Joe Rogan Experience #1555 - Alex Jones & Tim Dillon

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Tim Dillon is a standup comedian, actor, and host of the Tim Dillon Show. Alex Jones is a filmmaker, writer, and host of the Alex Jones Show. @The Tim Dillon Show



27 жов 2020





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Cameron Stockton
Cameron Stockton 12 хвилин тому
Anton linden
Anton linden 17 хвилин тому
This is the greatest podcast i have seen!
Felipe Díaz
Felipe Díaz 35 хвилин тому
Don't give Jones a drink again when talking hahaha
Lance 51 хвилина тому
Joe Rogan is so lost in this podcast it’s really really sad. I actually thought he was woke for a while
Lance Годину тому
Why can’t how rogan follow his parallel examples? Quit saying don’t go down that rabbit hole when his is just tying in an example Dear Lord
Mass Destruction
Mass Destruction Годину тому
I listen to Alex in the morning, and I can hear the fear in his voice because White supremacy is going bye bye. 😂
Lance Годину тому
This is why all demoncrats are the devil. Literally everything they say can be disproven
Kris H
Kris H Годину тому
Joe: Does buzz call you often? Alex: No he’s called me like 3 times Tim: Are you ever shocked? He’s like “Alex it’s Buzz Aldrin”
Brad Johnson
Brad Johnson Годину тому
Everybody was against drunk from the beginning including the FBI ,and the CIA.
Kris H
Kris H Годину тому
1:55:55 Jamie needs a ventilator
Vitor Frota
Vitor Frota 2 години тому
You see, I love laughing at huge conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones. But you know what the problem is? When they begin "talking science" they spill a bunch of garbage that sounds reasonable for the scientific illiterate. And that's when people start bluring the lines of what is real and what is bullshit. Jones says "it's clean coal" because it only produces water vapor and carbon dioxide. Yes, the burning of coal and carbon based fuels release water vapor and carbon dioxide as a subproduct; and yes, we do need carbon dioxide on the atmosphere to keep the planet habitable. But just because you need carbon dioxide on the atmosphere it doesn't mean "the more the better". Like, you need oxygen to breath, but if you pump a room full of oxygen that will actually kill you instead of making you live longer. Carbon dioxide traps long wave radiation from the sun (heat); if you increase carbon dioxide on the atmosphere you increase the amount of heat trapped in the atmosphere, that's why the planet gets warmer. It's not that hard to put this together and its backed up by scientific data and studies. Look, imagine that you have an X amount of carbon in the planet, and for the sake of argument Y is the amount of carbon on the earth (liquid, solid, etc) and Z in the atmosphere, so that Y + Z = X. If you burn carbon inside your car tank and it goes out of the pipe, where do you think it goes? Back to earth? You die if you stay in the garage with your car on (and I don't think no one will argue with that) because the car increases the amount of CO2 in the room, which makes you suffocate. So you take a bunch of carbon that was trapped inside the earth and throw it at the atmosphere...and you think this has NO repercution on the environment whatsoever? Well, why stop there? Methane gas is made out of carbon and hydrogen (CH4), and in fact there is a small concentration of methane in the atmosphere; so let's just throw a bunch of methane gas in the air and see what happens. After all, increasing the amount of a particular type of gas has no effect in the environment, right? So shut the fuck up, Jones. I'm just here to hear about the gay bomb.
Matthew Ip
Matthew Ip 3 години тому
The understood male historically admit because thunder noticeably strengthen inside a simplistic graphic. fragile, modern alibi
jon casavant
jon casavant 4 години тому
jon casavant
jon casavant 4 години тому
So what are we going to do?? Stand by and just keep on keeping on? I can’t be only person who knows what has to happen!! So ..........
Lil Susu
Lil Susu 4 години тому
these Guys gotta let Alex finish especially Joe
Huston No Problem
Huston No Problem 4 години тому
I called a few friends but couldn’t get ahold of anyone. Who wants to go BASE jumping tomorrow?
Huston No Problem
Huston No Problem 4 години тому
My farts are both factually and morally wrong
Huston No Problem
Huston No Problem 4 години тому
I guess between two ferns is a joke show. Call me a bozo but I guess I just feel you shouldn’t satirize some institutions
Huston No Problem
Huston No Problem 4 години тому
My farts are both factually and morally wrong
jon casavant
jon casavant 4 години тому
Hello, so we are sheep with blinders on bein led to slaughter ?!! Why ?? Isn’t it plain to see
Jay Mate
Jay Mate 5 годин тому
A smart man knows that he knows nothing
Dan M
Dan M 6 годин тому
25:00 I work in environmental regulation and I can categorically tell you Alex Jones is talking rubbish here. Blatant misrepresentation of facts because he hasn't actually researched any basic science - he's just presumed he knows already (even better than the scientists, who it turns out are just scared of big words) and got it completely wrong. He's the most dangerous kind of idiot... one who believes they're actually genius. We know another one of them don't we!
SoMeNaScArPiTmOnKeY #50NCWTS 6 годин тому
"No ones listening" 16m views later
Three Six Nine
Three Six Nine 7 годин тому
Stop listening to Joe Rogan. He sold out to the Rothschilds who use him as "controlled opposition" which means he will tell key lies mixed in with truth, intentionally withhold certain truths, and refuse to have certain whistleblowers on who have important truths to reveal (example, Corey Goode). Controlled opposition are known for telling you around 85-90% truth (to get your attention) but the 10-15% lies will be specifically designed to mislead you in important, consequential ways... Sending you down the wrong paths with your truth-seeking.
Lorrie Carrel
Lorrie Carrel 7 годин тому
It's election night,I guess they are good and trashed by now lol
N N 8 годин тому
Joe should’ve been nicer to Alex
Bob Ross
Bob Ross 9 годин тому
24:25 LMAO what’s that like 5 fuckin times Joe had to ask Alex who said that quote? He dicks his way around answering the question and then Tim Dillon trying to save him from looking like an even bigger fraud/dumbass by saying some complete horseshit. Nice try to Alex and Tim on that one lmao this is hilarious already
John Martinez
John Martinez 10 годин тому
Joe acting like he got no idea about this stuff. Mean while his uncle is Anton lavea
ATL 11 годин тому
Joe, the only reasonable one.
Heather Lilly
Heather Lilly 13 годин тому
You guys should totally smoke refer during the podcast, then your throats could feel great all the time. Don't freebase on the show without a fire extinguisher. Stay safe🖖 Biden is an android. His smile is crooked and there a metal plate under his forehead.
woodbrosmusic 13 годин тому
Alex "I'm kind of retarded" Jones
richard lamb
richard lamb 13 годин тому
Not much fact checking discussion here . I’ll throw a couple out : 1) hurricanes are equally frequent but stronger than 100 years ago 2) there were more papers on global warming than global cooling (1963-1980) Anybody got a source that contradicts these points ? Alex may make some good points but I fear he speaks fast so that people can’t call him out I remember that in 1985 people seemingly only discussed global warming BUT I also remember talk of a burgeoning ice age and it would be great to get a few FACTS more about the science before the warming actually started ( it certainly is true there’s only been warming in the last 30 years , and that’s why they changed the name to “climate change” because there was no warming pre 1990 !)
Isaac Cardin
Isaac Cardin 14 годин тому
Alex "tracheostomy" Jones
SpiceBoy Og
SpiceBoy Og 14 годин тому
The return of the jones
ORION 15 годин тому
Is there a single podcast that Joe has done that he doesn’t mention apes ? 🦧
Luc de Vries
Luc de Vries 15 годин тому
These 3 people represent my desent into madness Joe : Naive but skeptical Tim : learned yet reasonable Jones : far gone but right
Novel Martinez
Novel Martinez 17 годин тому
Is it just me or does sound Ales Jones' voice like he swallowed a digeridoo ?
Markus gordon
Markus gordon 18 годин тому
Missing Louie and his comedy is Bill Buhr hit and miss not to worry listen to Alex Jones talking about the Republican retreat he snuck into and high up politicians and celebs sticking their fingers up others and well as themselves ass and trying to get with him because he was younger in shape and good looking is hands down the funniest words said this decade.
ButteryFilms.. 18 годин тому
Alex Jones is a fucking legend
Drew B.
Drew B. 19 годин тому
He said I’m not for nuclear but then said I’m for alternatives like fission or fusion... aka nuclear power 😂
Mr Trompas
Mr Trompas 20 годин тому
Joe is such a leftist now he’s way different , that 100 really changed him
RiGoR MoRtIs KuStOmZ
RiGoR MoRtIs KuStOmZ 20 годин тому
... I have a message for the world ... to the evil doers of the world If you do not repent now and turn to god the ark will be activated and the kingdom of God will arise!!!!! this is Gods warning !!!! You must obey thy ten commandments and it shall be law over any other law in the land I present my self as a witness to Gods testament o-
DV8 20 годин тому
Angeli said he has researched the secretive groups he believes control the world - Illuminati, Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg group, among others - and felt validated by finding Cooper mentioned them in his book.[ Behold a Pale Horse] Among Cooper’s targets was Alex Jones, then on a Texas radio station and public access television show. In his gravelly voice, Jones traded in conspiracies, but Cooper saw him making up his theories out of whole cloth, unlike Cooper’s well-researched tirades. Cooper went on the attack, saying Jones was a fraud CIA SPY.Cooper said during the broadcast. “Alex Jones, you are a bold-faced, stinking, rotten, little coward liar.” QUESTION 1,WHY Alex Jones still a live if he is not in CIA PAYROLL? 2,Why the Government needed to kill Cooper but not Alex Jones IF THEY WERE both in same boat telling the facts ? Jake Angeli said that Beacuse he was telling the ugly ture to the public the government needed to kill Cooper to silence him.
ปลุกTheBots 96
ปลุกTheBots 96 21 годину тому
If you decide your left or you are right. You are stupid. Intelligence is the ability to have multiple perspectives to make a decision. Always remain on the middle and do proper research which is not not mainstream I used to think Alex was crazy but I watch this and suspect that joe rogan is scared to agree but knows wha alex says makes sense
Don Tundra
Don Tundra 20 годин тому
Alex makes too much sense and tells the truth, that’s why he got banned. Long live Alex Jones!
Jason Obuck
Jason Obuck 23 години тому
"They smoke on the treadmill"
dick123 День тому
The Shill Experience.
Lewis Harris
Lewis Harris День тому
Alex: lets talk about it Joe: please
SorryN День тому
@2:43:58 did Alex Jones played CyberPunk?
AMR Production
AMR Production День тому
Painful podcast to listen to. Alex Jones clearly has his feelings hurt after Joe tells him he is not really welcome at the election night broadcast, and also it is cringeworthy to hear Joe's half-hearted attempts to revive the alien theory madness of the last Jones appearance.
N N 8 годин тому
Yeah joe was being a lil ehhh on this one to him 😢
elchasai День тому
omg why still give jones a platform?
Jose de Jesus Martinez
Jose de Jesus Martinez День тому
This never gets old. The entertainment value is unbelievable
Davina Test
Davina Test День тому
Poor Jamie must be frantic checking all these quotes and references.......what a job!
Henry Apfelbach
Henry Apfelbach День тому
On 9 August 2020, the Federal Ministry of Health, Sudan notified WHO of the detection of a circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 (cVDPV2) in the country. According to the notification, the virus is genetically-linked with Chad (sequencing results showed 12 to 19 nucleotide changes). Two Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP) cases were notified. Two cases? Groundbreaking. Later on in the article to avoid getting this type of polio the WHO recommends getting regular vaccine. And that is if you are traveling to these countries.
Henry Apfelbach
Henry Apfelbach День тому
Alex Jones knows as much about Mrna as he does about Sandy Hook
Henry Apfelbach
Henry Apfelbach День тому
Is it more likely that the democrats did this to make Trump look bad or is it more likely that the Right let this virus go to keep the minorities from voting since this virus is more deadly towards people of color? It was working and then the states wanted to go to mail in voting and who rallied hard against that? Explain which one of scenarios is more likely? Did the to right try to suppress the turnout and have it blow up in their face? Also, do you want to know how Jones is lying? He's speaking!!! Please talk about your being unstable Alex? You must have felt good about that when you were forced to testify. You can be right about all those other things and all you have to do is act like a crazy loon about children getting shot and you have to pay for those consequences. Joe Rogan you can have someone like this on but you have to be very careful and fact check the shit out of him. I applaud you for trying to do it but you were not on it enough to not have him sound like a mentally unstable person that he told the court he was. furthermore the crack smoking comedian was a joke to have on with him. If you want to make it legit you should have him on with a legit historian or scientist. Please post these so called "white papers".
Sling and Stone
Sling and Stone День тому
You should do a free speech month every year where you bring on guests who have been deplatformed
Yoroiful День тому
What's funny, is that youtube doesn't even autofill "alex jones" when you type it in the search bar, it only proposes alex honnold, berenson and alexander gustaffson. That's kind of messed up.
vicentiu fratoaica
vicentiu fratoaica 4 хвилини тому
if this person would go out in front of your house and started yelling what ever "ducked" up conspiracy comes to his paranoid mind, you would call the police on his ass... so it`s not messed up... what you don`t get is that some people should be held accountable for when they spread flat out lies! just like this character did for lots of years!
ปลุกTheBots 96
ปลุกTheBots 96 День тому
Can someone tell me how to get rid off the nanobots
Jedi День тому
47:15 Yeehaa brother
Antoniok Esparza
Antoniok Esparza День тому
Sarah C
Sarah C День тому
Joe Rogan will do/say/be anything for a paycheck. Supplements anyone?
RealThang Edwards
RealThang Edwards День тому
Joe's going to turn Texas into California... like a cancer..
RealThang Edwards
RealThang Edwards День тому
Alex needs to chill on the weed. Paranoid
RealThang Edwards
RealThang Edwards День тому
In the words of Ice Cube... if your scared, go to Church...
KW День тому
Dr Sebi rather use the term Carbon Based than Melanin!! Big Pharma strongly disliked herbalist like Dr Sebi
Ignatius Dipilato
Ignatius Dipilato День тому
The luxuriant cub overwhelmingly unite because macaroni reassuringly explode through a tearful violet. zesty, dramatic node
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute День тому
Where in the hell is The Timestamps Guy??
David Clark
David Clark День тому
Love Jordan Peterson also. "Brilliant" man.
David Clark
David Clark День тому
God I wish I was in this room. A devoted listener of Alex & Joe. A "real" fun dicussion. This is the what we need.
Cal CM
Cal CM День тому
Alex Jones wether right or wrong is a straight up crack head
Josh O
Josh O День тому
Joe needs to stop this "Centrist" fetish. He thinks by calling equal amounts of the left and the right shitty, he is somehow "unbiased". This is the same logic as affirmative action, by giving positions to people based on their skin colour, instead of merit. He is using this version of "centrism" in a "Spotify HR" manner - trying to appease as many people as possible, no matter how horrible they are. Democrats and Republicans both have problems, but currently Leftists are causing the most damage by every metric. This is only because Trump is at the head of the Republicans, so they are encouraged to follow his lead (despite many of them hating his guts) Yet guys like Trump and James O'Keefe are essentially doing God's work, but get as much blowback from Joe as Twitter. It's insanity. Trump may not be perfect, but he is the first President since JFK that has not accepted lobbyist money, and been working solely for it's people, and the benefit of the country. Jame's O'Keefe has released hundred of undercover investigations of corruption and Rogan says they are BS, when every time someone sues or writes an article about James' videos being false, James always is proven right and wins in court, and retractions always printed. Republicans (RINOs) hate Trump almost as much as Liberals do, and theyre all corrupt. Trump was trying to clean up Washington, which is a threat to every dirty politician. Those on the right who deserve critisism are anti-Trumpers, not legit superheroes like O'Keefe. A far as extremism in politics, we have White Nationalists (Far Right) and Progressives (Far Left). Both of these groups need to go immediately, and are the most dangerous. The White Nationalists are small fringe followings of Richard Spencer, which is denounced by Trump and the entire Republican Party & base. They can never muster a group more than 100 or so at a time, due to their small numbers. Progressives are an absolutely massive group, which dominates the millenial age group, who have already entered into politics. There are equal amounts of regular liberals as progressives in politics right now, and regular liberals are dying out, being replaced by more progressives. Kamala Harris, the potentially soon to be VP, is a progressive. These people are responsible for almost all the violent riots in the country and all the absurdity in the news. They are deeply misguided people who hate whites, straight people, and men. Out of these two groups, you would be foolish to focus on anything other than progressives, as they are the biggest threat to freedom and extremely powerful. In fact, their constant hate speech against "straight white males" has CAUSED the rise of white nationalists. White men who had low IQs, not low enough to join the progressives, but enough to be insulted yet not see the hypocrisy in their actions, have become white nationalists in retaliation. Get it together Joe. It's time for some introspection.
Scott Wright
Scott Wright День тому
Yeah, his drunkenness was deff annoying.
Douglas Dietz
Douglas Dietz День тому
have elon, alex , tim, and eddie bravo one podcast!!
The Odd Evener
The Odd Evener День тому
Love he is so convinced all of the news is true 😂”I did my research pull up cbs news “ such a joke it’s scary
PyrotechnicTutorials День тому
I generally like Joe, but this was awful. Alex needs far more fact checking and Joe failed to to it enough.
Jason Obuck
Jason Obuck День тому
We need another one of these post trump ban
GRIZZ LEE День тому
If Alex and Steve Cokely did a lecture , America as a corporation would end
Green Lion
Green Lion День тому
Every time I google what Alex Jones says and realize it’s true, is a real mind fuck.
G День тому
Pretty much everything Alex Jones talked about in this episode ended up becoming a reality...
J Cannon
J Cannon День тому
January 19th, all the democrats are hell bent on opening everything back up and rebuilding the economy despite rising numbers. There's your proof Joe.
Alyse Davis
Alyse Davis 2 дні тому
Love you Alex! The theory is Bill Gates innovating to zero within ten years, Google it on Ted talk. That’s why they created Covid...Too many people and too much expelled carbon that’s killing our planet.
Jun Zhang
Jun Zhang 2 дні тому
So Alex Jones want to talk about something he can prove and joe goes “this is why people get banned on internet.” But we have to accept there is more than 2 genders without questioning because it can hurt people’s feelings? Smh what a fucking clown I like joe Rogan a lot but you have let Alex Jones talk you stop him every 30 seconds. Let him fucking explain
Suddenly Simple
Suddenly Simple 2 дні тому
Alex Jones was just called out to be a traitor by Dr. Charlie Ward & a implant of the CIA
whatcha lookinat
whatcha lookinat 2 дні тому
2 million killed cos of covid
Jhon Luis
Jhon Luis 2 дні тому
Bernie for pres 2024
whatcha lookinat
whatcha lookinat 2 дні тому
How is this man this old and still doesnt understand how CO2 works in the atmosphere? He speaks a lot of facts but basic science escapes his mind.
Jhon Luis
Jhon Luis 2 дні тому
Alex is a bum
DLI THE BEST 2 дні тому
🇳🇱🇳🇱in here
DLI THE BEST 2 дні тому
This one is my favo UKvid video watch it once a week love it!
Josh O
Josh O 2 дні тому
Nick Ortiz
Nick Ortiz 2 дні тому
Alex Jones is actually telling the Truth, Holy $***
Tim 2 дні тому
1:44:03 LMAO
Kevin Ro
Kevin Ro 2 дні тому
1:01:00 wait what !!!!!!! Lmao
Alex Sho
Alex Sho 2 дні тому
This dude hahaha
Flora Childress
Flora Childress 2 дні тому
Gannon Lee
Gannon Lee 2 дні тому
"What are trees made out of?" "Uhhh...tree stuff?"
seahawk 2 дні тому
Guys, what I see as a person not living in the US, trouble with communism around the world. Its seems that China has big influence in Hollywood, Western politics, fabrication of everything, and is collaborating with the World Health Organisation to inforce a new age of control on the world. I dont see the US as a superpower anymore, because the US seems to be infiltrated with bad forces, you fight amongst yourselves because of the Biden Trump show, both these guys are not in place for your benefid. I don't trust any of them, mainstream media bullied Trump for 4 years, i saw that. Im not convinced he is not part of the whole show. Its biblical to me how crazy this all is, seeing the elections where Biden is just dementing and we all see it, Trump is using words of a child, its crazy. Russia and China are getting stronger because of this. Europe is more and more under control of China because of the lockdowns and rules for Corona, China rules over or with the WHO. You can see how the core of WHO leaders support China, act like China when it comes to Taiwan for example: ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-UlCYFh8U2xM.html&pbjreload=101 People, don't get yourselves riled up against each other, you and me are being fooled and the veil is slowly being removed.
ICY Yuna
ICY Yuna 2 дні тому
Was there only 3 alex jones podcasts? Why do I feel like there is 4
GETTHUGE Nun 2 дні тому
worse podcast ever you cant understand shit there acting like children
Max Simpson
Max Simpson 2 дні тому
Joe is so annoying in this podcast
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