Jon Stewart chokes up, gives angry speech to Congress

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Former late night host and 9/11 first responders advocate Jon Stewart chokes up and slams Congress over health care for the 9/11 first responders during the hearing for reauthorizing the 9/11 victim compensation fund.
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11 чер 2019

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al Mamlūk
al Mamlūk 6 годин тому
Jon Stewart is the kind of American I respect. If more Americans were like him, I suspect I wouldn't have as much distrust for America as I do
Al b
Al b 12 годин тому
Have ever notice the thumbs up and thumbes down on youtube of what is right an wrong? Mostly these days , this is the vote.lol
Paweł Skotnica
Paweł Skotnica 15 годин тому
He has every right to be angry, only a leftist wouldn't be, they'd fake victimhood. All while Cortez, the dumb bitch, wants a raise for sitting on her ass and tweeting all day long.
Jason Avila
Jason Avila 21 годину тому
Kevin Alonso
Kevin Alonso День тому
Man I miss seeing him on the air, anyway medicare for all would solve this as well (still congress is a joke).
Okie Rider
Okie Rider 2 дні тому
Fuck Congress. I'm now an Independent voter. Both parties are full of shit and lie to our faces only to get a vote.
Emilie Beth
Emilie Beth 2 дні тому
I never realized just how great Jon was when it comes to activism. He cares, and he wants the people who risked their lives to save whoever they could to be taken care of.
陳嘉豪 2 дні тому
They are heros, they deserve living Good.
Hamelin HU
Hamelin HU 2 дні тому
In China, the government always take in charge, but no one can criticize. In US, anyone can criticize the government, but no one would be responsible. Both imperfect systems.
Kai Chen
Kai Chen 2 дні тому
Who voted these congressmen into the offfice?
Eden Rome
Eden Rome 3 дні тому
Americans watching HBO's Chernobyl wanna pretend like Russia & America are different. #CongressIsAJoke #OurGovernmentIsTheDisaster #PoliticiansAreLiarsAndThieves
Grace Marie
Grace Marie 3 дні тому
Do you know why his lines are so quotable? Because no one else says these things. No one. This has been the case with many of Jon's words. He lends his articulation to the poor, the unrecognized, the beaten down. The victims of the world... and especially the victims of America. I'm happy he's focused on something not only important, but completely non-arguable. Yet, here he is having to, in fact, argue the importance of these people; the same people mentioned by at least one million individuals on Twitter or any social media over the years. These people who, then, and now, have remained absolutely unseen. Today, we witness their faceless identities, as considered by our politicians. The disposable usefulness of these men and women, as told by each and every one of those empty chairs of Congress.
Jonathan Vian
Jonathan Vian 3 дні тому
A-fucking-men to that, John!
Red Can'T Lose
Red Can'T Lose 3 дні тому
Beautiful absolutely beautiful . 👏
uKnow 4 дні тому
LV you Jon Stewarrt
jeremy sella
jeremy sella 4 дні тому
Stewart for Prez.
John Douglas Racing Video
John Douglas Racing Video 4 дні тому
Anyone else watch HBO's Chernobyl and ask themselves why we're treating our heroes as poorly as the USSR treated theirs?
Mark Latham
Mark Latham 4 дні тому
Jon Stewart is a wonderful human being and he puts most of us to shame.
Christopher Bello
Christopher Bello 4 дні тому
Tittle does not represent the real message of this video. Shame on CNN for masking this as another viral clip with such a unmeaningful and misleading title.
micha3096 4 дні тому
Its like Al Pacino in scent of a woman, 100 times stronger but unfortunately this is not a movie. Respect Jon Stewart
Leticia Amanonce
Leticia Amanonce 4 дні тому
If they will not act on it shame on them “5 seconds responders did their jobs 18 years do yours” wow very powerful speech jon
GuiR3X 4 дні тому
In France we say true knights fights only for the dignity of the weak, I m glad I saw that man stand out for these 9/11 first responders. Respect.
Travis Clower
Travis Clower 4 дні тому
Who could possibly ‘dislike’ this video. These are true American heroes...this has nothing to do with politics. This has to do with people that ran toward the buildings as they were crashing to the ground. God bless these people and their families.
Jackie Sun
Jackie Sun 5 днів тому
Damn I can't even tell the difference between Chernobyl and this. Good job USA.
putchini 5 днів тому
Now that's passion! This is truly inspirational... Jon is the man!
Jesse Gros
Jesse Gros 6 днів тому
Damn good JS!!!
Carlos Rix
Carlos Rix 6 днів тому
ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-jT7z2aAX-xI.html => A Red Cross Chaplain says how he felt being there.
Vicente Azevedo
Vicente Azevedo 6 днів тому
Geof Ingram
Geof Ingram 6 днів тому
The things you do for oil and justify war
mark price
mark price 6 днів тому
Where did the $7.5 billion go Jon? Why not direct your anger there instead of shaming congress?
Lanuiiohu Sukikiya
Lanuiiohu Sukikiya 6 днів тому
This is why I hate POLITICIANS
Starfleet Captain
Starfleet Captain 6 днів тому
Just like with veterans and refugees, people are quick to use them to justify any immorality but have no morality of their own in actually helping people. Why is there even a single veteran that's homeless, hungry or not getting the medical help he or she needs? Why is there a single refugee who has to be terrified of going back to deplorable conditions where they most likely will meet certain death? This is "supposed" to be the most powerful and righteous nation in the world or so it advertises every chance it get's, and why can't we help all those in need who are suffering? Because we chose not to, because it's easier and more beneficial to just do whatever it takes for more money and power trampling any in your way, crushing all beneath you, listing any who cry out for justice as crazy or some other derogatory remark. It's sicking.
T-tus 6 днів тому
Just sad to see how bad people can treat each other. Working as a team seem to not be an option.
Ernest Baum
Ernest Baum 6 днів тому
It's funny. I just finished watching Chernobyl and it was horrific and the Soviets sure screwed it the hell up, but the coal miners, the divers, the graphite removal team, they weren't lied to, and they got healthcare immediately and without cost. I'm looking forward to the HBO mini series on responding to 9/11 that ends in this speech.
losability 6 днів тому
thefallen83 6 днів тому
Stewart 2020?
Dusty Showbiz
Dusty Showbiz 6 днів тому
Most of them probably weren't even listening... they were probably just waiting for him to finish so they could countinue the motion on the floor at a later date when there are enough chair members present to vote in a closed session... Never Forget... unless you're in Congress... then at least try to remember to never forget about it entirely... i mean... i know that the migrant refugees and the dreamers' rights are virtually neck and neck with the first responders health and lives... i mean duh... a baby would know that those two issues are virtually indistinguishable in the context of priority and congressional duties...
Kung Fu Panda
Kung Fu Panda 6 днів тому
Ladies and Gentlemen, here are the committee members who were absent: The subcommittee has 14 members. The subcommittee members who were MIA when Stewart and Alvarez spoke include Democratic Reps. Eric Swalwell of California, Madeleine Dean of Pennyslvania, and Sylvia Garcia, Veronica Escobar and Sheila Jackson, all of Texas. Swalwell is running for president. The Republican members who were missing during their testimony were Louie Gohmert of Texas, Jim Jordan of Ohio, Guy Reschenthaler of Pennsylvania, Ben Cline of Virginia and Kelly Armstrong of North Dakota.
kreek22 6 днів тому
Little jon is up there swinging away at an enemy that doesn't exist. Bipartisan support from the get go. What cynical theatrics. Then he goes on the talk shows to shower more lies about mean old Republicans. And I thought little jon had retired from the fake news business.
Starfleet Captain
Starfleet Captain 6 днів тому
So typical, people like you can prop these people up for your own ends but can't even help them. Same shit as using veterans to not care about refugees when you don't even give a shit about veterans, just a name to throw around as an excuse to do whatever. It's disgusting, makes me ashamed of this country which is so unfortunate.
hostyle0 6 днів тому
Not American but I was moved by this. Good job Jon. We are taught to be patriotic to a country run by people who dont give a fuck about us. Patriotism is for fools
AKAT1980 7 днів тому
If the people of this country don't get that we are nothing more then pawns. We still have a long way to go, it's even more interesting to me that Colin Kaepernick. Went through what congress should be going through, just goes to show you how dumb Americans are.
Richie Delaney
Richie Delaney 7 днів тому
Who the hell down votes this video? What is wrong with you? Worthless bastards!
Starfleet Captain
Starfleet Captain 6 днів тому
People who see or hear anything that casts the republican party in a dim light they consider "fake news" and despite making fun of others for being offended at legitimate concerns get offended themselves by reality.
SHEILA Miller 7 днів тому
People/government don't give 2 fucks about shit until it's their son/daughter/brother/sister/mom/dad.
Bobbi Jo Epps
Bobbi Jo Epps 7 днів тому
I don't think I have ever been moved...like this.....God Bless you, Jon Stewart.
Calum John Roberts
Calum John Roberts 7 днів тому
Bloody disgusting. Jon Stewart gave an amazing speech and CNN like the anti-American muppets they are have to mock it. Sickening.
GuideBeauté Jeu
GuideBeauté Jeu 7 днів тому
Who dislikes this?! Just because it was uploaded on CNN? If that's the case you need to rethink your values and life. Disgusting.
Dave G
Dave G 7 днів тому
McConnell sprinted in to the senate to vote for the Iraq war, the 2 trillion dollar tax theft & for every corrupt bill for the rich. He will get to it when he gets to it. But most of those first responders voted for these selfish racist republican. Wake up America, these corrupt politician take your tax dollars & lives just to support the military contractors & themselves, the money never gets to the soldier or now first responders.
mtowndown0 7 днів тому
The guy behind him looks like Louie Anderson or am I the only one lol
John K
John K 7 днів тому
Jon Stewart for president.
Koko Ya
Koko Ya 7 днів тому
Reminds me of Tyrion
Nyx 7 днів тому
Thank you, to every first responder and their family! You saved countless lives and saved our city on 9/11 and in the subsequent year. You deserve MUCH better! Mitch McConnell & his majority deserves to ROT: ( Anyone who was there remembers the smell downtown which lasted for MONTHS, that chemical smell stuck to NYFD trucks, no matter how many times they got washed.... Mitch McConnells & his obstructionists owe their lives to the bravery of the passengers on flight 93, which was bound to crash on Capitol Hill in DC. Ungrateful motherfuckers! #DitchMitch2020
W M 7 днів тому
Not a Jon Stewart fan, but I support him a 100% on this! Thank you for speaking up Jon!
Laquinton Wagner
Laquinton Wagner 7 днів тому
To be real we spent spmethin like 3 billion dollars on a 911 monument at the site but.... We neglect to care for those survivors still among us.
Laquinton Wagner
Laquinton Wagner 7 днів тому
So many groups suffer needlessly. Foster kids are promised the best of care when they are unceremoniously ripped from our families because the govt believes thwy can do a better job than our parents... Yet they dont even attempt to try. We end up struggling (most of us) all our lives raped beaten torrmented starved beat down mentally/emotionally/spiritually... And then on our own as soon as we turn 18yrs old with no aid whatsoever. 911 responders who should always have the guarantee that they will be cared for after having no choice but to go into that death trap and save our people. The disabled whp had no choice on being here. The military who sacrifice their tangible and untangible wellbeing for the good of our nation... Our people. But none of these groups are even close to adequately cared for. It makes me sick.
Max Power
Max Power 7 днів тому
“Sick and dying, they came here to speak...to no one.”
Michael O
Michael O 7 днів тому
What kind of person down votes this? Even if you some how do not agree with Stewart (which is beyond my comprehension, but I digress) this is our democratic process at work.
dart vart
dart vart 7 днів тому
Jon Stewart is an honorable man. Congress is an absolute joke. The 2 part system is bought and paid for. They do not work for the American people.
Jestronix Handerson
Jestronix Handerson 7 днів тому
Costs a lot of money keeping things quiet, Congress truely doesn't have any money.
徐彪 7 днів тому
Heartbreaking for the warriors.
Seretse Mompei
Seretse Mompei 7 днів тому
America is a broken country! Just watch John Oliver every Sunday and you'll see how every part of your country has been broken by greed and special interests! I am shocked that even 9/11 responders have been compromised by that greed! It's shameful! Thank God they have a man like John Stewart on their side, and I hope he can rally enough support to help those brave public servants! It's up to American citizens to stand up, get involved and stop this ridiculous greed from destroying a great country!!
Swedish American
Swedish American 7 днів тому
The testimony is a lie. First responders have health insurance as New York city employees why would they not? The vast majority of new claimants from 9/11 are workers who cleaned up the mess or drove trucks. Now 18 years later they become ill and want to blame it on the work they did in 2001. It is easy to do that since 50 cancers have been blamed on this which is ridiculous. There has been several bills to fund these people. There was a bill in 2001, 2011 and the 2011 bill was expanded in 2015. $13B has been requisitioned. the notion that people have done nothing is a lie. the notion that first responders have no health care is a lie.
Swedish American
Swedish American 7 днів тому
@thesilverfish5 Ok but they should all have good health insurance from the city of New York whether their illness is from 9/11 or not. Why is that an issue? We have already passed bills making billions available for this. The 2011 bill was supposed to provide enough money until 2050. 21,000 people have received an average of $238,000 each so far from that fund so acting like nothing has ever been done is bullshit.
thesilverfish5 7 днів тому
Swedish American yeah but it’s these specific first responders who got sick from the work they did on 9/11 which was confirmed by medical professionals. And Stewart is mad that they are not extending the bill and avoiding conversation about the bill.
Chiasa Takahashi
Chiasa Takahashi 7 днів тому
How this video has downvotes is beyond me.
Rik Mukherjee
Rik Mukherjee 7 днів тому
Like if Jon is totally one of the best people alive
Mathew Richardson
Mathew Richardson 7 днів тому
Dude was like a lion
Qarymee Presents
Qarymee Presents 7 днів тому
"Al Qaeda didn't shout Death to Tribeca!" ...#Chills
NGC 660
NGC 660 7 днів тому
Who dislikes this?! Just because it was uploaded on CNN? If that's the case you need to rethink your values and life. Disgusting.
Sabine Wilson
Sabine Wilson 7 днів тому
NONE of the Republicans showed. That shows more than words ever could.
booby scoo
booby scoo 7 днів тому
Talk about aging gracefully. From a late late night show, to a mainstream talk show, to a full-blown REAL American idol. Go, Jon.
Alex Musial
Alex Musial 7 днів тому
They risked their lives to serve America's people. They should not have to die fighting America's government.
Qwerty Metastin
Qwerty Metastin 7 днів тому
Reminds me of Tyrion
Ajith Inguva
Ajith Inguva 7 днів тому
Shameful I am so sorry for America
Angel Aponte
Angel Aponte 7 днів тому
Imagine someone having a reason to dislike this video
Richie Demo
Richie Demo 7 днів тому
If CNN likes complaining about free health care and socialism so much, then why haven't they said anything about this until this brave man spoke up about it?
OneBigBugga 7 днів тому
Honestly he ripped into them a lot gentler then I ever would of....
Miguel Mathewson
Miguel Mathewson 7 днів тому
One way how about you give 75% of your wealth too them Bernie Sanders would make you...fucking John. Love the act
Russell Weymouth
Russell Weymouth 8 днів тому
Incredible dysfunction
Jeff Li
Jeff Li 8 днів тому
This speech should have its place along with Gettysburg Address and I Have A Dream
algore lier
algore lier 8 днів тому
Virtue signler!!
algore lier
algore lier 8 днів тому
Fake outrage
Zacharias 220
Zacharias 220 7 днів тому
You are both simply fucking idiots
Corkfish1 8 днів тому
I think he's right, but I don't think he's the one who should be advocating. It looks like stolen valor
Khaled stiveliw
Khaled stiveliw 8 днів тому
911 was an inside job. They only planned for the towers going down, paying for others treatments was not part of a deal. He rehearsed his speech quite well, he's got talented writers. But all that fake sentiment and acting from his end takes away the beauty of the cause and shifts our eyes from the real issues being addressed here, he might had good reasons to do it at the beginning but at the end he just wants to be under the spotlights.
Andy L
Andy L 8 днів тому
Jon Liebowitz is a poser. Jon is the stain on America. Just shut up and get your millionaire actor friends to give.
Kristopher Kaun
Kristopher Kaun 8 днів тому
Run for office, Jon Stewart!!!! You've my vote!
StockyPhilB 8 днів тому
Jon!? They don't care, Jon. When you die, they'll start a wonderful college fund in your name, for the responder's children, if they have any after their exposure to that whole mess. But not while you're alive, Jon. They don't negotiate with terro...i mean comedians trying to support our entire first-responder industry. The comments to this video restore my faith in humanity, but governments, in general...they have no good credit left with me, only with the idiots who don't mind being duped.
tyler lewis
tyler lewis 8 днів тому
John Stewart for president please let that happen, this world needs this man, we Americans need this man to help better our country ASAP
Scooch 8 днів тому
Just ruuuuuuuuuuun!
Stacy boulderdash
Stacy boulderdash 8 днів тому
Comedians are now the voice of America? We’re screwed!
Waimea Ohana
Waimea Ohana 8 днів тому
Thankyou John Stewart for your courage, your leadership, your sadness, and your rage. We need more men and women like you to save our people and our nation. This is true leadership, and I want to follow!
George Blatant
George Blatant 8 днів тому
yeah yeah, where was he 5 years ago....??? This is all BS. Just because there is an election on the horizon - and here HE IS>>> You are on the wrong side Jon... Ask THOSE who actually caused the 9/11 - the DEMOCRATS>>>
NGC 660
NGC 660 7 днів тому
George Blatant, kindly fuck off you disgusting stain on our Country, bringing politics to this moment, your actions make any Republicans and Democrats and whoever look more patriotic than you by light years.
grumplfutz 7 днів тому
ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE--L11Bxolo44.html he was there.
John Smith
John Smith 8 днів тому
Maybe there's a solution that doesn't have to involve the federal government? How much would everyone who has watched this video have to donate for there to be enough money?
Myotic Tesseract
Myotic Tesseract 8 днів тому
0/10, they brought a comedian on but he didn't get a single laugh out of anyone. Seriously though, what a fucking speech. You can just tell he cares so much about the lives of these people and how pissed he is that they're getting so unfairly fucked over. This man is nothing but goodness.
ruthieo54 8 днів тому
Big "THANKS" to the New World Order, the real perpetrators.
ben beech
ben beech 8 днів тому
This speech should go down as one of the most meaningful in American history
Dominic Roseland
Dominic Roseland 8 днів тому
When news breaks, we fix it!
Travis Miller
Travis Miller 8 днів тому
Congress ignores everything and everyone!
Koko Mmc
Koko Mmc 8 днів тому
Insert 9/11 joke Grabs popcorn
Incredible World
Incredible World 8 днів тому
Good quality video! Persevere with doing high-quality content and you are going to increase very quickly! Subscribe to our channel and then we could subscribe back to you!
Grace Seeley
Grace Seeley 8 днів тому
It took them 5 seconds to respond, it should’ve taken Congress 5 seconds to pass it
Alex 8 днів тому
Jon Stewart can suck a fucking dick
Pookie0504kb 8 днів тому
maybe that country isn't that great after all (not talking about (some of) the people!)
Casey Jones
Casey Jones 8 днів тому
Thank You Jon Stewart!!!!! You have a gained an Entirely a new level of respect from me!!!! Members of Congress shame on ALL OF YOU... Especially those who were elected to represent the People of N.Y City!!!!!!!!!
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