Joe Rogan | Was Tarantino's Bruce Lee Scene Based on Real Life??

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Taken from JRE #1333 w/Tom Papa:



13 сер 2019





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Zombie Jesus
Zombie Jesus 2 дні тому
All the hyping up of Gene LeBell as this monster who could murk most men, made my radar go off. I immediately thought "This is way too over the top in praise, is Lebell Jewish or something?" and idk why. I checked if he was and yep turned out he was. Strange pattern with Joe
TheBlueRage 2 дні тому
Bruce Lee Wiki page: Lee began teaching martial arts in the United States in 1959. He called what he taught Jun Fan Gung Fu (literally Bruce Lee's Kung Fu). It was basically his approach to Wing Chun.[52] Lee taught friends he met in Seattle, starting with Judo practitioner Jesse Glover, who continued to teach some of Lee's early techniques. Taky Kimura became Lee's first Assistant Instructor and continued to teach his art and philosophy after Lee's death.[53] Lee opened his first martial arts school, named the Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute, in Seattle.
TheBlueRage 2 дні тому
8:00 Bruce Lee had sucker punched Gene, how would that have gone.
TheBlueRage 2 дні тому
7:30 BJJ was not the only art to revolutionize ground fighting. See this documentary on Luta Livre. Also, The Gracies Paternal lineage is from Scotland. ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-9uVmf6NXyFY.html
TheBlueRage 2 дні тому
Didn't a Chinese Kung Fu female fighter blasted a Brazilian in under a minute.
TheBlueRage 2 дні тому
Gene would not beat Bruce Lee bc of eye strikes and groin strikes. True that Bruce learned from Gene.
Chris Greene
Chris Greene 2 дні тому
Surprised you don't write or make a documentary on the martial arts
spiegel 3 дні тому
One thing not considered is what if it was a street fight and they could do moves not allowed in a sanctioned competition? So what if Bruce Lee were allowed to do eye pokes or a kick to the balls? With his insane speed I'm sure he could've landed them. Then once the person is temporarily blinded or subdued due to extreme pain he could do whatever he wanted to finish them off quickly (like a kick to the temple). As tough as Labelle was I doubt he would be immune to those things. Just a thought.
james flash ferris
james flash ferris 3 дні тому
So how come judo guys always get knocked out in mma
uafc1 День тому
Where are the kung fu guys in MMA? lol
james flash ferris
james flash ferris 3 дні тому
Joe rides gene lebbells nuts. Wtf. Gene has more bullshit stories than anyone I’ve ever heard He’s full of shit
slimturnpike 3 дні тому
Lo Wei, who directed Lee in The Big Boss and Fist of Fury, told the press that Lee was spoiled and arrogant, saying he acted as if everyone were beneath him. His biographer, Matthew Polly, said that off-screen Lee was a brash, trash-talking fighter prone to quarrels. "Bruce Lee was often a cocky, strutting braggart," Polly said in a recent interview about this scene. Was the scene inspired by a real-life incident with Lee? Yes, it was. During the Green Hornet days (same time frame as in this scene), Lee was pretty arrogant and boastful on sets, and around stuntmen in particular, until American martial artist, pro wrestler, and stuntman Gene LeBell picked Lee up and carried him around a set one day, and wouldn't let him down. He seemed to calm down after that.
Tommy Hutchinson
Tommy Hutchinson 3 дні тому
slimturnpike lol I bet Bruce lee was pissed
slimturnpike 3 дні тому
@Tommy Hutchinson Yep it did.
Tommy Hutchinson
Tommy Hutchinson 3 дні тому
slimturnpike really ? Are you being facetious ? That really happened ?
JERZEELOON 4 дні тому
There was a story that a extra or stuntman challenged Bruce Lee and they said Bruce Lee beat the crap out if him. It's hard to say if Bruce Lee was really as bad ass as they make him out to be. He was definitely an intelligent philosopher and Martial arts icon but people act like he could have beat anybody and there is no evidence to support it.
john mac
john mac 4 дні тому
That movie was.straight bullshit! Keep your eyes on any idiot that says other wise!
Janne-K 4 дні тому
i'll guarantee you that bruce lee never said "i'll fucking kill you"
Daniel Mulkey
Daniel Mulkey 4 дні тому
It’s a fictional version of Bruce lee?
Daniel J
Daniel J 4 дні тому
Hello freak bitches
The Nightrider
The Nightrider 4 дні тому
Joe "Gene LeBell would obliterate Bruce Lee's Brain in the ground" Rogan.
John Hughes
John Hughes 4 дні тому
Rogan is Judo Bias!
Stanislav Katkov
Stanislav Katkov 4 дні тому
Lol, do people understand that this movie is titled "Once upon a time..." The whole thing is that the story is almost like parallel reality which should be taken with a grain of salt.
Adrian Clark
Adrian Clark 4 дні тому
People who don't actually understand martial arts 😂😂 Bruce Lee was known for being the fastest and most powerful. If just one kick hits your jaw in the right place... you're going down like a sack of bricks, I don't care how big and strong you are. In a real fight Bruce Lee wouldn't have done anything flashy, his whole mantra was to take down an opponent as quick as possible (irl). His fights from before his fame were well documented. Guy was a monster.
Kagemusha08 4 дні тому
Anyways, there are stories that Lee could be very arrogant and dismissive towards other martial artists who practiced other styles. People need to stop being butthurt about a fucking movie scene.
Kagemusha08 4 дні тому
Lee fanboys who think that he could come and beat UFC fighters who weighed 30 pounds heavier than him probably though Ronda would beat top male bantamweights. He was a great martial artists, a great innovator and a cultural icon. But let's not pretend that he was the toughest fighter to ever live.
Shana Adams
Shana Adams 4 дні тому
Bruce Lee birthed UFC. He was the first to adopt that fighting style, so yeah will keep on being fan boys.
Rebel Alliance
Rebel Alliance 4 дні тому
Barton-Wright did MMA 100 years before Bruce Lee. Pugilism had holds and throws and was a MMA hundreds of years before Lee.
ex0duzz 4 дні тому
In sparring, sure. Bruce would not blind genes eyes or go for balls or kneecaps etc. But in real fight Bruce would take lebells kneecaps and eyes and balls out before lebell could ever grab Bruce. Even now people still don't know how effective low side/front kicks/oblique kicks are. If even mma fighters that can strike can't deal with it, lebell back in 70s ain't gonna deal with Bruce's kicks of all people. Lee trained purely do deal with bigger stronger gorilla guys. Or super tall Kareem Abdul jabbar types. Bruce did it all since he trained to kill, not for rules or to spar. That's why gene said Bruce would kill him when he put down, after he surprised Bruce and grabbed him and lifted him in the air. Bruce would know genes strength and danger, he would destroy gene if it was real fight, gene would not be able to grab him. It's Bruce Lee.. you think you can just walk through his low kicks/finger jab to eye combo? Then ball slap and Bruce would rear naked choke gene out himself after so he doesn't damage his hands/knuckles with strikes. He already trained judo with prof Wally jay, who was also judo or JJ black belt. If even gene says Bruce would kill him after he put him down, why would you doubt him? Gene isn't a striker, he's not going to be able to counter lees low level kicks and combos to be able to grab him. If he does he would lose eyes. And balls, then get choked out himself or just head smashed into the ground.
Kagemusha08 4 дні тому
"Even now people still don't know how effective low side/front kicks/oblique kicks are." If that were try then everyone would just copy Jon Jones and destroy their opponents legs at range. LeBell would have absorbed a painful kick or two so he could get ahold of Lee and Khabib him. Eyestrikes are of course effective but the legend that Bruce Lee could whoop the UFC heavyweight champion if he were allowed to do anything is fucking ridiculous. He didn't have extensive experience fighting high level competition PERIOD. I'm sure he could whoop some great guys back in his day but the level or training and competition back then compared with today is a whole nother level. Have you actually read the Tao of Jeet Kun Do? I have, it's a classic. But it's training methods are archaic compared with what top fight camps are doing today. Yeah, eye and groin strikes can make the difference, but they can't magically help a 130 pound man overwhelm and destroy ANYONE like Lee fanboys believe.
Mike Dlc
Mike Dlc 5 днів тому
I respect Joe's opinion on Gene vs Bruce but we will never know unless it happened so anything said is hypothetical
Shamdy Crook
Shamdy Crook 5 днів тому
Are we gonna go into Gene making Seagal shite his pants?
MaximumKahnage 5 днів тому
um, what good is judo if your opponent never lets you set up, if your opponent is just as knowledgeable as you about the human body and how it moves, I have personally trained with judo fighters and was able to control them without too much effort however I knew that once they got a hold of me i was done which did happen once or twice so i avoided that at all costs and was able to come out on top almost every time, also it should be said that we were sparring not fighting but still through sparring you can gauge someones potential. I've trained in hapkido and wing chun and I trained wing chun under grandmaster william chueng the man that trained bruce lee, during my time with him i saw things I didnt think were possible and im sure lee would have been just as skilled if not more so and cant see him being defeated with any amount of ease, unless he was fighting an actual gorrilla lol traditional wing chun is a mixed martial art, it was literally made from a bunch of martial arts taking the best, most effective techniques and merging them to form a style that could be mastered in 5-6 years instead of 10-15 in order to train an army but the temple was wiped out and the masters killed except one woman named wing chun who defeated a hun warlord in one on one combat and after his defeat was so impresed that he asked her to train his army. my point, if a small chinese woman can defeat a worlord with almost no effort i find it hard to believe that anyone can win a fight just because they're bigger and stronger, i mean isnt that the whole point of martial arts? im a skinny lightweight guy but ive never lost a fight against a bigger opponent and all my fights happen on the street with no rules so experience tells me that size doesnt mean shit, skill and ability is what matters.
Ianforcements 3 дні тому
Oneeyed Wanderer
Oneeyed Wanderer 6 днів тому
Joe „ that guy is a fucking gorilla“ rogan
NINO SKILLZ 6 днів тому
Only good part of the movie ! 😡
John Spence
John Spence 6 днів тому
Good article on the issue. Gene Lebell and B Lee were good friends and respectful of one another. www.scmp.com/sport/martial-arts/kung-fu/article/3022773/could-gene-lebell-beat-bruce-lee-meet-real-life-cliff
Ma D
Ma D 6 днів тому
No 1 beats bruce lee , don’t car what u say, he would find a way to win like he dose every time , be like water my friend
Agent Music
Agent Music 6 днів тому
first off that Bruce Lee scene in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was a DREAM SEQUENCE by Brad Pitts character so it was his characters thoughts and assumptions of what would go down in the situation he was thinking of. Since it was a dream sequence it was heavily overexaggerated with over the top screams by Bruce and a huge dent in that car Brad throws Bruce on, so it wasn't an actual interpretation of Bruce, it was a day dream
Agent Music
Agent Music 5 днів тому
@RadicalStanza just before the scene Brad Pitt is staring off into the distance then the scene starts, it finishes and returns to Brad staring off into the distance followed my a chuckle. The over the top karate sounds and huge dent in the car also gives away it was a dream sequence since they are often exaggerated
RadicalStanza 5 днів тому
When is that hinted at?
KiprichVasco 6 днів тому
Joe, sometimes you are just A LOAD OF BOLLOCKS LOL
KiprichVasco 6 днів тому
Condo Cows
Condo Cows 6 днів тому
Instead of respect for Bruce Lee as he claims Joe is a fucking buffoon making all sort of dump assumptions. Gene as far as I know had the utmost respect for Bruce and his contribution to martial arts. For Moron like Joe to try and tear down and show contempt ti Bruce only shows his cowardice for attacking a legend who is not here to defend himself.
George Charles
George Charles 7 днів тому
The Gracie's moved to New York City and then came to Allentown, Pa, which is nearby, in a practicing martial artist's dojo. He taught them non-ju jitsu tyles of fighting like hand and feet strikes, and learned ju jitsu from the Gracie's...they had just won one of their world championship bouts.
mark bain
mark bain 7 днів тому
CHE6yp 7 днів тому
God dammit, Pitt's character was fucking daydreaming! It wasn't supposed to be a flashback
gungrave10 7 днів тому
I saw it. It wasn't that bad. Sure some of it were exagerrated, like Bruce Lee confidence, but Bruce Lee ended up being very competitive with Brad Pitt and that fight is considered a draw. Its not like Brad Pitt kick his ass Khabib style. And Bruce is being potrayed as tough guys too when he is getting up from being thrown so hard that the car's door smashed. As I said it wasnt that bad.
Daniel Bermingrud
Daniel Bermingrud 7 днів тому
“I met Bruce when he was working on the television series, Green Hornet,” recalled LeBell. “Benny Dobbins was stunt coordinator for the show and he called and asked me to check out some kid by the name of Bruce Lee. ‘I got this guy who does the same stuff you do,’ Dobbins said. Of course Benny didn’t know the difference between judo and kung fu, but he wanted me to watch this new actor work. One of the first things I noticed was that although Bruce was small, about 130 pounds, he had a tremendous upper body. Bruce was also very fast and wanted to always take the action beyond what the script called for. Once the director called action, he got that and a lot more from Bruce.” New to American humor, the Chinese actor didn’t know what to make of it when Gene hoisted him over his shoulders and ran up and down the stairs doing a fireman’s carry with Lee draped over his shoulders. “Stuntmen and wrestlers have their own brand of humor and at first Bruce didn’t take my little joke too kindly,” LeBell said with a chuckle. “Eventually he realized we were just welcoming him into our group and before long he fit right in with the rest of the rowdy stuntmen.”
Mile High Jedi
Mile High Jedi 7 днів тому
Bruce used that arm bar during the first fight in Enter the Dragon as well. He used it on very young Sammo Hung.
Mile High Jedi
Mile High Jedi 7 днів тому
Bruce Lee said himself he was a laid back guy until you pushed him, then he could be arrogant and had a huge temper. This was a very 'heightened' version of Bruce, but Joe is right about Gene kicking his ass.
Timothy L
Timothy L 7 днів тому
Doesn't matter how big you are. try to grab Bruce Lee, Bruce will poke you in the eye and he will use his powerful sidekick kick you in the back of your neck. Game over
G-Raw 7 днів тому
Those guys hit the nail on the head when they said that OUATIH was just pure entertainment fun & anybody else thats trying to read more into will never get it.
KiprichVasco 6 днів тому
true, still think it was a bull shit movie, one of QT's worst
sien jong
sien jong 7 днів тому
Your a liar
George Gutierrez
George Gutierrez 7 днів тому
Confused everybody including me lol
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen 8 днів тому
Joe, talk about the whole Cliff Booth, Billy Jack thing.
MR. WHITE 8 днів тому
hate to break your hearts... bruce lee was just an actor...
Mick Watkins
Mick Watkins 8 днів тому
The scene is just a tribute to Lee's films and genre that's all. Talk of Bruce Lee losing a fight, even make believe one, and everyone loses their fucking mind 🙄😂
Smooth Move McGillicuddy
Smooth Move McGillicuddy 8 днів тому
If Tarantino used John Wayne or Clint Eastwood instead of Bruce, would people be OK with it?
alex bergquist
alex bergquist 4 дні тому
@Trash Daddyoutlaw Joey Wales and the Duke would've have just shot the fucker
alex bergquist
alex bergquist 4 дні тому
@Trash Daddy um you mean better legacy then Bruce
Trash Daddy
Trash Daddy 4 дні тому
Smooth Move McGillicuddy Yes because they didn’t leave or have the same legacy as Bruce
Kagemusha08 4 дні тому
Clint probably no. Wayne yes, as he's a person non grata for the lefties that control the media and Hollywood. So is Eastwood but he's still alive so it would be considered rude.
alex bergquist
alex bergquist 6 днів тому
Fuck no
Descent into madness
Descent into madness 8 днів тому
If Bruce Lee took the Gracie challenge he would lose...
indywannabbee 7 днів тому
They tip toed around Bruce Lee. Bruce lee was a superstar they couldve challenged him at any point. But Royce recently said they all talked amongst themselves they wouldn't as the family had too much respect for bruce
Phillip Burrows
Phillip Burrows 8 днів тому
Wasn’t the Bruce Lee fight scene Brad Pitt’s character fantasising?
Scott Lee Clayton
Scott Lee Clayton 6 днів тому
Thank you...
Jeff Jeffery
Jeff Jeffery 8 днів тому
Bruce Lee would kick any mans ass in his day, No matter the weight ! What the fuck you taking about. Lay off the weed man!
Metro Hemo
Metro Hemo 3 дні тому
@Rick Occonnell No I am not trying to change the worlds opinion about anything. I am talking to you directly. You seem to be a reasonably intelligent person, with a since of history. I am sure you have seen great fighters before in you life and throughout history. Now tell me one other all time great fighter of his time, that has not one recorded fight, not one first hand account of an opponent, or no professional record of bouts won, that is considered a great fighter. Not even one great fighter that claims to have fought him and lost. The man is a movie start and never fought anyone you know to actually be a fighter. So my question to you, not the world, is what are you using to rate him?
Rick Occonnell
Rick Occonnell 3 дні тому
@Metro Hemo He's so overrated you say? And he shouldn't be rated at all in your opinion.? Your controlling aren't you? But as he's so overrated by so many you've got an unenviable job of trying to control it. It's in good hands isn't it, your the man to do it aren't you?😉
Metro Hemo
Metro Hemo 3 дні тому
@Rick Occonnell What pro fight was fixed? Why do I care what skipper Mullins thinks about someone, we have never seen fight? What is Jim Kelly's opinion worth? You have never seen him fight. You are only listening to nobodies tell you he can fight. I don't know how this is not getting through to you. He won zero fights that you can confirm., so he is not a fighter. The reason you even know who he is, is because he is an actor. That is all he is, the rest is just hype and you fell for it. He is not just overrated, he should not be rated at all since he does not fight.
Rick Occonnell
Rick Occonnell 3 дні тому
@Metro Hemo Pro fights are fixed or have proven to be, so what good is pro record ha ha. You don't know if what you're seeing is real. Pro fighters dont like saying how great a fighter actors are. That's why nobody says Jackie Chan can fight. No pro fighters say van dame was better than them, or segal. But skipper Mullins said he'd pick Lee against anyone. Jim Kelly said it. They all say it. Which is amazing as lee put everything down. He put tournament fighters down. Put karate down. Put styles down. I'd be rich if I got a dollar every time someone said Lee was the best. I'm sorry to upset you again. Don't beat yourself up. But lees overrated isn't he😉 were worried about you Metro. I'd hate you to do something silly
Metro Hemo
Metro Hemo 3 дні тому
@Rick Occonnell So you think the fact that Ed Parker student left to train with a celebrity that proves something? Also I know Joe Lewis can fight but according to your chain of events Joe Lewis never met Lee or saw him fight. The fact that you think this means anything means that you are still falling for the hype. He did not fight one of these people, not have any of them seen him fight. He is just a legend like big foot or the Loch Ness Monster, their are millions of stories about him but no evidence, because they are not real. Just like his ability to fight.
cofEluva 8 днів тому
Everything evolves. Sports, martial arts etc. comparing current athletes to historic athletes isn’t really a fair comparison. People adapt and learn from their contemporaries. There are some historical figures who were ahead of their time in their thinking amd philosophies. To compare figures from different times is somewhat unfair. I have no doubt some of our modern female tennis players would beat the pants off some of our historical male players. I’m sure there would be modern bjj practitioners, honed my modern high level competitions who would beat helio Gracie himself. Does this then lessen the contribution of the gracies to the world of bjj amd modern Mma? Well no, because it’s a silly comparison.
Jake Sargent
Jake Sargent 8 днів тому
... watch it again. It’s a dream sequence from brad Pitts characters perspective, and who would be likely to exaggerate the fight in his mind? The Brad Pitt character.
Harith Anti Bully
Harith Anti Bully 8 днів тому
Did you say rhonda roussey could beat or at least compete with mayweather. What a pundit !!
Louis IIX
Louis IIX 9 днів тому
Gene didnt say he tought shit until after bruce died just like norris did...white men always lie
Louis IIX
Louis IIX 9 днів тому
Gene and norris were bs they always said shit after bruces death
Metro Hemo
Metro Hemo 5 днів тому
@Louis IIX Tournaments are proof of skill, Bruce never proved he could fight at all, it was all hype. There are no documented street fights, that is ridiculous to even claim, and even if there were they would be meaningless because those guys he fought in the street have no credibility either. Lee is just an actor, not a fighter, because to be a fighter, you must fight some one.
Louis IIX
Louis IIX 8 днів тому
@Metro Hemo he was not part of tournments ... norris never fought feal fights he did tournments those are not real fights... bruce is documented to have actual real street fights against martial artist
Louis IIX
Louis IIX 8 днів тому
@Metro Hemo he tournments not fights
Metro Hemo
Metro Hemo 8 днів тому
@Louis IIX But he won, and demonstrated that he was not all talk, like Lee
Louis IIX
Louis IIX 8 днів тому
@Metro Hemo chuck norris never had a real fight..those competitions were not real fights those were point based
Daniel Alvarez
Daniel Alvarez 9 днів тому
a strong point people arent paying attention to, is that in the film ( SPOILERS ) Bruce lee called it a " friendly competition " . "No punching in the face, nobody trying to hurt nobody ". That's why Pitt's character could manhandle him. If there was punching and kicking in it, Bruce Lee would've probably beat the shit out of him.
allowedme 9 днів тому
Who is Joe Rogan? A talker with no substance.
Jacky J Jones
Jacky J Jones 5 днів тому
Yeah, Joe's a little hard to take sometimes... but he knows a few things, pretty clever guy... plus he's ultra dedicated to all he applies himself to. Not much of a comedian though... I wish he'd give that shit away.
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