JR Smith Lands In Hot Water With The League For 'Exposing Too Much' On IG Live

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13 лип 2020





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Carlton Clare
Carlton Clare 14 днів тому
JR is stupid asf 😂💀
Aariyan096 18 днів тому
What did he say?
Cole Murrell
Cole Murrell 20 днів тому
JR damn bro lay off already. Dogg just play ball.why would you even say shit just find another blanket bruh. Ball up
Maurice Christian
Maurice Christian 21 день тому
Mannnnn shoutouts too Dr. Claude Anderson!
Jermaine Boxchevy
Jermaine Boxchevy 21 день тому
Naw if I’m a multi millionaire I want to be treated as such! Cha don’t you always say act your wage? Nevermind
adro90 23 дні тому
How much is he getting paid to be there though.. 😐
Bread Ed aka Young Ed
Bread Ed aka Young Ed 23 дні тому
Rondo got hurt right after he bashed the hotel situation.. Karma or coincidence?
DJ smoky Smoky
DJ smoky Smoky 23 дні тому
Year 2020 becoming a reality show everything exposing ....
Sosa 23 дні тому
How tf rondo get hurt in practice smfh dumb ass just cut em
VersatileReg 24 дні тому
Bruhh the food they getting is trash compared to what they do on they own ... diet is why lebron lasted so long .. the food they eating can destroy they body
Jabari Mustafa
Jabari Mustafa 24 дні тому
What did he expose though?
killa bubbs25
killa bubbs25 24 дні тому
NBA takes notes from china
West Side
West Side 24 дні тому
Lmao the shit they complaining bout is like living in poverty to them but my thing is majority of them come from poverty so it's not even crazy to go through them conditions shit ain't even that bad the shit they showing
Mannie FRESHHH 24 дні тому
I mean u making all that money y not Jx buy ur own food 🧐
SURR3AL1S 24 дні тому
WOW! What Dr. Anderson could get done for the Community w/Ye’s finances would be EPIC
KENNETH TAYLOR 24 дні тому
That's why I don't support sports
KENNETH TAYLOR 24 дні тому
Just goes to show you how over-privileged and spoil people in this country are
MiamiAroma 24 дні тому
It’s pretty common knowledge that JR Smith is an idiot. Nothing to see here.
mike lefty
mike lefty 24 дні тому
What happened to "I come to you, for ask a quick favor"?
Jay 24 дні тому
That's the mindset difference, the value themselves that high nothing wrong with that they work hard in their craft
Planet Jigobot TV
Planet Jigobot TV 24 дні тому
The players have legitimate complaints. You don't feed top Altheltes shit food and expect them to be at their top form.
Frank Medina
Frank Medina 24 дні тому
Why don't they buy their own food if that's the case 🤔 they're so fucking rich, it's not even funny.
neejoy sola
neejoy sola 24 дні тому
Looking at America really is like watching a Reality TV Show. Love from UK
Daveed da sick
Daveed da sick 24 дні тому
J.r just got in and now wants out
neejoy sola
neejoy sola 24 дні тому
Jesus is soon to return! The Bible prophecies are coming to past
Les Matthews
Les Matthews 24 дні тому
Man, these are professional athletes, come on y'all! All these people complaining, it just sound kind of rich, coming from a country of spoiled ass people!
Josh Newman
Josh Newman 24 дні тому
Is kayne now a gold digger?
Bonita Applebum
Bonita Applebum 24 дні тому
Im with JR he wasn't wrong for saying what he said. Its how he lives. Tone death or not
EaST CoAsT MaCHete
EaST CoAsT MaCHete 25 днів тому
The world is a stage.
steverl22 25 днів тому
JR is one of the dumbest b-ball players walking this earth, don't know why he gets so many chances
Deangelo Pitre
Deangelo Pitre 25 днів тому
Dr. Claud is the real deal !!!
john jones
john jones 25 днів тому
The players have absolutely nothing to lose, if the NBA want them to live under meager conditions, the players could just go home and look forward to the following season. But if there are players who absolutely want to play this year, then folks like JR Smith should just simply shut up
miko foin
miko foin 25 днів тому
He’s talking about how their making our immune systems weak by keeping people quarantined and away from each other
IB Old
IB Old 25 днів тому
Char missed the point, RJ getting in hot water for telling the truth🧐
Jay Warde
Jay Warde 25 днів тому
I have been saying this for weeks. Great job guys. It's real bro.
Zenith S
Zenith S 26 днів тому
Gawddamn J.R you just got back in!
TJ Taylor
TJ Taylor 26 днів тому
These guys was just eating great at home....they making them come back to work during these times.....they have EVERY Rigbt to be pissed about their lifestyle being downgraded TF
miko foin
miko foin 25 днів тому
bobbleheadmoe 26 днів тому
I actually thought his live was funny
Godsgeneral21 26 днів тому
Jesus is soon to return! The Bible prophecies are coming to past
neejoy sola
neejoy sola 26 днів тому
Looking at America really is like watching a Reality TV Show. Love from UK
How You Livin TV
How You Livin TV 26 днів тому
JR actually wasn't complaining too much. He actually complimented the steak lol
C. 1200
C. 1200 26 днів тому
Stop entertaining KW running for president, this dude is everywhere, in his mind, #bipolar, he hasn't even got his mind together. Stop Entertaining the thought!!!
vsells 26 днів тому
Now!!! When you mention the great and honorable “Dr. Claud Anderson” you will get my attention. He has spent decades of his life, advocating on behalf of Black Americans, with his knowledge and wisdom, to bring them into better, “all around”, existing and living, Conditions.
neejoy sola
neejoy sola 26 днів тому
Everybody: 2020 New year new me God: bet
Zola Yaa Okimma
Zola Yaa Okimma 26 днів тому
What happened to the breakfast club in Rochester N.Y on 105.5 ?
P 26 днів тому
Cthagod back !!!!
Lee Cambell
Lee Cambell 26 днів тому
Yo if you're saying they shouldn't complain because some people are poor that's dumb and a easy copout. All this be grateful . You better have the same energy when they ask for more money or anything. That's like saying you already getting paid millions when somebody only makes thousands. You shouldn't be asking for more money.
Jay Quan 007
Jay Quan 007 26 днів тому
I know it's been awhile but he's still going through it over his mom I know it's been awhile but that was tragic in so many ways. So we should be a lil easy 😶
N Martin
N Martin 26 днів тому
Did the title of this upload get changed?
IAMKOLTEN 26 днів тому
The crazy thing is they offer what they offer, but THEY CAN AFFORD WHATEVER EXTRA they need..it’s sad how privileged they are to complain about something..I WISH I was a NBA player
Jussayin' 26 днів тому
What did he expose?
s02 Pzychotik
s02 Pzychotik 26 днів тому
bosshova23 26 днів тому
Jay Williams is a lame! You calling this dude ya man?! 😂😂😂😂😂
Yo Gabba
Yo Gabba 26 днів тому
JR a grown ass man who cares😂
Dontaye Alighieri
Dontaye Alighieri 26 днів тому
The player in the NBA. Do not, I repeat Do not have to be there they could have stayed in the comfort of their own homes. To complain about getting service, food, or bedding that you would not tolerate in your everyday life. If I live in the projects and you take me to a shelter (Because you consider them on the same level that doesn't mean I do ) and then you tell me to be happy with it because the state of the world you are the fool if you think I gonna keep quiet.
Dontaye Alighieri
Dontaye Alighieri 26 днів тому
Jemmy Stono
Jemmy Stono 26 днів тому
Stop it, they make their employers/partners millions and even billions the average American including myself makes their employer thousands. These athletes complaining aren’t complaining to the average American they’re complaining to the people that they make millions and billions that are still eating the luxury meals they’re acclimated to eating. Sometimes less privileged people need to sit down and stfu everything isn’t about us. Here we have some Black men being treated like less than their counterparts and we want to interject with comparisons to our struggle. Sometimes poor people are tone-deaf.
Ricky Lomax00
Ricky Lomax00 26 днів тому
JR is a clown. He can’t even keep track of the clock when it’s time to shoot. Thank god u don’t have to be smart to dribble a ball
Grady McKinney
Grady McKinney 26 днів тому
Everybody: 2020 New year new me God: bet
slbfiel 26 днів тому
This IS bs ... These guys are 6.6-7.5 Feet, wtf is a small blanket going to do. They not complaining about the quality just the size. Charla is reaching and people just dick riding without using their brains. Stupid simps
dirty17delf 26 днів тому
It's not really Rich people's fault they are ungrateful because they are use to having more than normal people. We should just ingnore them like they ingnore our problems.
The HOWARD 26 днів тому
2:50-3:20 C how CTG avoided that question as he does many. So who's really telling the truth
anthony whitehead
anthony whitehead 26 днів тому
love love the breakfast club
Jonathan Hamilton Ragins
Jonathan Hamilton Ragins 26 днів тому
Basketball players are spoiled starting back in AAU. Football players are different 👑
AngelTheFiend 26 днів тому
Just give jr the henny
Papy Kake
Papy Kake 26 днів тому
They are damn right to complain about this BS. You can't call the NBA players ungrateful and compare them to unfortunate people who can't afford nothing. Because the league is making BILLIONS of profit off their labor so they have the right to demand better standards of living
Jeremy Moore
Jeremy Moore 26 днів тому
When are y’all going to realize Kanye is not in his right mind?
CityNoPity7414 26 днів тому
If Kanye hooked up with Dr. Claude they would try to kill him.
imontheteam 26 днів тому
Why would anyone vote for Kanye anyways
K B 26 днів тому
Kanye West just going to piss Dr Claud Anderson off with his ignorance
K B 26 днів тому
If you are complaining about something you deserve to get I don’t think it’s tone death, especially when rappers rap about money all day and shoot videos in the hood where most people of broke so
Panamanian Thing Scene
Panamanian Thing Scene 27 днів тому
If people really care about Kanye they need to not pacify the things he does. As a friend they need to tell him to seek help. Van Latham is the only one I have seen call Kanye out on his fuckery. I’m not poking fun at Kanye at all, but this brotha needs mental help. Kanye is not mentally stable. And Kim can be out here promoting everything under the sun to promote her brands,But has yet came out to talk In depth about her husband’s mental issues. And this is one of many reasons why I don’t care for that family..
christopher anagbogu
christopher anagbogu 27 днів тому
This sounds exactly like something JR Smith would do LMAO
maleek williams
maleek williams 27 днів тому
Lol 6”12 ?
Mmee Hall
Mmee Hall 27 днів тому
Wake up Mr. West! 😕👀
Sparks Won
Sparks Won 27 днів тому
I'm curious if Koonye isn't news why is there a rumor report about it , or is it DJ Envy's rumor report?
De`shaun Brunson
De`shaun Brunson 27 днів тому
Not so tone deaf because u don’t eat that and u sit down to work. Open up the deaf ear!!
harleiux12 27 днів тому
J. R. Smith is never gonna be confused with the sharpest knife in the kitchen
Cameron Morrison
Cameron Morrison 27 днів тому
How many times can the same 3 comments be reposted?
Cory Jones
Cory Jones 27 днів тому
Charlemagne ain’t need to go in on Jr like that, it’s not that serious. People love to find stuff and nitpick
Leo Soul
Leo Soul 27 днів тому
Rondo always getting injured he shouldn’t even practice lol 😂
Dominic Cropper
Dominic Cropper 26 днів тому
Sounds like Chirs Paul an Blake griffin
Josh 27 днів тому
Hold up Rajon Rondo still in the league???
Brandon Sims
Brandon Sims 27 днів тому
kittykittycocain 27 днів тому
You are an absolute idiot if you vote for kanye.
WhenAngelCreates 27 днів тому
But can't people write in their votes? If so, it's the same thing. Kanye CAN take away votes from Biden.
1st Tenor Acclaimed
1st Tenor Acclaimed 27 днів тому
JT 27 днів тому
Yeah... sorry their “social justice” messages don’t really carry the same weight when they’re complaining about these things as well. Might as well put these complaints on their jerseys. “Food sucks” or “Motel 6? But I’m an NBA staaarrrrr!”
Kawale04 27 днів тому
These NBA players are complaining about blankets!!!! Like some people have lost their jobs We are lucky to go into a little bubble and do what you love you’ll still get paid just for a couple of months and you’re crying. Let’s switch
Jesse Peralta
Jesse Peralta 27 днів тому
Smh. They got money to by their own shit. I don't care about that but the way the league trying to control everything.
Big Fly
Big Fly 27 днів тому
Can't get Right
iKratosx10 27 днів тому
Don't put Chryslers in your gas tank
Karie Adams
Karie Adams 27 днів тому
Charlamgne sounds like an exasperated friend who is sick of his homegirl calling with the same problem he already gave advice about
anthony gumbo
anthony gumbo 23 дні тому
Planet Jigobot TV
Planet Jigobot TV 24 дні тому
yasmine farhat
yasmine farhat 27 днів тому
East Coast Beats
East Coast Beats 27 днів тому
I love how people can't complain about the size of a blanket without being called ungrateful. Smh🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️
Captain Anarchy
Captain Anarchy 27 днів тому
Players should have stayed gon to stand and speak for social justice issues. But naaaaaw, lets go to f'n disneyworld. What could go wrong? The League is trying to sh!t standing up and I predict this is just the beginning of a hot mess we about to see spill out all on the floor when they finally squeeze a game off.
Aurelius Leslie
Aurelius Leslie 27 днів тому
Kanye don't want to talk with Dr. Anderson. The reason being, he knows Dr. Anderson is going to tell him we need Reparations in order to right what's wrong, and what's owe us. Kanye doesn't want that, if he did, he would have brought it up to the "orange one"
Paul Christopher Little
Paul Christopher Little 27 днів тому
They don’t want them to complain but they want them to play the highest level of basketball.
Honey Bee
Honey Bee 27 днів тому
wait i’m- ... could somebody plz paraphrase for me what was said by JR? my adhd could neva the way that was all cut up & kinda muffled like that😓🥴 i tried sev times... thanks sm in advance
Dennis grandel
Dennis grandel 27 днів тому
Thank you for bringing up Claude Anderson that’s the number one person for the Black people, Please reach out to him
jas113607 27 днів тому
That was deep! Woooow! One of the deepest rumor reports yet 🤯
john wayne
john wayne 27 днів тому
Jr smith look like chi Ali looool😂
P. Loftin
P. Loftin 27 днів тому
Again LeBron can never get Carmelo Anthony signed but you can always seem a way to get JR Smith signed. LeBron doesn't have Carmelo Anthony back as you guys think
izzy H
izzy H 27 днів тому
lol he said they mad at me.
Coree Jacobs
Coree Jacobs 27 днів тому
I live in a 1 bd rm apt and I’m not offended by J.R. ‘s statements, those men worked hard to be treated like Kings
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