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You asked for it so here it is. Thank you all so much for watching!
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Artist who made this possible:
My God Tier Animator: Nathan Wheeler aka Fantishow
Amazing Additional Animation: Sean Glaze
My Amazing Background artist: Davecavedraws
My Beautiful Sound Engineer: Justin Greger
The Muse that help me with my music: Samuel Long
The Outstanding Special Effects Artist: Molly Wright



28 чер 2020





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MeatCanyon 5 днів тому
I hope you all enjoyed this being snuck into the million sub thank you video. I’m not to big on making sequels, but I thought this would be fun to make for such an occasion. Thank you all for the support and I look forward to making more videos for ya! Hugs and kisses. -papa meat
JakePlaysGames 32 хвилини тому
I wish we had a SERIES on this
Jayelen Williams
Jayelen Williams 3 години тому
Jawbreaker 3
jam92es 3 години тому
I think this was essential. The first wasn't very substantive.
Hidden Temple Studios
Hidden Temple Studios 5 годин тому
I love your work but that was underwhelming.
James Kelly
James Kelly 6 годин тому
This was the best sequel ever. I was waiting for this
Peyton Caplinger
Peyton Caplinger 36 секунд тому
Did they just look at him for 7 months?
Gary Breedlove
Gary Breedlove 5 хвилин тому
Someone show this to danny antinucci
JayCzzzYa 13 хвилин тому
Gives new meaning to Jawbreakers
Wizard Clip Audio
Wizard Clip Audio 25 хвилин тому
Man, it’s really annoying how UKvid moved the comment section.
Krueger xxx
Krueger xxx 34 хвилини тому
Do a part 3
Afterayy 39 хвилин тому
Am I the only one that loves when he says: “Open your eyes Kevin”
Isaac D
Isaac D 43 хвилини тому
The audio is soooo gooodd
JayMello Productions
JayMello Productions 46 хвилин тому
This honestly needs to be a 30-minute episode. It's so good and cringe-worthy and disturbing
JayMello Productions
JayMello Productions 48 хвилин тому
thenamesed 53 хвилини тому
There was always a theory about the shows characters being stuck in purgatory and this animation proves it. Lol
El Capitán
El Capitán 55 хвилин тому
Bruhh I just ate
Rain 56 хвилин тому
The taste of retribution sure tastes mighty fine
Thomas V
Thomas V Годину тому
Retribution also happens to be Japan flavored as well, like the many jawbreakers before it...
Helix The Cunt
Helix The Cunt Годину тому
I always knew Ed, Edd n' Eddy would be better with blood, gore and both Sarah and Jimmy dead lmao
Marcus Hanna
Marcus Hanna Годину тому
Absurd. I like it!
Stormcloak Shreds
Stormcloak Shreds Годину тому
Eddy: Ed, Bring me his jaw! Rolf: The burden of hospitality is to great for Ro-!
Nelson Leiva
Nelson Leiva Годину тому
Very niiiice. I like!!!
Veggie Shield
Veggie Shield Годину тому
That's enough internet for tonight
Joana Aylward
Joana Aylward 59 хвилин тому
King Of Lancelot
King Of Lancelot Годину тому
How does ripping the bottom jaw off of someone kills them?
Joana Aylward
Joana Aylward 56 хвилин тому
Loss of blood..yikes 😱
m16 Годину тому
A great finally for such a short bit
Chadric A
Chadric A Годину тому
When A24 flims produces Ed, edd, n eddy.
galaxy 719
galaxy 719 Годину тому
what.. what bout the kanker sisters
nahuel garcia
nahuel garcia Годину тому
This video is creepy as hell, but in the same time dat voice is so comfortable, it's a curius combination.
David Simonovic
David Simonovic 2 години тому
for those who are confused, watch the first part, which will also get you confused but its okay, silence now
Hesham Hany
Hesham Hany 2 години тому
You make lovecraft mythos look like looney toons
David Simonovic
David Simonovic 2 години тому
I dont search ASMR no more, I just search MeatCanyon
The king 2020
The king 2020 2 години тому
What’s the original show called
Bufu 102
Bufu 102 Годину тому
Ed, Edd, and Eddy
arreolaa2010 2 години тому
What the hell!
Mystic 2 години тому
Imagine if they made a anime
Quin es El Patron
Quin es El Patron 2 години тому
Kylo Ren?!
JX99 2 години тому
Eddie voice in this is godly
RealMetalGaming 2 години тому
Written and Directed by: Ari Aster
Tony Smells
Tony Smells 2 години тому
His voice is very soothing
Lily W
Lily W 2 години тому
Can you do a Tati cartoon? 😭😂
Theo Morrison
Theo Morrison 2 години тому
Oh god
tom jerry
tom jerry 2 години тому
this is a random comment but I heard the naughty bear spotting sound effect from the game when eddy was showing the jawbreaker and I thought it was very good how you use different sound effects to make the theme
Ocean Planet
Ocean Planet 2 години тому
Soooo.......gna do spin off eps of how that catch the others Orr......?
cjwinners21 2 години тому
hgdge 2 години тому
I like to imagine kevin is a cop or politician
Peracardium 1435
Peracardium 1435 3 години тому
why is the jaw breaking sound @ 1:57 & 2:09 satisfying?
NoahMKE 3 години тому
“Ed, bring me his jaw” holy fuck!
NoahMKE 3 години тому
We he put the jawbreaker in his mouth and you saw the flash of 25 cents. This guy needs to animate movies.
Youtube Instinctz V.2
Youtube Instinctz V.2 3 години тому
I feel bad for the camera man.
can we get yo 10k subscribers with no videos?
UKvid: see video Also youtube: I think I'll put you in the kids sections
Cheese Man
Cheese Man 3 години тому
Am i the only one who sometimes hide what i watch because its too weird for anyone else around me to understand... But its too good to stop watching 😂😂
Shannon Dobbs
Shannon Dobbs 3 години тому
My girlfriend was scard for life because of this its scary so i give it an Aplus
arodr059 [Lexi]
arodr059 [Lexi] 3 години тому
Mom please come pick me up, I'm scared
fernando urena
fernando urena 4 години тому
this is what would happen if the guys from the neighborhood had not forgiven the eds for their scams...
t3r3z1pyrop3 4 години тому
I would genuinely love to see you work on a tv show or something. You have so much ability to create the most intense atmospheres of any shorts I've ever seen. You have serious talent dude
TheUnknownFox 4 години тому
This is something you could find in the darkweb tbh.
bilij pdan
bilij pdan 4 години тому
Imagine having kids and putting them onto Ed, Edd n Eddy to end up telling them this is how it ends
bilij pdan
bilij pdan 4 години тому
Rolf do not deserve that, he was cool with them
Kyle Love
Kyle Love 4 години тому
What happens next
Strawberry Jam
Strawberry Jam 4 години тому
Yikes lol
Takahiro Owo
Takahiro Owo 5 годин тому
Kevin got what he deserved.
Tyke Garou
Tyke Garou 5 годин тому
This gives me astartes vibes. If only there was a person willing to go far enough
DarkShin Uchiha0978
DarkShin Uchiha0978 5 годин тому
I have experienced something far more greater
oof n
oof n 5 годин тому
awesome I love This This is art to my jaw
RinsibleRelic 5 годин тому
Meatcanyon needs to do a frosty the snowman parody
Yoshimitsu Sama
Yoshimitsu Sama 5 годин тому
When Ed, Edd ‘n Eddy decided to worship lovecraftian entities. This is honestly really well done horror.
bob rock
bob rock 5 годин тому
What about the kanker sisters?
a red neck hunting down justin Y
a red neck hunting down justin Y 5 годин тому
is this hell
Spongeboy0 5 годин тому
How are they killing people who are already dead?
Jaden Prod.
Jaden Prod. 5 годин тому
Ok his jaw being ripped apart wasn't as bad as I thought
Hobo Workforce Union
Hobo Workforce Union 5 годин тому
How about a *JAWBREAKER 3* perhaps?🤔😁
Camryn’s Content
Camryn’s Content 5 годин тому
You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to see this perfection.
TA3_ UNKNOWNN 5 годин тому
Wow B
Wow B 5 годин тому
I never get tired of seeing double D’s face
Elfo 5 годин тому
Rolf do not deserve that, he was cool with them
Craiu Daniel
Craiu Daniel 5 годин тому
Just imagine playing the Eddy's voice actor in Saw, the Jigsaw.
Secret Code
Secret Code 5 годин тому
hey Meatcanyon what kind of audio setup do you use (mic/audio interface/software) just curious
Matthew Porter
Matthew Porter 5 годин тому
I’m so damn scared bro
tError4O4 5 годин тому
This has gotten too political.
Ben Chode
Ben Chode 6 годин тому
Yo @meatcanyon I would to recommend you making a duck dynasty skit please
William Washington
William Washington 6 годин тому
You guys should help studios make horror films, new horror films are not scary at all but this... well done
Delonte Smith
Delonte Smith 6 годин тому
jeanpaul theoneandonly
jeanpaul theoneandonly 6 годин тому
I was so creeped put by all of this until eddy pulled out the jawbreaker and i just cried laughing. this is perfection
Michael Placzek
Michael Placzek 6 годин тому
This is the unofficially the last episode of Ed, Edd n Eddy
ThatBoi _Nugget
ThatBoi _Nugget 6 годин тому
Imagine eddy saying “open your eyes Kevin” in your ears. (Goosebumps)
AWESOMEPIEMAN 21 6 годин тому
This was beyond disturbing
JAWBREAKER - (ed edd n eddy parody)
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