Jimmy Broke All of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Cigar Rules

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jimmy reminisce about the time they smoked cigars together.
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Jimmy Broke All of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Cigar Rules




25 чер 2015





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James Reddington
James Reddington 2 години тому
Thank god he didn’t decide to change genders too, my life would be over
Bob День тому
I always lick and slobber all over a big long..cigar.
R3DTHR3AT 2 дні тому
Zis iz vanderful
Gravity's Daughter
Gravity's Daughter 3 дні тому
Pow pow
Kassandra Garcia
Kassandra Garcia 3 дні тому
Who still watches the terminator?✋🏼
ryan gill
ryan gill 3 дні тому
God bless Arnold. I love that he used to dunk his groupies head first in the toilet
Jacqueline Morrison
Jacqueline Morrison 3 дні тому
Mike. We're. Are. You🌈
Eddie Wow
Eddie Wow 4 дні тому
His performance as governator beats the knucklehead in office right now. Cant hate the guy
Claudia Smeijsters
Claudia Smeijsters 5 днів тому
He still sas the jawline of a greek god even at his age of 72
slim pimpin
slim pimpin 5 днів тому
Jimmy's face at 22 -23 sec 😂😂😂😂😂 he thought he was gonna get a compliment instead got roasted at the highest degree Fahrenheit
Younus Rasool
Younus Rasool 5 днів тому
1:46 magic happens
AirlinersHD 5 днів тому
True legend.
Subscribe to PaymoneyWubby
Subscribe to PaymoneyWubby 6 днів тому
Arnold sucking some ghost dick in the thumbnail.
Michael Madrid
Michael Madrid 6 днів тому
When Arnold starts impersonating how Jimmy was licking the cigar 😂😂😂😂
kubel83 6 днів тому
Arnold has a great sense of humor.
Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith 6 днів тому
Jimmy is a fucking idiot. He isn't funny at all, just very disrespectful to all that go on his show.
rajkumar lakra
rajkumar lakra 6 днів тому
I am a simple boy I see arnod I hit like
Antares 6 днів тому
"They also brought back your movie career" That's what I call a third degree burn! 😂
spaboos06 6 днів тому
Lmao Jimmy got hurt by the movie career joke 😂😂
Dylan Clements
Dylan Clements 7 днів тому
It's funny How they make jimmys chair like 8 inches higher than the guests
DVS DON FPV 7 днів тому
Who's the 700 people that gave this a thumbs down they don't know what's funny they don't know how to laugh or they just stupid are they the ones that are so against smoking oh how dare it be funny how dare it be a laughing matter oh boy oh boy no way
SuperSaiyan3985 7 днів тому
sillieww 7 днів тому
I would give away one or both of my nuts to have a cigar with Arnie.
Heppoify 8 днів тому
mucho blahblah
Randall Flagg
Randall Flagg 8 днів тому
His a stud...he smokes where ever he wants to smoke..he doesn’t need to find a hiding place...LIKE YOU
Aquarius 3 дні тому
Mr Badman
Mr Badman 6 днів тому
Jim Canterak
Jim Canterak 6 днів тому
Who told you I have to hide? I only don't smoke in like, hospitals and shit out of pure decency.
huge creature
huge creature 7 днів тому
@The Fractured But Whole oh shit you grading comments out here you must be lonely asf
The Fractured But Whole
The Fractured But Whole 7 днів тому
@huge creature *you're
Jared Kitchen
Jared Kitchen 8 днів тому
Why would they use that thumbnail
Gerrit Ringling
Gerrit Ringling 8 днів тому
The number one dererant for your videos is surprisingly not the lack of quality content it's the 15 second fucking ads that play at the begining of each video
eddy badger
eddy badger 8 днів тому
Remember when Jimmy Fallon wasn't an institutor?
Heyits raksa
Heyits raksa 8 днів тому
I feel bad for the person whose job is to write the titles of these video
Christopher Clark
Christopher Clark 8 днів тому
This is like the only video where Jimmy doesn’t annoy the shit out of me.
neuroxik 9 днів тому
These Jon Hader deepfakes are getting really eerily close to the real thing
Marco Moreno
Marco Moreno 9 днів тому
Arnold is the man lol
Kingsears 99
Kingsears 99 9 днів тому
Don’t smoke kids
Mr Badman
Mr Badman 9 днів тому
go watch that one interview with arnold and his stogies
Sic Wit It
Sic Wit It 9 днів тому
The thumbnail looks like he's takin a hit of the pizzle
Simon C
Simon C 9 днів тому
Arnolds stole the show. Lol
Eduard Ritok
Eduard Ritok 9 днів тому
Black Panther
Black Panther 9 днів тому
0:21 shots fired from the terminator 😂😂😂😂
Andrew Norris
Andrew Norris 10 днів тому
Please like this video. I disliked it just to make it 666
STEEL8 10 днів тому
Arnold is so funny.😂.coolest person/celebrity ever!
josh leso
josh leso 10 днів тому
"Pow Pow"
Mystery of the Universe
Mystery of the Universe 12 днів тому
Arnold: don’t lick da cigaaaa Me: *takes a bite out of it * Arnold: *JeSUs MArGe WhAt tHe fUcK*
hashtag 13 днів тому
omg that impression is on spot
Dennis Rybka
Dennis Rybka 13 днів тому
He loves Greta 🤮
Raspas 21
Raspas 21 14 днів тому
Arnold is a legend.
Jorge Avila
Jorge Avila 14 днів тому
I love Arnold 💯
Basit Abbasi
Basit Abbasi 15 днів тому
Arnie is such a cool guy.
GodSlayer LP
GodSlayer LP 17 днів тому
Gaming Wave
Gaming Wave 18 днів тому
Everytime i watch jimmy talk its like ohk js kdk hdh kak hdhd it always feels like he is lost and don’t know what to do
GANTY1986 Gant
GANTY1986 Gant 20 днів тому
from the thumbnail it looks like arnie is demonstrating the perfect bj
Trueno-Milenio Pirotecnia
Trueno-Milenio Pirotecnia 20 днів тому
I cant stand moist cigars and cigarrettes. So I break Arnie's cigar rules aswell :D
Drawv 21 день тому
“I don’t need to find a hideout place like you ohoho”
Katallylos 23 дні тому
...and u came...and we smoked.... I like how he did not tell the embarressing part...right away...until Jimmy told first....:) Arnold and Sly...great men of old times...
lambomanv 24 дні тому
I love you Arnold❤️🔥👍
MGS 25 днів тому
Theron Hayden
Theron Hayden 26 днів тому
O could listen to Arnold talk about almost anything....that voice!
Preity Sidhu
Preity Sidhu 27 днів тому
You lick zee ceegaah
Preity Sidhu
Preity Sidhu 27 днів тому
Jimmy thought he was in the bedroom doing his regular thing. 🙊
NorwegianNightmare 27 днів тому
Love how both of them were ripping each other, thats how you can tell if people actually get along.
BoyOnCrack 29 днів тому
I don’t think Arnold did understand that fast English
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