Joe Rogan | Was Tarantino's Bruce Lee Scene Based on Real Life??

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Taken from JRE #1333 w/Tom Papa:



13 сер 2019





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s roman
s roman 4 години тому
I would like to kick Joe's ass not because I don't like him I just think he deserves an ass whooping in general and I'm the man to give it to him
gigglesvideo 5 годин тому
Karate and Jiu Jitsu come from Kung Fu. All other martial arts come from Karate and Jiu Jitsu.
gigglesvideo 6 годин тому
Bruce Lee would obliterate Gene Lebell. To much drugs have melted your brain Joe.
Testa 10 годин тому
Joe, I am a real JKD practitioner. I challenge you to a street fight with no rules. Not to the death but either of us could be maimed or blinded for life. I will use only one hand. Do you accept my challenge? And I am under no illusion that I am half as skilled as Bruce Lee.
Testa 10 годин тому
Joe is clueless about Bruce Lee's abilities.
Testa 10 годин тому
Wrong Joe. Bruce Lee would kill Gene in two seconds.
Doug Bullard
Doug Bullard 13 годин тому
IT was one of the best scenes in the movie! Get over IT !! FCK!! Made me laugh get UP and applaud !
ShEePiN w0Lfc0VeRinG
ShEePiN w0Lfc0VeRinG 22 години тому
Bruce vs Gene Labelle in real life?.....🤣🤣🤣....Labelle would mop the floor with the Chinamans head and use him as a baseball bat to put his master in a coma....
David Donnell
David Donnell День тому
JENE LEBELL is a fucking fake !!!!!!!! Rogan !!!!!! 💯
David Donnell
David Donnell День тому
Rogan I dig you bro but you know absolutely nothing about what you are talking about Big boy!!! Id love to sit with you and hear another point of view Sir !!! But I also understand you are partial to people that are not of the celebrity type!!!!!! For real !!!!! Think about it !!! If you are scared!!!!????? Say your scared!!!! 💯
Joshua Osborne
Joshua Osborne 2 дні тому
Bruce Lee had a fighting ability. If you doubt that then you are just as ignorant as Eddie Bravo.
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee 3 дні тому
I've come to the comments section for tips from martial arts experts
xxx xxx
xxx xxx 3 дні тому
If Bruce Lee lost any type of fight he would have lost his movie career maybe that's why Bruce never challenged anyone in a real fight he would have lost his career
James Midgett
James Midgett 3 дні тому
Every fairytale starts with Once Upon a Time
Posterior Crevice
Posterior Crevice 4 дні тому
i know they disrespected bruce lee a little bit...but watch the movie..its awesome... and for people who watched it already...it wasnt like it was a complete defeat, they were fighting toe to toe after the car throw.
Schwindsichtiga der Echte
Schwindsichtiga der Echte 4 дні тому
Well if that was Bruce's first introduction to grappling, Gene would definitely have won. Especially if he just blindsided Bruce like that. Gene was an excellent Grappler (and still is for his age!) and he was a lot bigger than Bruce, giving him an advantage in strength and reach, and if Bruce didn't know about the power of grappling he might very well have underestimated Gene and then couldn't have gotten away and all that would contribute to Gene winning. BUT there are some things you didn't consider: 1.) Bruce was way stronger than many people realize, Inosanto will confirm that any time, but it's very possible that that didn't matter against Gene since he was really big, but keep that in mind for later. 2.) As you said, Jiu-Jitsu originated in Japan and was well-known in Asia, so Bruce probably knew a lot about grappling before meeting Gene and could probably defend against take-downs. Gene was definitely better on the ground, but I don't think he could've just picked Bruce up quite so easily without blindsiding him. 2.) Another good way to beat somebody is knocking them out. Ask Amanda Nunes how that worked for her when she fought the grappling Wunderkind Ronda Rousey. Rousey was the better Grappler by Lightyears, but she couldn't kickbox to save her life! Bruce was very good knocking people out with lightning-fast kicks and punches. And remember, Bruce was a strong guy and frequently knocked out guys who were bigger than him. And as far as I remember, Gene was not a boxer, kicker or trapper. Which brings me to 3.) Bruce's main contribution to martial arts was exploiting the fact that noone can trap, especially while moving around. Full-on trapping is still forbidden in MMA, because it's too dangerous (look up Paul Vunak's headbutts, knees and elbows-video for more on that, Vunak was Inosanto's students and trained Navy-SEALS in martial arts for over a decade). To grapple, you have to pass through kicking-, boxing- and trapping-range, and Bruce was outstanding in all three of them. So in conclusion, if Gene could manage to get Bruce in a hold or to the ground, he'd very probably win, but catching Bruce without being knocked out or severely injured would be a very, VERY difficult task.
Nikolaij Brouiller
Nikolaij Brouiller 4 дні тому
Gene LeBell. Gene was a stuntman at the time. Gene actually had a friendly fight with Bruce Lee, and he "beat" him. (He picked him up and spun him on his back) Bruce yelled at him to put him down or "I will kill you". So Gene put him down and said "ok ok don't kill me Bruce". That was it. Source" Gene Lebell's biography "the toughest man alive"
Nikolaij Brouiller
Nikolaij Brouiller 4 дні тому
James Smithe
James Smithe 5 днів тому
Don't forget how much racism there was when Bruce Lee became a star. An amazing accomplishment.
chad porter
chad porter 6 днів тому
I cant believe no one has said for Joe to try to get Chuck Norris on the podcast. That would be legendary
dvastation.squad 7 днів тому
You need to get Jackie chan on the podcast.
shino88 8 днів тому
Yeah funny no one can back up Gene Lebell story on Bruce Lee, and only told once Bruce had passed away. This also coming from the same guy who said Ronda Rousey was a great MMA fighter who could defeat Bruce Lee. 😂😂😂
Victory Saber
Victory Saber 8 днів тому
Is it that hard to get Jackie chan who was literally a stunt double for bruce lee
KentAllard 8 днів тому
The story of Lee and Lebell on the set of the Green Hornet is recounted here: www.ozy.com/true-story/debunking-quentin-tarantinos-mockery-of-bruce-lee/95956/95956/ and it is quite different to the film. The whole scene is really quite out of character and context for the film as a whole, its kinda weird honestly.
KentAllard 8 днів тому
The stuntman in the movie is based on Hal Needham who was Burt Reynolds stunt double and a long time western stuntman
michael brown
michael brown 8 днів тому
It was Brad Pitt's character thinking that if you were paying attention
Din Bach
Din Bach 9 днів тому
Congrats on completely missing the point.
Stefan Brusacoram
Stefan Brusacoram 9 днів тому
Bruce Lee had ane ego and was over hyped, in the same sense as Chuck Norris is over hyped over there. Bruce Lee has been debunked, none of his fights he claimed can be proven and half the people he claimed to beat denied even fighting him and have had evidence proving they weren't there. But obviously if you don't want to believe the truth about him then you wouldn't go and seek the truth, he's a literal Urban Legend. If god isn't real, neither was your reality of Bruce Lee, it's all media hype from old times.
Old Crow
Old Crow 9 днів тому
I dunno. Bruce was cocky as shit early on, and I don't think Cliff "wrecked" him at all. Wasn't that outlandish to me especially for a Tarantino film
David V.
David V. 9 днів тому
The arm bar ws from Enter the Dragon, not game of death. So much for your Bruce Lee knowledge.
Ramses Cairo
Ramses Cairo 10 днів тому
The Movie its called "Once upon a time............................." Its not realistic, not supposed to be.
Cabeza De Termo
Cabeza De Termo 10 днів тому
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody 11 днів тому
Finally saw this film the other day and I didn't mind the BL scene because this movie is a work of fiction. It was an alternate version of history where Sharon tate lives, Polanski doesnt sodomize anyone and Bruce Lee is kind of an asshole. Some great acting but overall the movie was trash to be honest.
Sam Le Chiq
Sam Le Chiq 11 днів тому
Gene Labelle would have NOT done SHIT to Bruce Lee...lol Rogan, you’re full of shit,,,
Silas Cochran
Silas Cochran 11 днів тому
I walked out. Of that movie Absolutely not based on reality. It was Pure Fantasy.
George Anastasopoulos
George Anastasopoulos 11 днів тому
Joe, in my youth I also studied, practiced Tae Kwon Do! I reached up to yellow belt.
Mr.BeetleBum 12 днів тому
I only came here to see the comments. To see how many idiots are here talking about Lee being weak. If you think any dumbass stuntman could take on Bruce Lee, your an idiot. If you think that Bruce Lee couldnt fight big men because he was light, your an idiot. Instead of coming here and spewing shit that you have no clue about maybe try learning something instead, maybe try reading a book? My father trained with and under Dan Inosanto who trained under Bruce Lee. My father is only 5 ft 10 and lucky if he is 190 lbs and he could kick Brad Pitts ass up and down the street at his age, let alone Bruce in his prime. Bruce was a once in a lifetime kind of human. his twitch was said to have the craziest fast-twitch. Multi punches per second is not a wise tale, Bruce did it, the 2" punch is not a myth Bruce did over and over for fans, the side kick against 5 grown athletes who were leaning up against each other to form a human wall is not a myth, he kicked 3 of them into the pool as the other 2 fell back 5 feet. Nobody today has shown even close to the same abilities as Bruce did. So please stop with the stupid shit talking about how Brad Pitt or Conor Mcgregor could kick his ass. Brad is a joke, I could kick his ass all day long and I have been away from martial arts for a good time, Conor would be like everyone else that fought Bruce, full of confidence and shortly relieved from his ability to stand.
leonardo899 12 днів тому
I just can't even begin to believe for a second that Brad Pitt could take on Bruce Lee.
Bob Digi
Bob Digi 8 днів тому
Once upon a time......
SerixProduction 13 днів тому
bruce was from HK. thats all I needed to say
RUDYARD MAGPIE 13 днів тому
Bruce Lee didn’t compete but a lot of his students became world champions.
At This Moment At This Moment
At This Moment At This Moment 13 днів тому
Here's a link to Bruce and Gene having a few staged fights with each other... ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-riykKK1j-Tw.html
Ray Rivera
Ray Rivera 14 днів тому
Tarantino can go fudge his arse. Used to be a fan but he's just a douche now.
J B 14 днів тому
Tarantino said the Brad Pitt character is a former Green Beret. If it matters...
Qweq Qweq
Qweq Qweq 14 днів тому
"Put me down or I'll kill you!" "I can't put you down cause you'll kill me!". Lol. It reminds me of me and my brother fighting and saying silly crap when we were kids.
S U R V I V E 11 днів тому
i cant let u get close
r3ptile 14 днів тому
Lee could only strike as hard as a 98 lb man possibly could. Now imagine the fragility of that tiny frame...
Mr.BeetleBum 12 днів тому
you have no clue, stop talking and instead go learn about the man instead of this bullshit, 2inch punch, 5man wall, you obviously havnt seen the film of this or you wouldnt be stupid enough to write this shit.
Eric Lav
Eric Lav 14 днів тому
Small guy shows his speed, the big guy shows his power. LOGIC PEOPLE. The fight had not even started they were feeling each other out.
At This Moment At This Moment
At This Moment At This Moment 14 днів тому
Joe, regarding Bruce Lee and the Bruce of the 1970s...he would destroy gorilla Gene Lebell in an anything goes street fight...Bruce brutally sparred with martial artists from ALL backgrounds and ALL weights and totally dominated them. According to world champion Jim Kelly, Lee was UNTOUCHABLE and unbelievable to watch in action. He rates him as THE greatest martial artist ever. Lee would have used his phenomenal speed to keep out of LeBell's fatal clutches...no way would he ever get into grappling with him and he developed a style to counter moves from wrestlers, judo guys and all the other grappling styles. Please get on to your show a genuine expert in martial arts and a friend and pupil of young Bruce Lee, James DeMile at Facebook. (link to his Facebook page below). DeMile describes how him and his judo expert and champion friend, Jessie Glover, had absolutely no chance against Bruce...and this was the less able; less developed Bruce from the 1960s. James is one of THE last guys on earth still alive who was personally involved with Bruce in martial arts so well worth listening to and I'm sure your many listeners would be spellbound if James described Lee in action and his abilities even in the early 1960s. facebook.com/james.demile.7
KawaiiMiri 15 днів тому
Folks NO ONE could beat Bruce Lee, no one did and no one can ever so focus on the fighters of the time.
nhan nguyen
nhan nguyen 15 днів тому
Got give joe his credit, he really know the history
Kevin Hickin
Kevin Hickin 16 днів тому
loosely based? very, if the quotes attributed to gene lebell are true, he did as he said & picked him up & slammed him on his scrawny arse.......lebell would have followed that up if there was any danger of retaliation & jumped on the little fella, breaking his bones or choking him unconscious (like he did with segal, although i doubt lee would have made such a faecal mess (segal is obviously a much bigger eater)
Usman Karim
Usman Karim 16 днів тому
Joe rogan can gargle dicks real good
Rajen Panikkar
Rajen Panikkar 16 днів тому
Judo is the one Martial Art I wish I had learnt. Watched some of the best in Oz training and I instantly realised how tough and strong these buggers really are.
Mohammad Ali
Mohammad Ali 16 днів тому
Nobody knows for sure because Bruce lee isn't around.
John Crawford
John Crawford 16 днів тому
Bruce was kind of a cocky douche when he was young. Most great men had to overcome being a shit head and some point in their life. When Ghandi was young he had a "kill em all" mentality toward the Brits but we don't remember that part.
deovision 17 днів тому
Film's based in an alternative reality, which is revealed at the end.
Stoned Collective
Stoned Collective 17 днів тому
The true reason behind this scene is it's a character building moment for brad pitts character, we wouldn't be able to believe he's that badass unless we saw a scene as ridiculous as the bruce lee one...Quentins just being the savage brilliant writer he is
My Mother Was a Ninja
My Mother Was a Ninja 17 днів тому
Once upon a Time was unwatchable. I can't fall for this nostalgic retro douchebag chic.
just nii
just nii 17 днів тому
i know grappling usually wins but are you sure gene labell would win bruce lee?
Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams 17 днів тому
JOE!!!! They didn't fucking fight!!!! If you actually watch the God damn movie they do a best out of 3 trying to knock each other down!!!!
jedi1706 fan
jedi1706 fan 18 днів тому
Before everyone talks shit, understand that bruce has never fought 1 time professionally..he has a sparring video where he isn't nearly as good or effective as his movies, even getting tagged a couple of times.
TKDLION 15 днів тому
Elvis Alilu the story that they tried to prevent Bruce from teaching Kung Fu to westerners is untrue. The fight with Wong Jack Man had nothing to do with that. Other kung fu teachers in the area had started teaching white guys years before Bruce even got there.
jedi1706 fan
jedi1706 fan 15 днів тому
@Elvis Alilu I did. He is an icon and innovator. He was one of the first to say people should use the best of martial arts of various types and incorporate the 2 or more arts. A very good thinker. A sparring video showed him do ok..not the hollywood badass we all know and love. Had a lot of holes in his game. It looked as if he mighta barely won the sparring match, but ok.
Elvis Alilu
Elvis Alilu 15 днів тому
Oh Jesus. Read or watch documentary on Bruce Lee
jedi1706 fan
jedi1706 fan 15 днів тому
@Elvis Alilu you went from saying he wasn't to was allowed. In my opinion, you need to fight to be a martial artist.
Elvis Alilu
Elvis Alilu 15 днів тому
@TKDLION not only this but also he was allowed to teach Kung Fu. So he won
Snapdragon 9600
Snapdragon 9600 18 днів тому
I thought the pit bull in the I movie had the best fight scene, chewing up two of those hippy home invaders. Just saw it two nights ago.😀
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