Jon Jones Arrest Footage; Full Police Body Cam Video

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Here is footage from an officer's body camera, released by the Bernalillo County District Attorney's office, of the recent arrest of UFC champion Jon Jones going through a sobriety test before being arrested.
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27 бер 2020





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ProducShuns День тому
Some sad shit. He could be a real hero if he wasn't such a fuck up - would definitely be up there with GSP & Silva. Instead he's arguably the GOAT but can't get a handle on his own demons. He really needs to get some help & sort his shit.
ProducShuns День тому
Well, we can now say, that one of the best fighters on the planet fought the law... and the law still won.
Linuxx День тому
the pigs are at it again. big job arresting a dude who had a few drinks over the limit.... big job writing tickets and duis. now why dont you go into the gang neighboorhoods and clean up those guns, drugs, and murderers? nahhhhh wed rather just write tickets make more money for are self and we know jon hones will pay us and the township millions of the dollars. PROTECT AND INVEST is more like it thank you for serving out country!
Daniel Amone
Daniel Amone День тому
jon jones is simultaneously the goat and mma's biggest what if story
Martin Jenik
Martin Jenik 3 дні тому
"i get punched in the head for a livin" "45, 43...my daughter's dyslexia" bruh
SoHo 3 дні тому
1:57 4th Amendment Violation going on here with the cop looking in the window with his flashlight. He's just being detained, not under Arrest. Miranda Rights read???
Martin Jenik
Martin Jenik 3 дні тому
Aaaaaaaaand stiiiiiil, the undisputed most arrests on the world
Bad Cat
Bad Cat 4 дні тому
Cops should've worn sunglasses as a precaution.
G Z 4 дні тому
John u need a reset. Vegan life. Himalayan salt and chitosan and Jesus.
Dick Tracy
Dick Tracy 5 днів тому
To be fair he probably wouldn’t have passed sober
Z-Merchant 5 днів тому
Really, Again?
Kwame Tabiri
Kwame Tabiri 5 днів тому
Unless they didn't have breathalyzers with them, police in America sure do have time to waste.
dregz mcgee
dregz mcgee 6 днів тому
Why didnt he just,,, you know, poke the officers eyes out?
Tony Girgis
Tony Girgis 7 днів тому
Wow would you look at that, a young black man not resisting arrest and not being a moron and complying with police. Imagine if every person acted like this when being questioned by police. Then we wouldn’t have so many black folks being shot. Props to Jon for still being respectful and honorable even though he was in the wrong.
Mastermind 8 днів тому
I have become a huge fan of Bones
Reese 8 днів тому
I thought Jones was going to do a spinning elbow
Suede Deluxe
Suede Deluxe 9 днів тому
He knew jon and called him by name :'(
Gus 9 днів тому
As much as he's a total idiot for this DUI, I have to say, I feel really sorry for this fool.
mobeck 10 днів тому
I'm surprised Jon didn't poke the officer in the eyes
Jay Are
Jay Are 10 днів тому
At least he was 100% respectful this time. Honestly, I kind of feel bad for him.
gamelvr1 10 днів тому
He doesn't deserve sympathy. He wouldn't be in this position if he had even a microscopic shred of intelligence or morality.
Lee Ham
Lee Ham 12 днів тому
Jon "CokeDick" Jones
Jimi Laurila
Jimi Laurila 13 днів тому
Why do they do these stupid waste of time tests in america? Dont you have alcometer? One blow and you know exactly how drunk someone is.
gamelvr1 10 днів тому
Do you mean breathalyzers? Can't use them without probable cause. These tests when failed give that cause. Not to mention breathalyzers are worthless if the person is impaired by something other then alcohol
Uncle Don King23
Uncle Don King23 13 днів тому
What da fook is wrong with his legs😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜🤪
Guava Inc.
Guava Inc. 13 днів тому
Lol the strongest nigga know in jail not to fuck with jones
Tekin Cesur
Tekin Cesur 13 днів тому
What the fuck this shit!?? There are devices to check alcohol it’s so simple ,this is like a bloody joking ,it’s so simple to understand who is drunk, get knowledge from Uber drivers
gamelvr1 10 днів тому
Can't use those tests without probable cause. Also those tests unlike these are worthless if the person is impaired by something other than alcohol
Justin Danley
Justin Danley 14 днів тому
Jones is smart in the ring and dumb as shit when it comes to filling with the police.you think he would be better at it with all of his experience. Hey jones next time shut up and lawyer up.
Brett Sawicki
Brett Sawicki 14 днів тому
Whose else came after JRE fight companion
Vercingetorix Avernian
Vercingetorix Avernian 14 днів тому
You got this JOHN!!!! Love and support to you
Livid Inc
Livid Inc 14 днів тому
8:43 47 49 45 34 33 my daughter's dyslexic haahaha wtf dos that have to do with anything?
Halal Food Is worthless.
Halal Food Is worthless. 15 днів тому
The cops don`t care a shit that he`s a MMA champ & they shouldn`t. MMA is just some thug shit `sport`.
Ma3str0 elec inventer
Ma3str0 elec inventer 15 днів тому
Wtf is this I tell you maths and English lessons in one the law is crazy
EAGLE___EMPIRE 16 днів тому
Doesnt even seem drunk to me. Id let him pass
gamelvr1 10 днів тому
Which shows you're an idiot
Imty Ray
Imty Ray 17 днів тому
Jon's family should send him to the asylum feel sorry for his family to deal with that disgrace human
Golden God
Golden God 18 днів тому
Ladies and gentlemen... we got em
Mike Tat
Mike Tat 19 днів тому
This is all nonsense. Corrupt scum bags
gamelvr1 17 днів тому
The cops did nothing wrong here dumbass
bill philips
bill philips 19 днів тому
he was not drunk. those tests are idiotic, i have poor balance and can't always do them stone cold sober. give a breathalyzer test.
bill philips
bill philips 17 днів тому
@gamelvr1 yes, they still have an issue with creating a test for other drugs beside alcohol. thanks for not continuing to swear at me.
gamelvr1 17 днів тому
@bill philips Not every region has the same laws. Breathalyzer is more accurate for obvious reasons when it comes to alcohol. However alcohol isn't the only thing someone can be impaired by. Jones has a previous dwi from being on cocaine. If he was on that again just doing a breathalyzer would send him on his way because a breathalyzer only works for alcohol. These test will indicate if he's impaired period. So even if he isn't drunk but is impaired by something else they have cause to take him off the street and do more get an order for tests for other forms of impairment. Balance issues can be explained can be explained by age and physical health issues. Not the mental impairment that jones displayed here though. Jones repeatedly failed to follow directions. The dumbass even quit one test part way through and curtsied.
bill philips
bill philips 17 днів тому
@gamelvr1 where ever you are from......up here they can stop you and give you a breathalyzer test on the spot. it is called the R.I.D.E program. what i am saying is that a breath test is far more valid than these road side tests. i have poor balance and would probably fail completely sober. they don't need probable cause up here and they set up road blocks where they randomly pull you over and make you blow. not that i agree with it. there are ample instances of people failing the road side tests and then pass the breathalyzer. when you start getting on in years, things that seem simple aren't quite as simple...especially balance. now, they did do an eye test and most often it is clear if someone is stoned by how their retinas react to light.
gamelvr1 17 днів тому
He was drunk you moron. Poor balance would not explain epic failure he had. He repeatedly failed to follow simple directions and even curtsied halfway through the test and quit. He was given a breathalyzer later and was twice the legal limit. Can't give a breathalyzer without probable cause dumbass. These tests give that cause. Also the breathalyzer is worthless if the person is impaired by something other than alcohol. These tests aren't
bantamfedor 19 днів тому
(Cop knows what picogram means)
t hath
t hath 20 днів тому
Jon jones needs to stop the stupid and start the smart. Get smart. Like Jon is in the ring. Always. Be smart.
gamelvr1 17 днів тому
He's too stupid to do that
216 Ron Godz
216 Ron Godz 19 днів тому
Andrei 22 дні тому
This is coming from an ignorant position about police in USA, but it does seem like a bunch of time is wasted, plus kind of degrading putting someone to do all those tests. Just make him do a breathalyser test, and if he's past the limit arrest him, or fine him.
Andrei 20 днів тому
@gamelvr1 Yes, like I said... Ignorance on my part about police procedures on US. Having looked into it, I still believe they are very questionable and give way to much subjective use of power to the cop. I can imagine situations where the driver has dyslexia and will struggle with some of those tests. Anyway, thanks for replying and giving your knowledge and perspective(I think you're from USA).
gamelvr1 21 день тому
Can't do a breathalyzer without probable cause. These tests give that cause. Also, these tests show if he's impaired period. Breathalyzers are worthless if they are impaired by something other than alcohol
KDS Coo tho
KDS Coo tho 22 дні тому
Jon passed the test wtf
gamelvr1 21 день тому
No he didn't. He failed them miserably
Dennis Allen
Dennis Allen 23 дні тому
He had had anything to drink in months. He was just pulsing.
Jaan Ross
Jaan Ross 23 дні тому
Silly pigs ik jon is in the wrong but isnt it the like several times this pig has picked up jon doing it for the fame biggest gang In the world is these plebs
mike force
mike force 23 дні тому
i don't feel the least bit bad for him, but do hope he can get his life/soul in order. he is a cheat, a drunk, a druggie and a liar. we all far short, but he has EVERY advantage to be able to lift himself up from the sewer.
Peter Jeck
Peter Jeck 23 дні тому
akh akhh
akh akhh 23 дні тому
yes sir.. yes sir... yes sir... yes sir.... are you afraid or slavery still exist?
Stoned Mario
Stoned Mario 24 дні тому
The more excuses he gave the more tests they gave him😂
Astro Nautik
Astro Nautik 24 дні тому
Legend has it JJ still poking eyes to this day....
Metal Penguin
Metal Penguin 24 дні тому
Just cut him. The UFC has given him way too many chances to get his shit together and he's blown all of them. If I were Dana I'd want him gone at this point
chilled sama dio
chilled sama dio 25 днів тому
I thought they couldn't search without a Warrant they didn't even breatherlzine him
sfsfewrewsdafs 26 днів тому
Man I don't even like Jon at all but this is ridiculous!!! Officer could of told him to go home and call it a day... Instead they ask a fighter to recite the alphabet from the 6th letter onwards to the 11th next position fuck off!! This is not USA no more, it's the United terrorist States!!
gamelvr1 25 днів тому
You are a moron. No good or intelligent person would have let Jones go. He was drinking and driving and had fired a gun while drunk. He needed to be taken off the streets. The tests were warranted and he failed all of them miserably
jmayette77 26 днів тому
Could happen to anybody. He handled it with as much grace as he could muster. Walk a mile in his shoes then judge some of these comments are ignorant as FUCK.
gamelvr1 26 днів тому
This could only happen to people with neither brains nor morals. Everybody with even a microscopic sherd of intelligence or morality would never drive drunk.
Michael Ray
Michael Ray 26 днів тому
Addiction doesnt care about your money or fame. He is just like anyone else. Hope he seeks help and gets better.
gamelvr1 26 днів тому
He's had ample opportunity to get help and ample cause to do so. He's too stupid and depraved to do it. He'd rather continue endangering people's lives. What he needs is prison. It's the only way he might learn
Mr HALL 27 днів тому
Lock up the whole state
David Light
David Light 27 днів тому
If you're reading this I hope you have a blessed day
ali Gator
ali Gator 28 днів тому
This cheat fkd the whole division with his fake ass belt. Gets caught 3 fkn times with steroids in his system & still keeps his belt..?? Fk off with that shit the only champs are the ones that fought this Gronk & lost cause he a fkn cheater.. 👎 the 205 division was the best until this steroid fk wit came along & dethroned them all & took them out completely & people still support this fkn looser
Eli The Great
Eli The Great 28 днів тому
Smmfh All the god giving talent in the world but he keep getting in his own way
Det 313
Det 313 28 днів тому
He must be going thru some personal issues to go out by himself and drink at a bar
Det 313
Det 313 28 днів тому
gamelvr1 Stfu bitch I didn’t ask you. Like I said he put drinking because he going thru some shit
gamelvr1 28 днів тому
He wasn't drinking in a bar. He was drinking in his car. No bar was open in that state because of the pandemic. Personal issues are no excuse to deliberately endanger others
WaRLoKWYATT 29 днів тому
"My daughter's dyslexic" hahaha as if that helps him somehow?! Hahahaha
Almighty T.A.P.
Almighty T.A.P. Місяць тому
I don't know anything about Jones's character or moral compass without alcohol or other substances, but as someone who battled addiction for years, I know for a fact the sometimes complete control it can have over a life and even the life's surrounding the addict, and at times it seems like it's hopeless. Forget the UFC aspects of everything, I hope Jon finds a way out of those problems, for the sake of his family and himself. I wouldn't wish addiction on anyone, it truly is a hell those who have never been through the throws of addiction truly can't imagine. Best of luck "Bones"
Almighty T.A.P.
Almighty T.A.P. 28 днів тому
@gamelvr1 true but at the same time there's never been a recovery without relapses, that being said Jones makes it hard for anyone to believe he's trying. I just wish him the best because I've been through that struggle and what a dark place it is , it's tough when your brain has been rewired to work against yourself as opposed to working in your own best interest. Just hate to see another human being go through that shit
gamelvr1 28 днів тому
Addiction may not be a choice but relapsing is. Jones has a long history of doing shit like this. He has no morals. Addiction may be hell, but more often than not it's a self induced hell. He's had more than ample opportunity to get the help he needs and more than enough cause to get it. What he needs is prison. It's the only way he might learn
Tre Jaay
Tre Jaay Місяць тому
Jon Jones the only dude that rides solo wherever he goes. No Bodyguards,goons what so ever. This guys is a Real BMF compare to Floyd Mayweather always someone around to protect him. Wish you nothing but the best Jon Jones hope you can just stay home and enjoy your chickens. Look after that name you have do it for your brothers in the NFL. GodBless.
Andre Davis
Andre Davis Місяць тому
The cop is drunk
Andre Davis
Andre Davis 28 днів тому
@gamelvr1 you're a fool
gamelvr1 28 днів тому
You're a fool
Cuatro !!
Cuatro !! Місяць тому
This terrible... don’t make fun of him he made a MISTAKE like we all do & he a PUBLIC FIGURE which the reason u should take it ez on him let him deal wit the situation on his own he don’t need stress frm everybody
Cuatro !!
Cuatro !! 28 днів тому
gamelvr1 it is a mistake & it’s wrong n it’s dangerous to others n should never b done but if u drink u kno that sum ppl don’t realize how messed up they is... all I’m sayin that ppl shouldn’t b publicly shamed 4 things like this only rapists r ok to make fun of
gamelvr1 28 днів тому
Dwi isn't a mistake. It's a deliberate pure evil and brainless act. Especially if cases of repeat offenders. He lost the right to deal with it on his own when he deliberately endangered the lives of others.
Flat Moon Society
Flat Moon Society Місяць тому
Who the fuck is Jon Jones
Flat Moon Society
Flat Moon Society Місяць тому
Leave your comments below PS I don't give a shit
61 Kennedy
61 Kennedy Місяць тому
Everybody wants to hate on the 🐐
gamelvr1 25 днів тому
@61 Kennedy Scumbags deserve to be trashed. Jones has repeatedly proven he's too stupid and depraved to do the right thing. The claims that his peds were from tainted supplements were never proven if I recall correctly. Can't even own up to the fact that you were wrong when you claimed he had never been suspended for using peds? You also came here and watched the video.
61 Kennedy
61 Kennedy 25 днів тому
Tainted supplements, haha regardless who goes around hating an talking shit? but you’re here watching the video, what a life you live, lame
gamelvr1 28 днів тому
@61 Kennedy He was literally suspended for over two years between the two suspensions for ped usage
gamelvr1 28 днів тому
@61 Kennedy Hes been suspended multiple times dumbass. Two of the three times he was stripped of a title were do to failed drug tests. Actually check the facts
61 Kennedy
61 Kennedy 28 днів тому
gamelvr1 he was never suspended for a reason moron
MoeLarryCurly Місяць тому
Like Ali , once he loses a fight he will then have people rooting for him , me included. He is the best ever though.
nerd 14 днів тому
gamelvr1 what makes him a pos?
gamelvr1 28 днів тому
His ped use proves he's not the best ever. Not to mention the fact that he's a pos person
Ryan Shannon
Ryan Shannon Місяць тому
I’m Sober & just hearing him explain this Test. I would’ve Failed it.
mike force
mike force 23 дні тому
it's awesome the way you keep hugging the nutz of a skumbag.
Mynameismike 29 днів тому
I have taken the test both sober and drunk. Failed both times
munchyman3 Місяць тому
Jon Jones is the type of guy with a high fight IQ and below average everyday IQ.
munchyman3 14 днів тому
@nerd I know, right?! It's weird af.
nerd 14 днів тому
Doesn’t make sense though
Jjuuko Aula prince
Jjuuko Aula prince Місяць тому
Man wasn't his fun and i rushly wanted to see him get arrested but felt realy sorry after watching this... Jon jones from now has ma respect... Agreat man cos we all make mistakes in life though we not famous as he is....great man am sure ur daughter must be proud of you
gamelvr1 28 днів тому
No great person would drive drunk. Everyone makes mistakes. However only brainless evil people committ evil acts like this. Not to mention he's a repeat offender. You committ the act more than once you lose the right to call it a mistake
andrew b
andrew b Місяць тому
This is hard to watch. He's such a nice guy and a gifted fighter. Just f*cked up a few times. Really hope he can turn it around.
Job Cruz
Job Cruz Місяць тому
Man jon has issues doesnt matter what people say that he'll bounce back and shit... i mean how many times does a man has to bounce until he inflates
J Acosta
J Acosta Місяць тому
This MF be in pelican bay in 2 years .
Nelter Helter
Nelter Helter Місяць тому
All that money and 2 DUI's later and he still didn't get a chauffeur driver.
David Hallam
David Hallam Місяць тому
This shit depressing tbh. His friends and team need to help him.
David Hallam
David Hallam Місяць тому
@gamelvr1 yea, you probably right. Sad to say but it might actually be good for him.
gamelvr1 Місяць тому
You can't help someone who won't help himself. What he needs is prison. It's the only way the pos might learn
Shaun P
Shaun P Місяць тому
Fuck this retard. If this was ANYONE who is watching this on UKvid, and not a UFC fighter, they’d be in jail right now
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Місяць тому
This guy is just a stupid douchebag. Send him to prison already. What if he ran over your mom or sister ?
Super J
Super J Місяць тому
Still my favorite fighter, will always be my favorite fighter, because he’s the best fighter to ever live in my opinion.
EisBlume Місяць тому
What's the point of those tests ? They seem awfully outdated
Chuck Dick
Chuck Dick Місяць тому
Jon was so respectful
Charles Pukeowski
Charles Pukeowski Місяць тому
Did he thank Jesus for shootn around his gun, hittn a pregnant woman and taking steroids?
John Kostreva
John Kostreva Місяць тому
There's no point to this when it comes down to a breathalyzer anyway. And these tests are difficult sober.
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