It's Rocket Science! with Professor Chris Bishop

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Starting with the one simple principle that has powered every rocket that's ever flown, Professor Chris Bishop launches through an explosive journey to the moon and back.
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This lecture from the Cambridge science festival is packed with demonstrations of the science that sends people into space. A family-filled lecture theatre sees flying projectiles, the fiery combustion of energetic propellants, and the impressive roar and flame of a hybrid rocket engine.
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2 лип 2014





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JinnKid Рік тому
I don’t know how I got here but this was quite fun and a very enjoyable lecture.
The parents are as engaged in the lecture as their kids.
MrSteeiii Рік тому
All the young people in the room are so lucky to get this kind of lecture at an early age.
MoJo PFC Рік тому
If my Science teacher was like him. Today I would have became a Rocket Scientist instead of selling Lollypop.😔
Paul Noel
Paul Noel 3 роки тому
My father was one of the guys who balanced the Saturn V rocket on 1.5 miles of fire! He designed the Main Engine Controller and computer for the job. Not bad for a man who's first job was cutting down trees with a cross cut saw in the woods of Oregon with horse logging. But it is about the same job to aim a falling tree as to aim a rocket.
David Torres
David Torres Рік тому
I wish shows like this could be streamed in Peru and so many developing countries rather than the nonsense Tv shows we have 24 hours a day. This would do nothing more than inspire hundreds of kids and people and let them know there is much more beyond their reality
Javier Llaneza
Javier Llaneza 4 роки тому
This here. Do you want to encourage kids into science? THIS is how you do it. SUPERB lecture!!
John Buynak
John Buynak 2 роки тому
Edward Shields
Edward Shields 3 роки тому
You gottta love Chris Bishop! He is creating future scientists, fascinated by what science can do! Great presentations, fabulous staging, and fantastic and unhurried explanations of what is happening. I am 63 years old now, and used to go to lectures at Harvard University and MIT when I was six years old. The ones at Harvard were done by an emeritus professor of chemistry named Dr. Rokow, another great presenter, to our misfortune, no longer with us. To our great fortune Professor Bishop carries on this fabulous tradition! I am sure that many of the young volunteers in his lectures will end up in science departments at great universities, and go onward to become great people in their own right. Bishop is an inspiration.
Aston Martin
Aston Martin Рік тому
If school was like this,I would have paid attention.Excellent.
Wayne Bloschichak
Wayne Bloschichak 2 роки тому
I'm 58 years old, loved science my entire life and I must admit, even though this lecture is directed toward children; it was truly captivating! Mr. Chris Bishop breaks the mold of the 'Stuffy old Science Teacher" and delivers instruction with the stoic excitement you'd expect from a British Instructor from Cambridge. I would love to watch every one of his lectures. Brilliant Job Sir!!
GoofyApeGaming 2 роки тому
Fantastic! I am a 35 year old adult and didn’t plan on watching much of this lecture well after 58 minutes I wanted more!
mojaverockets 4 роки тому
As a science educator and rocket amateur, I enjoyed all 58 minutes, well done!
Tradition 2 роки тому
Saw this years ago and again last night. This is one of the best most engaging lectures ever done. Loved it as an adult and I know I'd have been buzzing for the rest of the week if I went to see this live as a kid.
radu 3 роки тому
5 years of college, almost every branch of chemistry studied, also allot of physics and math. I'm a pharmacist now, a father, and a grown man, but I enjoyed it just like a child!
Adriel Watler
This was pretty amazing! We need more of this around the world!
Navneet Dhariwal
Navneet Dhariwal Рік тому
This is how you make science interesting. Loved it. Rocket science made easy. ♥
882952 Рік тому
Excellent presentation which reminds me of my 7th Grade science teacher, Dr. Schulene. As this presenter has done, Dr. Schulene shared his enthusiasm and wonder with us children, and captured our minds with the wonders of science and learning.
Asanka Sayakkara
Asanka Sayakkara 3 роки тому
A beautiful lecture with amazing demonstrations! This is how science should reach kids!
Marty Lemons
Marty Lemons 2 роки тому
Been shooting off rockets for 40 years and learned more from this than anything else. Thanks for sharing this with us.
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