Jan Blachowicz KO’s Corey Anderson, is he next for Jon Jones? | UFC Fight Night Recap | ESPN MMA

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Brendan Fitzgerald and Daniel Cormier recap all the action from the UFC Fight Night in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, with Jan Blachowicz knocking out Corey Anderson in the main event. They discuss if Blachowicz could be the next title challenger for Jon Jones, instead of an immediate rematch vs. Dominick Reyes. (2:27) Fitzgerald and Cormier react to John Dodson’s electrifying win in front of the home crowd, (3:19) Diego Sanchez winning via disqualification vs. Michel Pereira and (4:27) Brok Weaver winning the same exact way.
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🔥🔥 much excited as one looks on 0:57 💓 👇👇👇👇💕
Frisco Imai
Frisco Imai Місяць тому
dc is so good
sosickhcdrums Місяць тому
Clicked for the daddest man, stayed for the daddest man, remain for the daddest dc!!!
Ryan Evans
Ryan Evans Місяць тому
Corey "Sudden Death" Anderson
Ric F
Ric F Місяць тому
I just cant dislike cormier.
josephballouz93 Місяць тому
There's Levelsss to thiiiiiiissssss hahahaha
Camsterdam Місяць тому
Former light heavyweight and former heavy weight 🏆... He no longer holds any belts...
jacob daus
jacob daus Місяць тому
DC, did you mean to say Luke "RockedCold"?
DarkArterialGore Місяць тому
Cormier looked instantly depressed after Corey Anderson got knocked out, he legit looked like he was about to cry. Is he Cormier's former training partner or something because I remember Daniel reacted the same way when his protegee Deron Winn lost a fight while he was commentating and he seemed rattled?
edit11 Місяць тому
Jon Jones: "I definitely feel like I won rounds for and five" Me: "what happened to the other three rounds, jon?" Jon Jones: "you just got to believe in yourself, I love you guys goodnight!"
cerina woehrley
cerina woehrley Місяць тому
Jan vs jon let's go wit it dana like soon as may
Night Owl
Night Owl Місяць тому
The fans want a rematch
Dade Kimmel
Dade Kimmel Місяць тому
Brock weaver got exposed, regardless of that knee. Shouldn't be acting like a chump
Joachim Kalicki
Joachim Kalicki Місяць тому
Jj Zrobisz Ko
Latin Dario
Latin Dario Місяць тому
Daniel ...You do such a great job its a pleasure listening to your commentary.
Joachim Kalicki
Joachim Kalicki Місяць тому
Janku zrobisz to ko czekamy
N Vannote
N Vannote Місяць тому
If you had any decency in your "bones" it would be a Reyes rematch. But we all know your bones are soaked in greed and roids.
Aishoo Bilal
Aishoo Bilal Місяць тому
Jan shd fight Reyes next. . Winner shd face John again. .
Brandon DeBella
Brandon DeBella Місяць тому
DC knows that Jones always adapts and dominates in rematches
It Ain’t Easy
It Ain’t Easy Місяць тому
Corey: Beastn’ 25/8! Jan: Brah, let me help you get some sleep.
Jmoney 777
Jmoney 777 Місяць тому
Jon vs Jan in July Dominick Vs Santos
Martin Larrivee
Martin Larrivee Місяць тому
Bleh... I don't know. Not impressed. I don't find Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight to be all that interesting or competitive right now. Pretty much the same two guys holding up the divisions.
Rob Massicotte
Rob Massicotte Місяць тому
DC is the best at this stuff!! I could watch do this and call fights every fight!
AcidGlow Місяць тому
*Definitely want to see Jan vs Jones now* ✅🙂
What blood, Diago wanted out of that fight. He used to be a crazy warrior, now he's just crazy, sad end
mxamiss5 Місяць тому
John Dodson didn’t get KO that was so early
Shantz Benjiii Frank Lucas
Shantz Benjiii Frank Lucas Місяць тому
DC is a living legend 👑
1978RW Місяць тому
The Metal
The Metal Місяць тому
That bromance moment at the end💯
MaxFreestyle Місяць тому
What song did Corey Anderson walk out to?
johnny cena
johnny cena Місяць тому
DC is looking 300 pounds hope he destroys Stipe in the rematch and retires after that.
pomme melon
pomme melon Місяць тому
Jon vs DC 3
Fabo Andolini
Fabo Andolini Місяць тому
Imo poo poo pee pee DIARRHEA
Outtastate javie
Outtastate javie Місяць тому
Hey look it's Daniel cormier
Jesus Martinez
Jesus Martinez Місяць тому
A Lil tipsy ehh 😂 lol
Action 2.0
Action 2.0 Місяць тому
Tony v Khabib, Yes Please! Cant come soon enough!
Sameer Huq
Sameer Huq Місяць тому
for every one dc and jon jones ended the beef
Dario Castaneda
Dario Castaneda Місяць тому
I think DC is now a better than joe. More objetive.
James Barker
James Barker Місяць тому
Someone should tell Brendan the NZ is even further away than Australia 4:54
Kevin Buchanan
Kevin Buchanan Місяць тому
Why is this big goofy guy commenting with DC? It's weird
avfr Місяць тому
sucks to see a genuine guy like corey lose an important fight
Supra Sport
Supra Sport Місяць тому
I like DC😺
Jimmy Taylor
Jimmy Taylor Місяць тому
Jones gonna choke dat dude out
Kyle Loesch
Kyle Loesch Місяць тому
The other broadcaster with DC is absolutely horrible!!! Bring someone else please!!!!
D C Місяць тому
Corey was robbed
Luciano Oliveira
Luciano Oliveira Місяць тому
Daniel is awesome One of the best for sure Please fight Jones at heavy weight 🌝
Deqa Nur
Deqa Nur Місяць тому
Literally walked in to the punch
Luke Price
Luke Price Місяць тому
What the heck? Light Heavyweight was a snooze fest and all of a sudden I can't wait for this division to keep it coming.
Jace Tomorrow
Jace Tomorrow Місяць тому
It’s great to see Jon and dc not. Going it one another and show respect to one another really nice to see for Jon to say he respect dc and hops he can do what dc as done ✅ just great 👍
Corey Riggs
Corey Riggs Місяць тому
Reyes is the peoples champ IGAF He beat Jon
Gary Stephens
Gary Stephens Місяць тому
I still think Walker is probably the guy. He was caught sneakily against Corey and should be able to get that fight back, but we'll see.
Iso Joe
Iso Joe Місяць тому
humblewarrior Місяць тому
Jan or Stipe should be next
Iso Joe
Iso Joe Місяць тому
Bruh Cormier is a GREAT commentator.
uncle_creepy27 Місяць тому
coriander son
samuel chandonnet
samuel chandonnet Місяць тому
man i wish stephen a smith would be doing more of these recaps
evil5150 Місяць тому
Legalize grounded knees. PRIDE forever
david r macri
david r macri Місяць тому
Diego knew he wouldn't win, otherwise he would of let the fight continue. True?
Shadows Fall Studios
Shadows Fall Studios Місяць тому
Brok weaver gets knocked out, wants to keep fighting, Diego gets hit wants to quit and get a cheap win smh
Jake Equality
Jake Equality Місяць тому
I know that other guy worried about DC eye poking him....
Ariel Domínguez
Ariel Domínguez Місяць тому
Corey had winning chances...then the fight started.
Cleven Legrand
Cleven Legrand Місяць тому
Jesus Christ, Not Again. They are already starting off with that let Dominick Reyes beat someone else and then give him a rematch. Why not make the rematch now and then the person who wins will fight Blachowicz. Why putting the rematch at risking by making Reyes and Jones fight other people like they were two invincible forces. Reyes could very well lose his next fight by being too full of himself after that fight with Jones just like Gustaffson got KOed by Anthony, and on the other hand, Jones is on the decline, he is at the stage where he could lose at any given moment just like Anderson like lost to Weidman. All of that could happen and spoil the potential rematch, and then we will not get to see Jones vs Reyes 2 or at least for another 3 to 4 years.
Mac Z
Mac Z Місяць тому
Good to see Jon's and DC showing respect for each other
Nichapa Thomas
Nichapa Thomas Місяць тому
Comon man DC is such a Legend! He seems a cool, goofy and an unassuming guy but an absolute fighting beast. Respect from UK.
Flex TheKid
Flex TheKid Місяць тому
Jones' chin been getting touched lately. Jan finna TKO him calling it
Newfie-Dean Місяць тому
The only person next for Jon Jones is champion Dominick Reyes!
Captain Chaos
Captain Chaos Місяць тому
Lol glad that weirdo got knocked out
loyaxe Місяць тому
Thiago Silva is a black horse in this game He will comeback, we all know he knocked out BlachowicZ
Mike B
Mike B Місяць тому
Reyes should be getting a rematch. That’s the fight to make....again.
Pato Hardoy
Pato Hardoy Місяць тому
DC is such a good comentator. Classy!!!
qk jack
qk jack Місяць тому
5:49 DC's face when the Tony Khabib fight is mentioned
Ada Phillips
Ada Phillips Місяць тому
Why are they saying is he next for Jones? When Reyes is next?
Ron Tungol
Ron Tungol Місяць тому
Dc can't decide whether to look at the camera or the dude lmao
Ron Tungol
Ron Tungol Місяць тому
I see DC's face... I click that simple
Famous internet youtube celery
Famous internet youtube celery Місяць тому
Tony Fergeson the type of guy to knee himself in the face to get that DQ win.
Austin Місяць тому
Santos vs Reyes vs the winner of jones and Jan
natnut2008 Місяць тому
Wonder how SAS and Cormier would get along as co-commentators.
james velasquez
james velasquez Місяць тому
I could care less about Jones vs Blachowicz. Let Jan fight Volkan, and give us JONES vs REYES 2 ffs. Let us fans to enjoy the rematch of great fight.
Markus Mahadeo
Markus Mahadeo Місяць тому
Reyes lost move on he should fight a high ranked oppenent before he fights jon again
FFrost Місяць тому
DC should be next for jon jones
brian6speed Місяць тому
Jan is a Beast
Tyler Hussin
Tyler Hussin Місяць тому
Lets be real... Diego Sanchez suuuucks! He knows how to ACT confident but he was ACTUALLY confident.
Tyler Hussin
Tyler Hussin Місяць тому
Why was the word emphatic used soooo many times tonight???
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