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Celebrity jeweler Trax (Maksud Agadjani) knows his grillz. Join him as he breaks down and critiques the grillz of some of today's biggest rappers, including Kanye West, Lil Yachty, Quavo, Lil Wayne, Paul Wall, Trippie Redd, Riff Raff, Pharrell Williams, Travis Scott and Young M.A.
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Jewelry Expert Critiques Rappers' Grillz | Fine Points | GQ




11 чер 2019

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Fight me.
Fight me. 3 хвилини тому
Sometimes I wanna blow up and act like I don’t know nobody
Henna 11 хвилин тому
I just wanted to see DaBaby
Shane Kaibney
Shane Kaibney Годину тому
There's no way I'm the only one who thinks grillz are pointless
Richmond-Williams Lakeisha
Richmond-Williams Lakeisha Годину тому
I got my grill at the mall
Ronnie Milsap
Ronnie Milsap Годину тому
The Best Grill is no Grill.
Dino Dino
Dino Dino 2 години тому
7:18 😂 We like to keep “ THESE PEOPLE” as customers 😂😂😂 and u know what he means by “these people” ..... BLACKS
Marjarie Skinner
Marjarie Skinner 2 години тому
Trippie Redd...omg!
tay madz
tay madz 3 години тому
left out badgalriri
Logarhythmic 4 години тому
"Back in the nineties, jewelry was in its infancy" Pretty sure people have been wearing jewelry since at LEAST 1980.
DJ O117
DJ O117 4 години тому
Ayee Lil Yachty got 6ix9ine’s Grillz😎
Ourania Eirini
Ourania Eirini 4 години тому
What a bloody waste of money these vain idiots get up yo. Plonkers.
Tony Gramz
Tony Gramz 4 години тому
Wayne grill is permanent tho so it's definitely the original
Sandra A QUEEN
Sandra A QUEEN 5 годин тому
I'm having mine done in the dirty South. The man explaining has more 💲💲💲 than the rappers and look so modest.
klipser66 5 годин тому
Let me do it in shorter version... Anyone with grills looks like a complete idiot. There you go
Alan Moore
Alan Moore 5 годин тому
My main goal is to blow up
Typhoon 5 годин тому
lmao why did they use that pic of travis
iatofts ok
iatofts ok 6 годин тому
Wayne started the trend, only difference is his diamonds are permanent, where as the others can remove there’s at any given time
imTrixWizzKnowIt 6 годин тому
and why is he orange around his eyes
imTrixWizzKnowIt 6 годин тому
people be havin fake teeth worth more than my house..
Ren 6 годин тому
Hardyfly 7 годин тому
My main goal is to blow up and act like I don't know nobody CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP🦈🦈
Tighe Basso
Tighe Basso 8 годин тому
wheres 69 bro he has dem rainbow teeth
Jeffrey Chan
Jeffrey Chan 8 годин тому
When the rappers are not hot and poor. Pawn those teeth . Haha
Daryl Revok
Daryl Revok 10 годин тому
This is one of the many reasons why humanity is not going to last much longer...
engineer11 6 годин тому
Cultural marxism at its finest
You Take the Moon And She Took the kids
Such a waste of resources lmao, but so cool to know the process
Emmie 11 годин тому
Was looking forward to the critique, too bad there isn't any
ViNNiE KLuTcH 11 годин тому
Who said it?? “Princess cuts, invisible settings Planning the world's greatest diamond heist playin a tune by Otis Redding.”
Aircraft vlog
Aircraft vlog 11 годин тому
Most of em aren’t even rappers. They’re just “rappers” or crap
Kor M
Kor M 12 годин тому
why would people willingly want to look that ridiculous.
mohammad reza zahedi
mohammad reza zahedi 12 годин тому
7:20 for him or for her, i’m a little bit confused here??
blake j
blake j 12 годин тому
Anyone else thinking about what happens when trippie red bites his tongue???
UFC1 12 годин тому
Whys Tony Ferguson critiquing grills?
Bloodmoney824 K
Bloodmoney824 K 13 годин тому
Shoulda had zilla on here
The Uber Successful
The Uber Successful 13 годин тому
Grills are such a waste of money. Other nations already envy us for our Hollywood smile. Why add noninvestments
Raul Mendez
Raul Mendez 14 годин тому
Mayne and who is you? If you aint TV Johnny you aint got no business talkin grillz.
Andrew Esteves
Andrew Esteves 14 годин тому
What about 69's grill? It's high quality plastic. Very beautiful, just dont bite down in it.
Neiji San
Neiji San 14 годин тому
Pay million for your Teeth.. But still looks ugly..
Cute Unicorn
Cute Unicorn 15 годин тому
Lil Wayne unlike these other rappers lol Wayne can’t take his grills off there permanent
Melvin Werngren
Melvin Werngren 16 годин тому
How would you crack your thooth with a Diamond if you have grillz on?
Zay Jay
Zay Jay 19 годин тому
You can tell he know what hes talking about the diamonds falling out (Look at my mans teeth)
Rob Teer
Rob Teer 19 годин тому
Lets spend a fortune to look like an idiot! Why not just tattoo your face ........wait....you do that too! Why not cut your nose to spite your face?
Haruka Izanami
Haruka Izanami 20 годин тому
Beautiful grill person wearing it not so much
Wavy_ Manny YT
Wavy_ Manny YT 20 годин тому
Was anyone waiting for 69😂
Stoyan Milanov
Stoyan Milanov 20 годин тому
Lil Jon
Definitely Robert
Definitely Robert 20 годин тому
All I heard was before Trippie Red there was Riff Raff
BabyCece 21 годину тому
He must been hella good at chemistry
Jake Grinwald
Jake Grinwald 21 годину тому
This guy is stupid.. dental gold is an amalgam of gold and mercury.. the mercury melts the gold and mixes as an alloy and hardens, mercury is toxic to your health so i dont see why hes worried about the copper in roase gold XD.. btw im also a jeweller.. he looks more like a salesman tbh.
eilish creates
eilish creates 21 годину тому
this dude is always on my instagram. his videos are so addicting 😭
stephanie elston
stephanie elston 21 годину тому
Where was Kevin gates????
Your Boi Mike
Your Boi Mike 21 годину тому
Is nobody else scared if you bite your toung with "Shark Teeth" !?!?!
SilentBob420BMFJ 22 години тому
6:00 You sure that's a grill? Looks like gold vaneers to me. I.e. those don't come off...
Daniel Roode
Daniel Roode 23 години тому
I feel like his credibility went down when he couldn’t even tell that Wayne has a permanent set in and he didn’t even bring it up
jayvon downey
jayvon downey День тому
What instrumental is that at 8:47
David Ames
David Ames День тому
what's wrong with your teeth?
Nomak The Cursed
Nomak The Cursed День тому
Soon people will put jewelry into their eyelids. Morons.
The Divine Spark
The Divine Spark День тому
Pale ppl and gold or diamond slugs just don't mesh well imo!
Fastlane racing co.
Fastlane racing co. День тому
Young M.A. got the best grill it's so icy
Alice Wong
Alice Wong День тому
Yo my cousin Vinny
Nuts День тому
Why no 6ixe9ine
Olive Cuadrado
Olive Cuadrado День тому
I have braces and my grills are pretty expensive too
K E L L Y B O Y День тому
Imagine the tooth fairy gettin those teeths
K E L L Y B O Y День тому
Dentist: you need to keep your smile bones white and clean Rappers:
Panda Gamer
Panda Gamer День тому
Talking about grillz my man need some brackets
Cream Vaniilla
Cream Vaniilla День тому
Imagine Trippie Red or Riff Raff accidentally biting there tougues with those grills.... 😬😬😵
Charlie O'Connor
Charlie O'Connor День тому
How you not know that lil Wayne's grills stay in, there his teeth!
Ciarah День тому
Not @ how his grill was made and looked the best
Emile Too gwapo
Emile Too gwapo День тому
he should have reviewed Zillakamki grills 😂
Molly Brown
Molly Brown День тому
I wanna blow up and act like I don’t know nobody Ahahahhagahahaga
Lani Jauregui-Hansen
Lani Jauregui-Hansen День тому
People might not like grills mainly because rappers wear them but they are part of the art. Same with personalised chains. The process of making them is really cool
FEROZSS День тому
I hate it, thanks.
Amani Arnold
Amani Arnold День тому
Who’s grillz was this guy holding tho?
A*r*M*y j00n
A*r*M*y j00n День тому
4:40 My main goal is to blow up and act like I don't know nobody Hahahahaha
Collaide День тому
Wait... Young MA is a chick?
Mikey Anderson
Mikey Anderson День тому
I molded a liver cheese sandwich to my back flaps
Grillz are ghetto and ugly, but their shiny 😂
PIP Kliff
PIP Kliff День тому
My main go is to blow up and to ack like ion know nobody eh ahahahhahah
Caylyn Hampton
Caylyn Hampton День тому
I was really hoping Meechy Darko would pop up 👀
carson nuhn
carson nuhn День тому
go sub to me i will sub back good video
PrincessPie1920 День тому
I’m surprised and kinda disappointed that they didn’t check out Nelly.
994523.1410127186 День тому
They're just pretty dentures
Tanaya Clark
Tanaya Clark День тому
Lil Wayne's hands scary asf😂🤢
Noah Manji
Noah Manji День тому
I got braces
John Goncalves
John Goncalves День тому
This guy tried to get fame off of 69
Hudson Jacobs
Hudson Jacobs День тому
Lol my grills are my braces
Ovan День тому
I got permanent Shark Teeth but now my girl wont let me eat her out...😬
Dakin Real
Dakin Real День тому
6:33 how to look ridiculous and be proud of it (not the jeweler)
bbwwe17 День тому
This drug addict can’t judge anything 😂
catarina F
catarina F День тому
I think only asap and young ma look decent lol
Robin Sterk
Robin Sterk День тому
I have to say Rocky's grillz are my favorite they're Clean and just classic
Kolby Smallwood
Kolby Smallwood День тому
Imagine biting your tongue with shark teeth
Yong MC
Yong MC День тому
Yuong MA is a girl 👧 wtf
Shad Chollack
Shad Chollack День тому
I'll say it trippie reddi is simply a strange looking MF.
Nitsy Tipsy
Nitsy Tipsy День тому
this guy is g eazy
Walt James
Walt James День тому
"These people"
every daytrick shots bo2
every daytrick shots bo2 День тому
what about 6six9ine
Stephan Pregler
Stephan Pregler День тому
What about 6ix9ine
K W День тому
Imagine cracking your tooth on a diamond
jonathon gross
jonathon gross День тому
keep selling crack so you can buy a grill lol
G1hs День тому
good luck eating
MAarshall День тому
I remember when rappers were known for their lyrics.
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