Jackass Forever | Official Trailer (2021 Movie)

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malvoish 7 хвилин тому
Biggest waste of time on tv
Jordan McLaughlin
Jordan McLaughlin 12 хвилин тому
No Bam, no watch. Sorry Cocksville
Kid Chalo
Kid Chalo 16 хвилин тому
Kelly & Tyler in the movie???
XUKXENGLISHLAD 16 хвилин тому
They must be running low on money.
down side123
down side123 38 хвилин тому
It actually feels kind of sad that they're as old as they are STILL doing this.
Maria Brotherton
Maria Brotherton Годину тому
Free bam !!!! Can't have jackass without bam margera!!..
Ducksoup67 2 години тому
No Bam, no Jackass. He literally created the show with Camp Kill Yourself. And sorry - I don't buy the "Bam is a drunk so we can't have him on the set B.S." We all know the real reason.
Kenny Foster
Kenny Foster 2 години тому
Weres bam?
By lol
By lol 2 години тому
Brosef42 2 години тому
I'm getting tired of these live action remakes.
Don Wood
Don Wood 2 години тому
can't wait!
YuGii YouKnowMe
YuGii YouKnowMe 2 години тому
I fckn love u guys!❤️☠️
Franck White
Franck White 2 години тому
Prenons le temps d'apprécier à quel ces débiles sont devenus populaire ! IDIOCRATRIE n'est pas un film juste une petite anticipation . Pendant ce temps certains sur notre terre continue de mourir de faim de soif ou du froid pfff on s'en fou l'important c'est de rigoler ! ou d'aller sur mars , ah c'est pas con ça ! les Jackass sur Mars enlève le haut ! Allez tous vous faires vacciner
stupid universe 731C
stupid universe 731C 3 години тому
1:52 did anyone notice the blood on Johnny's head and face?
Max Burner
Max Burner 3 години тому
where's BAM???
Patrick Radcliffe
Patrick Radcliffe 3 години тому
As much as I love these guys I worry for their sanity, and their financial status that they are doing it again.
toma 3 години тому
j'ai hâte de voir ce nouveau chef d'oeuvre.
fooglez 3 години тому
Finally, a reason to go to the movies.
Chad N
Chad N 4 години тому
No Bam and no Dunn. No thank you.
SportTalkForDummies 4 години тому
NO Bam eh?!?! What a fucking kick to the nuts to fans and Bam. Fuck you Tremaine!!
Realrealone Realrealone
Realrealone Realrealone 4 години тому
Hope the movie is better than the trailer
Chris 4 години тому
Not the same without Bam !
Exo 1
Exo 1 4 години тому
I that a mf bear
df hu
df hu 4 години тому
In April 2020 when the CCP virus plague hit New York hard, the hospital where my brother works as an anesthesiologist was admitting many patients every day. Within ten days, the ICU was full, and even he was transferred to work in the ICU. Personal protective equipment (PPE) was in short supply, so he wore a large plastic wrap tied around his waist with a rope to interact with patients. Sometimes, the patients' bodily fluids splashed onto the doctors. As more and more people became infected, doctors began working around the clock in an effort to treat as many patients as possible. No one even thought about taking a break. From my brother's phone calls, we heard bad news after bad news: a Costco janitor died; a surgeon in his hospital died; the doctor who'd been in the elevator with him the day before died. At the beginning of May, my brother collapsed from exhaustion. He had a fever and was diagnosed with Covid-19 himself. He was hospitalized and put on a ventilator. He was well aware of what could happen next and prepared for the worst with his wife, making arrangements for his family's finances and trying to take care of his real estate affairs. He sounded very weak over the phone, and I could hear him gasping for air. His life was in danger and we were very worried about him. At that point, even though I knew that my phone might be monitored, I told him, “I'm sorry. I should have told you this earlier. Please write down what I am about to say.” He agreed. I told him to write down “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” He said he did. Then I said, “Please sincerely recite these auspicious phrases repeatedly. If you can't say them out loud, you can recite them in your mind. You will be fine.” He said, “Ok, I will.” I was very surprised that he actually listened to my advice since he normally doesn't. Perhaps it was his instinct to survive. When he visited China, every time I tried to talk to him about Falun Dafa, he simply interrupted me and avoided the topic. He would say impatiently, “Don't you know that our parents suffered during every government movement in the past? How can you still practice this (Falun Dafa)? Aren't you afraid of being imprisoned?” He then proceeded to say more disrespectful things. In reality, my brother is very kind, sincere, and sympathetic. He lived through the June 4th Massacre on Tiananmen Square and knows how evil the Chinese Communist Party is. He knows that Falun Dafa practitioners are being persecuted, but he didn't know how great Falun Dafa is or believe that it is supernatural. Perhaps that is common for many intellectuals in China. Two days after I told him to recite the auspicious phrases, I called him again. His fever had gone down and he was breathing evenly again. He was ready to be discharged. As a doctor, my brother believes in modern science, but modern science could not find the cure for Covid-19. He recovered quickly after he sincerely recited, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” While he was recovering, I recommended a TV series called The Story of Falun Dafa: Now and For the Future for him to watch. After he saw the last episode, he refused to continue to explore the tough truth. He said he needed to relax and didn't want to think about serious topics. I said, “Of course, we all want a better life, but the persecution of Falun Dafa that is taking place in China cannot be ignored. Indifference to bad people and bad things only leads people to become complacent. No one expected the outbreak of a global pandemic, but everyone must face it head on.” All articles, graphics, and content published on Minghui.org are copyrighted. Non-commercial reproduction is allowed but requires attribution with the article title and a link to the original article.
Rob Fraser
Rob Fraser 4 години тому
I can see Bam dying from an overdose after this hits screens, especially if it's a big success. It'll triple his depression.
messi9991 4 години тому
They need money, huh.
James Westley
James Westley 5 годин тому
I cant wait for this glorious farewell. I've loved these guys since i was like 10 and remember when the show came on MTV.
Chez Jean Louis
Chez Jean Louis 5 годин тому
Je ne me tanne pas de vos niaiserie ❤️😂🤣
AkumaJoy 5 годин тому
It won't be the same without Ryan Dunn, but I hope its tribute to him. RIP Ryan.
Marijan Krajnik
Marijan Krajnik 5 годин тому
MGK is in jackass? Hella nice
Steeeffje Van der holst
Steeeffje Van der holst 5 годин тому
I didn’t see bam margera ?
Music is Life
Music is Life 6 годин тому
Somehow this feels sad to watch without Ryan
P3KKA 6 годин тому
Holy SHIT!!!!!
Chris law
Chris law 6 годин тому
Relive your youth people. And enjoy!
Beqir Fetahi
Beqir Fetahi 6 годин тому
wheres bam?
Peter Lis
Peter Lis 6 годин тому
Wonder if bam likes that trailer too 😜
Olha Que Legal
Olha Que Legal 6 годин тому
Obrigado, from Brazil!! uhuuuu Jackass Forever.... kkkkk
Adam D
Adam D 6 годин тому
Kind of fucking sucks that you guys did to ban. I am way less stoked about this one then the others because of how you treated him...
SamoIsKing 6 годин тому
I’ve been here since the beginning. If this is the end, it’s been a hell of a ride. Thank you gentlemen. For everything.
walter 83
walter 83 7 годин тому
Lujack Shaw
Lujack Shaw 7 годин тому
No Bam No show. You were perfectly okay with Bam when he paid for everything
Andrew Dunckley
Andrew Dunckley 7 годин тому
Who would have thought that they would be alive to do a reunion tour...
Texasscout96 7 годин тому
I have been a fan since 2000!
Lissandro Dijkhoffz
Lissandro Dijkhoffz 7 годин тому
The nelkboys have reawakened the legends! I can’t wait
David Theisen
David Theisen 7 годин тому
YES!!!! this is going to be epic!!!
Domi Feier
Domi Feier 7 годин тому
Omg this is so nice can't tell you guys how happy I'm about this to happen 🎊🎊🎊🎊
Aaryaman Nambiar
Aaryaman Nambiar 7 годин тому
I'm not a Jackass fan, and haven't watched too much of their stuff, but... This trailer makes me want to watch a lot of Jackass stuff before this movie comes out. There's something kinda sweet and wholesome about this trailer.
Stormforce999 7 годин тому
Can't wait for this!
Vansony 8 годин тому
The legend is back
Paul Bennett
Paul Bennett 8 годин тому
1:03 that is not a person slow it down and look!
24 Hours Stagefright
24 Hours Stagefright 8 годин тому
I am crying. No shit.
Fabian H.
Fabian H. 8 годин тому
I hope its low budget enough!?
Jada Isabel
Jada Isabel 8 годин тому
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Mücke 8 годин тому
Oh my god, my life has a meaning again 😆😆😆
Rex Hasta
Rex Hasta 10 годин тому
THANK GOD that frootcake bam isn't in this movie...
Simon Thomsen
Simon Thomsen 10 годин тому
Ohhh Shitchea.
BlitzKaen 10 годин тому
Hardcore demais
V 10 годин тому
Puuulllll jackass porraaaa!!!
Blood Reaper
Blood Reaper 11 годин тому
SDZ NL 11 годин тому
Finally something fun on tv again.
F Nava
F Nava 11 годин тому
😆🤣 will be watching
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 12 годин тому
Gen Z watching this like " wait they actually do this real and not staged" LMAO
Enter 12 годин тому
Alter laddich. Die haben Eier xxDDD
DJ CUNNIE 12 годин тому
Vetal83 12 годин тому
Not the same without Bam and Dunn but i still need to watch it with my friends just as we watched the first one when it came out!!
BallastedSnow06 13 годин тому
I play the game and it so was funny and fun
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 12 годин тому
Poopies is gonna be in this hahah thats amazing
paython jay
paython jay 13 годин тому
Third worlders are third world, always
Paramount is 100% clearly demonic. Not evil, demonic. I'll never be paying a dime for anything they've touched.
Peterstoric269 5 годин тому
What’s wrong with jackass?
anjoLas 13 годин тому
Usta Soft
Usta Soft 13 годин тому
crazy how those crackheads turned on bam...disapointed
Usta Soft
Usta Soft 12 годин тому
@Third worlders are third world, always better than beeing a child Predator like Steve o man
Third worlders are third world, always
Crazy how bam is a worthless shell of a human hiding behind money and alcohol
Felisha Mata'afa
Felisha Mata'afa 14 годин тому
Omg what I need 😭🤣
El Loquero
El Loquero 14 годин тому
Hell yeah👍👍👍
Snehal Mandaliya
Snehal Mandaliya 15 годин тому
This is bringing back happiness.
Scott Jones
Scott Jones 15 годин тому
Where's Bam? 🤣
Third worlders are third world, always
Rehab for the 30th time
Scott Jones
Scott Jones 15 годин тому
Not Fourever?
DingDongDaddy 15 годин тому
Funny you say get together with old friends and then show a picture of Jeff Tremaine. That dude has NEVER had any of your interests and safety in mind…only his and making money.
Fadiel Imam Nugroho
Fadiel Imam Nugroho 15 годин тому
i thought bill cipher gonna join in
Tony Hunt
Tony Hunt 16 годин тому
Looks amazing 🤩 funny fuckers ✌️❤️
Rob Pivcevich
Rob Pivcevich 16 годин тому
MGK is in the movie but not Bam gtfo
Sling and Stone
Sling and Stone 16 годин тому
Poopies is gonna be in this hahah thats amazing
Simon Caine
Simon Caine 16 годин тому
If one film can revive the cinema industry... It's this one.
Andre Korbas
Andre Korbas 17 годин тому
All the memories, how can we make it back there, back there I want to be there again...
CJTutorialSpace 17 годин тому
Over the top
ferrari red
ferrari red 17 годин тому
OK I'll buy
Calven Matthias
Calven Matthias 17 годин тому
no..... not the bear....
Watching people do stunts and purposely hurt themselves has NEVER made sense to me.
HAVE THE CONVERSATION James Tate iii 4 години тому
@Peterstoric269 opinions are entitled to, just like emotions.
Peterstoric269 5 годин тому
Ok, then you don’t need to watch it
Dedemit Luar Negeri a.k.a Dedemit Swasta
fuck only pro skateboarder content exclusive
Scott Mackintosh
Scott Mackintosh 18 годин тому
It's just a shame that Bam isn't in it. It will obviously be good but just not the same.
Greg Abbot
Greg Abbot 19 годин тому
Idk, I'd rather be fishing than watching these idiot's hurt themselves, but it is funny as shit though, but not when some of these guys now have colostomy bags from destroying their bowls, eww!
Melanie Barnes
Melanie Barnes 19 годин тому
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Jacob Kooistra
Jacob Kooistra 19 годин тому
What’s the music in the very beginning
Ryan A. Ferro
Ryan A. Ferro 19 годин тому
I love it, can't wait to watch it
Jeffrey Yang
Jeffrey Yang 19 годин тому
K B 20 годин тому
Grzegorz Biesaga
Grzegorz Biesaga 20 годин тому
a bunch of drug addicted geriatric patients....PERFECT
Katinka Princess
Katinka Princess 20 годин тому
AsHellBored 21 годину тому
These guys got their jobs at Walmart cancelled because of covid so they were like let's make another movie
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