*JESUS* HELPS ME WIN Fortnite Battle Royale

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praise be
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Mr savage Sa dude
Mr savage Sa dude Хвилина тому
Sorry lazarbeam but your a bot
Andrew Zachry
Andrew Zachry Годину тому
am i the only one disturbed by the gagging sounds
Manuel Lopez
Manuel Lopez 4 години тому
2020 is the worst there’s a thing called coronavirus that has no cure
Andrew Zachry
Andrew Zachry Годину тому
not true
Mati Marlis
Mati Marlis 7 годин тому
Is anyone else watching this in 2020
Isaiah Gonzales
Isaiah Gonzales 7 годин тому
how did you shoot through that wall??????
Brenden Stahl
Brenden Stahl 9 годин тому
NO YOUR WRONG Jesus loves kids
Team ShadoW
Team ShadoW 11 годин тому
10:21 hes hacking he has esp!
Nicola Fellows
Nicola Fellows 12 годин тому
Yeet yeet I used your fortnite code in the item shop
Landyn Pettry
Landyn Pettry 13 годин тому
anybody els see him shoot trough the build
Pastor Itz_ology
Pastor Itz_ology 14 годин тому
a m e n
Harry Kerfoot
Harry Kerfoot 14 годин тому
RIP tillted
Jonathan Strickland
Jonathan Strickland 17 годин тому
You’re bad at the game
toni cole
toni cole 17 годин тому
Jeesas jees posy
Eddie Fredericks
Eddie Fredericks 18 годин тому
PLAY doom eternal
Omran Berwari
Omran Berwari 18 годин тому
You are 😂 funny
Evan Burch
Evan Burch 18 годин тому
Same As ra Tome
Boston Hamilton
Boston Hamilton 19 годин тому
My sister is named Zoey
KillerMvPX 20 годин тому
The Chilli Project
The Chilli Project 22 години тому
everyone watching in 2019: OMG HACKER HE SHOT THROUGH THE FLOOR me watching in 2020: no his head was poking and that makes it trans parent]
Cathie Obrien
Cathie Obrien 22 години тому
I think might go to hell stop talking mean and smack
Zupa. 23 години тому
dat ass
Cynthia Huerta
Cynthia Huerta День тому
You shot though the floor 🤯
Ace_Beast День тому
this video was uploaded on my bithday
Prince Moso
Prince Moso День тому
Why are you joking jesus because his the inly one that can save us from corona
Ruben Ornelas
Ruben Ornelas День тому
Get demonetized
Grayden Pieper
Grayden Pieper День тому
Mr.Beast giving 100,000 dollars to a homeless person LazarBeam pays 5 dollars to get 3 drop locations from Jesus
linfu День тому
12:07 dam the shotgun ammo looking kinda sexi
Andrew Zachry
Andrew Zachry Годину тому
Kelly T
Kelly T День тому
5:54 Streamer btw😂
Anita Snyder
Anita Snyder День тому
Its not wierd to like a fortnite skin
Jayden Mendez
Jayden Mendez День тому
Did he have wall hacks 10:20
why you bully me
why you bully me День тому
Who else is watching in 2020 Old lazar is way better than nowadays
SplatMaster99 День тому
comment what year you are watching in im watching in 2020
Dr Slurp148
Dr Slurp148 День тому
“Sky man”
Hudson Barker
Hudson Barker День тому
I'm wife has a good chance of getting cvid19JK I'm 9 stope
Kerim Duzgun
Kerim Duzgun День тому
5:49 the holyy hand grenade of antioch
Byron Leachman
Byron Leachman День тому
5:52 i love monty python
RVNG Glitch
RVNG Glitch День тому
The first time LazarBeam wears a soccer skin
San Sok
San Sok День тому
Tilted towers? You won’t do it PVSSY (I don’t know did someone used this comment first but I can’t see yet so I decided to use it )
Tripletz Rock
Tripletz Rock День тому
S s Soccer skin
Beat-Da-Meat-Saber Man
Beat-Da-Meat-Saber Man День тому
Barbie with a shotgun
Bobby Fairminer
Bobby Fairminer День тому
I watch this video so many times and I never get bored of it,it’s the best!!
Vedzy Ps4
Vedzy Ps4 2 дні тому
You are my favourite you tuber when I grow up I wanna be just like you
Bryce Durham
Bryce Durham 2 дні тому
Whos watching while being quarantined
Andrew Zachry
Andrew Zachry Годину тому
Jay Derrick
Jay Derrick 2 дні тому
It looks like when lazarbeam look at the green screen make him look atthe characters butt
Benjamen Russler
Benjamen Russler 2 дні тому
How DARE, you even use a Star Wars meme! Also, nice wings!👍👍👍
edgor poe
edgor poe 2 дні тому
The holy hand grenade of Antioch is a reference to the funniest movie, Monty Python and the Holy Grail
21 Immortal
21 Immortal 2 дні тому
The good old days when laserbeam did actual good Fortnite videos
The Main men
The Main men 2 дні тому
06:16 tho
king wzfzw
king wzfzw 2 дні тому
Dawn.whiteley Whiteley
Dawn.whiteley Whiteley 2 дні тому
He's a hacker he killed that default through the wall like if you saw it
Nathan Roberts
Nathan Roberts 2 дні тому
That was not cool
L Phelps
L Phelps 2 дні тому
Reed the Bible
Noah Penaloza
Noah Penaloza 2 дні тому
Who remembers when lazarbeam still did Fortnite videos
Ryan Gaming
Ryan Gaming 2 дні тому
Het im watching this is 2020 and ur still an bot
sNiPeS for_ Dayz
sNiPeS for_ Dayz 2 дні тому
69 ammo and a double pump
123416spaceman 2 дні тому
I get scared every time I watch this video
PlaugeDoctor 2 дні тому
Me:prays 24/7 still goes to hell Lazarbeam:goes to haven becuase he got vic roy
FaZe Clan NL
FaZe Clan NL 2 дні тому
Try a friekandel. ITS REALLY DELICIOUS!!!!!
Tom Schwazengger
Tom Schwazengger 2 дні тому
2:54 ww3 confirmed
jace burnett31
jace burnett31 2 дні тому
Who els thought he was aimboting when the floor was phased
Rudi Bergh
Rudi Bergh 2 дні тому
6 0:6 0
Crafty Critter
Crafty Critter 2 дні тому
Stop I go to church🙏
Ryhan Mathew
Ryhan Mathew 3 дні тому
U r a piece of shit u r trying to make fun of god
Alfie Domville
Alfie Domville 3 дні тому
We're bloody legend
Alfie Domville
Alfie Domville 3 дні тому
He called you that
Otgo fvr
Otgo fvr 3 дні тому
Why is jarvis banned and not lannan
Pei shan
Pei shan 3 дні тому
0.50 I laughed
Reptile Daily
Reptile Daily 3 дні тому
So what about the kids in Africa that don’t have internet and can’t get a victory royal do they all go to hell?
Parker’s Not here
Parker’s Not here 3 дні тому
Lazarbeam belongs in the best part of heaven
Caleb Simpson
Caleb Simpson 3 дні тому
10:18 I lazarbeam hacking and shooting through walls lol
Mrleafninja81 3 дні тому
You just don’t understand
Gerardo Ortega
Gerardo Ortega 3 дні тому
Anybody saw he shot threw a wall at 10:20 - 10:22
xXw0lF 3 дні тому
0:39 I’m freakin dead 😂
Atlas Carr
Atlas Carr 3 дні тому
lazarbeam is amazing
Mason Skaurud
Mason Skaurud 3 дні тому
Wow he would never think there will be helicopters
Raymond Turner
Raymond Turner 3 дні тому
is anyone watching this in chapter 2 season 2
Parallel Vapox
Parallel Vapox 3 дні тому
Well lazar is getting banned 😂
Laura Donnelly
Laura Donnelly 3 дні тому
Chace Sun
Chace Sun 3 дні тому
Ya I’m Christian but this video was extremely funny so I didn’t really care
wolf gang
wolf gang 3 дні тому
How about you could cover the water in loot lake now it is called loot🤣🤣🤣🤣
wolf gang
wolf gang 3 дні тому
I just put this on here because you land it loot lake and it would be funny
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