in this short time...
Anthony Hewitt
Anthony Hewitt Рік тому
Ive been waiting for this video for so long. The launch vehicles are soo freaking interesting. Thanks, and good vid.
Johnny Wednesday
Johnny Wednesday 2 роки тому
The reason we have the expression 'to fathom' - is because in the days of sailing ships - we measured the depth of the ocean using weights and very long ropes - and if you didn't have enough rope? you were unable to 'fathom' the depths.
Cool Guy Jim
Cool Guy Jim 2 роки тому
Thanks for this bit of trivia! Nice to know next time I hear the phrase "I couldn't fathom...."
Douglas Prest
Douglas Prest 10 місяців тому
Thanks, Tim- Nicely done, very clear explanations of a complex topic.
MrBrainneeded Рік тому
Thanks for the video first, but one question. Methane, as we all know contains one carbon atom. So how does spacex avoid the polymer problem?
TheMan4407 10 місяців тому
Had to watch this again for the large amount of information to sink in. Well done, and very well explained!
Nguyễn Tấn Phát
Nguyễn Tấn Phát 5 місяців тому
thank you very much for a very interesting and informative video. Keep up the good work !
Leon Fretter
Leon Fretter 2 роки тому
This is a whole new level of quality and the work on the animations really payed off! Looking forward to seeing some more of those technical videos on engine design! Thanks for putting all this together.
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